Stalemate or suicide? Sweden Democrats make small gain


Sweden went to the polls on the weekend with a chance to save itself. The Swedes didn’t exactly come out with flying colours:

“Sweden faces weeks of political upheaval after an election in which the two main blocs finished neck and neck, with both insisting yesterday they would ignore the third-largest party, the far-right Sweden Democrats.

“About 300,000 overseas votes are still to be counted, which could tip the balance of power after the ruling centre-left bloc gained 40.6 per cent of the vote and the centre-right alliance 40.2 per cent.

“But it is clear that huge uncertainty remains over whether Sweden will have a minority government or how the two main blocs will work to form a functioning government if they insist on isolating the anti-immigrant, anti-EU Sweden Democrats.

“Results so far translate into 144 seats for the centre-left bloc, 143 for the centre-right alliance and 62 for Sweden Democrats.

“Sweden Democrats captured 17.6 per cent support, up from 12.9 per cent at the last election four years ago, illustrating how the backlash to the 2015 migration crisis and dissatisfaction with the EU continue to gain momentum.”

Typical Mainstream Media hack job. Sweden’s Social Democrats are not “far-right”. The ruling “centre-left” bloc is in fact far-left.  And this is from the so-called “evil Murdoch press”.

It is also a little misleading to paint the stats as 144:143:62, as the blocs are made up of smaller parties. The Social Democrats are the 3rd biggest party in Sweden, double the size of the fourth biggest.

As usual, the parties of treachery refuse to work with the party which actually cares about preserving their own country.

But at the very least, the pro-Sweden Social Democrats may be able to exert some influence over what could be a very unwieldy establishment coalition. They will have to deal with them.

Vox Day isn’t so optimistic, though:

“As someone once pointed out, Swedes today are the descendants of the guys who were too scared to go off and viking. So, perhaps the planet will be better off without them, if they are so determined to be overrun and genetically disappeared in the same way the Danes of the erstwhile English Danelaw were. The results of the election today, in which the nationalists fell far short of the 30 percent support I had predicted they would receive:

* Social Democrats – 28.4%
* Moderates – 19.8%
* Sweden Democrats – 17.6%
* Centre Party – 8.6%
* Left Party – 7.9%
* Christian Democrats – 6.4%
* Liberal Party – 5.5%
* Green Party – 4.3%

“Then again, no serious observer believes that the West is going to save itself through the ballot box. That being said, while 17.6 percent is a disappointment for the Sweden Democrats, it is a significant increase over the 12.9 percent support it previously held. And the behavior of the new government, whether it is of the Left or of the nominal Right, is almost certain to ensure the continued growth of support for the nationalists.

“I tend to suspect that it was the SD’s retreat on a strong anti-immigration position that caused them to underperform. Remember, it is always the bold Reagans and Thatchers who overperform, the cautious Bushes and Majors who underperform.”

On that note, keep your eyes on Alternative for Sweden. They are a young party, and a party of the young. They want to outright deport immigrants. And they know how to get the right attention:

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  • thegentlemantroll

    It would’ve been naive to expect too much I guess. Sweden and France are arguably the two most lefty-brainwashed nations in Europe. The rot is too deep.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Thanks for the excellent information. I thought it strange that the AB-Communist-C was referring to the third party as “far right”.
    Does anyone know of a better news channel that I can put on in the morning so that I can get reasonable information in the few minutes before going to work?

    • entropy

      Even The Australian refers to them as ‘extreme right’ in an infographic.

      Just turn of the TV. Australian MSM is garbage. Youtube has some independent media that will report the news without all the doublethink.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Zerohedge if you want clear-eyes international news

  • fimbulwinter

    It says a lot when a nation’s only “far right” party is pro-immigration and has the words “democrat” in it’s name.

    The ballot box will not save us. We need a coup and the formation of an ultranationalist Metaxist system.

  • taxpayer22

    The Syrian civil war is effectively over — and President Assad is back in control.

    Now send the Hijrah invaders back.

    • Jonathan

      Not if the Israeli-US-Saudi Axis of evil has anything to say about that…..”chemical attack” in Idlib imminent. Go over to

  • taxpayer22

    Swedish state-owned mail company PostNord has announced that it can no longer deliver packages to a heavily migrant ( Muslims ) populated area of Malmo, Sweden because it is too dangerous. The No Go policy has been in place for years in neighboring Seved.

    The Swedes are about to learn this is still an uncivilized world, and if a people become too civilized to do what’s necessary to survive in an uncivilized world, they’re not going to survive.

  • Taipan

    The only way we are going to get through any of this is behind Donald J. Trump.

    Or, through nuclear war.

    At this point, I don’t really care which.

    I love my Swedish brothers, and I know they will keep fighting and I will keep supporting them. But the reality is, something is going to have to happen in America for anything to change.
    Andrew Anglin

  • Addelad

    The Swedes were Vikings; unlike the Norwegians and Danes, they went inland along European waterways, all the way to the Black Sea. Kiev is an old Swedish Viking fort. This is apropos of nothing really, just setting the ignorant statement above right.

  • Bronson

    The Vox Day reference to the idea that current Swedes are pussies being descended from those who stayed home rather than head off to rape, pillage and plunder appears in other forms: e.g today’s Germans are the progeny of those men who avoided service in the Wermacht on the Eastern Front, those who did serve being slaughtered before they could pass on their superior genes.

  • Enlightened Truth Seeker

    Sweden Democrats are pissy little queers. Everyone with any morals in the party left for Alternative for Sweden. They don’t even call for repatriation.

    The Swedish Resistance Movement are the REAL good guys*, who could legitimately be called ‘far-right’. Because they don’t just criticise Muslims but the people who are ACTUALLY BEHIND MUSLIMS BEING LET IN, the Sweden Democrats are endorsing efforts to ban them.

    * as an example, they protested the last bombing of the Syrian government forces by the ISIS Air Force by giving a speech, punctuated by road flares, at the US embassy.

  • Jonathan

    17%, pretty depressing, but I reckon that’s the % of decent people left in any Western country now, sadly.

  • Daniel Watts

    Murdoch is on the board of PNAE (Partnership for a New American Economy) or otherwise open borders and cheap labour. News Corp is just milking both sides of the fence. ‘It’s the vibe, your Honour.’

  • Mattys Modern Life

    That alternative for Sweden vid is amazing every single time.