The sins of the fathers


A common feature of underdeveloped and clannish societies are feuds that can go on for hundreds of years across many generations, with nobody still living really understanding what they are fighting about. Western civilization, and particularly English cannon law, put a stop to this destructive practice by ennobling the radical idea that sons should not be responsible for the sins of their fathers.

This core tenet of the success of our civilization has become endangered in recent years with the systematic rise of identity politics through cultural Marxism, socialism, and progressivism. Because you are white you are supposedly guilty of having ‘privilege’ and thus you must atone, not for your sins, but for the unproven and undocumented sins of your fathers.

This is an extremely dangerous development and one which is rife with unintended consequences for even the most well intentioned.

In the above meme, the woman speaking is aboriginal activist Tarneen Onus-Williams, (cultural appropriation of prog hyphenated name), who organised and spoke at an “Invasion Day rally” that took place in Melbourne on Australia Day. In her speech she called for Australia to be “burned to the ground” which she and her fellow members of WAR, The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, meant literally:

“WAR will not rest until we burn this entire rotten settler colony called Australia, illegally and violently imposed on stolen Aboriginal land at the expense of the blood of countless thousands, to the f. king ground,” the indigenous rights group wrote on its Facebook page.

“F. k your flag, your anthem and your precious national day … Abolish Australia, not just Australia Day.”

“WAR does not recognise Australian citizenship or the national legal system and wants to return the continent to the rule of “Aboriginal law”.

As abhorrent and incoherent as these views are, and how traitorous the individuals saying them, I don’t entirely blame them for arriving at this point in their lives. While they obviously need to take a lot of responsibility for such drivel, some of the responsibility for this has to lie with those who have had an active and not so active hand in fermenting the hate of the white man over the last 40 years.

This fault lies squarely at the feet of governments, social workers, the ABC and many other news organisations, bureaucrats, and social planners who have sold aborigines the lie that they are hard done by through no fault of their own and that they have entitled historical grievances.

But the first literal step that ordinary Australians took in aiding this betrayal of our Western values was in 2000 when an estimated 300,000 virtue signalers walked across the Sydney Harbor bridge on what became known as ‘national sorry day’. It was cemented a few years later when then prime minister Kevin Rudd made a formal apology to aborigines on behalf of all Australians, an apology that should never have been made.

If you say sorry for something that you yourself have not done then you are declaring that you are responsible for the supposed sins of your fathers. As far as race relations go, no bigger can of worms can ever be opened. The virtue signalers assumed that their grand gesture would prove their own goodness over their backward forefathers, when in reality it merely opened the gates for an unending and ever increasing tide of racial disharmony.

There was no national racial disharmony of consequence before these events took place. The disharmony and hatred started as a result of those very same events.

Ten years after the formal national apology by the Australian parliament we now have aboriginal activists openly plotting to destroy that same parliament and everything that goes with it. And in the process we have lost a critical component of Western civilization; that the sins of the fathers shall not be borne by their sons.

Our future sons will have to deal with this mess, a mess that we created out of a narcissistic desire to be seen to be good. For nothing good comes from the disassociation of your cultural heritage and the abandonment of crucial principles that bind a nation and its people together; the desire to live together, the desire to be free to live one’s life as one chooses, and the freedom to act without judgement from one’s fellow citizens about historical events over which we had no power or agency.

Australia was a nation of people that lived in relative harmony. But the seeds of its demise have been sown and the burden will be borne by untold future generations.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

  • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488

    It is the ABC especially, aided and abetted by SBS, that has been stirring the pot for decades, radicalising these groups into a frothing vortex of victimhood and hate and gibsmedat.

    • Xero

      Absolutely. And on OUR MONEY that could’ve been spent on Aussies in need.
      Defund ABC & SBS ASAP!

    • Daniel Watts

      Don’t forget the tertiary institutions that breed and reinforce this ‘progressive’ form of Marxism.

      • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488

        Those same tertiary academics are invited on to ABC shows like Q&A to reinforce the Marxist message. Fellow travelers.

  • Deplorable!!!

    The entire greens best of vipers should be charged with treason.

  • Still not sorry here.

    • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488
    • Deplorable!!!

      I want that on a t-shirt or bumper sticker.

    • Dan Flynn

      Matty, if you told me someone in your family just died I might saying someone like ‘sorry to heard it mate’ etc etc.
      In this case am I admitting responsibility for your loss or am I just showing a little human compassion?
      I’m sure you can figure that out and then you can apply that way of thinking to Australian Aborigines. Try it.

      • Repeal fake marriage

        But this compassion is costing us tax payers billions of dollars a year for something that we did not do, and the apparent mistreatment of aborigines has been so mythologised and conflated by Marxist identity politics that any objective truth has long since left the scene. We now have a situation whereby Marxists have whipped up the aboriginal calls for the destruction of Australia, biting the very hand that feeds them. So no Dan, no compassion here from me.

        • Dan Flynn

          Hi Steve, I’m not a fan of the recent tactics by WAR, calling for the destruction of Australia is really stupid and counter productive I think.
          The mistreatment of aborigines is all well documented though mate, it’s all there if someone cares to investigate. The problem is that many people are so annoyed by rambling leftists that they turn away from the whole issue.
          I had a very interesting experience with my 9 year old son recently that illustrates this point.
          We were walking down the street in Melbourne CBD and a young man from ‘Save the Rainforests’ (or something) called out to us asking if we wanted to do anything about the destruction of old growth forests. The way he spoke to us was quite judgemental and rude and we just kept on walking.
          The my 9 year old then turned to me and said ‘hey Dad you know when people are convincing but annoying?’
          And I laughed and said yes mate, it makes you want to turn away from their message despite the fact that you agree that saving the rainforests is a good idea.

        • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488

          Well….I would make a pertinent comment,but it will be censored due to the new XYZ Editorial policy of no free speech.

      • entropy

        To use your own rhetoric -the only device necessary to debunk most of your arguments- when was the last time you heard an Aborigine apologise for the atrocities their ancestors committed against European settlers?

        Or the earlier inhabitants of this continent?

        Or each other?

  • Xero

    Would be interesting to see if Japs or Chinese got to this land first instead.

  • John Sheppard

    Divide and conquer is the approach the ABC is taking. Continue to push for division based on race, gender, sexuality, and whatever else you can think of.

    Of course, once they have destroyed our society, they will have no idea what to do next. It’s like the underpants gnomes from South Park. Change “profit” to “socialist utopia”, and “collect underpants” to “destroy western culture”. I think I need to make a meme… 😀×315/smart/

    • Razorback

      I’d rather take a SLASH AND BURN approach to the ABC …Slash all their funding and BURN the commo pricks to the ground..down to the ground

      • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488

        take a slash on them…then burn them….. !

      • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488

        I would make a perinent comment,but it will be censored due to the new XYZ Editorial policy of no free speech.

  • sadsak

    I don’t know what their winge is. At settlement 1788 it was estimated that the Aboriginal population of Australia ,in total, was below 400,000. What is it now? Getting close to 600,000. We must be doing something right. They are mostly still hunter gatherers . Hunting centre link payments, and gathering percieved offence.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Fate of the Aboriginals if Muslims got here first!

  • Starr Renee Gotzen

    I am posting this on GAB! Great opinion piece.

  • Karen Dwyer