Our struggle is not against flesh and blood…


Originally published September 4, 2018.

… but against the broadcasters, against politicians, against the ideologies they deploy and their demonic agenda to destroy all that is good in this world.

The vulgar display of sycophantic power-worship on display over the weekend at the funeral of traitor John McCain brought something home to me very hard.

Yes it does. The real president says it better though.

There is no right and left in Western politics. Perhaps there never was. As I’ve been writing for a few years now, politics is a puppet show put on by the oligarchs to amuse and distract the masses. Now that the puppet show has been revealed as a sham, the politicians aren’t even bothering to hide their united front against the interests of the people. And who they really serve.

The real dialectic isn’t left and right. It’s us vs them; the people vs the state. And while we have the truth on our side, they’ve got the guns, the money, the judiciary, the surveillance system and the brainwashed zombie normies who still think the TV is all they need to listen to in order to be a Very Happy Normal Person.

We like to meme about this struggle against far-left tyranny and use cultural symbols such as the fall of Gondor or the 300 at Thermopylae to raise morale for our team. The truth, however, is that we are not standing in open battle against an honourable foe and engaging in a fair fight.

We are instead fighting a guerrilla campaign against a corrupt, decadent regime of unhinged, Marxist lunatics and careerist psychopaths. As the Western Marxist vanguard has captured the cultural, economic and political high points of our society, the dishonest and the opportunistic have learned to mouth PC talking points to get ahead. Like all societies in which Marxism takes root, this has meant that the honest, the conscientious and the good face a glass ceiling that prevents them from attaining high position.

The rapid cultural shift which has taken place over the last decade as millennials began to take control of the levers of power in our society has revealed the extent to which radical Marxist indoctrination in our education system had proceeded over the preceding two decades. We are now reaping the revolution as the seeds of hatred, envy and aggressive victimhood planted in the minds of our youth over that time bear fruit.

It’s only going to get worse, too. The radical left has a long way to go before this current cultural convulsion is over, and we must be willing to lose every battle in the meantime so that we might one day win the war.

We’re not the 300. We’re not Crusader knights retaking Constantinople. We’re the Viet Cong, crawling around in holes and striking when we can before disappearing again back into the undergrowth.

We are rats in the sewer who must wait for our strength to grow while weakening and disorienting our enemies.

I was born in the censorship

Big Sister has had her power challenged for the first time in 50 years with Brexit, Trump, the nationalist surge in Europe and the spread of Very Inappropriate Ideas here. Since the maiden speech of national hero Senator Fraser Anning, the banhammer is out and ready to crush some skulls as an example to others.

We are going to see high-profile cases of free speech suppression here now as Big Sister will use lawfare to Shut It Down. People are going to go to jail. Many of us are going to find out what it’s really like to be #WithTommy before this cultural civil war is over.

Those who do go to jail will become martyrs, and the leaders of the country once this revolutionary madness is over. Those men will have to be willing to lose everything first before they can experience victory.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to do that. Few are. As things deteriorate further, however, more and more young men will feel they have nothing to lose and will be willing to make those sacrifices to achieve our objective. Those men will be heroes.

So I’ve had reason to pause recently and ask myself: Why the hell do I do this? Why take these risks? Is it worth it?

I have a nice life, you know. I had a good job, and could have gotten another one. My studies were going well. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family. We’re not poor. I have all the creature comforts a man could ask for, and the promise of more in the future. It hasn’t been resentment or feeling left behind or any other of the motivations advanced by the fake news media which made me become a dissident.

I started to fight because I can see the society that I love becoming more evil, more foolish and more endangered by the day. We have gone mad; and when I looked into the origin of that madness and saw that the toxic poison of Central European totalitarian ideologies was not purged with the fall of the Berlin Wall but rather had taken root in our universities in the 60’s and spread everywhere, I knew I had to expose that truth.

While the best of our boys were manning the borders and fighting communism out there after World War II, it was mutating and growing behind their backs in the classrooms and lecture halls their children would sit in back home. And when those kids grew up, they spat in their father’s faces and began burning everything they fought to defend to the ground.

As I wrote in my very raw and still-too-naïve book Civilizationism in 2016, Western civilisation is being destroyed from within by cultural Marxism and from without by militant Islamism. There is another toxic belief system which has been behind the rise of both, but I’ll leave that unsaid.

If you know what it is, you know. If you don’t, how can you still not?

Shut Mel Down

It’s a real mystery.

Our fight is not against people. Our war is against the belief systems which animate those people and prevent us from fighting back. Our primary task is not to punch a commie in the face. It is to shine a light in the darkness that dispels the ideological possession that grips that young leftie fool in the first place, and make him lose conviction that he is right. He’ll then stop fighting.

This is how the left won the Vietnam War. They demoralised the American people while the Viet Cong outlasted them. This is the strategy of the guerrilla.

By the 1970’s the rootless cosmopolitan left had taken control of our universities, our migration policies and our sites of cultural creation. Supported and funded by globalist oligarchs, they created a network of private organisations and public institutions which co-ordinate to manipulate the people of the West and silence them when that doesn’t work.

A key strategy of the Marxists was also to weaponise minorities against the Christian, white majorities in the West. By mobilising and radicalising minorities, gays and women, the Marxists were able to put the people of this country immediately on the defensive.

This process started long ago, and those who brought these policies in knew it would provoke a reaction. It was designed to. That’s why legislation like Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act was enacted. Nationalists, traditionalists and conservatives are baited into hating the groups which have been weaponised against us, therefore making us vulnerable to prosecution, impoverishment, imprisonment and intimidation through lawfare by the establishment whenever dissidence starts to boil over.

Don’t fall for this trap. The foreign invaders, the degenerate perverts, the crazy cat ladies and the gender-confused land whales are not our enemy. Fighting against them only serves the interests of those who engineered the collapse of our civilisation.

We can fix our demographics, restore traditional morals and rebuild our families again only after we destroy the ideologies driving this agenda. Andrew Breitbart was right about politics being downstream from culture, but culture is downstream from belief. This is an ideological and indeed a spiritual struggle first.

The Viet Cong won because we lost the will to fight. We were demoralised. They believed in the righteousness of their cause while we forgot why we were fighting.

This is what we must do to Big Sister. Our enemies are deranged, corrupt and morally bankrupt, while we are fighting for our heritage, our God and our children.

They are evil. We are good. And good always wins in the end.

Michael BTFO'ing Satan