Straight to the Point – Popular Culture is Cultural Marxist Cancer


As your XYZ often explains, the agenda of Cultural Marxism is fixated upon corroding culture and socialising suicide.

In this video Paul Joseph Watson, yet again, hits the nail on the proverbial head…

  • Vacuous and Vapid. That pretty much describes Humanity.
    Our “high culture” is celebrity cooking and renovation shows……and selfies and Twerking.

  • I still recall when many adults thought the arrival of Elvis Presley on the musical scene was the end of the world. Little did they know what was really in store for the country.

    • Addelad

      The embrace of rock and roll and all that went with it after WWII was the beginning of what we see now. The boring old farts of the 50’s and 60’s (Mary Whitehouse anybody?) were right all along.

  • aussiegooner

    Nice pic of Miley, and very unusual. She’s partially dressed.

  • Gregoryno6

    The decline of
    popular culture comes at the
    tail end of the boom in prosperity that spread across the West after WW2
    – a prosperity that also saw advances in technology that were crazy
    fantasies just fifty years ago.
    Plenty of wealth and leisure to go around. What to do with it?
    artistic’ is usually the first answer. Because we all like to fancy
    ourselves as sensitive and clever. So we grab a guitar, or a paintbrush,
    or a typewriter… and a lot of us discover that (a) art of any sort is fucking hard work and (b)even with lots of effort we’re still not very good at it.
    At this we point we might ask: what am I doing this for? What’s my desired outcome – artistic fulfillment, or fame?
    If the first, we have the option to continue, while accepting our limitations, or maybe try to find something that better employs the abilities we do have. Everyone wants to awaken their inner artist – ever heard anyone say ‘I want to awaken my inner accountant?’ Me neither. But some of us ARE accountants at heart. Good with numbers. There’s no shame in that.
    However, if your real desire as an artist is fame… and you’re not getting a lot of it… you might be inclined to try something that gets you notoriety. Which is almost as good as fame.
    The trouble is, notoriety is a narrow path that leads only downward. Very hard to turn back once you’re a certain way along. Kind of like that old junkie William S Burroughs, you wake up one day and discover you can’t survive without it. And you have to keep upping the dosage. An ever growing demand for an ever decreasing return.
    And that’s how we get Madonna, the greatest attention whore of the last thirty years, going from Material Girl to blowjobs for Hillary. In the end, you’ll say and do whatever it takes to get your name on the front page.
    And that’s how popular culture got so messed up.

  • Max Beecher

    Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones know. They know that the Marxists at the Frankfurt School were all Jewish and this populist culture trash is being pushed by Jewish controlled media.