The left can’t meme: bans memes


Remember that kid who would chuck a spaz every time you bowled him out during school lunchtime? That is the left. These EU Parliament members and Serena should get together.

From Metro:

“The EU has voted to adopt a controversial law which could ban memes and censor the internet. Critics fear the legislation being brewed up in Brussels will stop people from sharing copyrighted images or videos – perhaps even if they have been altered or edited. The laws would force Google, Microsoft and others to pay publishers for displaying snippets of news stories, which could effectively forbid EU citizens from sharing articles. They could also introduce mandatory upload filtering, which would require online platforms such as YouTube, GitHub, and Instagram to install filters to prevent users from uploading copyrighted materials or seek licences to display content.

“This could prevent people from uploading remixes, parodies, memes and even links to articles on news sites. Of the lawmakers at the assembly, 438 voted in favour while 226 were against, with 39 abstentions. A long and torturous period of bureaucratic wrangling will now begin as EU apparatchiks launch further consultations on the law before bringing it into force.”

The left can’t meme, so it bans memes.

The left can’t argue, so it enacts so-called “hate speech” laws and establishes illegitimate Human Rights Commisions and Equal Opportunity Boards.

The left can’t pay its own way, so it uses fiat currency and the stolen tax money of the most productive to bribe poor voters into voting for them, so they can create more fiat currency and steal more tax money from the most productive.

The policies of the left have led to a situation whereby Western nations can no longer maintain a replacement level birthrate, and the left’s economic policies have led to a situation whereby the only way to keep an economy going is to constantly grow the population, thus the left must import millions of people from outside the West to grow the population, keep the economy ticking over, and ultimately replace us.

Conservatives understand this, and have found a way to articulate this crisis simply and effectively through the use of memes.

The left can’t meme, so it bans memes.

Let’s see your darkest memes.

It’s your XYZ.

  • David

    The left likes to slander everybody who stands against it, doesn’t matter if you are right wing, centrist or even centre left. Those communists have no decency and will resort to murder if need be…

    • McMansplainer

      this is why God invented helicopters

  • James
    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  • Mattys Modern Life
  • fimbulwinter
  • fimbulwinter

    Isn’t it ironic how the (((globalists))) censor and ban the internet for “copyright” reasons. Yet allow the import millions of dollars of counterfeit products from Alibaba and eBay and all the market stalls with copy watches and burnt DVDs.

    I guess It must be ok if the seller is Chinese cause muh racism or some shit

  • James

    Posts are being deleted from this thread. By someone.

    • David Hiscox

      Thanks for the heads up James. Will get onto it shortly.

  • Noachideous

    If WORD 60 … 5 12 … EL … Eternal Light ? is the probable source of the word … ELite, then like commodus, most of the world’s Political, Media and affiliated elitist prigs will only enter the Colosseum of words when their not so elite opponents are suitably prepared.

    • Shosshannah

      Elite….the word stems from Latin:

    • Noachideous

      For those interested …..this may represent one of the esoteric origins of the EU symbol.

      EU … 5 21 for the 26 Elements of the Cube…. 42 in six based senary.
      26 is the gematria of GOD …. 7 15 4.

      26 sum 42 for 68 … There are 6 faces and 8 points of intersection on the cube.

      By +x of 6 and 8 is derived ….. 14 48…. for 5 12. There are 12 STAR 19 20 1 18 …. 58 , each with 5 points…. as much as there are 12 segments of the HOUR .. each with 5 minutes.

      The gematria of HOUR is 8 15 21 18 for ……62 … The sum of 14 48 is … 62

      Consider also that 5 12 sums to 17. The senary of 17 is 25, summing to ….. 42 from which is derived …. make undead date.

      Recall recent discussion of that number in an unpleasant context.
      Examine the personalities and ethnicity of those involved in the design of the EU symbol.

      The initial gematria of the evidence based ….. Esoteric Workers Journal … EWJ 5 23 10… amounts to 38 …. with 62 summing to …. 100 … as much as does 42 58 and 34 66 sum to …. 100.