Social Justice Warriors Take Over Gallifrey


To start with, I am a nerd, and I have accepted this as my lot in life. Thankfully, I never reached neckbeard status.

One of my nerdy pleasures has always been the BBC show Doctor Who, since the Christopher Eccleston reboot in 2005. It was a quirky comedy sci-fi that had characters who gallivanted around space and time, getting into all sorts of predicaments, until the Doctor would fix everything.

In its rebooted infancy, the show had content that SJWs could violently masturbate to, but since then the virtue-signalling has been getting so glaringly obvious that the show now is more about left-wing wet dreams than it is about all the odd, scary, funny possibilities in a limitless universe.

Last year there was huge hype about the new companion to the Doctor, being played by Pearl Mackie, as being an openly lesbian character. The SJWs of the world, who had latched onto the show like parasites in the Matt Smith era, got massive lady boners for this fact as though it was something revolutionary, which it is not: Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, would sleep with anything that moved, on any planet, but mostly gravitated toward males.

Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker.

Since the announcement of the lesbian travel buddy, the feminist SJW Doctor Who fangirl world was screaming, like a Clinton supporter at the loss of the election, for a female Doctor. And now, with the bowing out of Peter Capaldi for the role, the shrill screeching noise bots have succeeded in having a female Doctor, now to be played by Jodi Whittaker.

Doctor Who is a show about change; the focal point is that the main character constantly changes his persona. I like the fact that different Doctors brought the feeling of different show styles. However, the fact that the producers have bent over so easily to social justice desires in the last few series has really degraded the quality of show.

I don’t care that the Doctor is a woman; I care why the Doctor is a woman, and the reaction behind it. Appease the screaming masses of lefties, and you will never have substance or quality.

Photo by Ibsan73