Stan Grant takes on the Sport Gender Pay Gap


Stan Grant is really dumb. So is the idea that women should get paid as much as men for playing sport.

Women are not as good as men at sport, and not as many people will pay to see women play sport as men, thus women’s sport does not generate as much revenue as men’s sport.

This is the reason men get paid more for playing sport. To suggest women should be payed equally for playing sport is sport communism.

Try telling that to Stan Grant, Lauren Jackson and the ABC…

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  • Ralphy

    It’s normal market forces, supply and demand. If people want your product they will pay for it. If not, they won’t. Capitalism vs Communism Stan.

  • Don’t signal against it. Accelerate it.

    The faster Sporty McSportyface Inc. dissolves the better.

  • John Sheppard

    Toyota Camry… really Matty? Try aiming a bit higher.