The Womb is Cultural Marxism’s Gas Chamber


Originally published March 15, 2017.

Many on the left have only recently become exposed to the ‘alt’ ideas of the various components of the anti-establishment movement. It’s like they woke up one day during the presidential election and suddenly noticed the alt media, alt news, the alt right and its less race-focused cousin the alt light. Lazy neo-Marxist pseudo-intellectuals suddenly panicked at the philosophical challenges posed by movements such as cultural libertarianism, neoreaction, traditionalism, civilisationism and white identitarianism. The left have been put on notice that their victory lap around Western culture is over and the fight was not yet over. We got back up from the mat.

Before Trump, leftists had no idea so many of us have rejected their utopian agenda. They thought we were all just cuckservatives who would roll over before them. Now they see us, they are stunned by how much we hate their beliefs and how well we can articulate our critiques. They cannot understand why so many of us detest their cherished dogmas. They thought they had won history.

They think we’re nuts. They try to explain us away as just angry white males, or angry online trolls, or angry economic losers who can’t make it in their enlightened postmodern societies. They are performing increasingly sophisticated mental gymnastics to try and restore the pre-Trump confidence they had that they are on the right side of history. Their witch hunts and show trials are also becoming more feverish as they scramble to maintain their cultural dominance.

Let me give you one reason why I hate your belief system, leftists. You people celebrate the murder of babies as the liberation of women.


Whenever a denomination of the Marxist religion takes hold of a culture, there is a holocaust. In Russia under the Marxism-Leninism cult, the gulag archipelago stretched across Siberia while secret police torture centres operated throughout the country. Tens of millions were tortured, worked and starved to death. In National Socialist Germany (also a left-wing, Marxist ideology), millions were liquidated and a continent brought to ruin within ten years. In China under Maoism, up to 70 million died. When agrarian socialism was brought to Cambodia by a Khmer Rouge leadership educated by Sartre, Foucault, Lacan and Derrida, the killing fields was the result. Those same dastardly French intellectuals are still taught to undergraduates in Western universities today.

The pattern has been the same in the West. The form Marxism took in our countries, what we might call Western Marxism, is the application of the Marxist dialectic to race, gender and culture rather than class. Rather than the destruction of a people economically and politically, it leads to the destruction of a people culturally and biologically. This, of course, is far more deadly. In many ways, this focus on racial and cultural identity is an inversion of the Nazi form of Marxism. Instead of death camps though, our holocaust occurs in abortion centres and hospitals.

The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their true names, and evil always thrives when we don’t. Let’s start calling abortion what it is – gestational infanticide. We can then more easily put it into historical perspective.

Around the world, there are approximately 45 million infanticides in utero each year. Since the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which ushered in the era of publicly-funded, state-sanctioned baby killing we live in today, there have been over 1.5 billion gestational murders around the world. Up to a third of all women will carry out an infanticide in their womb during their lifetime; the vast majority of these due to an inconvenient pregnancy. A fifth of all pregnancies will end in murder in utero. Were it not for the introduction of contraceptives in the 1960’s, the figure would be far higher.

The demographic consequences of this silent and ongoing holocaust have been disastrous for the advanced societies of the West and East Asia. We have not only robbed ourselves as individuals of the joys and fulfilment that children bring and the economic security family brings. We have ensured economic meltdown across the West in our lifetime as the debt-fuelled model of phony economic growth that underpins the welfare-warfare state implodes over the next few years. The Boomers and Gen X have aborted away any possibility of a socialism-funded free ride to the grave, and bringing in rich Chinese to plug the financial deficit will only further burden our education and healthcare systems beyond breaking point.

All those playground giggles and smelly nappies and bruised knees and sticky fingers that never happened will come back to haunt us. It may be the end of us as a people, as our globalist elites flood our countries with Third World migrants in a desperate attempt to stave off demographic decline and economic collapse.

Should we as a people develop the willpower to reproduce ourselves and ensure the continuity of our culture, it will involve a radical dismantling of the welfare state edifice voted into being over the past century. Income taxes must be abolished, to enable healthy couples to support children on the surplus of the husband’s wages. Governments will have to give up the cocaine of tax- and debt-fuelled economic totalitarianism. All government benefits must be rescinded, and long-forgotten personal habits of reliance on family and building local community support networks must be rediscovered. Adoption must become far easier, away from the intrusive social engineers.

Although these changes would actually make women happier, they won’t happen. The social welfare state was brought into being once women got the vote, and has largely been created by female voters as a way of redistributing resources away from men toward women without the hassle of marriage and family commitment. As long as women can vote, the welfare-warfare state will remain; until, that is, the debt supernova implodes and Western civilisation faces an existential crisis. Every day that moment draws nearer.

One day people will look back on the Western Marxist era in the same way we do to Maoism and Stalinism and wonder how the hell could people have been caught up in such insanity. They will shake their heads at how Western societies could have been so mad. Unless they have completely renounced the victim mentality and sense of entitlement at the heart of Marxism though, they will keep making the same mistakes and witnessing the same horrors that we have seen over the last hundred years.

This pattern of Marxist massacres is too clear to be dismissed as a coincidence or explained away. We must face the reality, no matter how much it challenges our assumptions, that Marxism is an evil religion. Most religions throughout history have been evil by our Western standards. The Aztecs priests drenched themselves in blood to appease Tezcatlipoca, ancient Bronze Age and Celtic religions practiced child sacrifice and shamans today in the Third World still demand blood sacrifice for their gods. We have forgotten the brutality of historical religious practices in the post-Christian West.

I don’t hate the women and men who have murdered their babies, just as I wouldn’t hate a former Stasi officer who tortured Christians or a former Dachau guard who starved and incinerated Jews. Their burden is great, and I know it is not for me to judge anyone. I have my own sins. I would recommend to them faith in a God who loves them no matter what they have done and longs to wash them clean to show his goodness to all creation.

I do hate the belief systems, though, that lead to such monstrous evil in the hearts and minds of men. I hate the toxic cult of envy, resentment and death they joined that led them to such dark places, and I abhor the priestly class of intellectuals, academics and artists who spread it. The past century has been an unending litany of horrors in comparison to other historical eras. More than anything else, this has been due to the spread of Marxist beliefs; the same beliefs which are taught, day in day out, to our children. The ones who survived the holocaust.

  • David Hiscox
  • Karen Dwyer

    As a member of the two-thirds and also four-fifths who is raising the fruits of her womb to the best of her ability, (together with her hard working husband), I am immensely saddened by this article.

    Even though I’ve quoted these figures myself, it is still chilling. And it should be chilling.

    I don’t happen to agree with you that women voting equals women aborting their children. That doesn’t take into account women who don’t abort their children. Nor does it take into account the “economic unit” view of women that is pursued by many males (primarily in politics – and the Liberal government under Mr Abbott talked this talk, even though he himself was not pro-abortion).

    I do agree on a Marxist scorched earth worldview. It is insidious and components of it are embraced by even supposed non-Marxists (I reference here the current Federal government).

  • Warty2

    Just as a rather pointless exercise, I can easily move myself into a leftist mindset, and I’m sure you could too, if you tried. It is no different to imagining yourself to be on the moon. You simply close your eyes and imagine the pulverized granules of talc-like sand beneath your boots. You imagine the restrictive movements due to your space suit and the odorless taste and smell of the oxygen filling your helmet.

    By the same token, to be a card-bearing lefty, one disconnects the mind, covers oneself in treacle, take half a dozen laxatives and dream of green meadows with butter cups and John Lennon silk-soothing ‘Imagine’. You become an instant millennial. Simple.

    • You know Warty, don’t tell anyone, but I used to be one. I started to break free of the slime and leave the Matrix 10 years ago. Took time though. I still sometimes catch parts of my thinking that are still infected, and have to rewrite my own cognitive software. Those Marxists get you good. Starts before school and it never ends.

      • entropy

        Same here, Moses, and it’s a similar story with Eh?nonymous if his bio is any indication. Obviously people become more conservative as they get older, but this was more like waking up from a bad dream than the gradual evolution of one’s political views.

        Until recently, I never really identified as ‘left’ or ‘right’ (even now, I mostly identify as ‘anti-left’), but I can clearly recall having more ‘liberal’ views. Not because I was a fundamentally different person, but because I think young people are more susceptible to the romantic way leftists dress up their cultural propaganda.

        That, and the fact that it’s constantly shoved down their throats by the education system and MSM.

        • Same for me. I’ve only recently become comfortable describing myself as on ‘the right’, because I understand now that the real right is reactionary and against revolutionary utopianism.

      • Michelle

        It is effective, as after 1400 yrs of proven efficacy only partly countered by the advent of western technology and the stasis that is Muslim society, the systematic indoctrination of ALL children, as espoused & practised by the warlord Muhammad, and thus enshrined into his plagiarism, was seen to be so effective that both Lenin and Hitler happily incorporated it as had(in a far lesser way) Ignatius of Loyola. To give a clue about its success rate I have actually talked to ex HJs who told me that almost everyone in their classes was willing to die (as children) for Hitler. Political, religious or ideological indoctrination of children by schooling IS a crime.

    • entropy

      Great metaphor, Warty. I usually try to avoid dumping on Millennials, however, as in my opinion they’ve been failed by older generations. I gagged down my share of leftist propaganda when I was a kid, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now.

      There, but for the grace of God, goes entropy… wearing skinny jeans and sporting a lumberjack beard.

      • MatrixTransform

        mea culpa, mea culpa,
        mea máxima culpa

  • Warty2

    On a serious note, I’d like to challenge your left/right wing categorisations, Moses. You call both Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany as Left wing Marxist ideologies. I think there were some fundamental differences, and some strange overlapping bits.

    Most of us tend to think of the Russian Revolution as a Marxist inspired left wing overthrow of an inefficient, at times repressive monarchial system (replaced by a provisional government, in turn replaced by Kerensky’s semi socialist government). But the proletariat never governed the USSR. Lenin and Stalin and the rest were socialist dictators, hoping to take the revolution to the rest of the world.

    The National Socialists, in Nazi Germany, hoped to extend the German Lebensraum to Europe, the Ukraine and Russia. Hitler was a dictator, but an arch nationalist, which (in my mind) makes him and his followers right wing. The detailed ordering of society, the abolition of free speech and human rights were common to both the Russian and German regimes, but the former was left and the latter right wing.

    • Deplorable Steve

      I think economically, Nazis were right wing, but socially they were left as evidenced by their twisted social engineering which parallels Marxists today. Politically I would guess right wing as you have suggested by their strong nationalism. I suppose it was the social aspect that was the most damaging aspect of Nazism.

      • Warty2

        An immensely interesting response on your part, Steve. I think most people focus on the political angle when determining whether or not the USSR and Germany were either left or right (as do I). But you’ve reminded us of the economic aspect, which is of course pretty important too. People know about the politburo’s control of the economy, with its various five year plans, and the ‘elite’s’ total control of resources, labour, investment and production: an extreme subversion of Keynes’s notion that government spending was crucial in relation to a country’s ability to maintain full employment and full production, rather than leaving entirely to market forces. Both the German ‘government’ and that of the USSR believed in centralised control. They were both brutal tyrannies, so one then has to examine where the differences lie.
        But these ‘strange overlapping bits’ really ought to make us examine anew what people mean when they talk about right wing and left wing, because a tyranny is a tyranny and whether it is inward focused (living space for Germany and Germans) or outwardly focused (international Bolshevism) human rights, freedom of speech, lack of incentive etc apply to both systems.
        What are your thoughts?

        • Deplorable Steve

          Not sure Warty. I am still grappling with the concept of Nazism being a leftist ideology after a lifetime of unquestioning belief that it was one of the right. Whatever it is, it sure is a nasty piece of work…

      • Craig

        Not true socially the Germans were far more traditional, the allies Britain and the USA were Liberalised economically, this also had corroding social effects, which accelerated the lead up to 2nd wave feminism. Why would the Germans have Kinder, Küche, Kirche, instituted. Unlike the Germans, our women were pushed into the factories, the more adventurous ones, the envy of Feminists today were spies. It’s why the allies won and the Germans lost, our women were more effectively used in the market, taken just like our men were at the start of the industrial revolution from their traditional roles in the home and family.

        Yes the Germans also instituted eugenics, balancing it with Kinder, Küche, Kirche. I believe this would of lead to the superiority of the patriarchy. Compared to the emerging bonobo matriarchy growing in the west today.

        Karen is right there are many women who won’t abort a baby on moral grounds, my wife being one, ha and she is atheist and I guess Nationalist, you’d never know though… I think educating our children about the world will help, particularly to counter the propaganda from the schools. Hell you have to fight the school system to have your kids taught proper English first, instead of Chinese or Arabic… In my day it was Indonesian…

        • Warty2

          Excellent analysis. Incidentally, the kinder, kuche and kirche, kinda fell away after the outbreak of war, despite being part of their ‘utopian’ philosophy. Reading Louise Fox’s ‘Daughter Of the Third Reich’, gives the impression that women were desperately needed with so many of the men away on active duty.

          • Craig

            The reaction to the Wiemar republic. The NS and Fascists would also give out medals for 10 babies plus, mix that with Catholicism, you have expanding population.

            You only need 5 -10% of the population who have 4 babies plus, including the 1.8-2.0 normie birthrate to maintain growth.

          • Part of the Third Reich utopian idea was “Lebensborn”.
            German women were given the Iron Cross for the birth of the most Aryan children.
            Abortion was outlawed.

            There were “wife training centers” established on the island of Schwanenwerder in the Wannsee Lake near Berlin.
            Women with any Jewish or Romany (Gypsy) blood, or those who had some kind of mental illness or physical deformity, were excluded from the schools.

      • I would class the Nazi party as extreme right wing.
        Don’t see how they could be regarded as Leftist, though they had many progressive policies.

        But what we regard as Left/Right, these days, is far far removed from 1930/40’s thought.

  • entropy

    As I’ve said before, feminism is socialism.

    Feminists rely upon deliberately vague arguments about ‘gender equality’ to justify their demands for political and social power, while simultaneously using the reality of female frailty and underperformance to justify their demands for welfare and entitlement. So are women equal human beings or helpless victims of their sex? You’ll never get a straight answer to that question.

    Women have worked militantly to eradicate any vestige of male privilege in society while whining about the much slower erosion of their own gender privilege (a process they characterise as misogyny). They lament the decline of ‘chivalry’ and ‘gallantry’, which they characterise not as a societal standards of behaviour but as acts of charity from men towards women. They demand to be treated like ladies of yore even as they act like base prostitutes and open disrespect those men closest to them.

    So where are we now? Girls have better education outcomes and are more likely to attend university. Female graduates earn more than their male peers, yet still benefit from ‘positive discrimination’ in many industries. We’ve made it illegal to discriminate against women on the basis of their sex but, despite all this, women still maintain that men should subsidise their own lifestyle choices when they choose to work in low-paying industries, or to not work at all. To this day, they knowingly lie about the lifetime earnings gap being a ‘wage gap’.

    So what are we doing about female privilege? When men have a significantly lower life expectancy, women bizarrely position themselves as the victims of a ‘man drought’. Below 40, men still outnumber women but apparently our selfishness in dying younger robs geriatric women of nursing home romances. Raise this issue with feminists and stand gobsmacked as they ‘victim-blame’ men for not looking after themselves.

    While men make up over 90% of workplace fatalities, women complain about the low wages of child carers. They maintain that this is not because child care is an unskilled job that monkeys quite literally do for free, but because it is ‘women’s work’ (all the while demanding preferential access to child custody and parental leave, and smearing men who work with children as pedophiles).

    It seems that women will say anything, however inconsistent and ridiculous, if they believe it will earn them some more gender privilege and social welfare. They claim the cucked toleration of this childishness as confirmation, and bury any attempted discussion deeper than the corpse of Coopers’ credibility by throwing around accusations of misogyny like it’s going out of fashion.

    Although many women don’t subscribe to extreme pseudofeminist entitlement, they’ll happily turn a blind eye while there’s some benefit in it for them. And that is what is most disappointing about these equal human beings. Anyone who believes that Muslims should stand up against Islamic extremism should also expect women to be on the front lines against feminist entitlement.

    At the moment, the only red pill that effectively inoculates women against feminist entitlement is giving birth to a son, but who would wish that on any boy?

  • Bill Kelly

    They never acknowledge they are killing babies, they always say “a woman has a right to control her fertility” so, tell them to stop “Manspreading”.

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  • Moses, I would not euphemistically dress up abortion as “gestational infanticide”.
    It is pre meditated, cold blooded “baby slaughter”or “baby murder”.
    Late term babies especially , helpless human beings, are literally chopped up alive, butchered with scalpels and forceps, then sucked out with a surgical vacuum cleaner and disposed of as biological “waste”.
    How do these vile abortionists, and “mothers” sleep soundly at night ?

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • MichaelJohnson

    Aside from man’s rejection of God, abortion is easily the greatest injustice ever.

    You get bigger crowds at the anti-shark cull events than you do at anti-abortion rallies.

    Dead society walking.

  • Addelad

    Reading this again and noting the extent of debate that followed from rational people stands in stark contrast to the largely onanistic anti-Semitic garbage that emanates from today’s postings – no matter the subject. There is an example of this in the comments below – added today of course.

    Little wonder the likes of Karen Dwyer have departed for good.