The postmodern Puritans


Last Saturday The Daily Caller, one of the largest news sites in the US, fired Opinion Editor Rob Mariani unexpectedly.

Robert Mariani fired

No, he wasn’t accused of sexually assaulting a pot plant while drooling at a young intern ten years ago. He published an opinion piece by Milo on the revelations that Kevin Spacey is a serial boy molester.

The ostensible reason given by the management at The Daily Caller is that Mariani was fired because he had offered a weekly column to Milo without clearing it first. That’s nonsense. Mariani was fired because a hysterical mob bayed for his blood, and the bosses at The DC cucked out.

According to Mariani, his firing was demanded by a mob of angry queers pissed off that Milo pointed out the well-known pattern of older poofs grooming boys and young men for sex.

In the interests of full disclosure, I know Rob Mariani. He was the Opinion Editor who gave me a break by publishing my pieces at The Daily Caller during the 2016 presidential election. I wrote an op-ed for them every two weeks for about seven months, until I decided to focus on helping build the anti-globalist movement here in Australia instead. He’s an utter professional, and has done a great job driving traffic to the site and increasing its influence.

None of that mattered, though, when an outraged mob of politically-correct and politically-connected frightbats demanded vengeance for someone saying something true they didn’t like.

This is the only strategy left for the postmodern left to shut down the rising tide of truth coming from the disaffected, the old-fashioned and the realistic. Rather than engage with ideas, debate, and submit their dogmas to the refining fire of honest argument, the left use mob power and hysteria to ‘no-platform’ dissenting voices.

That the multinational corporations who control the internet are participating fully in this agenda shows us whose interests left-wing, globalist ideologies ultimately serve.

Soros and Zuckerberg
Not yours.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are colluding with far left ‘fact-checking’ sites such as, and to remove links to content they don’t like. This is basically anything to the right of Noam Chomsky.

Snopes are fat
Snopes: Two fat leftists and a pussy being smarter than you.

If you see someone sharing on social media, they’re either a deep state shill or a low-agency, Gen X loser. Or both.

deep state shill

If you trigger leftists on social media on a regular basis, you can expect to get zucced as a matter of routine. Good luck trying to open new accounts, as Facebook and Twitter are now using IP identification to prevent a blacklisted individual from creating social media accounts. You become an online unperson.

Not for anything illegal, though. Just for being offensive.

The upside to getting permazucced, though, is more time to read Julius Evola, do bagwork and become even more excellent.

Chad alt-right

The far left authorities have used the Charlottesville pedestrian cardiac incident to crack down hard on sites and individuals they don’t want heard. The most prominent example has been Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer getting chased around the world and shut down every few days, although there are other examples as well. The case of the Daily Stormer was the first time that a website has been arbitrarily shut down despite doing nothing illegal and not violating any DNS provider’s terms of service.

Even if you don’t like the material on The Daily Stormer, you have to ask yourself: What is so dangerous about that site that it warrants such a totalitarian response?

Any why is so much pornography, terrorist propaganda and obscene violent material on the internet OK, but a guy who uses the ‘n’ word not?

How did our morals get so upside-down?

The Puritans had their morality right though, and the society those beliefs created formed the foundation of several centuries of Western global leadership. The narratives taught to kids today and spread through the corrupt entertainment industry are thoroughly unfair on the Puritans.

Hillary the witch
What you get when you stop burning witches.

If you believed Hollywood, you’d think the Puritans burned thousands of witches in the Salem witch trials. They didn’t. They hanged about 20. That’s six fewer dead than the recent massacre of Christians at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

But in the current year, Satanic witches are poor victims and Bible-bashing Christians are evil oppressors, right? They deserve what happens to them.

What we are seeing with the political persecution against anyone who disagrees with cultural Marxism today is a true witch-hunt. The left have been mobilised by a corrupt establishment terrified of years of corruption and illegality being exposed. Whether they realise it or not, the far left mobs baying for ‘Nazis’ to be hounded out of public life are serving the interests of the deep state swamp.

Decadent and deluded by false historical beliefs, the postmodern mob shrieks when they hear truths which challenge their worldview. This is how democracies behave just before the end. It’s why the Athenians put Socrates to death.

Death of Socrates
Decadent societies don’t like hearing unpopular truths.

Just as in late Athens our elites are corrupt and self-serving, our philosophies are debased and our morals are inverted. Point that out, though, and you could lose your job or worse.

The leftists getting so outraged by ‘trolls’ online believe that they are the inheritors of the Enlightenment; rational, reasonable individuals who hold the pursuit of truth as the highest virtue. They tell themselves that they are the defenders of science against superstition; open-minded individuals with history on their side.

They’re not. Hearing the simplest fact about race, gender, culture or religion reveals that. They’re not the poor witches at Salem, suffering for challenging the status quo.

In the current year, they’re the Puritans.

Frog burning


  • Instagerm as well.

  • John Sheppard

    Great work David, especially found the Hillary Clinton caption amusing 🙂

  • baglady

    Aren’t those gay men referred to as “chicken hawks”? Isn’t NAMBLA is a lobby group for gay men who molest young men? Weren’t the sexual assaults perpetrated by priests in over 90% of the cases against young boys, wouldn’t that suggest that they priesthood was infested with homosexual pedophiles?

    • gwallan

      “Weren’t the sexual assaults perpetrated by priests in over 90% of the cases against young boys”

      The numbers from the Royal Commission in Victoria, Australia indicate 95%. The media have been very shy about this. A big part of the reason the cover ups were able to continue for so long is that the victims were mostly boys. We knew it was going on but preferred to make jokes about priests and alter boys instead of actually doing anything to stop it.

      • Earl Conner

        The Church must definitely be held accountable for their silence, but were these priests opportunistic predators playing the long game, or otherwise earnest homosexuals who couldn’t keep their perverse sexual inclinations at bay?

        • baglady

          I think that they were homosexual pedophiles that joined the priesthood to have an endless supply of little boys to molest at their leisure.

          • Earl Conner

            Maybe I’m naive, but it’s hard scenario for me to comprehend; with x number of years studying theology, preaching to and serving the community, all the while behaving in the most evil way imaginable. Are human beings capable of living the biggest of all lies? Me be skeptical.

          • Caitlin1488

            Human beings are capable of dreadful things, raping kids, whilst masked as Clergy, is one of the great horrors.

          • baglady

            Addicts for example will go to great lengths to get their fix. I should think these homo pedophiles would do the same. It gave them something to do, gave them a cover and gave them the cloak of respectability and the protection of the church should they be caught. They were then moved on to the next fresh batch of victims.

          • Earl Conner

            Sure, I guess so. I was also quick to imagine individuals acting independently, but given this is the Catholic Church, there may have been a group/monetary aspect to said abuse. Of course NONE of this is to suggest there is ANYTHING inherent to Christianity that supports or condones such abhorant behavior – something many simpletons (usually on the left) fail to understand.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    I don’t use socialist media, so there is nothing stopping the “wrong” thoughts flowing.

  • Homosexual pedophiles like slimy Spacey operate from a platform of power, in his case, being a Hollywood star.
    Priests too, of course, but also sodomite school teachers, swimming coaches, scoutmasters, dance instructors, police officers, music tutors, the list goes on…..a long index of avenues to access their prey.

    The degenerate gay pedos have a cold blooded, pre meditated plan to get them close to their intended victims and the grooming begins.
    One only need glance at the media each day to see some gay pervert being outed.

    The dissolute Left are complicit in papering over the heinous actions of these profligate, lecherous homosexual reprobates. Just as they provide the same sort of cover for the Muslim rapists and terrorists and Antifa thugs in our midst.

    The Buggery Act of 1533 and its punishments should be re instated to deal with these offenders.

    The genuine Puritans of the 17th Century stated thus, in regards to homosexuals:

    “a vile affection, whereby men given up thereto leave the natural use of woman and burn in their lusts one toward another, and so men with men work that which is unseemly.”

    • gwallan

      “sodomite school teachers”

      The most likely adult offender in a school is a woman.

      • John Sheppard

        Is that still true when you consider the percentage of male vs female teachers? I expect there is a higher percentage of female teachers than male, although granted I haven’t looked into this in detail.

        • gwallan

          Research I’ve relied on is from eighties and nineties where the gender ratio among teachers was much closer to even.

          Nearly one in ten female perps is a teacher. Among males it’s fewer than one percent. Even allowing for higher rates of male perpetration female teacher abusers probably outnumber males by about three to one.

          Just as with men there are some women who are “attracted” to kids and just as with those men they are likely to gravitate towards those environments which may enable their “interests”. Women are subjected to far less scrutiny in this regard so those with such “interests” are enabled.

          • John Sheppard

            Thanks for the info!

  • entropy

    The more they try to silence you, the more you know you’re onto something.

    If there was no link between homosexuality and pedophilia, gays would have no problem with that relationship being investigated and discussed. However, because they’ve been so successful dictating the tone of other items on the gay entitlement agenda (e.g. ‘marriage equality’), they think they can scuttle this discussion with their usual fagtivism and victimhood histrionics.

    No doubt it works on the usual cucks who care more about their own image than the safety of children.

    But the data is clear on pedophiles being disproportionately gay. Because this conversation is being actively suppressed, until we hear evidence to the contrary, it’s safe to assume that sexual attraction to children is a fundamental aspect of homosexuality.

    • Hyper Future Vision

      It has been actively suppressed for decades now.

      Homosexual harassment of heterosexual men is another big problem that needs to be stamped out ASAP.

      I have been in workplaces where the PC brigade turn a blind eye to the disgusting antics of flamboyant gays. They purposefully go out of their way to make straight people they don’t like as uncomfortable as possible.

      They simply don’t care about the psychological harm they are causing.

  • Frank Greco

    It is too bad that Mariani got fired over this; I think he has done a terrific job of bringing well-reasoned opinion to the Daily Caller. Nonetheless, it was a mistake to invite Milo to write for the Daily Caller, not because of the liberal backlash to his first column but rather his influence would have been subtle and undermining.

    I didn’t hear in the video clip of Milo’s apology the portion of his statement where he talks about age of consent. He had said that he thought that some young boys could give consent and then the “coming of age” experience with an older man could be beneficial. The horrifying implication of this statement applied to recent events is that if Corey Haim had consented to Charlie Sheen it would have been OK. Conversely, the inference is that Kevin Spacey’s mistake is that he didn’t put enough effort into obtaining proper consent from the boys. I’m sure some law firm would be happy to print off some templates with check boxes for the boys to fill out.

    Active homosexuals mock nature, which should cause concern even for an atheist. To justify their lives means twisted, unnatural reasoning. A highly intelligent person like Milo can be quite good at that and infect the reasoning of those around him. The Daily Caller will be better off without his influence.