Social Justice Warriors Take Over Gallifrey


To start with, I am a nerd, and I have accepted this as my lot in life. Thankfully, I never reached neckbeard status.

One of my nerdy pleasures has always been the BBC show Doctor Who, since the Christopher Eccleston reboot in 2005. It was a quirky comedy sci-fi that had characters who gallivanted around space and time, getting into all sorts of predicaments, until the Doctor would fix everything.

In its rebooted infancy, the show had content that SJWs could violently masturbate to, but since then the virtue-signalling has been getting so glaringly obvious that the show now is more about left-wing wet dreams than it is about all the odd, scary, funny possibilities in a limitless universe.

Last year there was huge hype about the new companion to the Doctor, being played by Pearl Mackie, as being an openly lesbian character. The SJWs of the world, who had latched onto the show like parasites in the Matt Smith era, got massive lady boners for this fact as though it was something revolutionary, which it is not: Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, would sleep with anything that moved, on any planet, but mostly gravitated toward males.

Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker.

Since the announcement of the lesbian travel buddy, the feminist SJW Doctor Who fangirl world was screaming, like a Clinton supporter at the loss of the election, for a female Doctor. And now, with the bowing out of Peter Capaldi for the role, the shrill screeching noise bots have succeeded in having a female Doctor, now to be played by Jodi Whittaker.

Doctor Who is a show about change; the focal point is that the main character constantly changes his persona. I like the fact that different Doctors brought the feeling of different show styles. However, the fact that the producers have bent over so easily to social justice desires in the last few series has really degraded the quality of show.

I don’t care that the Doctor is a woman; I care why the Doctor is a woman, and the reaction behind it. Appease the screaming masses of lefties, and you will never have substance or quality.

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  • Ralphy

    British TV has been leading the charge in this area for decades sadly, imho. Most of our greatest comics and their characters (e.g., Basil and Manuel, Rob Sitchs’ Desmond Tutu, add to list here) would be banned today as hate speech peddlars and base practitioners of cultural appropriation. All painfully boring for mine but worse, not funny. But then I found Avatar sickeningly didactic, it made billions so what do I know?

  • Joe

    I haven’t religiously followed Dr Who since they sacked Ecclestone. Just the one season after to follow Pipers character and an occasional show. As a long time follower of Dr Who, I could never get over the blatant hypocrisy of the new doctor in unseating a Prime Minister for doing what he does (destroying the enemy) all over the Galaxy. Plus the blatant politics and “Gayness” got to me.

  • Robbie Rocketpants

    The Doctor is the last positive male role model on TV. Kind intelligent capable strong independent can make hard decisions and doesn’t follow his penis blindly around. Feminists long ago identified him as someone who didn’t fit their ‘toxic masculinity’ narrative and now they finally got him. There will now be no positive masculinity on TV, nothing for good ordinary boys and men to identify with. It’s a sad loss. For me feminists first targeted the doctor in the episode ‘The Name of the Doctor’ where it is revealed that his sidekick Clara has been right beside the doctor since the very beginning, (but he almost never saw her) right back to the sixties, right back to the very first episode. It seems she saved his life countless times. If it wasn’t for her guiding his every step, he would have perished on the very first day and every day after that. So the doctor – a near perfect male deity, a combination of all the good male qualities – was really just another male bumbling fool after all. It was an interesting little titbit to add to the doctor’s timeline. That was a turning point and it was only a matter of time before they got rid of him.

    Stories are unbelievably important in our lives. We will – unbelievably – pay good money to go to the movies and watch stories. We identify with a protagonist and want to know how they manage extraordinary problems in their life and file it away for future reference. Since the beginning of time we hung on every word and many stories have been passed down unchanged for thousands of years. But there are now no positive stories for men and boys. Old men no longer sit around the camp fire telling stories that the young absorb and boys these days are absolutely lost and desperate for this guidance. It is only TV where stories are told and from now on it’ll either be hegemonic superheroes or inadequate fools. The last time lord was the last hope for positive masculinity on TV but he couldn’t defeat feminism. Even if ze eventually returns as a man ze won’t be male. It’s a real shame.

  • OneFatOzGuy

    People will tune out after an initial surge that comes out of interest. The BBC, however, won’t need to cancel it, like a commercial station would, once ratings dive since the BBC has a bottomless pit of public money from which to draw.
    I don’t see this ending well. If anything, it’ll highlight the lack of intelligent role models for young men on TV as I don’t see anyone falling over themselves to swap historically female roles for males.

  • Tele Synth

    Dr Who was terrible but great back in the 60-70s. It was completely ruined with the reboot this century. I cannot believe that the people who loved old Dr Who thought this made any sense. Now the show is 100% social justice nonsense with the cringy lesbian companion and now female Doctor because we’re all fluid with our gender amright

  • Howard Granger

    Doing things just to appease the PC dickheads will alienate the loyal fans. This season, most of the stories were subpar, and we had to endure lectures on homophobia, male sexual aggression, racism, and watch females kissing just for the sake of it.
    When Capt Jack was on, it was clever and amusing. Now, it’s forced, cringeworthy, and boring.
    Thanks, BBC, for screwing up one of the few programs worth watching.

  • I demand to know when the Cybermen are going to become transgendered. Cyber/persons have rights too.
    This is shameful. Something must be done.
    And what about, “The Master” ?
    Sexist !
    Should be: “The Mistress”.
    Daleks, with their long,hard phallic wands, outrageous.

  • Olaf Koenders

    I haven’t watched a single episode since Tom Baker’s role, who I liked best for his comedic attitude. Jon Pertwee was also good.

    I guess I’m lucky I didn’t have to get SJW indoctrinated by reboot.

    • Karen Dwyer


      Which reminds me:
      A few weeks ago Mr Dwyer had a somewhat bemused expression on his face. “This isn’t a thing, but I was just charging the phone … and there’s an image of a guy in a foil hat holding a cat who’s wearing a foil hat …?”

      (I’d accidentally saved the image when I was upvoting you). Now, I could have kept it short and simple but me being me, he got the whole explanation…. including that it was former president Bush holding the cat….

    • Ralphy

      God your quick! I dips me lid!

  • Fantaman

    The show will wither and die but feminists care not, they just want to see a vagina prancing around calling itself “Doctor”. They’ll declare victory on the first episode and move on, incapable of creating anything original, so they latch on to male creations.

  • Gregoryno6

    The campaign for a gay lefthanded Eskimo Doctor when Jodie steps down should be entertaining.

  • It was one of the proudest moments of my life when my teen daughter and avid Dr Who fan said she thought it was ridiculous and that she wouldn’t watch it.