The UK on the Brink


What stands out most about the history of the British peoples is the calibre of its leaders and thinkers, truly great men and women who understood the inherent value of the culture they were exporting to the world. More to the point, they had the courage and conviction to fight fiercely to defend their way of life, and importantly, to never back down.

Individual liberty, property rights, freedom of speech, equality before the law, the free market – all nations in the Anglosphere from America to Australia share in this history and have benefited greatly from these customs, even those nations or peoples that at one time or another were colonised by the British at gunpoint.

But that is no longer true.

The United Kingdom that exists now is but a shadow of its former self, a pale imitation of a democracy, devoid of leadership, stripped of its identity, in thrall to political correctness and operated for and on behalf of special interest groups in the European Union.

Yesterday’s news that police in Leeds had arrested Tommy Robinson on “suspicion of breaching the peace” hit me like a punch in the guts. Given his controversial past, he has risen to a position of real leadership and influence in the country, and his bravery in standing up to and speaking out about the problems with Islam has made him a marked man in a country that targets anyone who speaks the truth. Tommy Robinson is the hero that Leftist Britain doesn’t deserve, and he is being treated as an enemy of the State.

Maybe this outcome was inevitable. The rapid decline of the UK in the past two decades has been staggering.

Nowhere has a government adopted worse immigration policies than in the modern UK, where post-1997, New Labour opened the floodgates of immigration in an attempt to create a multicultural utopia and shore up Labour’s voting base. It is now one of many well-documented failures of Tony Blair’s time in office.

UK authorities have capitulated to a demographic Muslim minority, allowed the creation of Muslim enclaves in several UK towns and cities, and papered over the most atrocious child grooming scandals around the country because the perpetrators were mostly Muslim males, and the victims mostly non-Muslim.

Local councils, law enforcement, the education department and other government quangos are obsessed with race, gender, political correctness, equity and diversity.

The Welfare State has metastasised into a vast, unaccountable bureaucracy, that subsidises criminality, idleness, drug abuse, single motherhood, foreign migrants and refugees to the tune of billions of pounds each year, rendering vast swathes of the population completely dependent on the State.

The National Health Service is close to collapse, with this piece from The Guardian missing the crucial point that any time the State is put in control of anything, its inevitable failure is guaranteed.

The BBC has morphed into a gigantic state propaganda arm, a censorious body that controls speech and ideas.

Investigative journalism uncovered a massive paedophilia ring, involving multiple celebrities and politicians, with the media found to be culpable in the cover up of an unbelievably sordid and cruel story of abuse and murder over many decades. Details of the case are still emerging.

The UK political system has morphed into a one-party State where both Tories and Labour have vested interests in maintaining their positions in parliament, at the expense of their constituents or the long-term governance of the country. This has never been more evident than in both parties’ lack of conviction to lead Britain in the Brexit negotiations with the EU, with politicians from both sides guilty of a treasonous attempt to stall, stymie and undermine the outcome that the population voted for.

UK law enforcement and the criminal justice system has completely collapsed, subsumed by the directives of Common Purpose to create a new leadership class loyal to a post-democratic society of the sort favoured by the EU. Look no further than Common Purpose for the complete breakdown in law and order in the UK. Like me, many of you likely know very little about this, but I urge you to read this link and make up your own minds.

All of these are reason enough to be cynical about the UK’s future, but it’s in the sphere of free speech that the dystopian future of Britain has emerged the clearest. Whether it be no-platforming of speakers on university campuses, the constant musings in the media from progressive elites about hate speech, the censoring of commentary about grooming gangs, immigration or Islam, the recent barring of entry to the UK of conservative speakers like Lauren Southern, or indeed the numerous cases of police arresting citizens for the heinous crime of posting disagreeable opinions online – I have always maintained that the UK is on the cusp of Orwell’s 1984 police state, but have been optimistic that free speech would ultimately win.

But with Tommy’s arrest and sentencing yesterday, I am for the first time convinced that a revolt will be needed. Mainstream media such as The Independent and The Evening Standard continue to report that this is about a disgraced far-right activist and about the rise of “hate” in the UK, too clueless or dishonest to report on the outrageous abuse of power and double standard on display.

The obvious hypocrisy here is that were this to happen to an activist of a certain ethnicity or religion, the mainstream media would be up in arms. In fact, had the West Yorkshire constabulary been even half as committed to policing the original crime of child grooming in the first place, there would be no reason to report on this crime at all.

But the police, judiciary and media no longer believe in Britain, and no longer represent its citizens. The UK is an authoritarian police state.

The future is staring all of us in the face.

Please help by signing the petition.

#FreeTommyPhoto by jondejong

  • Mattys Modern Life

    It’s getting to the point where a full revolution will be needed to completely remove all vestiges of the current system and start again with Britain in mind.

    All arms of the state, including the media, are completely against the people and the nation. They are all traitors and need to be treated as such. Kick them out of the country with every last Muslim and start again fresh.

    • Sam Vimes

      It certainly feels that way, doesn’t it. Watching the footage of the demo outside Downing Street, I was struck by the disdain which the police exhibited towards the protestors, which is so not in keeping with the typical respect and deference shown to Muslims when they’re marching. There’s a simmering tension brewing, and sadly I suspect that the goal will be to make the situation untenable, so that someone does something stupid, like accost a grooming gang suspect, and the coppers will have license to crack down hard.

      • The UK cops are pigs. The UK jewdiciary is self righteous, increasingly populated by racial competitors to the English, and tyrannical. The UK professional class (especially lawyers) are cowardly, sycophantic and gluttonous. The UK media is of course complicit in every thing. There is no rule of law in such an environment, there is only the will of the powerful.

        But at least they beat that nasty Mr Hitler.

        • ] W. Hunter [
          • Ron Mortimer

            The NWO won WW2. That should be obvious….

          • ] W. Hunter [

            And perhaps WW1 as well….long term plans.

          • Ron Mortimer

            The Boer War was the first of the trilogy…get the gold first.
            If you are up for a very interesting read here is a link to download ‘The Hidden History of the First World War’.

            The book shows how a very small but highly placed group(the Milner group)drove Britain’s foreign policy regarding Germany from the turn of the century. The irony is that these arch imperialists who thought that they were fulfilling Cecil Rhodes vision of a British Empire ruling the world indefinitely ended up destroying it.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Thanks for the tip, I’ll download the file.
            My Great Grandpa was in the Boer War and WW 1.
            Got gassed for his trouble….

        • Ron Mortimer

          ‘But at least they beat that nasty Mr Hitler.’That is their whole problem, seven decades of triumphalist complacency, living in myths. The reality was quite different, they were sacrificed en masse for geopolitical and financial reasons. Everything else followed from that.

  • ] W. Hunter [

    Good article, Sam.
    Petition is signed.
    Many normies in UKuckistan are finalling waking up to the corrupt miasma that surrounds them.
    Perhaps it’s not too late.

  • SG

    Message to the UK Government – 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

  • entropy

    The common factor in the decline of Western civilisation is the media.

    Everywhere you look, the media has abandoned principles of journalism in favour of morally weak, virtue-signalling clickbait, conformity and leftist social engineering.

    The BBC, once a bastion of principled journalism, is now an enemy of the people along with the ABC, CNN and NBC.

    When the revolution comes, we burn the establishment media first. Make sure none remain to smear our liberation as a “far-right coup”.

    • Ralphy

      So true, toss in facebook and google and the picture is complete. Unfortunately we need a political solution to remedy it and currently, none other than Trump are capable of taking the fight up to them head on, in the main game.

      Commentators and fledgling minor parties are great but are always on the outside of any real power to change. This why we are in dire need of a true conservative bloc in the Senate. This to salvage the best of our remaining western ideals/values that have served us so well and haven’t already been thoroughly trashed by our fourth estate and public institutions. The Australian who I earlier despised but now greatly admire, Mark Latham, should be installed immediately as M.D of the ABC. So they all go on strike, anyone see a problem?

      • John Sheppard

        This is why alternative media needs our support more than ever. The Rebel, InfoWars, and the independent journalists like Lauren Southern are the only avenue for us to get unfiltered information. I no longer consume legacy media because it is all such trash and misinformation that it makes me sick. I am amazed at how uninformed people are, but then I realise when you get your news from the legacy media you are being fed only what they want you to know.

        • ] W. Hunter [

          InfoWars has been outed as controlled opposition.

          • Ron Mortimer

            That is true, they are controlled opposition, but have probably woken more people up than any single site except, of course, for
            I think that the elites/deep state/ call them what you will, have been trying to stuff the genie back in the bottle, and Infowars was one such attempt.
            Trouble for them is that most can’t stay half woke.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            I think so too.
            I haven’t delved into it, but Alex Jones on InfoWars supposedly uses lots hand gestures that are supposedly sleight of hand hypnotic reinforcement tools.
            Control hypnotism. Interesting and plausible.

      • ] W. Hunter [

        Ultimately, a Military coup d’état is the answer, if all else fails, though it seems unlikely, as the UK is slowly drowned, drip by drip, by Muslim stealth.

        I believe a coup in the US was a real possibility if Hillary Clinton had become US President, for example, instead of Trump.

        I wonder if the UK military has been infiltrated with cucked SJW tranny lefties, or are they still staunchly conservative traditional Brits at their core ?

        • Sam Vimes

          Mr Hunter, I believe the link below will answer your question. Sadly HM’s armed forces are not fit for purpose any more.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Tell me, please, those recruitment ads for the British army were satire ???

          • Sam Vimes

            Nope. Real deal. It’s pathetic really to see a once proud country and people emasculated. Under fire from the enemy? No problem, take out your prayer mat and pray to allah to make the bullets miss. Did you get hit anyway? It’s OK to cry.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Kek, this one is funny, it’s so hard to stand at ease !


      • A deplorable NNYer

        I never thought that I would end up thinking that Latham was a great guy, after his run as leader of the opposition. Now politicians who I used to despise, look kind of conservative, like Hawke and Keating, compared to Malcolm Greaseball!

    • Dan Flynn

      ‘crumbling infrastructure; chronic underemployment and unemployment; the indiscriminate use of lethal force by police; political paralysis and stagnation; an economy built on the scaffolding of debt; nihilistic mass shootings in schools, universities, workplaces, malls, concert venues and movie theaters; opioid overdoses that kill some 64,000 people a year; an epidemic of suicides; unsustainable military expansion; gambling as a desperate tool of economic development and government revenue; the capture of power by a tiny, corrupt clique; censorship; the physical diminishing of public institutions ranging from schools and libraries to courts and medical facilities; the incessant bombardment by electronic hallucinations to divert us from the depressing sight that has become America [the world]’

      And all you seem to worry about is immigration…

      • entropy

        I didn’t mention immigration.

        I was criticising the sensationalist, left-wing media that is giving you these night terrors you mention.

        • Dan Flynn

          No you didn’t and I would probably agree with your view about left wing media.

          I guess my comment was in relation to the fact that a very large portion of the articles on this site relate to immigration which, in my view, is excessive given the other threats faced by humans. I should have commented on a different one, there were plenty to choose from!

          • entropy

            This is what I mean. Many Australians see current immigration levels as a problem. Rather than help fix that problem, you criticise them for not helping you fix what you see as problems.

            When you see people raising money for charity, do you argue that there are much better charities for which they should be raising money?

          • Dan Flynn

            There are many problems in Australia, yet all too often our politics gets completely hijacked by a few thousands asylum seekers and other immigrants. ALL THE WHILE, the corporations do as they wish with our democracy and our society becomes more unequal and polarized by the day.
            I honestly think that endless discussion around immigration is a ploy to keep us distracted and fighting each other.

          • entropy

            If it’s ‘just a few thousand asylum seekers/immigrants’, concede the point and eliminate the distraction.

            Isn’t there a banking royal commission underway as we speak? Or is it an immigration royal commission?

          • Repeal fake marriage

            Equality is not a good thing Dan. We are not all equal and never will be. I can’t wait for natural hierarchies to be restored in society. I tell my classes every day that equality, tolerance and diversity are not your friends.

          • Dan Flynn

            Hi there Steve, hope you well.

            ‘Equality is not a good thing Dan’

            Well I guess that all depends on who you ask. I can understand that, to those people who are used to being on top of the hierarchy, equality feels like oppression.
            Sometimes it does feels like white guys like us are being taken down a notch but then I think, has my life really changed that much? It hasn’t. I can still live the life that I want and do the things that I’ve always done.

            I get that political correctness and identity politics are annoying, I find them to be so sometimes. I get annoyed at the TV or the radio often but then I just move on and enjoy living in such a wonderfully safe and peaceful country (compared to most others).

            ‘I can’t wait for natural hierarchies to be restored in society’

            Sounds like you’ve been watching The Handmaid’s Tale 🙂

          • Repeal fake marriage

            Is it worth watching, Dan?

          • Dan Flynn

            I’m enjoying it Steve, not sure if it’d be your cup of tea. Very female orientated.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Hi Dan.
            Flagging my comments as “spam”….. pretty low move.

          • Dan Flynn

            I’m not sure what you’re referring to W. Hunter, I didn’t flag anything as spam, but either don’t worry, we’re all in this together 🙂

          • Craig

            Hey it’s looking up two nationalist parties just took Italy, one leftist the other rightist. La Laga want to deport 500000 African illegal aliens. Not only that the EU bureaucrats are making it bleating obvious that democracy means neo-liberals only… Once the mask slips off it’s hard to put back on.

            It’s glorious the Euro may be on tick tock tick tock notice… We need a really good recession. Replacing materialism with better morals will be better for everyone.

            If we get an economic crash, then there is no economic reasoning for mass immigration. Though hopefully a Nationalist party or parties take Australia soon enough, then we can start deportation and repatriation.

      • John Sheppard

        Many of those issues you mention are primarily caused by uncontrolled immigration.

        Crumbling infrastructure – check, as funds go to supporting immigrants.
        Chronic Under/Unemployment – check, as many immigrants will need jobs there are fewer all round
        Indiscriminate use of lethal force by police – check, when you bring in immigrants supporting a religion-that-shall-not-be-named and they threaten the stability of the nation they infest, police become more wary and social disorder and chaos reign.
        Political Paralysis and Stagnation – check, as politicians focus on trying to appease those immigrants and giving concessions constantly instead of focusing on the nation as a whole
        Economy built on debt – check, as more money required to provide welfare to immigrant families who breed like rabbits
        Nihilistic mass shootings / Drug overdose / Suicides / Gambling – check, as we appease immigrants by avoiding to celebrate our own culture to prevent offence, and give the young nothing to be proud of. In fact, we actively deny male traits as being positive at all!
        Military expansion – maybe one not related to immigrants. They definitely aren’t the ones joining our military though!
        Censorship – check, can’t offend those of the religion-that-shall-not-be-named so censor anyone who has an opinion that isn’t one of “inclusion”.
        Diminishing of public institutions – check, once again funding is required to support immigrants to access public institutions and they generally require access to them more than the general public.
        Electronic hallucinations – sound like fun.

        • Dan Flynn

          I appreciate you putting effort into your post John but concerns around immigration, albeit significant ones, blind us to much more important threats including class inequality, corporate control of our lives, looming economic collapse, nuclear war, food security, to name a few.

          Looking through the lens of ‘everything bad in the world is due to immigration’ is not a well rounded or helpful view of the world in my humble opinion.

          • John Sheppard

            My response was slightly tongue-in-cheek, and lacking of any real evidence to support my claims. Just having a bit of fun 🙂

            However I do believe in controlled immigration, along with equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, nationalism, the rule of law, among many other things…

          • Dan Flynn

            I think our beliefs overlap quite a bit John.
            While I believe in controlled immigration, the word ‘controlled’ is subjective. I think we should take asylum seekers who flee wars that we helped start, but I think we should be selective about who else we let into the country.
            Have a nice day John.

          • entropy

            Sorry, what wars did Australia start?

          • Dan Flynn

            Already forgotten the ‘Coalition of the Willing’?
            I said ‘helped’ start.

          • entropy

            NYT reckons Suddam killed up to a million Iraqis. 1/20th Iraq’s population.

            But we should let Iraqis, who can’t even get along with other Iraqis, into Australia because we helped topple their evil dictator in one of the cleanest wars ever waged?

            You’re not making sense.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘because we helped topple their evil dictator ‘

            We toppled their leader for reasons other than giving a fuck about the Iraqi people.
            Removing Saddam created ISIS and the IRAQ war is generally held as one of the biggest fuck ups in modern history.

            When people leave a country due to war they generally want to start over. When was the last time you heard about Sunni and Shiite Muslims brawling in Australia?

            ‘cleanest wars ever waged’

            Well if you compare it to WW2 then, yes, it was pretty clean.

          • entropy

            Lots of people want to start over. Post-war Iraq is still safer than Suddam’s Iraq, and Iraqis have it much better than most Africans, Chinese or even Indonesians.

            Let’s just let any poor pleb who wants a better life move here and get on welfare.

            Better yet, let’s just say that’s what we want and let better men play the bad cop and make the hard decisions.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘Let’s just let any poor pleb who wants a better life move here and get on welfare’

            Now here is where we agree, I’m not in favour of not doing that.
            I’m all for humanitarian intake plus skilled migrants, but not third world people looking for a land of milk and honey.
            I work with people everyday who are low skilled, low intellect and sit on welfare and have six children.
            I would support a tightening of immigration in this area.

          • entropy

            I agree, but now I’m confused about your stance on asylum seekers. We can’t enforce any standards if we’re to let people self-select.

            I think we’ve done a great job stopping people smugglers (no thanks to Labor) so we can use our humanitarian quota on those most in need. By being tough in the short term, we’ve put ourselves in a position to do greater good.

          • Dan Flynn

            I think we can agree that we don’t want unskilled people coming here from third world countries and being a drain on society. In that case I’m supportive of more selective immigration. Although asylum seekers are another case altogether.

            I have never and will never support our government’s treatment of asylum seekers who came by boat. I don’t care that it’s ‘stopped the boats’, it’s a policy of cruelty and I hate it.

            If it’s a choice between 1) letting a few thousand desperate people into our country each year or 2) be a country that treats people so poorly, then I would choose the first option. A few thousand people per year is no threat to ‘Western civilisation’ in Australia. Some boats turn backs along with some proactive partnerships with Indonesia might stem the flow a bit.

          • entropy

            We’ve been over this. Every queue-jumper you want to let in is one less humanitarian placement we can offer to a more suitable asylum seeker in greater need. Not to mention the precedent you want to set would turn those ‘few thousand’ into tens of thousands in no time, as we have already seen happen.

            How long did Germany’s open border policy last?

            I believe your stance is a policy of short-sighted moral weakness and that you genuinely cannot see the big picture here.

            It seems to me that you would prefer to be seen as virtuous rather than make hard decisions for the greater good of those you claim to champion.

          • Dan Flynn

            We have indeed been over this and, alas, I still disagree with you.

            I believe your stance is inauthentic. You hide behind ‘the greater good’ while justifying abuse here and now, which by the way, I believe you care little about.

            Australia’s off-shore detention policy is designed specifically to cause maximum psychological and physical damage to asylum seekers, in order to provide disincentive to people smugglers. We all know that to be true. You admit it as much when you say ‘tough in the short term’.

            You cannot justify ‘the greater good’ while you perpetrate ‘the greater bad’ to thousands of people. I freely admit that boat people are a problem and I am not suggesting we put our heads in the sand. Like I said in my last post, boat turn backs and programs to stem the flow based in Indonesia (or wherever) could be part of the solution to keep the numbers down. We are not Germany taking 1,000,000 Syrians.

            E, I am not posturing or virtue signalling when I express concern for asylum seekers. Haven’t you learnt that by now? Why do I keep showing up on XYZ if I want to virtue signal? To whom am I signalling to?

            We disagree on the bigger picture, no doubt. You want to see an end to immigration to salvage white Australian culture. I’m not concerned with this because I know it will always exist. I am concerned about humans being able to live together peacefully on a planet that will not decide to make us all extinct.

          • entropy

            I’m not hiding behind anything. Refusing to let queue-jumpers award themselves citizenship of whichever country they choose is not abuse. You’re being hysterical. They are free to go home, take up the resettlement options we have provided, or get in line like everyone else. They only refuse to do so because people like you keep giving them false hope.

            Furthermore, I don’t appreciate your mischaracterisations. I am not against immigration and have never claimed to be. You’re reverting to your primal liberal state, Dan, where you cling to personal politics for lack of an argument. You can call me ‘inauthentic’ (a liar) all you like, but until you’re capable of providing internally consistent arguments, people will see you for who you really are.

            I don’t believe one genuine asylum seeker should miss out on a humanitarian placement in favour of a self-selecting queue-jumper. You do. You’re the bad guy here, through ignorance if not intent.

          • Dan Flynn

            We could on forever E. I would love to sit down with you for an hour, we could cover a lot of ground. There are obvious limitations to this kind of forum.

            It’s a wonder that we keep trying to convince each other. It’s quite amusing really but I just can’t help trying to understand you, it’s the social worker in me!

            I don’t think you’re a liar. I do think you lack some basic human empathy (not just on this subject) and are able to justify it with theories of ‘greater good’ which allows you to avoid confronting messy realities. It strikes me as ‘armchair politics’.

            Having said that I do respect where you are coming from, and do not intend to mischaracterise you.

          • Dan Flynn

            Interesting article (do not discount simply because it is the Guardian):

            ‘A collective and cooperative regional approach could enhance refugee protection, while maintaining many aspects of the current approach that the Australian government holds dear’


          • entropy

            The UNHCR should centralise processing of refugees. It’s the only sensible way to proceed with a collective approach.

            But then it couldn’t sit on the sidelines criticising humanitarian countries like Australia while giving ethnic nationalists like the Japanese a free pass.

            If it did this, people smuggling would dissappear overnight.

          • Dan Flynn

            Can’t disagree with that. Have a good weekend.

          • Craig

            Post-war Iraq worked out so well, the Shia Shiite that the coalition of the willing tried to decimate, is now in political power. All that blood and treasure spent for nothing. Allying with Wahhabi Sunni was such a great idea.

            Hey a parasitical system deserves a parasitical death.

            If all that fiat coin was spent on space exploration, man would of landed on Mars by now.

          • entropy

            Agree the money could be better spent, but Iraq is majority Shia. It was never going to be Sunni ruled. That’s just democracy.

          • Craig

            I’m actually happy the shia crescent is thriving., they deserve it more so then the Arabs.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            So you are saying you support “open borders” ?

            How does mass immigration help to sustain our current societies that are stretched to the limit in every fashion and type of infrastructure ?
            Do tell.

          • entropy

            So support conservatives in checking excessive immigration and you might engender some goodwill in addressing the issues that concern you.

            But no. The left knows best, wants it all their own way, and anyone who disagrees gets called names.

          • Dan Flynn

            I could live with reducing immigration if I was promised real action on climate change. Although I don’t vote for either major party.

            And yes, there has been far too much name calling from leftists, which is why I increasingly have less in common with them.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            What is “real action” on Climate Change ?
            Outline what you believe is “real action.”
            Will you list them for me ?

      • ] W. Hunter [

        The article you linked to at Common Dreams is written by a stridently anti Trump anarchic doomsayer, who makes a smutty living, peddling his colourful doom porn.

        From what I have observed since Trump was elected, he is making good progress in draining the swamp. It is a vast problem to solve, and he is being sabotaged at every turn by the deeply corrupt Democrats and captive MSM shills and their Masters.

        One positive example: Trump et al is dismantling vast sex slave trafficking and pedophile networks, and reversing the 8 years of anarchic damage caused by the vile, fraudulent Magic Negro.
        If HRC had become President, she would have continued the Obama “legacy” of utterly destroying America to the core.

        You wont read about any of the positive accomplishments of Trump in any of the MSM, they are all organs of the worldwide deep state and their cohorts that include puppets like Soros etc.

        • Dan Flynn

          If you think that Trump is actually good for America and/or the world, I’m sorry, but I cannot take you seriously.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            So, what you are saying is that you prefer Obama or Hillary as POTUS ?
            Or perhaps you’d like one of the Bush family to be President.
            (as for being taken seriously, I have never had you on that list)

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘as for being taken seriously, I have never had you on that list’

            Then stop replying to my comments.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            You are posting here on a public forum.
            You are fair game during the Turkey season.

            If you don’t like being challenged, don’t post.

          • Repeal fake marriage

            The Trumpster rules Dan. I think he is worth 100 slimy Obamas and his evil protege Hillary.

          • Dan Flynn

            The Trumpster rules in that he became ‘the murder weapon’ that enabled Americans to destroy a system what was not serving them. No argument there.

            However this does not mean that Trump cares about them either or is going to be good for the country in the longer term.Time will reveal all.

        • Dan Flynn

          My comment a few minutes ago was a little harsh, sorry about that. I think of Trump like bowel cancer. If you survive it, it might just be a blessing in disguise to make you realize that you need to make some changes.

          • Ron Mortimer

            Trump is a blessing simply because he is not Hillary. He is a blessing because he has annoyed so many of the good and the great, thereby exposing the machinations of the deep state to the average punters .
            I am honestly not sure about him personally, though I do find that I like him, and whether he is the real deal playing 4D chess with his opponents…or just another member of the swamp.

          • Dan Flynn

            Trump might be draining the swamp but he’s not filling it up with anything good.
            I honestly don’t know why people think a reality TV host, with no previous political experience, would know any 4D chess moves. I mean really?

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Do you have anything intelligent to say, at all ?
            Tell us about all the “good” things Obama did during his 8 years.
            Tell us about his 4 D chess moves.
            I mean, really ?

          • Ron Mortimer

            They might think he had some 4D chess moves simply by beating the Democratic Party AND the Republican Party AND all the much more ‘qualified’ Republican candidates to win the Presidency.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Just the sort of comment to be expected from you.

      • Ron Mortimer

        Yes, all that is probably true, but immigration both by the wrong demographic and sheer numbers, is just another symptom of a cultural malaise. Traitors at the top is another symptom.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Massive revolt is needed. The point of no return has passed. Watch your backs folks – bill shorten is planning exactly this. Victoria, SA and NSW are already single party multicultural dumps.

  • Harry

    I’m lost for words. Can you even begin to imagine the helplessness the English must feel right now?
    The betrayal from the politicians and judicial system is heartbreaking.
    The sadness will soon be over though, followed by an historic backlash. This may be the turning point we’ve been waiting for.

    • John Sheppard

      I doubt they feel helpless. Instead I have a feeling they will be angry now, and the UK government might just realise what happens when you poke a sleeping bear.

  • Ron Mortimer

    I have just discovered the UK in Australia – British High Commission, Canberra Facebook page and have been doing a bit of gentle trolling there. I have mentioned their current political prisoners,Tommy Robinson, Jayda Franzen and Paul Golding(and sort of political prisoner, Julian Assange). Perhaps others might like to let their feelings be known also, they’d be very welcome.

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘we enable the atrocity/corruption that caused the refugee crisis in the first place’

    Sam, when someone gets hit by a car and we rush to their aid, we are not enabling the road toll.

    ‘ application of funds/pressure towards resolving the crisis is a far better use of resources.’

    No argument there, great idea. I would love to see some proactive steps to address the root causes of mass migration due to war.

    • Sam Vimes

      Dan, you misunderstand me – governments have no pressure to resolve internal crises, particularly those that are cultural/societal when they can palm the problem onto first world countries.

      Leave war aside for now, I’m talking about the broader policy of economif migrants and globalisation.

      Re the car analogy, using an inter-personal interaction as equivalent to one affecting nations is a false equivalency; the broader societal structure is not affected by a car accident nor whether or not someone helped. A more useful comparison would be the government shipping the victim overseas to be treated, declaring it an ethical crisis, rather than being required to have the systems (like the RAF) set up to deal with the driver in situ.

      • Dan Flynn

        Sam, perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough. I’m not suggesting Australia can use funding to stop wars or intervene in conflict.
        I do think we could provide financial aide to help process refugees closer to home, perhaps build some housing and infrastructure for them, help broker deals with neighboring countries, etc.

        OK, let’s forget my road toll analogy. I was merely trying to communicate the fact that refugee advocates want to respond to immediate needs of people in crisis. They are not making things worse or creating more refugees.

  • entropy

    Good points. I often reflect on the turmoil our ancestors suffered while striving towards what we now know as Western civilisation. There was no better life for them to flee to. They solved their own problems or they perished.