Our struggle is not against flesh and blood


If you think Brenton Tarrant is a hero, you’re a piece of shit. He’s a coward, and he’s now made the demographic, cultural and moral restoration of Western civilisation even more impossible to achieve.

If you think that the destruction of our society, our way of life, our heritage and our faith is going to be stopped by random acts of violence against civilians then you’re borderline retarded.

This is an ideological struggle. A spiritual struggle. And today, our enemies are jubilant. They’ve scored a massive victory.


That’s someone’s mother. Someone’s sister. A 5 year old boy was in that mosque. He’s with Jesus now. Another little boy was shot in the street while he ran away.

We’re not them. We’re not terrorists. We’re not murderers. This is the path to defeat. Those people in that mosque weren’t our enemies, and now their deaths have ensured the public will continue to support the hegemonic worldview of the elites who engineered this race war in the first place.

After today we are weaker, and our enemies are stronger.

When the social engineers and world improvers first pushed for mass, non-white immigration into Western countries five decades ago, they weren’t naive enough to believe it would create a multicultural utopia. Those people were more clever and more cunning than that. They knew it would always lead to a clash of civilisations, as prophesied by Samuel P Huntington. And their plan is working out, just as intended.

Ask yourself the question that Cicero recommended over two thousand years when investigating a crime: cui bono? Who benefits?

One of the tricks our enemies have played is that they hacked our post-Christian universalism and high-trust altruism to make us believe that the whole world is just like well-off, nice white people. We let our kids be radicalised on campus and by the TV to believe that not only was the world just like us, but we owed the world due to the racial sins of our forefathers. These kids grew up to become the effete, virtue-signalling degenerates who run our institutions and who are just itching to open the floodgates to a world of people hungrier and more savage than them. And we’ve seen the results of that.

But the people who came here were just weapons, and those weapons were in the hands of an internationalist cabal hell-bent on destroying us as part of their cult’s utopian vision for global domination. Little five year old boys in Christchurch didn’t mastermind this situation. They’re not our enemies.

They were just people. They might not be people from a group we like, or a group we think should be in New Zealand, but they were people created by God just like you and me. Little kids. Grandparents. Someone’s sister and brother. Normal, everyday human beings. And now some of them are dead, and there are young Muslim men in Western Sydney, southern Brisbane or northern Melbourne who will see the news, see the jubilation from many on the right on social media and plot revenge.

And then some of our people will die.

And what Senator Anning said was right. When there is a revenge attack by a Muslim in Australia, the left will give them a free pass. It will be a mental health incident, and nothing to do with Islam.

The New Zealand PM came out hard against the ‘ideology’ of the shooter, saying there is no place in New Zealand for anyone who believes that white countries are dying out. She said there is no place in New Zealand for anyone who thinks that way.

Have you ever heard a politician respond like that about Islam after a terror attack? Of course not.

Because in Oceania, white people loving their heritage and wanting to maintain their identity is doubleplusbad wrongthink. 2 + 2 = 5, globohomoism is IngSoc, David Duke is Emmanuel Goldstein and Q&A is your weekly Two Minutes Hate against all things white and Christian and moral and male.

The inversion of society has been achieved, and now lies are the truth and good is evil. And it makes good men angry, and the elite know that, and use it against us.

Just as they will use Friday’s events against us.

It was inevitable though that an attack on Muslims would happen sooner or later. Anyone who follows conservative mainstream or alt-media has been subjected for years to a constant stream of anti-Muslim propaganda. Coincidentally enough, ever since 9/11, and America’s war on terror against Israel’s neighbours began. You know, the war that created the exploding rapefugee crisis in the first place.

Oops. I forgot. You can’t say that. It’s hatespeech.

What isn’t hatespeech though is attacking Muslims. That’s pretty much the business model these days for anyone in the alt-media who wants a sizeable platform and the money, fame and status that come with it.

Because Muslims run Freemasonry and the Federal Reserve.

Because dressing like a Catholic nun means you can’t love freedom or something.

But pointing out that the alt-media is Zionist-controlled is just a paranoid conspiracy theory, of course. Even when there’s a clear money trail from Zionist backers in Australia and the US to your favourite anti-Muslim Crusader.

Even when alt-media celebrities say, “I’m a Zionist… Fuck Palestine”, while high and drunk af.

Hilarious. Palestinians. What a bunch of losers!

Wouldn’t you rather be a winner, and be rich, and well-known?

You wouldn’t want to be a loser, would you?

Join the winning team, and we’ll make sure your YouTube channel, news site, social media pages or political career go ballistic. That’s the offer, and few reject it.

You’ve got to go along with the Zionist agenda to pit Muslims and Christians against each other. If you don’t, well, you certainly can’t come to Australia anymore.

And all of it, all of this fomenting of hatred and resentment, is buttressed by Christian Zionism among evangelicals, the Zionist capture of the Christian voting bloc in America and AIPAC’s control of both sides and all arms of the US government.

You won’t hear that from your favourite alt-media celebs, however. They know that covering that other Satanic religion in the Middle East is career suicide.

This fight that we have is not against flesh and blood. It is not against people. It is against the toxic and destructive belief systems, religious and ideological, which animate people to destroy goodness and advance wickedness in the world. It is against a ruling elite who remain unaccountable and obscured from public view, but who use their control of finance, the media and politicians to push a dark vision for humanity.

And yes, a core part of their agenda is balkanising white countries, eliminating Christianity and destroying the West.

And no, it’s not ‘the Jews’ any more than it’s ‘the Muslims’. This is not a struggle of races, although our enemies would like for us to buy into the race war mythology and shoot little kids in the street. The more chaos, the more rage, the more blind violence, the easier it is for them to obscure their agenda. They hide in the darkness, and fear the light.

Be the light of the world. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but instead expose them. And remember, our struggle is not against flesh and blood. It is against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Fight them.

Originally published at www.endtimesherald.com.

  • Stiffbastard

    If he really believes that fertility rates are tied to race, he’s a got a screw loose.

    Regardless, he defines himself as a leftist, and and bloody greenie at that.

    He calls for a form of “Green Nationalism” which will save the planet by stopping “the continued destruction of the natural environment itself through mass immigration and uncontrolled urbanization.

    • Bumpstock reloaded

      “He calls for a form of “Green Nationalism” which will save the planet by stopping “the continued destruction of the natural environment itself through mass immigration and uncontrolled urbanization.”

      And your problem with that exactly is? The left do not own environmentalism, they have merely hijacked it. That the left have hijacked the climate change debate, etc, does not mean it is not happening.

      • Stiffbastard

        Just in case you missed the memo: the left own the religion of climate change and fruitloops was babbling false dogma from that religion.

        He was a lefty.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Let’s analyze mass immigration. If your enemy throws a handful of nits, fleas, ticks, lice, to your house is for some reason (he wants to destroy you), you can exterminate the bugs but the real culprit is the one who throws them.
    If someone opens the door of the chicken coop for the fox to enter, and they start killing and eating the chickens. Whose fault is it, the fox or the one who opened the door?
    The elites must be arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced.

    • Damn right, this tragedy is on them.

      Close the damn borders and end the war today!

    • Bucky Redux

      Perhaps the NZ shootings were payback from Israel because NZ supported anti Israeli resolutions ?

      Wheels within wheels within wheels……
      Also in Christchurch: an Israeli spy ring operating in New Zealand happened to be discovered due to the earth quake and damage at Christchurch back in 2011.

      Just all coincidences, I guess. Surely ?

    • Bumpstock reloaded

      “you can exterminate the bugs but the real culprit is the one who throws them.” Yep.

  • clemilf

    Mega case of “Short man syndrome” imho

  • Loved this.

    This shooter picked Muslims specifically to accelerate the war, he could have picked any target but he chose them because he wants as much polarisation and division as possible.

    The establishment will be all too willing to oblige his wishes and the war will continue to escalate.

  • Minging

    Oh dear started off so well then descended into the inevitable XYZ ‘boogie-monster’, ‘antisemitic ‘, ‘conspiracy’ rants! So typical of XYZ of late… a bunch (not all) of soy-boy, key-board warriors that lack serious introspection and fail to see that they’ve actually got more in common with the left and Islamists than they do with real nationalists. You’ve got the likes of Piggot, who was fucked over by a chick (probably his first true love) and still hasn’t gotten over it, it rules his every breath, every move, every word… it’s so transparent and so utterly pathetic, I barely consider him a fellow male. Then you have the likes of piss-weak, stoner Ryan Fletcher that hops to and fro from everything from a staunch Christian to a fucking Scientologist in his THC ‘awareness’ in search of ‘the truth’ as brain-dead stoners do (of course they cannot see it). Make no mistake when Islam has taken over the globe (and it will) you chumps will still be spewing the same rhetoric whilst fighting shoulder to shoulder with the left and Islamists against us real protectors of Western civilisation. For all your faux enlightenment, you muppets really haven’t a clue and will never amount to anything politically as you have no ‘game’ nor ‘smarts’ on that level! Caveat… ‘not all’ of XYZ thank fuck there are still the likes of Lucas Rosas et al.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      So how do you define a ‘real protector’ of western civilisation? What is it that you do? And I am not asking to be a smart arse. I really want to know.

      • Bucky Redux


      • Minging

        I don’t quite have the time for a thesis on this sunny Melbourne arvo my pretty pony-tailed pal. However I will succinctly state that your first move is to get involved in politics. All parties can more easily changed from within than creating a new one. I recommend both in this current age.

        • Repeal fake marriage

          I am eagerly awaiting to join Anning’s party. I think it is easier than trying to reform a terminally damaged brand.

          • Minging

            As long as you don’t gift the entire nation to the Socialist Labor/Greens/Unions/GetUp alliance on one ballot paper… and get more conservatives, that are capable, into the senate on the other you’ll be doing just fine. Anything else will be disastrous.

        • Bumpstock reloaded

          “All parties can more easily changed from within than creating a new one”

          That was tried quite recently and easily exposed (The Nationals). Anyway, Minging, I think your potato pancakes are just about done.

          • Minging

            Oh it’s no coincidence the Liberals have purged the last of Turnbull’s sycophants. Not a fan of pancakes though… potato’s yes… but that could just be the Irish blood.

          • thegentlemantroll

            What evidence can you provide that they’ve purged the last of the Turnbulites? And how can you possibly guarantee that it won’t ever happen again? The Liberals as an organisation have abused the trust of their followers very badly and those followers are very much aware of it. When people realise they’ve been tricked they don’t forget it easily. The intellectual talent of the future are laying their roots outside of the old parties.

          • Minging

            I cannot mate… but we have given it a good shot. If you want to gift the nation to the Socialist Labor/Greens/Unions/GetUp alliance on the first ballot… that’s on YOU buddy… your family and friends will pay for your choice.

          • thegentlemantroll

            Just like we are all paying for YOUR decision to vote liberal last time? https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/milo-yiannopoulos-banned-from-australia-for-comments-on-new-zealand-massacre/ar-BBUR2gR
            That’s some anti-socialist party you’ve got there buddy. How’s that Turnbullist cleanout going?

          • Minging

            My party is the Australian Conservatives pal… but I’ll never gift the nation to the Socialist Labor/Greens/Unions/GetUp alliance in the meantime.

    • Ryan

      Always love when our “Israel first” troll mamzer Minging drops by. Thanks for reading my booklet Minging, but alas your IQ clearly lacks the capacity to understand it. Say hi to Lucas for me lol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f4dd73133aefcdda74ec9119507f4edf87b948dbf803acedb63314316b9f1c52.jpg

      • Minging

        Israel indeed, born to an Irish atheist mother and English atheist father in Hammersmith, now proud Australian for the best part of two decades but whatever rocks your world… it will never change the fact you’re a stoner that was hooked on Scientology ROTFLMAO. You’re a feeble minded fool… what’s your next ‘hook’ going to be once you’re over pretending to be a white nationalist (with your brown eyes and velcro top)?

        • Ryan

          LOL! I bet if we got you on the e-meter your needle would “rock slam” when asked if you’re White and Nationalist mamzer Minging. Say hi to Julie Nathan and your colleagues at the ECAJ, jewboy.

          • Minging

            Oh Ryan… any further you could sink? You got bashed by spotty Antifa teens, refused to defend patriot pensioners… and are on video crying like a bitch with people stroking your head. You’re a failed stoner from a dunderhead mary-jane party. You were then a failed Scientologist dilettante. Yes fucking Scientology! Oh dear it’s not often I say this… just top yourself mate… you’re embarrassing!

          • Ryan

            Hey at least ANTIFA are audacious enough to swing a pipe at my head. You’re such a little Jew bitch that you’re still crying about your Zionist mate Lucas being let go from XYZ. As for Scientology, had a lot of fun with it. You’d be surprised how many White Nationalists have had a go at it little Jew 😉

          • Minging

            Bwahahaha ‘let go’… please pal… you’re kidding yourself XYZ is not a poor man’s Unshackled and they’re hardly the barometer. ‘Let go’ bwhahahahah… you imp.

          • Ryan

            Yawn… you’re shit tier spam Minging. But I like fucking with you too much

          • Minging

            Oh Ryan… we’ve all seen the footage of a pimply Antifa kid taking your own flagpole off you and bashing you with it as you falied to protect the pensioners you were with. Even a chump like Folkes was embarrassed of you, crying into the arms of the old ladies. I just know you still have nightmares at how you let yourself down being beaten by piss-weak teens.

          • Ryan

            LOL… oh yes the famous fanciful “footage” you always bring up. Shame none of us get to see it. Meanwhile you’re so much a gutless pussy that you name yourself after minge. Like my placard cunt?

  • Bumpstock reloaded

    Agree somewhat David. It will be used as an excuse to wipe out the Nationalist movement in Australia and NZ, just as it was getting going, coincidentally, election pending. They are already talking about disarming NZ.

    This incident is to the Aus/NZ left what 9/11 was to the US-Zionist complex – a huge printing press to print unlimited counterfeit moral currency and justify doing anything in the time proceeding it. The left and the likes of Waleed Aly have been hoping and praying for an incident like this and an alleged group of hotheads have handed it to them with silver service, although the left would have been as joyous as the shooters themselves “I told ya so!”

    It will be used to shut down down any and every site like this on every platform. This has only just begun.

  • Ryan

    Ripper write-up as usual David mate!

  • We’re trying.

  • Monty

    Yes. The reason that Islam flourishes is because Christians have failed to get into the spiritual warfare that the Bible commands. I’m old enough to have seen the decline of real Christianity and watched the simultaneous rise of Islam. Terrorist attacks on Muslims are worse than futile. They propagate a cycle of hate and give Muslims more reason to attack non-Muslims. Since Europe is so beholden to the Middle East, any criticism of Islam is silenced immediately. Any criticism of Israel is simply free speech. What else do we expect? Indeed we live in the last days.

    • Stiffbastard

      Not the last days. There are storm clouds ahead, yet, have faith that in two generations, or sixty years, these clouds will be leaving and peace will return. Keep the faith.

      • Monty

        Well, I won’t be around to see it either way. I wish I could share your optimism, not my my sake but for my children and grandchildren. The current social climate reads like a few chapters from the book of Revelation and matches the predictions of Jesus 2,000 years ago. Just wait for a miracle worker to arise who will supposedly fix all the world’s problems – and then show his true colours as a monster. It’s a real good time to turn to Jesus. He’ll get us through.

        • thegentlemantroll

          We’ve already had at least a couple of those.

  • Taipan

    I for one are beginning to doubt the effectiveness of blogs, memes, videos, red pilling etc etc
    Destructive belief systems? A ruling elite? Most don’t give a rip.
    Fight them? How?

  • Bumpstock reloaded

    Hate to break it to you David, but Anning is very pro-Israel.

  • Bumpstock reloaded
  • James

    Have faith David.

    Everything that happens needs to happen.
    Look how long it took for the Russians to come through their dark era. All the stupid ideas had to fail and be seen to fail.
    It’s already happening in NZ. The socialist leadership there are blaming the wrong things straight away and displaying the same hypocrisy and selective blindness they always do. And everyone’s seeing it.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Jasunta has announced she is banning semi-autos and reviewing (tightening) the gun laws. I don’t see how one massacre gives her the autocratic mandate to do that, but it’s yet another example of the women-in-politics thing. It’s clear from her reaction that she identifies more with Muslim immigrants than her own people and the western traditions New Zealand was founded on.

      • James

        Yeah, driven by emotion.
        The headscarf I’d imagine even the muzzies’d roll their eyes a bit but I suppose she’s just trying to show empathy. Pretty hard spot to be in. Be hard to know what to say. Nothing would seem enough.

        As others have said she’ll react on impulse and punish masses who had nothing to do with it and it’ll further resentments just as Tarrant intended.

  • Bumpstock reloaded

    Yes David, but It’s getting out now – Christchurch mosque produced at least two Islamic terrorists.


  • Noachideous

    The Christ Church incident is reported with the usual suite of alphanumeric occult symbolism. They might be interpreted as a form of establishment community gloating.

    3×3 and 6 6 letters in the two words.

    The 3×3 number square summing to 45 is the standout. Date of initiation 15.3 for 45, with alleged perp. remanded in custody according to muh ABC until April 5 … or 45 … again.


    Updated March 16, 2019 17:07:55. 3 16, then 2 19 then 17 then 7 55. In particular 55-7 for 48 and 55+7 for 62 … PoPPies. Work the others our for yourselves. Is it ….. ABC mockery of unwitting innocents ?

    45 is relevant for the fact that if a senary number, then in decimal, it amounts to 29… or 2^9 .. or 512 or EL. x+ of 45 amounts likewise to …. 29 …… Humans have 4 sets of 5 digits….

    45+29 … for 74 … the gematria or LUCIFER, derived by the usual formula as demonstrated earlier from the words JUDAS and SATAN …. using the 26 lettered English Alphabet.

    There are 26 elements in the cube when counted in decimal, and 42 in six based senary, both summing to 68….

    So it is unlikely an accident that the ManiFesto ? 13 6 …. contained 74 pages.

    Examine the video from a purely forensic point of view and ignore what the ForkTongued serpents of the the GayBC advise.


    At the top right corner was displayed for the duration the symbol LIVE4 .. or LIVED …. The split derives the two number 48 for LIVE and 52 for LIVED ….summing to 100.
    By +x 48 52 as related earlier is discovered 12 7 then 32 10 … for 1942, the chronological center of WW2. Read backwards for EVIL DEVIL.

    Recall that +x ABC or 123 amounts to 66, balance 34. By +x 34 66 for …… 19 48.

    By way of the evidence, and for the fact of AusGov and Prime MInisterial silence on the matters of the reasons for WW1 and 2 …..AngloCeltic Australian Ancestors continue to be mocked by establishment …. “Australians”….. and their replacement level immigration advocacy.

    It remains ….. unacceptable….. and a necessary point of conversation.


    • Noachideous

      This symbolic violation from NoseCrap’s …. Daily ….. Bloviation.

      The YT Bogan’s bestest .. Best Friend ……. recently published these numbers in relation to the CC event as part of the following text.

      ” It was revealed yesterday the body of a 50th victim had just been found at the Al Noor Mosque, bringing the total killed there to 42. About 34 people were last night still in hospital.”

      Why quote “about 34” ? … For the symbolism ? It can only be by way of choice.

      Number pairs +x 42 58 and +x 34 66 resolve to the number 1948.

      It reeks with the stench of media gloating from here, as much as does the forensically verified 888 246 PoPPy show of London’s Tower….. remain alive and writhe with the same.

      So who precisely, Editor of the DailyBloviation, are the Hater’s ? Those who mock the Dead, or those who seek to determine and expose the Truth of the matter.

      A question then is this. If these kind of capers are permitted to go on unquestioned by an entire nation of seemingly feckless Whitey people for as long as it has ….. are YT people beyond all help ?

      Plod is reputed to be on the Job though.

      By way of the NSW Police Forces’ … Fixated Person Investigation Unit .

      Plods … Yo ….. Many of you are of the AngloCeltic Kind.

      Why not first investigate first …. the fixated motivations and religious proclivities of those particular media ensconced KnobGoblins who erect occult symbolism over the memory of Dead people, whether these people happen to be of the AngloCeltic Whitey variety or in this particular instance ……. of the Muslim Kind…..

      An then publish your findings… From here these symbols represent a form of metaphysical feeding vector for vampires who feed emotionally on this shit for profit, pleasure, Shits and Giggles..

  • John Sheppard

    Guys Guys! The whole purpose of this attack was to fuel division in western society, and guess what? From what I am seeing in the media, it is working! From blaming this on Donald Trump, to attacks on Fraser Anning and calls for changes to the constitution so Anning can be kicked out of parliament. Hell, looking at the comments below is showing massive rifts within the XYZ community.

    Can we just high five and move forward?