The Surge to Purge Leftist Dysfunction from the West

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Recent reports indicate that regressive rejects are vamping up their efforts for a Communist coup d’état overthrow of the Trump Administration. Because of this, an oppositional right-of-centre vanguard has formed against them.

Due to their increasing propensity for terrorism, patriot and nationalist groups (as well as law enforcement agencies) are being deployed to infiltrate and analyse their operations.

While many of these Looney Leftists have been found to be committing fake hate crimes against themselves in desperate attempts to conjure up pseudo-victimhood status, they are routinely responsible for acts of vandalism, break and entry, arson, assault, theft and murder.

With these Leftists being a significant pollutant in Western societies at late, it is important to understand what drives their dysfunction so we’re able to purge our societies of their destruction.

  • Deplorable Steve

    The right needs its own organised militia forces to combat these fucktards. Trumble can jam his ‘mutual respect and understanding’ up his arse…

    • I’m a bit disappointed Trump is dragging his feet.
      I expected mass arrests of high level elites by now…..but nothing has happened. Wonder what the story is ?

      • Karen Dwyer

        Perhaps it takes a little time to arrange treason charges….

    • Karen Dwyer

      Now Steve B.,
      I well remember…
      Was it January?
      Or perhaps December…
      You couldn’t see how normal folk
      should need a gun
      and so you spoke

      • Deplorable Steve

        Ha ha Mrs Dwyer. Muchos Gracias!!!

        I have never been a pacifist although I am a mild mannered family man. I do think the time for peaceful discourse is past its use by date though, thanks to the left’s shenanigans.

        On another note, Trog is long overdue to post his wisdoms again. I do hope he is OK…

        • Karen Dwyer

          :-)))))) yes, I know you are peaceful rather than a pacifist; poetic license and all that as it was about midnight. I was virtually a pumpkin….

          I really had been meaning to rhyme with your expletives, just for fun.

          As for Trog… Yes, he has been much on my mind. (Again, “please”, “knees”, “Frog” as in your odes to Ryan, and “Trog” were going to feature but I was beyond it.) He is not even posting as Alfalfa.

          On my way to do my sort of warfare this morning, and will be including him in my prayers. You too …

          Hopefully by about midday you’ll notice a sudden increase in light :-)))))))))

          • Yes, Trog turned into “Alfalfa” a few months back.
            Hopefully he will return, I miss his commentary.
            Maybe he is just having a rest………

          • Karen Dwyer

            I’m very fond of Trog (Alfalfa) and trust that he’s just got his feet up somewhere sunny and he sends us a postcard soon…

        • Karen Dwyer

          Hi Steve B. I just went trawling through my disqus account and it’s about a month ago that Trog last posted. He did say he’d be off air for 4-6 weeks and we’re that time frame.

          But once it goes past that, then it’ll be an APB on 2GB (his fave) insisting that he attend roll call. 🙂

          • Deplorable Steve

            You are a genius Mrs Dwyer. I find I am hoping that Trog is OK everytime I am on this site…

          • Karen Dwyer

            “Ahem” [coughs, eyes cast down modestly]. “Mind you, I do deserve some accolades for being willing to scroll through reams of my own inanities”.

            I’m glad you voiced your own hopes: ditto here. But of course I’ll be acting with studied nonchalance when he turns up 😉

  • Lorraine

    sob sob, the attention seeking left and their loss of entitlements to easy street as deemed by the left for the left. Obama the worst President ever and his left overs, spoilt brats . spit the dummy big time and then break the laws ,who cares we are right……it sort of a joy to watch as they destroy in creditability they ever had PC gone

  • Ray Johnston

    “it is important to understand what drives their dysfunction so we’re able to purge our societies of their destruction”
    This article helped me understand a bit better : Heresies of the Left: Unholy Trinity – Multiculturalism, Hate Speech & Identity Politics :