The SPLC and me


The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) published a hit piece last Tuesday attacking me, the Daily Caller for which I used to write and the co-founder of the Daily Caller, Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson.

SPLC Daily Hilton article

The target of the piece was Tucker, of course, and the Daily Caller. I was just the pretext they could use to smear the Daily Caller and Tucker as ‘anti-Semites’. They pulled up some memes I shared in 2016 as evidence, which incidentally were the same images used by the far left media outlets in Australia in 2017 to dox me and get my articles pulled from the Spectator Australia.

The SPLC story claimed that a Vox reporter had made the connection after some groundbreaking research, and had shared it on Twitter.


That is not what happened here. A ‘senior politics reporter’ at Vox does not trawl through the op-ed pages of conservative news sites looking for clues. Those days are long gone. She got tipped off by someone here in Australia who was already familiar with the articles on Antifa blog slackbastard and in Overland magazine, and pretended to ‘find’ the information in order to embarrass Carlson. These people aren’t journalists exposing the truth to the public. They’re lazy hacks.

In order to speculate, however, on how that sequence of information might have occurred, it is important to understand just what the SPLC is and why I have chosen to stand up to these people who can cast the Voldemort-tier curse of ‘anti-Semite’ onto a man and destroy his life overnight.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre is an anti-white hate group who use lawfare to destroy anyone who publicly opposes the tyranny of political correctness in Western countries. They have attacked Lauren Southern (twice), Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, Roosh and Mike Cernovich, portraying them as being on the far end of a spectrum which ultimately terminates at Hitler.

The SPLC categories denies, however, that far left paramilitary group Antifa are a hate group. This is despite Antifa putting bikelocks through Trump supporters’ skulls, pepper-spraying old people and burning central Hamburg during protests. Antifa, formed by Jewish communists in the 1920’s, respond to criticism by saying they do these things to prevent another Holocaust.

It was these constant references to Hitler, the Holocaust and fascism which piqued my interest several years ago in understanding where groups like the SPLC came from. Why do we have groups across the West, including in Australia, which portray any form of nationalist or libertarian thought as akin to the Einsatzgruppen on the Eastern Front during World War II lining up Jews near trenches and shooting them? How did we become so fixated on a massacre that ended a human lifetime ago, and why are white people today subjected to excruciating vilification and ostracism if they dare to point out the anti-white agenda in our societies?

In short, where did all this hate for white people come from?

Trying to understand this problem has led me to become a thought criminal. It is not something you are allowed to be honest about without Big Sister screeching you down and calling in the flying monkeys of the far left media to destroy you as an example to others. The more that they vilify dissenters, however, the more young men and women in the West will start to question how and why we’ve been programmed to hate ourselves so much.

The answer to this question about why there is so much hatred against white people these days is not a comfortable one. It is not a pleasant one. But it is vital we face this truth.

The anti-white hate comes from a mentality of victimhood and ethnic supremacy which is indoctrinated into Jewish people from birth. This is not a statement of hatred against Jewish people. I am not, despite what the SPLC says, an ‘anti-Semite’. I feel sorry for Jews who buy into these toxic narratives of persecution and superiority which make them hate and fear the white majority so much. They are enslaved by them.

For those of you who think this is a preposterous idea, I would implore you to look at the evidence. Please show me where I’m wrong. You would make my life so much easier if you could do that. I would be sincerely grateful.

I don’t think you’ll be able to, however. It took me over a year to accept this truth, and since then in my writing, videos and social media activity I have not been trying to arouse hatred of Jewish people. I have been trying to raise awareness among the people of the West about just how much the Jewish left have been trained to hate us.

It is not difficult to find evidence of anti-white hatred from the J-Left, especially since the election of Trump. There are many Jews who are sick of it also. One of my favourite YouTubers is Frame Game Radio, a Jewish New York lawyer who prosecutes the case that J-Left entities like the ADL and SPLC are destroying an America that he loves. His outline of how the J-Left ethnic mafia operates in an interview recently was just about the best exposition you’ll hear on the topic.

These J-Left thugs do not just write defamatory and damaging articles on their targets, either. Across the West, these far left Jewish supremacist groups have used their financial and political power to enact legislation which makes any criticism of them a criminal offense.

This is not a crazy right-wing conspiracy theory. Earlier this month in Germany Ursula Haverbeck, 89, was sentenced to two years in prison for denying that the Holocaust took place. She believes that camps such as Auschwitz were work camps, not death camps.

Last Friday 25 May in London, Alison Chabloz, 53, was convicted of posting ‘grossly offensive’ material online. She had posted three songs which satirised the Holocaust. According to Chabloz, her work is meant to be understood as satire and she came to her views through investigating the topic for herself online. Even if you find Chabloz’s song below repugnant, and many will, ask yourself: Does it deserve a criminal conviction and possible jail time?

Chabloz is due to be sentenced this week. The charges were initially brought privately by the ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’, a Jewish ethnic lobby in the UK. They use the same tactic of lawfare to silence dissenting views as the ADL and the SPLC.

The most egregious example of the J-Left using lawfare and political lobbying to shut down dissenting speech, however, occurred in Australia.

On May 2 2009, Brendon O’Connell attended a small Friends of Palestine protest at a supermarket in Perth. During the protest, Brendon noticed two men filming the protestors. He confronted them, asking why they were filming, and discovered that the young men were Jews from Melbourne sent to record the event. Brendon debated with the men for around a quarter of an hour, during which he stated that their religion is racist. He posted a video of the encounter a few days later.

A few days after he posted the video, seven police with tasers drawn raided his house and arrested him under the new Western Australian racial vilification laws. He was informed he had racially offended one of the men, Stanley Elliot Keyser.

Stanley Eliot Keyser
Stanley Elliot Keyser, from Brendon O’Connell’s 2009 video.

A few days prior to Brendon’s trial, in August 2010, an enormous Friends of Israel rally was organised by the Perth Jewish community. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, Israeli Ambassador to Australia Yuvel Rotem and Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith all attended. The event was also supported by 130 State and Federal members of parliament, and the website created for the event admitted openly it was organised to target Brendon.

That’s a lot of political firepower directed at one Aussie prankster for hurting someone’s feelings, and involved a foreign power directly interfering in Australia’s judicial process. Why is it only one group that is afforded such a protected status?

Brendon spent three years in jail. On September 11 2012, he was bashed by a group of inmates in what was clearly an organised attack, leaving him with a broken arm and other internal injuries. After leaving prison, he was harassed with follow-up charges and constant police raids until he fled Australia in 2017. He now lives in Malaysia.

Brendon is not a Nazi, an anti-Semite or even a Holocaust revisionist. He has called people like me ‘white nationalist morons’ (I’m not a white nationalist, Brendon; I’m a civilisationist). He’s just a free-thinking libertarian who came to conclusions about Israel that motivated him to support the Palestinian movement. Regardless of what you think of his views or even his actions, has he been treated equally under the law compared to members of other groups? And if not, why not? Why the double standard?

This topic is one that is very hard to have a sensible discussion about. It seems to drive people mad, on both sides. It’s not going to go away, though, and from what we’ve seen recently of the J-Left’s willingness to use lawfare and political targeting to destroy those who disagree with them, it’s only going to get worse. People do not like being told what they can and can’t think, particularly in the West. I would call on those Jews, as well as non-Jews, who are sick of this ethnocentric intimidation and martyr complex from the J-Left to speak up against it now.

First they came for the Holocaust-denying grandmas…

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  • Max Beecher

    I’ve seen Brendon’s ideas on Gab and was not sure of the background. I’ll investigate some more.

    • He’s on a series called Talpiot Talk on YouTube as well as on his own channel mate.

    • Jake Sebastian

      He is good on the Talpiot, but otherwise he is a bit of a clueless idiot IMO

  • Mattys Modern Life

    What the hell? He got three years for saying things about Jews?

    Agree with him or not that’s horrendous, how is this not being reported everywhere?

    • He’s a provocative guy, but yep that happened. He’s got a YouTube channel and was on Jeff Rense’s show recently. His story checks out, but you’ll come away either thinking he’s mad as a cut snake or a freaky genius. Or both.

      He’s big on making it clear that this isn’t about hatred of any group, which is extremely important. Enough of that shit.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        That’s disgusting, Judaism is fair game just as Islam and Christianity are. No religion is above criticism.

        • That’s something I’ve been reflecting on a lot lately. This has nothing to do with being against any group of people or individuals. It’s about calling out belief systems when they need calling out. I’ve definitely got to be more careful about making that distinction in my social media posting. I know the difference, but many might not and if we’re feeding hatred of certain groups of people we’re just helping the psychopaths at the top of the food chain imo. Divide and rule.

          • Mattys Modern Life

            The problem with Judaism is Jews are an ethnicity so in the days of “muh racism is muh bad” they get double PC protection.

            It’s harder to make the distinction between race and religion but it can be done.

  • Craig

    Jewish supremacists and Freemasonry go hand in hand. I know, I come from a family of Freemasons, who some are very high up, my name is even written in a book apparently. I will never be a Freemason, unless I decide to endeavor the reversal of whats happened to the Christian degrees, may even think about adding some, as self defense to what has degraded the institution so. Completing such a task would make my great Grandfather proud, one of the five Scepters of Scotland he was. You see I’ve not sworn an oath, so I’m free to speak. You should of heard my Grandfathers voice when I told him what the 33rd Degree is, him being a 33rd, and I am not, this gives me Freemasonry privilege, blood is thicker then oaths it seems. Though Grandfather and Father no longer believe in the cause, after all the betrayals…Though Dad still holds on a little being the Boomer he is.

    Not only do I come from a family of Freemasons also Policemen and Soldiers. A lot of Police, Judges and Lawyers are Freemasons, how many politicians are Lawyers? Plenty of high level Jews are Judges. Then you have the racial discrimination laws, and Jews sit at the top of that victim pole pyramid. Starting to see why a group has such political and lawfare power…

    Understand why it only took TWO hours for the J-left in London to have Tommy Robinson locked up… I know exactly why. The red lodge is far more compromised then the blue lodge, to put it simply, yet the blue lodge is catching up. American lodges straight up are shagged, it’s where the second rot started. The first rot was France with Oriental Freemasonry.

    This built in civilization feature is also reflected in our immigration problems to boot, from opening our borders in the distant past, to encouraging illegal boat people and much more. Makes free speech seem trivial when it started with the demographic changes, and so our morals changed with the increasing diversity of opinion literally.

    Who says secret societies have no power? People who say they don’t are either ignorant or liars.

    It’s not a simple thing to fix really,could take generations of actually walking through the institutions with our own movement revolution, the slow bloodless way, or mass political movement to oust the discrimination in the courts, Policing and politics, which could get out of hand and destroy peoples lives, as you can see with the few aware activists now.

    I know a young woman who fled from Scotland about 15 years ago for a similar thing Alison Chabloz had done yet with a twist of Brendon O’Connell activism for Palestinians, at the same festival. The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Really I can smell it in the wind, can you peoples? Cause the times they be a changing.

    Ironic that current demographic projections due to mass immigration will also destroy the current political hold Jewry and Freemasonry have on our institutions. What will the Jewish supremacists do then?

  • Craig
  • Craig

    @David, I was waiting for something like this, great write up, it ties everything together.

    I watched Frame games yt a few days ago, he estimates the anti-white diversity industry to be a $1 trillion turnover per year in the USA alone. So globally it’s going to be even more phenomenal $$$’s.

    That’s not a hill to climb, but a bloody mountain. Yet it must be done.

    So mote it be.

    As some say.

  • Craig

    Well, if we can’t talk honestly, openly and address the problems, how can we ever fix them?

    Looks like the parasitical system will die the parasitical death.

    No love lost.

  • Noachideous

    Have had some experience with the jewhiss establishment here in the past.

    Mainly for the fact of publicly refusing to participate in their religion…. hence Noachideous.

    The words of that particular religion demand that non-jews accept the 7 Laws of noah …. the noahide laws, or be killed … by jews……

    On that basis alone, the Rabbis can bash their Torah Scrolls, their religion, and their interpretations of G-D ………. up their arse.

  • Noachideous

    The target does remain … Race … in all of this.
    A global gubberment for global goyische race for a global goyische currency ….. etc. Get ’em and flush ’em while they’re young and unsupervised in the edjumacation cistern …. and the older generation are too afraid to defend their innocence for fear of repercussions.

  • Jai_Normosone

    The SPLC market themselves as being intellectuals but they really can only be regarded as “Clayton’s intellectuals” (of sorts)…. The kind you get when there is nobody else around (in their opinion) to fill the role.
    Of course, they miss the paradox that they create: “We are here to call out and name and shame the hate groups – but it we are a hate group, how can we call ourselves out and remain in business?”

    • Noachideous

      The SPLC appear designed to attack individuals who notice and enunciate the goings on. The most important of these goings on in YT racial nations the YT genocide project.

      The SPLC appear aligned with the agenda pushed by peristalsis from the constipated offices of the BnaiBrith 22 and itz shit flinging scattellites, the ADL 14 12 … 26 and the ADC 14 3 … 42. VoldeMort himself appears as resident EVIL 48 at the ADC in the jewess of A.

      For that fact alone , some esoteric symbolism can be expected in the letters … SPLC.
      It has been a bit tricky trying to find it, but it does highlight the import of the numbers 21 and 79 .

      There are 7 and 9 candle holders in the Temple and Hanukkah menorahs. The Temple Menorah … 2 13 … 26 takes the numerical form 313 for the 3 holders either side of the central. Performing the standard kosherised mathematical function of Plus and Times on 313 derives ….. 3+1+3 for 7 then 3x1x3 for 9…. thus 79 then 21…..

      Readers should consider that all major world events are designed and calibrated for symbolism in the Time domain…. The center of WW2 is 1942 … 79 years forward in time is 2021, and 79 years further is 2100…. Expect some very kosher goings on soon, and consider refugeeism and immigration into formerly YT homogeneous nations as WAR preparations by those who design for the orchestration of the macabre.

      58 years sum 21years for 2021 may be reduced to 13 3 … by +x …. 79. Same numbers as the TM. 5×8 is 40 … then 2×1 is 2 ….. for 42 … again.

      Back to the SPLC. 19 16 12 3 … sum all pairs for 10 7 3 3, then split the 4 for 2 pairs. 10 7 …. 3 3 for, by product …. 70 9 or 79 . Or the intent could have been by +x 17 9 … for 26, the gematria of GOD , or 42 in senary.

      It is worth noting that the numbers 21 and 79 point to 1948 ….. +x 3 16 amount to 19 then 48 for …. 1948 … suggesting it is unlawfully engaged in the smear and character assassination of those who refuse to participate in the state religion of that which was required to be made undead in …… 1948.

  • Howard and Hawke serve on the advisory board of the ADL in Australia.

    No honest person who didn’t hate their country can with good conscience be a member of the major parties, or assist them in any way.