The unbearable whiteness of being


Marxism ruined my breakfast this morning.

We can add that to the list of things it’s ruined, I guess. Russia, China, art, music, Melbourne. It’s a long list.

The wife, boy and I had gone for an early morning hike on a rainforest trail. It had been the perfect start to a day, and so we decided to stop in at a small town cafe afterward to eat. As it turned out, so did a Mexican-American female lawyer and her chubby friend. By the time my bacon eggs benedict arrived, said Latinx had begun a long and tedious lecture to her nodding friend about ‘toxic whiteness’. I kid you not.

“So because all the conquerors were white who brought power and institutionalised violence, this led to a privileging of fair skin over brown skin…”

I’m staring at the hollandaise, keeping it together.

“This happened around the world, in India, South America, Australia, and we’ve still got that legacy mindset, you know…”

Eyes closed doing breathing exercises by now.

“So these narratives of whiteness, based on violence and power, are why we’ve still got a long way to go to achieve equality…”

My wife by this stage is frozen in terror. She knows what I want to do. But I don’t do it. I save it for afterward. In the car. She listens quietly. She’s heard it before.

And then I reflect on the state of things in the current year.

How did we reach a point at which there are millions of zombified Western Marxist minions spouting such hatred against the people who built, and who still nominally anyway own, this country? How did that become normal?

And how did it become abnormal to think that’s unacceptable?

How did this happen?

It must be something a few of us have had time to ponder over this Christmas period. It’s been on Morgoth’s mind as well.

And for those of us who managed to get through schooling and still pick up a skerrick of historical knowledge, it’s deeply, deeply troubling. We know what comes next. This is the type of multi-generational indoctrination you need for a Bolshevik-style revolution to be catalysed. The same financial elite who funded the French, Russian and other revolutions know that it takes years of propaganda and brainwashing to prime the mobs to attack their pre-selected targets. This time though the target is not the French or Russian aristocracy.

It’s white people. Us.

The Duke gets it.

No matter how much you want to deny race realism and human tribalism and stick to your comforting doctrines of civic nationalism, race war is coming. In fact, it’s been happening for 50 years. We’ve just been pretending that it wasn’t. We thought we’d changed the rules of history, and that instead of this being collapse it was the birth of utopia. One day, your grandchildren will look back and see our time as the tipping point, when something which our grandparents took for granted disappeared under a tidal wave of immigration, decadence, moral entropy and indifference. They will look back as on a golden age, which has long passed.

They’re gonna really, really hate us.

As more and more young white men wake up to this mournful reality, they get angry. That’s understandable.

But who do we fight?

Who’s the enemy?

Is our enemy the bold-faced brown thot, spreading her genocidal cult everywhere she goes?

Are our enemies the lecturers and agitators who first initiated her into that cult, giving her a licence to bully and mock the people of the white country she’s a guest in?

Are our enemies the millions of other foreigners who have been brought here to replace us, and have now gained such a foothold that they even have their own turf wars between each other?

It’s vital we get this right. We all on the dissident right agree we are under attack, but if we let ourselves be misdirected into fighting the wrong enemy or worse, fighting each other, we’re doomed. The puppet masters will win again, and we will perish.

The key question we must therefore ask ourselves is this: Who must be defeated in order that this process of demographic, cultural and moral destruction be stopped? The answer to that question is our enemy.

Did those ‘youths of African appearance’ engineer the downfall of the West? Did they create and deploy the ideologies that created the Latinx racial communist who ruined my breakfast?

Probably not. And I think the same group who engineered this situation want us to get angry and fight against the African gangs. They want us agitated against immigrants so we don’t notice the masters pulling the strings in the background.

They want us to get angry at mentally unstable thots repeating CNN talking points in cafes.

They especially want us to get angry at Muslims, who need to be invaded because they don’t love freedom. Or something.

I know you know where I’m going with this. So here’s a surprise.

It’s not ‘the Jews’.

It’s understandable why many people are starting to think that it is. Once you start noticing the pattern, you can’t stop. Some of them boast about it.

Their organisations are behind the censorship of dissidents and the marginalisation of white people everywhere.

Those same organisations are also behind the systematic demolition of our customs, traditions and identity as a Christian civilisation.

They are over-represented at the highest echelons of finance…

and use domestic political power in the US to benefit their own ethnic homeland in the Middle East.

They have been behind socialism, communism, classical Marxism and Western Marxism since their beginnings…

and remain at the forefront of white demographic replacement to this day.

They have used false historical narratives to prevent whites from maintaining any cultural or moral standards.

They are outrageously over-represented at Ivy League schools in the US, whose admissions offices they control…

and yet cannot be criticised without damage and ruin to the goy doing so.

They enjoy privileges available to no other group…

and are again over-represented in the porn and smut industries.

Obvious falsehoods about their history cannot be questioned…

while those same false historical narratives prevent investigation of topics which might threaten their privileged status.

All of these things are true, and if you doubt them, an afternoon of honest research will suffice to dispel your doubts.

But they’re not our enemy. Fighting against ‘the Jews’ will get us nowhere; and indeed, it’s what our real enemies want.

For a long time I got stuck on that level of analysis. Once you’ve been doxxed by Antifa, which is run by the Jewish organisations, permanently defamed by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry for a meme and written up by the Jewish-run SPLC, you can get stuck hating. And I did. And it was wrong.

If we fight against ‘the Jews’, we will lose. If that’s your strategy, look at what happened with uncle AH. Not a plan, man. Not a plan at all.

The people behind this agenda will quite happily sacrifice six million sixty million six hundred million shtetl Jews (again?) if necessary to achieve their objectives.

The reality is, the ‘little Jews’ are just as much a victim of this thing as we are. Maybe more. There are even Jews who are working hard to try and expose it to us goyim. They liked the Christian West. They’re what Churchill called nationalist Jews.

Our enemies are the enemies of all humanity. Whatever they are doing to us white Christians now is simply happening to us first. They’ve been bombing and brutalising the Muslims for decades too, and once the West has disappeared under a demographic mudslide the same will happen to East Asia. These people won’t stop until all the world has been ground to dust under their heel. They’ve been planning this for a very, very long time.

So if our enemies are not ‘the Jews’, who are they?

Your answer will depend on your perspective and your belief system. My own belief system is Biblical Christianity, so that’s where my answer to that question begins and ends.

Most people, if pressed on the question, would respond with something like ‘the cabal’. That’s a good place to start.

The word cabal has an interesting, and revealing, etymology.

It derives from the word ‘Kabbalah’, or Jewish ritual mysticism. I’ve covered the Babylonian Talmud, Kabbalah and the deceptions of Judaism in earlier writings, so I won’t rehash old ground. Essentially, after Christ, Judaism became the vehicle for the Satanic Babylonian mystery religion to perpetuate itself. The Bible calls this the synagogue of Satan, and those who practice it fake Jews (Revelation 2:9, 3:9).

This Luciferian mystery religion, however, is not just practiced by Jews. If you look carefully at the tenets of Freemasonry, the Ordo Templi Orientis, Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion, theosophy and any other modern secret society, you’ll find Kabbalah and the mystery religion at the heart of them. It’s the spiritual mother of a thousand abominations, and like many Christians, I believe these Satanic secret societies are universally practiced at the highest levels of finance, government, media, academia and entertainment. They’re how Satan rules, and though these people look all-powerful, they are slaves.

And they’re getting bolder in revealing themselves to a doped and duped populace.

Freemasonic 300-year celebration ritual, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2017.

These people are the enemy. Thankfully for us, they’ve already lost. They’ll have power for a short time, but like all minions of the devil, they’ll be thrown down. All temporal power is by definition temporary. If you are in Christ, you’ll be safe for eternity.

In the meantime, I believe they’ll achieve their Great Work of rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem and bringing about the short reign of Satan on this planet (Daniel 9: 25-27). The Bible then tells us Satan himself will turn on his minions and destroy them when he arrives (Matthew 24: 15-16).

As above, so below.

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  • Taipan

    I used to also come to a similar conclusion until I realised that there are more non-white Christians in the world. Its pretty hard to get normies to get on board with a good v evil showdown that sounds like some latest movie script.
    To be practical, the real issue is that vast numbers of whites are in thrall to the establishment because they believe there is something immoral about taking their own side in ethnic conflicts. This taboo is like a dam, holding back the floodwaters of Racial Consciousness. Once we break that dam, we will sweep away the whole rotten system.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Arab Christians have a refreshingly non-pc outlook when compared to their co-religionists in the western clergy.

  • rosross

    The concept of white is utterly racist and would be called such if the word were black, brown, yellow or referred to a religion or a race.

    All humans have been dispossessed, slaughtered, subjugated. All have been colonisers and colonised. All have been abused, persecuted and suffered. Quite why the suffering of one group, whether defined by colour, race, religion or whatever, should be considered greater than the rest is the real question.

    And let’s not kid ourselves, the experience of suffering by the group, often in some distant past, provides no benefits of wisdom, insight, compassion or learning, as Israel has demonstrated throughout all of its existence. To be fair, Israel is not exceptional, but simply another reflection of human nature.

    So let us have compassion, equal compassion, for all suffering in all human beings and apply principles of justice, rule of law, human rights and democracy to every single human being on the planet regardless of race or creed.

    • Taipan

      And sing Kumbaya!

    • entropy

      It actually makes better evolutionary sense to have more compassion for your own family, community, country, etc. The same applies to race, at least while minority racial groups exhibit clear ingroup preference.

      It is counterproductive to show compassion for enemies at the gate.

      • rosross

        Yes, it does make evolutionary sense for someone pure animal. However, what makes humans unique is the capacity to think, reason and empathise. We are hardwired to feel compassion for others, enemy or not.

        • entropy

          Those are not uniquely human traits. If you had the capacity to think and reason, you’d come up with better arguments.

          And if you knew the first thing about evolutionary psychology, you’d understand why you have more compassion for your family than you do for Islamic terrorists, and you’d come across as less of an asinine, virtue-signaling douche.

          • rosross

            Having spent many decades reading biology, physiology, psychology, anthropology, history, psychiatry, spirituality I beg to differ.

            Please name any other animal, fish, bird, insect which has demonstrated the same capacity to reason as a human being and developed both a spoken and written language.

            Since members of one’s family may indulge in acts of terrorism, whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Moslem etc., and our compassion for them does not diminish, your point fails to hold.

          • Jamie Blank

            Reading 50 year old theories does not an expert make. Evolutionary theory has moved on.

          • rosross

            Can you direct me to the place where I said what I read was 50 years old and a theory? No, you cannot. Ridiculous comment on your part.

          • entropy

            If only reading were understanding.

            Way to change your entire argument after I point out that it’s wrong. Such integrity. Don’t let my actual responses interfere with your self-righteous monologue.

            Most people do lose compassion for family members who conduct crimes against humanity. Your inability to comprehend simple truths doesn’t affect the validity of established psychology.

          • rosross

            No, most people do not lose compassion for family members who commit crimes. Compassion is beyond judgement. That does not mean they do not wish to see the individual punished but they retain compassion.

            That is the difference between humans and cows. Indeed, no cow has a concept of crime.

            And there is no established psychology. You should know that. There are various theories, often competing, by no categorical established psychology. Indeed, if there were then psychologists and psychiatrists would be vastly more successful than they are in treating mental conditions.

          • entropy

            Classical conditioning isn’t established psychology? Ingroup preference isn’t established psychology?

            You don’t seem to understand what established means in science.

            Gravity is also just a ‘theory’.

          • rosross

            Of course gravity is a theory, so is evolution.

            I never said conditioning equated with established psychology in any form. Neither did I say preference made for psychology.

            Your capacity to process what you read appears questionable.

          • Bucky Redux
      • Dan Flynn

        Happy new year E,
        You appear to be suggesting that, because it makes more sense to show compassion to people you know and love (or have lots in common with), it’s evolutionary prudent to avoid caring about others.
        Or am I missing something?

        • entropy

          Only the meaning of what I wrote. ‘More’ is a comparative term, not a binary proposition.

          Look into ingroup preference. The more salient the ingroup, the stronger you preference them. Germanic tribes would slaughter each other to protect their communities but would ally to fight the Romans. Such was the case for all peoples through all of human history.

          The harsh realities our ancestors endured are why we still exist as a species with the luxury to brag about how civilised we are. By all means, care about your outgroup, but not at the expense of your ingroup.

          Happy new year.

          • Dan Flynn

            Fair enough. Have a good one.

          • rosross

            It does not have to be either/or. Just as parents do not have love depleted by the arrival of the second, third, fifth, twelfth child, so neither do we run out of compassion whether the focus is an ingroup or an outgroup. Life is not materialistic as modern science would have us believe.

          • entropy

            If you have the same compassion for a terrorist as you do your own child, you’re a terrible parent and evolution would have your regressive genes eliminated.

            Unless you can demonstrate you understand my original comment, I’ll stop wasting my time.

          • rosross

            Why do you make things up?

            I have never said one has the same compassion or love for a stranger that one does for a child. What I said was, compassion and love are sources which do not run out.

            We care deeply for our own child and less so for a stranger’s child but we have, as humans, the ability to feel compassion for family, friends and strangers.

          • entropy

            You absolutely said that. You said ‘equal compassion’.

            So you either don’t understand what equal means or you’re trying to dishonestly walk back your own argument.

          • rosross

            I said:

            It does not have to be either/or. Just as parents do not have love depleted by the arrival of the second, third, fifth, twelfth child, so neither do we run out of compassion whether the focus is an ingroup or an outgroup. Life is not materialistic as modern science would have us believe.

            Please direct me to the word ‘equal.’ You cannot because it is not there.

            Please copy and paste my complete comment containing the words ‘equal compassion’ ensuring it is in context, or we shall accept your apology for an error.

          • entropy

            It’s the original post of this comment thread. The part to which I objected. The nexus of this entire disagreement.

            Try to keep up with your own arguments, genius.

            I’d add my own smug request for an apology here if I believed you were capable of admitting to error.

          • rosross

            I suggest you acquaint yourself with the definition of context.

            It is not context to take a comment out of its place and apply it willy nilly wherever you choose. Perhaps such nuances and subtleties are a stretch too far.

            I said:

            So let us have compassion, equal compassion, for all suffering in all human beings and apply principles of justice, rule of law, human rights and democracy to every single human being on the planet regardless of race or creed.

            This is a reference to the generic and does not refer to the differentials of our capacity to feel compassion for our child compared to compassion for a stranger.

            This reference, in context, must be understood in light of the post and the reason for the post, which referred to the fact that all human beings have and do suffer and singling out one or more groups as having experienced superior suffering is racist.

          • entropy

            So, wait… you did say ‘equal’.

            So it turns out I could direct you to that word because it was, in fact, there.

            So I was correct that you’re not going to apologise for your error but instead defensively try to equivocate about context. Interesting.

            Fuck off and waste someone else’s time you blustering, butthurt dimwit.

          • rosross

            the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.

            synonyms: circumstances, conditions, surroundings, factors, state of affairs; More
            the parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.

          • Bucky Redux

            Oh god, I bet you are a social worker.

        • rosross

          Human beings are hardwired to care about others. Doing so boosts immune function and therefore health. No doubt this contributes or has contributed to the dominance of Homo Sapien Sapiens.

          One presumes emphasis upon the family/community/tribe developed from the fact that life revolved for millennia around this group. It is only in very recent history, a meaningless blip in evolution, that human beings have been connected beyond the small community.

          • Dan Flynn

            I agree, humans are capable of great compassion, some more than others of course…

          • rosross

            Yes, the combined result of nature and nurture and not necessarily in that order.

          • Bucky Redux

            “Human beings are hardwired to care about others”

            Tell that to the 14 year old girl who was pack raped in a public park in Sydney by a gang of African nignogs a few days ago.
            She was so traumatised she couldn’t be interviewed for a day.

        • Bucky Redux

          Dan, for the touchy feely lefty social worker holier than thou persona you try to project, there is a big sour slice of nasty cunt in your character.
          You are twisting a comment from Entropy to serve your own agenda.
          Your wormtongue words conceal sharp nasty stabbing daggers behind the facade.
          Glad I’m not one of your clients.

          Mother Teresa you aint.

          • Dan Flynn

            Happy new year Bucky, hope you have a great year. I’m sure if we got to know each other you would think I’m an OK dude. It’s hard to express who you really are via comments sections on forums like this. Cheers Dan

    • thegentlemantroll

      Coming from a long way back aren’t we. It wasn’t me who chose to define myself in ethnic terms. It was others who chose to define and discriminate against me ethnically. This is how group identity gets fertilised, when other groups target it for elimination.

  • Bucky Redux

    Just read a news report today, that a 14 year old girl in Western Sydney was pack raped by a gang of African youths for 30 minutes as they took turns.
    Isn’t multi culturalism wonderful.
    Foisted on us by treasonous corrupt politicians with no morals or conscience, who are themselves willing and grovelling puppets of the Satanic ruling families like the Rothschilds, Vanderbilts, etc.
    Their tentacles are so entwined in NPC populated societies I don’t know if they can be undone, unless an event of Biblical proportions takes place.

    • Jai_Normosone

      The contempt that I have for people who engage in acts like this bring out tendencies in me that are tantamount to torture and then ensuring that they live a life of servitude for someone that they despise. They don’t deserve to die either fast or slow – they need to live a long and painful and utterly demeaning life.

    • Bumpstock

      Another Cronulla is coming, or at least needs to. Hopefully the Viets in Melbourne kick the anti-African pogrom off in Melbourne. That would really delight the mulitculturalists, eh?

      • Bucky Redux

        I’d put my money on the Vietnamese.

        • thegentlemantroll

          If you have to choose your masters, South-East asians are not the worst choice

  • Razorback

    Every.Bloody. Time.

  • Bucky Redux
  • Bumpstock

    “The Duke gets it”. Damn right he does, not sure we’re talking about the same one though.

  • Bumpstock

    “Police are warning the Vietnamese community of St Albans against taking vigilante action.” No, people doing something would be more than what the police are doing…..nothing. Hopefully they will become the Roof Koreans of Melbourne.

    • Bumpstock
    • Bucky Redux

      Based Koreans. Vicpol could learn some lessons from them if they weren’t such a bunch of softcock pussies.

    • thegentlemantroll

      One of the great-msm-narrative busting memes. You mean there are non-white supporters of the capitalist patriarchy!?!

    • Jamie Blank


      and thus far there does not seem to be any looting or burning at least where they are

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


  • entropy

    Should have politely asked the establishment to remove the racists spoiling your meal. If they refuse, leave without paying.

  • thegentlemantroll

    Interesting article. I guess no matter what name gets given to “the group”, somehow the same individual names keep getting identified: Soros, Clinton, Cook, the MSM, and so on.

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Noachideous

    For the making of the World a better place, Whitey People world wide must accept suicide by immigration.