The Red Menace: How China indoctrinates Marxism into our schools and universities



Much has been written on this site on socialism and groups such as Antifa, the Socialist Alternative, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, and the Greens which have spread such garbage ideas. One prominent actor on this stage is the communist government of China, which has been discussed in other articles on this website. The aim of this article is to expose the Chinese government’s role in spreading communism to our most impressionable; children, teenagers and young adults.

Embedded in a staggeringly large number of universities and schools across Australia are a number of seemingly innocuous institutions called Confucius Institutes. The University of Adelaide promotes the Confucius Institute as “Promoting Chinese language and culture and a more informed understanding of China.” Other universities and organisations have offered similarly glowing descriptions of the institutes, including the NSW state government claiming that the centres are a “collaboration between the NSW Department of Education and the Office of Chinese Language Council International in China.” Like many other communist ventures, it appears perfectly fine on the outside, but analyse to even the slightest extent possible and alarm bells ring.

An innocent classroom or something more sinister? (Sourced from a still of YouTube video:

Research from online sources indicates a long history of controversy. Whether it be FBI investigations into the establishments or accusations of curbing free speech (which isn’t out of the ordinary for leftists in all honesty), these institutes are in the words of Li Changchun, a former leader of the Chinese communist party an, “important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up.”

The presence of such institutes on our soil is a concerning development given the authoritarian and brutal nature of the Chinese government against their own Christian citizens, and their willingness to promote the disarmament of overseas civilian populations and leave innocent people exposed. Such an institute should have no place in a society which values truth and freedom of speech.

Maoist brainwashing in action (Sourced from Xinhua).

Perhaps a particularly concerning development of this is the deafening silence of university students and staff against this issue. Where massive protests and television appearances against the conservative and innocuous Ramsey Centre occur with the same canned lines from the same green haired Marxists, total silence is heard from students and staff in universities across Australia regarding the Confucis Institute. The Confucius Institute is significantly more dangerous than the Ramsey Centre ever was, being a direct arm of a totalitarian government and encouraging the rise of dangerous ideas such as Maoism, a rosy view of Chinese history and actions, and the sacrificing of our sovereignty to Chinese interests starting in the Asia Pacific. Perhaps, this demonstrates that contrary to the delusional views of many leftists and Marxists, the political establishment as it stands is not far right or even centre right but a left wing machination, a claim further evidenced by the recent saga in Melbourne revealing the bias of Victorian Police against Australian nationalist groups such as the True Blue Crew, and even Vietnamese trying to defend their property, in favour of African gangs.

At the University of Sydney where the conservative Ramsey Centre faces boycotts and protests, the shameful Confucius Institute is allowed to exist unimpeded by students, staff and the local community.

If you are currently in a university, I urge you to stand against these terrible establishments, along with leftism in general, by any means possible. Whether it be quick actions like writing posts on social media, postering your local campus or by exercising your freedom of speech and protesting against these brainwashing facilities, halting the spread of these facilities is a must. We should all counteract the Confucius Institute regardless of how trivial one’s actions may be.

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  • disqus_lzM0Y8iLHT

    Amazing! Universities are stridently against The Ramsey Group idea to teach Western History but are happy to see our society disarmed by Chinese influences!

    • David

      original author here, it gets worse, socialist groups in universities are actively protesting against defence spending, see the Disarm Unis movement. Now imagine who would be overjoyed to find out about this, hint hint it’s China


  • Bootstrapper

    Time to boycott higher indoctrination, er, “education”

    • David

      Greetings, author here
      t’s not just indoctrination, campus socialists are actively working against national interests in terms of defence and security. See the below movement

  • Mattys Modern Life

    The only solution is to cut all taxpayer funding to universities and let the market decide who should get a degree.

    The idea that taxpayers should be forced to subsidise this rubbish is abusive and it needs to end, unfortunately the only way to do that is to take over establishment politics ourselves.

    That won’t happen until we build a movement large enough to stand against the ruling class.

    • Maryanne

      Agree, Matty. Cultural marxism would wither away and die without taxpayers’ money. As would their GayBC.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    China is a 99% homogeneous nation that the Zionist globalists would like to multiculture (forced diversity), the Asiatics are the last stumbling block for the elite race to eliminate the other races for biological control. Homogeneity = Power ..
    Biological control = Power, money and Control ..

    • David

      Regardless of the actions of any other parties or groups, the Chinese Communist Party’s role in indoctrinating and disarming our populace must be condemned. We should not praise China due to their ideology and actions