The Crimes of Adolf Grindewald: Fantastic Beasts Movie Review


Matty’s Modern Life has produced a Bitchute exclusive video for his review of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald.

The review was censored on YouTube after a dubious copyright claim by the globalists at Time Warner. So, we hope you enjoy Matty’s essay review, the review the globalists did not want you to see.

The following review contains spoilers.

Ahh Hollywood, they just can’t help themselves; every film must have at least some globalist propaganda, it just wouldn’t be a complete Hollywood film if it didn’t. The idea that a movie could be just a movie without any hidden agenda is an alien concept to ruling class silver screen producers. Why focus purely on entertainment and storytelling when you can incept anti-nationalist propaganda at the same time? Make money and gaslight the masses, it’s two for the price of one.

Before I continue with the review I need to explain; I haven’t yet seen the previous episode in the Fantastic Beasts series so this review is based purely on my opinion of this instalment as a standalone film. If it seems like I don’t quite understand what’s going on that’s because I don’t. I’m not generally a pop culture content creator, it’s the embedded propaganda that I’m really interested in.

Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald picks up after the end of the previous film with the main villain in wizard prison. He quickly escapes and sets about his evil plan to take over the world and make wizards the ruling class over the nomaj, that’s non-magic using humans (muggles). “Beasts of burden” is how he describes them, after all there’s no point ruling the world if there’s no one to rule.

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that exactly what globalists are trying to do? Hah! Good point but nope! Globalists are way worse, you see globalists want to breed out races and eliminate the vast majority of the human species. Grindelwald just wants his pureblooded wizards to rule the world; he acknowledges that a few will die in the process but he doesn’t wish to genocide the non-magic folk. It’s quite noble of him actually, for a murderous megalomaniac of course.

Much of the film is spent discussing heritage and bloodlines but it’s clear only the bad guys care about this kind of thing. They are overly concerned with keeping their magic bloodlines as pure as possible and this, of course, is just plain evil.

Bloodlines and ethnic lineage are common themes throughout the Harry Potter universe and it’s always the realm of the baddies. You see, Grindelwald is Hitler and “purebloods” are his Aryan race. He’s even extra pale with bleached blonde hair.

The story follows several characters, one called Credence who doesn’t know his real name or where he came from. He has magic but he was adopted as a child and never met his real parents; this becomes important later on (double spoiler alert, at the end of the vid I’m going to tell you who he actually is).

At the start of the film, while Hitlerwald is still in prison, a character mentions they should cut out his tongue because he was just too convincing. Make of that what you wish.

The protagonists have the task of finding Hitlerwald and bringing him to justice, he’s the most powerful wizard in the world and he’s dangerous. Dumbledore can’t help because he’s in a blood pact with Grindelwald from way back when they were doing nasty things between the sheets. Magic means they can’t hurt each other, the writers can’t make it too easy after all.

They need to set up a final showdown and all that.

The protagonists eventually catch up to evil bad ethnic nationalist Aryan wizard man as he speaks before a crowd of pure blood wizarding folk. One protagonist even says “these are purebloods, they kill people like us for sport.” Ugh… at least try to hide it guys, or gals, or whatever you are; I wouldn’t want to mis-gender or anything.

The speech itself is quite amazing, the clip at the start was merely a taste of it’s true brilliance. I’d suggest everyone watch the film just for this scene; it elevates gaslighting from mere propaganda technique to art form.

Hitlerwald speaks of non-violence, claims his opponents are the violent ones and condemns his opponents for attacking those who simply want to learn the truth. He talks of wanting to prevent war and gives the crowd a glimpse of the coming world war. He’s trying to prevent war, he’s not the bad guy, he just wants to rule the world for the sake of peace. He says he doesn’t even consider the non-magic people to be lesser, they are just different. They are of other value, not lesser value; his views are not about hatred but love!

It is no coincidence that these are common sentiments of nationalists fighting against the globalist cabal. We do indeed want to prevent the coming civil war and we want to allow people to find out the truth. Our political opponents are most definitely violent and we are not afraid of saying it.

Most of all ethnic nationalists, other than the National Socialist kind, do view other races as merely other not lesser. All human beings have value in the eyes of God after all.

The purpose of this speech is obvious, to paint all ethnic nationalists with the brush of power hungry megalomaniacs wanting to take over the world. It’s to program NPC’s into automatically putting their guard up when Nationalists use these truthful words; to make them think Nationalists must be snake oil salesmen covering a darker motive.

Goebells would be proud, (but he was actually calling out establishment propaganda of the day so maybe he wouldn’t).

There is no way the globalist Warner Brothers, subsidiary of WarnerMedia also a subsidiary of multinational corporation AT&T didn’t do this entirely on purpose. They know the arguments we make and they are desperate to counter the narrative because it resonates.
It’s about inoculating the normies; they want people to make the connection without even thinking about it.

The issue, of course, being Hitlerwald is a genuinely a murderous megalomaniac who actually wants to take over the world while ethnic nationalists just want their people to be left alone.

“Hey did you hear that ethnic nationalist talk about love for his people and that it’s really the globalists who are violent? Sounds just like that pale bastard Grindelwald!”

It would be clever if it wasn’t so damn obvious, and I for one won’t be changing the way I speak just because globalists want to project onto their opponents. Nor should anyone for that matter – if anyone says you sound like Grindelwald it’s just a matter of laughing and calling out the globalist propaganda built into the movie.

It’s a great talking point, to be perfectly frank.

The final scene was the propaganda icing for on the Stalin cake. After convincing Credence to join his cause Hitlerwald takes his new protégé back to Nurmengard Fortress in the Austrian mountains. Probably to meet magic Eva Braum and magic Hermann Goring (pron: gurring).

In Nuremburg fortress Hitlerwald reveals to Credence that he is actually Aurelius Dumbeldore the long-thought-dead brother of Albus (link to Ezra Millers bio in description).

Dun dun duuuuuun.

Here the film ends in preparation for the third instalment.

My final assessment

I confess, I enjoyed this film quite a lot despite the sour taste it left in my mouth. I even got a cool cup and tin to remember the experience.

The action was fun and the story flowed despite being convoluted, it wasn’t anywhere near the best film I’ve seen nor was the story all that creative. Powerful bad guy wants to talk over the world, heroes need to stop powerful bad guy and it’s a struggle; an old story that will likely get plenty more runs before humans finally leave this universe. The magic and CGI were decent and cool to watch.

I didn’t really sympathise with any of the characters because none of them were all that likeable. Johnny Depp was excellent as Grindelwald and Jude Law was alright as young Dumbeldore. The rest of the cast were unknown to me – as it should be, they are only actors after all. Theirs is a job with far too much prestige for what they actually do. Acting is the lowest art form after all, they literally play make believe for a living.

This film is a product of our times, as globalist multinational corporations are desperate to shove their propaganda down our throats at every opportunity. They are getting creative in how they push it too, and this is a method I haven’t seen yet, I was genuinely impressed with their creativity. Good move by the globalists but the game continues and they are still slowly losing pieces.

Don’t expect to be blown away with amazing plot or compelling performances, other than Johnny Depp’s, but it’s definitely entertaining. A popcorn-selling weekend escape for the family.

To close, (cover your ears now if you don’t want the next movie ruined) but it’s truly a doozy of plot point. According to Harry Potter Wiki the global wizarding war ends when Grindelwald is finally defeated in, wait for it, 1945.

Coincidence? Yeah right.

  • Bumpstock

    Its not Hollywood so much, Rowling is an admitted raving globalist/Antifa, and the original series was written that way, to breed new generations of NPCs.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      It’s both, Pedowood are raving globalists as is Rowling.

      • Bumpstock

        I meant, its not like Hollywood made Potter more left wing, it was Rowling’s intention in the first place. Hollywood is just gagging to make such crap into films. Pray they never remake LOTR.

      • Bucky Redux

        I always imagined the Daily Prophet in the HP movies coming out with a news flash edition that outed creepy Dumbledore and Hagrid running a satanic pedo trafficking ring from Hogwarts.

      • Jai_Normosone

        Rowling is the epitome of Leftist thinking…
        “I made a fortune doing something that people wanted and I now think myself so knowledgeable that I say that the borders of the world should be thrown open so that people can move anywhere they want and there is a one-world government.
        They cannot come in and live in MY house though… they can stay the fuck outside the gates!”

  • LadyMoonlight

    I have never had any interest in the Harry Potter series (I like my men to be heroes, not teenage boys…Aragorn springs to mind). I have read a chapter or two and was not really impressed. I watched part of one of the movies, the first one I think, and, again, not that impressed. As my favourite genres are fantasy and science fiction, I was just somewhat disappointed. Again, it probably boils down to, as an adult, I like adult male heroes, not children.

    • Bumpstock

      I saw the first one out of curiosity in 2001at the cinema. Even then the racial/cultural appropriation of European folklore with Rowlings blacked, Indian and Asian Hogwarts rubbed me raw. Saw the rest for free, as they progress the anti-Western, anti Nationalist themes get stronger as less subtle. It’s really hateful stuff. Rowling is now lead Trump Derangement witch on Twitter, and Emma Watson has gone on to be a real life pain in the arse Hermione, being a SJW for every leftist feminist cause. This stuff is pure poison, and the first twelve publishers Rowling presented her dribble to rightly rejected it apparently. I used to write better stuff in English at school, with shit like Hunger Games and Potter earning zillions, makes me regret I gave it up. Anyway, you just hope that most kids jsut enjoy the fantasy aspect but not the Marxist message, but Rowling and Hollywood made sure there was plenty of miscegenation at Hogwarts for kids to see (Ginny and Dean Thomas, Harry and Cho, The Weaselly Twins and the Indian Twins). Puke.

  • Taipan
  • Taipan

    In the U.S. the Republican Party is evolving into the party of white people. Time for the same to happen to the Liberal Party in Australia?

    • Bumpstock

      That would be the day. With Frydenburg and so many Shabbos Goy like Abbott. Hell, they could not even go through with the “It’s OK to be white” motion in the senate.

      • Taipan

        Were the Republicans any different before Trump?

        • Bumpstock

          They’re not much different now and Trump is still a raving Zionist.

          • Taipan

            The OW is pushing in the right direction.

          • Bumpstock

            OW? More likely we’ll end up with a war between Saudi and Iran on behalf of Israel. WIth Saudi at war, that would give Zio-America a chance to unleash “shack and awe” on Iran.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      One will evolve as immigration continues to replaces Whites in our own country, it will either be the Liberal party or another party that will replace them.

      • Taipan

        Learning from the American experience and the way the system works the logical choice would be the Liberal Party.

    • Jamie Blank

      Evolving into the party of the worker is closer to the mark.

    • Ryan

      Nothing foundationally changes until you exorcise AIPAC and other anti-gentile operatives from the power structure. Hopefully the American Republic isn’t a rotting corpse before that occurs…

    • Bootstrapper
  • Bucky Redux

    I always adopted a darkly perverted joy in taking the side of Voldemort in the HP series.
    I really wanted the insufferaby prim and smug trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron to get their just comeuppance from the Dark Lord.
    Harry Potters forehead scar is a cypher, reminiscent of the Nazi swastika or SS symbols. Can hardly be a coincidence.
    Hollywood always likes to make references to Nazi Germany and Herr Hitler.
    The Avenger series of movies with Captain America and the Nazi Hydra sect is one other example.
    Emma Watson seems to have morphed into her SJW feminist Hermione persona, whilst Daniel Radcliffe tries his best to distance himself from his twatty Harry Potter curse.
    It’s interesting that Radcliffe has explored his inner Nazi in other movie projects.
    The Holy Church was not impressed with some of the Potter movies,and the harridan harpy, Rowling took a beating from them over it.
    I came across this interesting thesis on the HP series:

    • Bumpstock

      There’s no coincidence about the ‘fascist’ symbolism in Rowlings works, its one huge, very unoriginal diatribe against white nationalism by making parallels with the rise of the Nazis/Fascists, she says as much. As for Captain America, Wonder Woman and even Superman, they were all written by Jews as propaganda to suck America into WW2 in Europe, way before Hollywood adopted them. Yes, Watson has completely adopted her pain in the arse left wing SJW persona of Hermione in real life. I cannot stand either.

      “It’s interesting that Radcliffe has explored his inner Nazi in other movie projects.”

      Radcliffe is Jewish, didn’t you know, so he would be doing those other movies like Imperium as propaganda consciously. More likely he’s exploring himself inner termite.

      • Bucky Redux

        I didn’t know he was of The Tribe. His success in moviedom is assured.

    • Did you come across this?

      Rowling…err…”borrowed” heavily from another author. I would not be surprised if it went further as well.

  • Bucky Redux

    Really good review, Matty, I enjoyed the dissection.
    I try not to watch mainstream Hollyweird movies these days, as they are just pure propaganda.
    It’s a shame that there (seems?) to be far fewer independent film makers these days, especially in Australia.

    • Bumpstock

      Gawd, Australian films are probably the worst nowadays when it comes to pc crap

      • Bucky Redux

        Aussies used to make some good stuff…..long ago.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Multiculturalism or forced diversity only seeks to eliminate racial ethnic competition in favor of the elite of self-chosen ethnocentric power.
    For globalist Zionism everything is reduced to only three words: POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL. For this he needs the biological control of society through forced diversity.
    All powerful biological life forms have followed a genetic lineage. It is the same with human beings. Ethnic lineage is power. Ethnic lineage + high IQ is more power ..

  • Bootstrapper

    To me, the most frightening villain in HP, was Dolores Umbridge! People like DU infest every workplace large enough to have a HR department.

    • Bumpstock

      Point taken, but like the Durselys, this character was created as a gross caricature of conservative 50s Britain.

      • Bootstrapper

        I agree the Dursleys fit that profile and JKR may have cast DU in the same mold, but she comes across as a classic SJW, to me.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I’m so very glad that someone else saw it. I could barely listen to the audio books because of that character – and I have not seen the end of any of the movies she’s been in because the character was played so well. I thoroughly and truly detest HR people.