Survival instincts, the British Army and Tommy Robinson


The editor of XYZ David Hiscox has pointed out a number of times, perhaps most recently on XYZ live, that a great deal of unruly, politically motivated behaviour can be attributed to the fact that we, in Western societies, are living through extraordinary and unruly times. The traditional methods of making a political point have fallen by the way side and a sharp rise in flamboyant, comedic and disruptive political activism has become an increasingly frequent feature of the public discourse.

This is not necessarily confined to one side of the political spectrum, though much of the political violence witnessed in the world has been perpetrated by the left and either downplayed, encouraged or ignored by a complicit mainstream media. Even on the right we see the rise of the more flamboyant Conservative a la Milo Yiannopolous, the comedic Gavin McGinnes, the delightful Lauren Southern, and even the based US Senator Lindsay Graham is not the archetypical conservative that one would’ve readily observed in the nineties.

Closer to home the political right’s activists include Blair Cotteral, who is a far cry from what one may have considered a typical, traditional, country club conservative, while Neil Erikson is on another level of devilishly delightful right leaning trolltivism. It is in this extraordinary and unruly realm where it is commonplace to witness societal elites refer to people with publicly right leaning sentiments as ‘far right’, ‘bigoted’ or ‘extremist’. On occasion they will call nationalist groups in the West ‘neo-nazis’ or ‘white supremacists’. This is of course hyperbolic rhetorical thrush and is not actually indicative of any leanings towards national socialism or any explicit belief that whites are a superior race to all others. What this is indicative of however, is how far societal elites have lost their grip on reality and how irrational their thought patterns have become, particularly how far their thought patterns have wandered from sound instincts that promote societal survival in an evolutionary sense.

A key indicator of this irrational yearning for self-inflicted societal destruction was recently displayed by an uproar in the British media when Western Survival Activist Tommy Robinson posted a photo and video believed to be at the Watford Gap motorway off the M1 with British soldiers. The Daily Mail reported that the soldiers were ‘cheering and shouting his name’ in the video which was reportedly posted on Monday night. The British Army released a statement that it was aware of the photo and would be investigating the details while a spokeswoman stated that:

“Far right ideology is completely at odds with the values and ethos of the Armed Forces… the Armed Forces have robust measures in place to ensure those exhibiting extremist views are neither tolerated nor permitted to serve.”

Quite a departure from the proud days of Churchill’s Great Britain, but it gets worse. Islamic advisor to the Armed Forces, Imam Asim Hafez seemed to lament at the soldiers’ outward display of favouritism towards those who do not want to see civilisation destroyed and stated that:

“Any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly.”

Aggressive words indeed for someone who represents an ideology that has long sought to violently conquer the European continent. The Daily Mail reported:

“The Muslim Council of Britain said Mr Robinson ‘does not represent our Armed Forces, however much he tries to claim otherwise”.

This is simply laughable.

The fact of the matter is that Tommy Robinson and his ilk represent the Armed Forces better than high ranking officers, – with the notable exception of Colonel Richard Kemp CBE (Ret) – better than politicians, better than any societal elites and profoundly better than the Muslim Council of Britain.

What Tommy Robinson represents is not extreme in the slightest but a perfectly reasonable human instinct to survive. The instinct to not want one’s society to crumble and be overrun by hordes of invaders, or to lie down and die in the face of treasonous treachery from within.

Much of Western society has sold these lads out and left them to be beheaded in the streets, all the while insisting that the terrorists are somehow our misunderstood friends. Soldiers follow an instinct that is rational and hard wired into the human condition. Human beings have always survived and thrived as clans. Therefore, sentiments such as nationalism are not a trait of the extremist, rather they are an inherent trait of those who possess a heightened and more lucid understanding of what it takes to survive as a species. Nationalism is one of the most rational inclinations a human can have as the nation is the contemporary form of family and clan.

As Evolutionary Psychologist Nigel Nicholson notes:

“Like the primates that came before them, human beings were never loners. Indeed, the family is the centrepiece of all human societies. Because of the family’s prevalence, modern Darwinian thinkers hypothesize that human survival was greatly aided by qualified monogamy – pair bonding necessary for the prolonged care of the young. But no family would have survived the stone age without the additional support. And thus was born the clan, or an extended family built through “marriages” – that is, mating with other families”.

Volunteering to serve in defence of one’s nation is therefore something that works perfectly in accordance with the human will to survive by showing in-group preference to one’s clan and outward hostility to all whom would dare pose a threat to the vulnerable therein. The instinct to survive becomes greatly heightened when one’s clan is threatened or is at war. Great Britain has recently experienced an explosion of attacks against its people, its way of life and its societal moral fabric not only in the form of Islamic terrorism but in the willingness of her leaders to launch a once great nation into demographic and cultural suicide. A Europol report found that:

“The UK suffered more deaths caused by terror attacks than any other country in Europe in 2017… as security services thwart a plot a month”.

Zoologist Robert Hinde of the University of Cambridge has, in his work noted parallels in warring clans of chimpanzees and humans while also noting the more complex characteristics of human society which are a stark departure from those of chimps and other primates:

“Ideology, propaganda and denigration of the out-group can harden the barrier between ‘us’ and ‘them’, says Hinde — a barrier to which the mind’s moral faculty is very sensitive. As a result, killing comes to feel permissible. Even, sometimes, right”.

An armed force of a modern society exists – as it always has – to kill those that threaten its existence and the wellbeing of its people.

With a weak leadership and the British way of life being severely threatened, those that have volunteered to serve their nation’s interest and hold to the instinct to survive, have been shunned and subjected to taunts and abuse emanating from their enemies both foreign and domestic. It stands to reason that they would venerate a larger than life yet supremely humble figure like that of Tommy Robinson.

As stated, there is nothing extreme about the inclination to survive and crush the enemies of one’s nation. There should be no ‘probe’ into the actions of these soldiers or that of Tommy Robinson. Contrarily, if Great Britain is serious about its survival then the Ministry of Defence would do away with its Islamic advisors unless they were dissident, or ex Muslims committed to not seeing the West end up like the third world shitholes that they emigrated from. They would vigorously defend the rights of these soldiers to associate with and celebrate anyone who was as committed as they are to defending Western civilisation against an all-out assault on something they hold dear to them. Finally, they might actually start treating Great Britain as they treated Northern Ireland during The Troubles and begin the counter insurgency operations in order to round up and deport all ISIS fighters and enablers.

We shant hold our breaths, but pray for Tommy, the soldiers and forever defend our instinctive nature to survive.

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Samuel Medici
Samuel studied International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies and is deeply interested in conflict and strategy. He first became interested in Geopolitics after listening to a rap group known as the Outlaws who's individual rappers are named after military dictators, a couple of whom have now been deposed. The ingenious, proportionate and moral application of aggression are a common theme in Samuel's writing, along with an eloquently sinister red pilling with the intent of decimating the Neo-Marxist status quo. One might say, a red pillaging. Samuel served in the Australian Army. He draws inspiration for his writing from the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Dinesh D'Souza, Steven Crowder, Eazy E, Tywin Lannister and Conan the Barbarian. His long term aspiration is to see leftist thought diagnosed as a character disorder and no longer serve as a political leaning.