Straight to the Point: Support Professor Peterson


Professor Jordan B. Peterson in the current year is taking on the campus Nazis over there in Trudeau’s Canada. Prof Peterson is refusing to use the mentally-ill transgender pronouns that the university is requiring academic staff to use. Here’s him being interviewed on the matter.

As usual with these SJW persecutions, there are workplace politics and power struggles in play. It seems the main control freak leading the persecution of Prof Peterson is Professor A. W. Peet. He’s obviously got some emotional issues that he displays on his Twitter feed.
Perhaps you can send your regards to Prof Peet on Twitter @kiwinerd. He’s apparently a binary smasher. Must have something to do with physics, right?

Prof Peterson hasn’t been charged by the university yet, but he has received two disciplinary letters. You know how these things go – they’ll build up the pressure before they publicly denigrate him as an example. There is a widespread and vicious propaganda campaign against him. According to the statutes that have been written up in free and fair Canada, Prof Peterson could go to jail.

The only way we can push back against this all-too-common SJW totalitarianism is to support those who are taking fire. SJW’s are cowards who have never been challenged. They don’t even lift.

If you think Prof Peterson could use some support, sign the petition below. He’s also got a support page on Facebook. Your details will go straight to ASIO so they know where to find you if the gender-smashing totalitarians take over this country completely.

It’s your XYZ.