The Sudanese belong in Sudan

Meme by Mr Black

Melbourne’s diversity inspired Sudanese crime wave continues unabated, but now we learn that the fault for the vicious crimes being perpetrated by scores of young black thugs rests squarely on the heads of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton. Mind you, a scene where stodgy old Turnbull breaks down the door of a house in the middle of the night and terrorizes the occupants with a baseball bat might be just the ticket to give him a much needed boost in the polls. Perhaps this could be a new Liberal Party commercial:

Make sure you vote for me or you know what will happen …

The Sudanese guy in the attached meme who is doing his very best to look all angry at being forced to live in the hipster hellhole of inner city Melbourne, reckons that not only are these two politicians really the ones at fault, but they should also be deported into the bargain.

“A major figure in Melbourne’s South Sudanese community promised political retribution yesterday against the Liberal Party for its handing of this summer’s African youth crime crisis.”

“South Sudanese Community Association spokesman Richard Deng has been the public face of Melbourne’s African community leaders during a month dominated by coverage of robberies, bashing and public brawls allegedly caused by African youth violence.

“Mr Deng told a crowd outside Victoria’s State Library yesterday he would mobilise against politicians he said were playing up the threat of youth crime, including Malcolm Turnbull and Home ­Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

“Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull, you need to be deported,” he said at the No Racism: Stop Criminalising Our African Communities rally.

“We are all Australians … if you do not stop what are you doing, we are going to send you back to where you come from.”

I have some English language advice for Mr Deng, (whose name suggests that the Chinese really are taking over Africa): the word that you’re looking for here is exile. If you forcibly remove someone from their native country then you are exiling them, not deporting them.

Notice that I did not say ‘country of birth’. I’m sure that many of the little bastards involved in the crime wave have been born in Australia, but it is not their native country despite everything that the purveyors of multicultural delights would have you believe. They can indeed be deported, and should be.

Deng’s claim that we are all Australians is true only if you also are able to believe in witchcraft and the tooth fairy. But his threat to “send us back where we come from” hides the only truth in an otherwise incoherent tirade. Our new Sudanese thugs would like very much indeed to send us all away somewhere. Australia is a land of milk and honey for them; too bad about all of these horrible white people that they’re forced to share the place with.

“They are playing political games and it is not right … we were not prepared for what they said over the summer,” he said.

“We have to defend ourselves.”

I’m sure that the victims of Sudanese crime would also like to defend themselves, but under Victorian law and with a police force infected with Marxist progressivism that sort of action would most likely see them being jailed instead of their aggressors. It seems that the Victorian police force don’t really like doing their job if it collides with their multicultural ideals and produces unworkable logical fallacies.

“Victoria Police deputy commissioner Andrew Crisp, who said early last month there was not a gang problem, also spoke at the service and said police did not want to lock up young people.

“We don’t shy away from that commitment to investigating crime and arresting those responsible … but we want to work with churches … we don’t want to lock people up,” he said.

“We especially don’t want to lock young people up.”

What he really means is that they don’t want to lock young African people up. In the joyous paradise of a multicultural society, some skin colors are more acceptable than others. So here we have a self-appointed leader of the Sundanese community, sorry – “Sudanese-Australians”, telling all and sundry that the fault for crimes committed by young Sudanese lies with Australian politicians. And we also have the additional pleasure of a police force saying that they don’t really want to do their job of arresting people who break the law because then the poor cops might have to suffer the feel-bads.

Why, it almost feels like a carte blanche invitation for a certain segment of the population to go on a crime rampage. Oh wait; they already are.

But back to Mr Deng, the Sudanese immigrant who must be so upset that he’s not able to organise an ambush on a back road to assassinate his political opponents; at least, not yet anyway. In his words Deng has inadvertently revealed that the crime wave problem is not restricted to a bunch of wayward youths. The same ignorant arrogance and attitudes that cause those young men to rebel against the nation that foolishly gave them sanctuary are also present in their community leaders. The rot of ignorance and hate pervades all levels of the Sudanese community. Which leaves us with only one solution:

They have to go back.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

  • Good article, the fact that this idiot Richard Deng has the nerve to attack others while his community is running rampant is palpable.

    Here’s an idea for Mr. Deng, stop blaming others for what Sudanese people are doing, it’s your community you fix the problem.

    If you can’t, do complain when you are all shipped back where you came from.

  • Xero

    Wonder if Mr Deng is on the Taxpayer’s payroll or benefits (just like the rest of his “community”)?

  • Grant Summers

    Just how ungrateful can someone get?
    How can he so easily ignore the fact that he originated from a filthy shit house, then lecture us on how things should be done.
    Can’t these people just shut the hell up and say thanks for having me?

    • Xero

      Problem is that these parasites are actually well looked after – with our tax dollars.
      Public housing, dental / healthcare, welfare of all sorts, community programs, education – all given priority over Aussies. And, let’s not forget – the guaranteed right for bail (IF arrested / charged, which is extremely rare).
      And, of course, these “disadvantaged” type want more – from us. Because it’s all our fault and we’re waaacyyysts.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    I’m getting pretty sick of slaving it every day 9 till 5 so these parasites can roam the streets, bash my countrymen and tell me I’m racist for pointing that out. Mr Dengue fever take your “community” of ungrateful niggers and get the hell out of Australia!

  • Earl Conner

    It’s just a hop, skip and a jump now, for Australia to be like Sweden or Germany, where the populace would rather let their woman and children to be raped and molested, then to be accused of being racist.

  • QTan88

    When I drop in to read things on XYZ, it’s always the same boring, borrrrinnnnnnng stuff.

    Articles about Blacks/ Nazis/ Marxists/ Jews/ Greens/ Hitler/ Female AFL players/ Perceived Lefties/ Australia Day, with tired and worn out reruns of past articles…..

    I am guessing tomorrows columns will be about the Evil of Valentines Day and how it has been co opted by closeted tranny Communists or some shit about Oprah Winfrey.

    Get some new writers with pizzazz, for a start.

    Honestly, the articles in BH&G are more interesting.

    • Xero

      Got get your SMH or ABC fix if you’re feeling edgy. No one is holding you here.
      Like this importance piece:
      I’ve paid for it, but don’t thank me.

      • QTan7745

        Thank you for being indentured to the Gubbermint as a wage slave for your lifetime.
        The ABC thanks you.

      • melinda power

        You’re funny.

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      Sounds like you got hurt feelings after hearing a hard truth. While no one here can offer you tissues and comfort you, perhaps I can offer you a suggestion that might alleviate your butt hurt – The New Idea magazine might be what you’re looking for. It’s free of mean offensive people and has heaps of celebrity gossip too.

      • QTan7745

        muh feels !

    • Karen Dwyer

      Apparently you are only reading Mr Piggott’s articles. He has nothing to say, yet keeps on saying it. Also, he is on a different time zone, so his articles are necessarily lukewarm leftovers by the time other writers have already referred to articles published in Australia’s MSM.

      Might I suggest Mr Rosas

      Or Mr Riddick

      Or Mr Hiscox

      Or Mr Micaiah

      Or Mr Lampard

      Or Mrs Heber
      She has some quite interesting things to say about the chant of “boring”, and these might resonate with you.

      Mr Piggott might well expose his arrested development in every article he writes, he might be so infused in his past that he is entirely predictable and thus easily manipulated, he might resemble an ox kicking against the goads, but – BUT – he is at least attempting to turn dross into gold.

      Alchemy is a dead art.

      Spinning and weaving are still noble arts. Let’s take the following strands: a thus-far overlooked but intriguing quote from an overly referenced article; an example from a collective not maligned on XYZ; and information from a genuinely informative website.

      The first strand is from Adam’s own article: “but we want to work with churches”.
      The second strand is “patriarchy”.
      The third strand is

      Let’s each take these strands and weave something beautiful from them (an appreciation of beauty being one of the hallmarks of Western Civilisation).

      I’ll give you a head start….

      Ready? Steady! Rumpelstiltskin….

    • Noachideous

      Our England and …… The new AngloCelts….. THEY 58 have not shame, and will abuse innocents to further their repellent cause.

      Those responsible for Dog Whistling into effect the urinary narrative known as the Multiculturalism, Tolerance and Diversity are all too often also those who know of the make undead date 1948…..

      The evidence suggests that these people, if you could call them that, most likely designed and manufactured the 888 246 … sum 420 …. 888 666 …. 24 18 .. 42 …. 42 58 by +x 6 13 … 8 40 …. 1948 PoPPy show at London’s Tower.

      The same Goblins who probably find this flick .. hilarious….

      But then again, everything outside the realm of any individual’s Solipsistic Bubble of Indifference is a …….. Conspiracy Theory … and no Fun at all.

      • Noachideous

        The number 888 666 may also be interpreted as 38 36 … summing to 74 … G-D.
        The gematria of LUCIFER amounts to 74 ……. and is a 7 letter word beginning with 12 …. thus 12 7 …. or 7 12 … 19 … “He was only 19” … 34 66 … +x 7 12 then 12 36 ….. 1948 …
        So what does it all mean ? It means a moratorium on Immigration into all YT racial Nations, while the meaning is discussed.

        • QTan7745

          14/1948. Yom Ha’atzmaut.
          14 + 1948 amounts to 9.
          The sum of the numeric values of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet is 4995 = 5 × 999.
          This suggests that the Hebrew alphabet is ‘watermarked’ with the divine attributes of grace and completeness: hence the Chosenites as distinct from the NINE persons who are stoned to death, there are NINE widows, and NINE persons are afflicted with blindness and NINE persons are afflicted with leprosy.

      • QTan7745


        • Noachideous

          That’s all well and good QB….. But why, if there are 67 words in the Balfour Declaration, does the +x of 67 amount to 13 42 , then summed ….55, the balance of 45 it being the sum of each of the number in the 3×3 number square , and the gematria of SATAN .. amounts to 19 1 20 1 14 … or 55 ?
          Why is it that 45 -3 amounts to 42 and 45 +3 …. 48, with 42 and 48 representing the ridge angles of the Great Pyramid that are now claimed by jews, to be designed and built ….by jews ? How is that ?
          Why is 6 Million … a 7 lettered word beginning with 6 … or 67 ?

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Repeal fake marriage

    These bunch of Tyrones belong not only in the shithole they came from but at the end of an Aussie patriot’s boot to their arses.