There is no such thing as a Greek-Australian


A couple of weeks ago my article on Senator Anning’s maiden speech to parliament was cross-posted over at XYZ magazine. In response to the Senator’s statement for a popular vote on the matter of immigration, I had this to say:

“We are also in complete support of the Senator’s proposal for a popular vote on the matter, as long as voting is restricted to those born in Australia to white Anglo-Saxon parentage going back at least three generations.”

To my great pleasure someone left the following comment:

“Huh? Three generations? Anglo-Saxon?? Strictly speaking, Anglo-Saxons refers to only people from Britain, so Scottish and Irish don’t count. You know your proposal would exclude a lot of Europeans and their descendants who migrated post WW2? A lot of Greeks, Dutch, Italians, Polish, Irish, Scottish and more recent arrivals from Serbia, Croatia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe would be caught by your rule. And what of the Jews eh? I’ve met and made friends with plenty of young patriotic Aussies of various non-Anglo-Saxon European extracts and are only second generation as their parents migrated in the least 20 to 40 years. Also what of people of mixed Anglo-Saxon and something else heritage? Will they be excluded from voting?”

I love this comment as it neatly sums up all that is inherently wrong with our “great” multicultural experiment in Australia, an experiment upon which the Australian people were never consulted.

“Strictly speaking, Anglo-Saxons refers to only people from Britain, so Scottish and Irish don’t count.”

My bad. Allow me then to redefine the parameters that I originally set out. All persons from Great Britain, that is the Great Britain of Anglo and Celt stock that sent its undesirables down to this Great Southern Land.

“You know your proposal would exclude a lot of Europeans and their descendants who migrated post WW2? A lot of Greeks, Dutch, Italians, Polish, Irish, Scottish and more recent arrivals from Serbia, Croatia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe would be caught by your rule.”

Precisely. All of those nationalities mentioned plus many more are not Australian. They are Greek, or Dutch, or Italian, or whatever else they may be. The term Greek-Australian along with all others of its ilk is nonsensical. A Greek can no more be Australian than an Australian can be Greek. As an Australian I lived and worked in Italy for over 10 years. I speak the language fluently, but the idea that I could declare myself to be an Italian is positively ludicrous.

Perhaps our commenter feels that these nationalities deserve to be Australian because they are of white stock. By that token a person of Nigerian extraction deserves to be an Ethiopian as well. Or perhaps a Chinese person deserves to be Japanese, (hint – that would go down like AIDS in a gay bar.)

This is why the idea of white supremacy or white nationalism is ridiculous. It makes as much sense as Asian nationalism which makes exactly no sense at all. I am an Australian nationalist. My country was built by our forefathers for their progeny but our elected representatives have spent the last 60 years giving it away to the rest of the world on an ever increasing scale, a scale that has gained an almost unstoppable momentum all of its own. As was planned and intended.

This is Helen Kapalos, chairman of the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

A couple of years ago in Melbourne I had the displeasure to attend a business breakfast where she was the guest speaker. Born and raised in Australia, she spent almost her entire speech proudly declaring how much at home she felt when she first visited her native Greece, a view which she repeated in this interview:

“But Helen herself wouldn’t see Greece until she was 18, when it entered her life in a kaleidoscope of love and colour. She formed an instant connection with relatives she’d never met before.

“It reconciled a part of our identity, it gave us a stronger sense of who we were, and our place in the world.” she said.

Of course it did because this interloper’s place in the world is Greece, not Australia. Unlike the immigrants who came to Australian before WWII, subsequent arrivals have not had to assimilate to the same extent, a process which became weaker over time and which now does not exist at all.

Helen travels to Greece every year, and the nation’s hardships haven’t gone unnoticed.

“The most heartbreaking thing for me has been to witness I guess, the broken spirit of the Greek people,” she said. “Even within my own family, it’s been a heartbreaking thing to see.”

I wonder how she would feel if her native Greece that she holds so dear was overrun by foreigners? It’s one thing to have your spirit broken due to calamitous economic events. It’s another thing entirely to not exist as a nation in its own right anymore.

22nd Jul 1940. HMAS Sydney (II) liberty men come ashore for well deserved leave.
(source: Australian War Memorial 002432). From Sydney Memorial.

Here is the honor role for HMAS Sydney, lost with all hands in WWII. The vast majority of the names are of British origin. Because that is what our country was. Those are the men who fought and died for Australia. Men called Smith, and Hill, and Andrews.

The traitors who implemented the multicultural policy did so with the knowledge that they had to go too far to make it work. They had to bring in so many foreigners that being someone other than a descendant of a native Britisher would become the norm. In this way they knew that ordinary Australians would grow up to accept the gross cultural injustice which was perpetrated upon them as being perfectly acceptable. And in this way it would be impossible to reverse.

Nothing is impossible. But the longer it continues then the worse will be the butcher’s bill.

There are a few foreign names on the honor list for HMAS Sydney. Schmidt and Schultz stand out for whom they were fighting against. A nation can always absorb a very small number of immigrants. Such an activity is advantageous as long as those permitted to join are of a similar ethnic background. Such was the case in Australia up until the early 1950s when the floodgates were opened.

On consideration I am against the idea of a popular vote on the matter. The reason is that the left will seek at all costs to demonise anyone campaigning for what they consider to be the wrong side, exactly as they did with the gay marriage vote. Furthermore, if the left lose then they will feel no obligation to uphold their side of the agreement and the right will be too weak to make them stick by it. But a win to the left would see the reverse of the situation. Heads I win, tails you lose.

“And what of the Jews eh?”

What about them? They have their own nation now. Time for them, and for many others, to go back.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

  • Mexicano

    Your writing gets better and better, Mr Piggott

  • John Sheppard

    I am curious what happens to a child born to parents of different racial backgrounds. Lets say while you were in Italy, you had a child with a native Italian woman. Could the child identify as Australian? Or Italian? Both? None?

  • entropy

    As I’ve said before, nationality is a zero sum game. If someone claims to be Something-Australian, ask what percentage Australian they are.

    But ethnicity and nationality are two different things. They correlate strongly, but correlation is not causation. If you go back far enough, we’re all Africans.

    And this is where Adam’s argument falls apart: British-Australians aren’t true Australians either.

    • Taipan

      So what’s a true Australian?

      • entropy

        A person who is legally and culturally Australian and who identifies only as Australian.

        This view doesn’t presuppose that we shouldn’t preference immigration from cultures that are more compatible with Australian values (e.g. Western European, North American).

        • Addelad

          “A person who is legally and culturally Australian and who identifies only as Australian.”

          This is nonsensical – a tortuous circular argument. The whole point of this little exchange is that the definition of “Australian” is unclear. Hence, to use that lack of clarity to try to clarify things is an exercise in futility.

          • entropy

            You claim the definition is unclear because you want the benefits of being Australian while remaining a Zionist ethnic supremacist.

            Legal – objective test.
            Identification – subjective standard but can be objectively tested.
            Cultural – only parasitic bigots like yourself claim Australia has no objective values or culture.

      • thegentlemantroll

        It could be like someone once said about porn: I know it when I see it

        • Shosshannah

          Why are you people arguing ? And I don’t like pornography, it ruins your brain.

        • Ralphy

          The phrase was used in 1964 by United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart to describe his threshold test for obscenity in Jacobellis v. Ohio.[1][2][3] In explaining why the material at issue in the case was not obscene under the Roth test, and therefore was protected speech that could not be censored, Stewart wrote:

          I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [“hard-core pornography”], and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.[4]

          I like the other one too. “Look I can explain things to you, but I can’t make you understand!”

    • Dan Flynn

      ‘If you go back far enough, we’re all Africans’

      Careful E, you’re sounding like a true lefty!
      I couldn’t agree more 🙂

      • entropy

        There’s no need to be insulting!

        Belief in evolution and scientific literacy are not political values, but they are being increasingly abandoned by the left with its promotion of cultural and ethnic relativism.

        Cultural nationalism and race realism are not mutually exclusive.

      • Shosshannah

        I am not African, I don’t think so.

  • Bronson

    Broadening the immigration base post WWII to include people from other than the British Isles meant Australia spawned the despicable and corrupt Al Grassby who had a deep loathing for Australia being described as Anglo-Celtic and with Canada under Quebec-born Trudeau having recently inventing multiculturalism, to address the wishes of his fellow Quebecfois, Grassby declared Australia to be a multicultural country to bring down the idea of Australia as an Anglo-Celtic nation.

    However the Anglo-Celtic background was one deeply divided along Protestant / Catholic lines,
    meaning there was no nation based on ethnicity unless one backtracks to before the Irish came to Australia but seeing as that started soon after Anglos and Protestant Celts arrived, there is nothing to go back to.

    Europeans arriving post WWII from mixed Protestant / Catholic countries, e.g. Netherlands, found the atmosphere of mutual distrust weird as on the Continent the divide did not exist, essentially representing the political divide in Ireland.

    • Taipan

      By the end of WWII we had discarded much of the Anglo-Irish antagonism as we were forced to unite under threat of invasion.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Not mentioned anywhere here is the sizeable non-British isles contingent of 19thC Australia. Settlers didn’t just come from Britain but from other parts of the British Empire as well as Northern Europeans (Germans, Scandinavians, yes even a few Jews).
      Federation and especially WW1 were big assimilating-events. German-sounding last names were regarded with particular hostility and many names were changed.

      Take a look at the bios of John Monash, Henry Lawson and Sidney Myer. While youre at it, take a look at the family trees of Henry Bolte, Joh Bjelke Peterson, Shane Warne and Eric Bana.

      I’m not mentioning this to blow the diversity trumpet but it’s just a fantasy to pretend that pre-war Australia was genetically pure as the driven snow. What was present was a strong social expectation to blend in with the mainstream. It shouldn’t have to be said that European/American migrants have an easier time of this than Asian and African and that’s why they should be preferred.

      Of course if Adam wants to kick out David Leyonhjelm and keep Sarah Hanson-Young then good luck with that.

      • Jai_Normosone

        I was going to say that the only circumstance where I would kick out David Lleyonhjelm and keep Sarah Hanson-Young would be the bedroom. While I wouldn’t crawl over her to get to him, it may well be a case of being like trying to throw a toothpick down a hallway.

        • thegentlemantroll

          I heard she eats her lovers after orgasm

          • Jai_Normosone

            “Lovers” & “Sarah Hanson-Young” in the same discussion makes me…
            Oh look…. Porridge!

      • Fokker TISM

        (((John Monash)))
        (((Sidney Myer)))

        I understand what you’re saying, though.

    • Addelad

      “The divide did not exist” huh? Please tell that to the Dutch vs the Flemish. Or perhaps the Huguenots, the Bavarians/Austrians vs the Junkers or the history of Tudor and later England.

  • Taipan

    Even though Arthur Calwell’s populate or perish post war immigration programme intended to maintain a white Australia it seems to have paved the way for the advent of multiculturalism 30 years later. He advocated for 10 British immigrants for every non-British European but that didn’t seem to be achieved.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Multiculturalism (forced diversity) is a Zionist creation (Jewish School of Frankfurt), this is implemented because by mixing different ethnicities and cultures the nation loses identity and strength, that way it is manageable for the evil elite globalists. Divide and you will win. This is not just for Australia, it’s global.
    Ethnic lineage is power (only the Jews), prohibited for the Goyim.
    Everything is reduced to only three words, POWER; MONEY AND CONTROL.
    Nationalism is the cure, that’s why they hate Putin, Trump, Salvini, Viktor Orbán, Xi Jinping,Kim Jong-un, Duterte, Pinochet, Franco, Andrzej Duda, Andrej Kiska, etc..

    • Addelad

      Multiculturalism is a Canadian invention actually – or are they all Jewish too?

      • Panadechi Santiago

        The ideological base is cultural Marxism, most of the ideologues are Jews. It really is suspicious.

    • Shosshannah

      Are you a racist ? You seem racist.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        Come on, you don’t have to like the argument but please counter with evidence and reason.

  • Shosshannah

    What about my people ? We belong here too. Jewish peoples make Australia multi cultural and we all benefit.

  • James

    Not quite sure where you’re going with that Adam but for what it’s worth, my opinion is migration would naturally increase on its own as technological advance makes it more available to a point where destinations begin to become less attractive. It’d sort itself out naturally and harmoniously if cultural groups and their places were left to be as they are. Few would choose to move to where they wouldn’t feel comfortable.
    It’s the suppression of local custom and forced integration of disparate cultures in large numbers I’m uncomfortable with.
    It’s not natural. In fact it’s an experiment. An experiment with unknown outcomes and one that can’t be undone easily. Resultant harm certainly can’t be undone.

    If one were to conduct such an experiment on animals such as say putting cats and dogs into a pen to see if they’d get along charges of cruelty would no doubt arise.
    So good to know “we’re” valued less than animals isn’t it.

  • Noachideous

    The White Australia Policy was abandoned by imperial, elitist decree …… completely devoid of any popular consultation of the affected majority European YT population.

    None at the time would of thought that others unseen had bigger plans that would see outcomes in all European racial nations that amounted to ‘genocide’ as defined by the UN convention of kvetching.
    We get the fact here that the word genocide appears a little shrill, hysterical and kvetchingly kosher even …. for the fact of its well worn theatrical histrionics as used against YT people to justify the immigration invasion.

    But that is the outcome if the prevailing trajectory continues unattended.

    The individuated multicultural hordes not white should have no part in any re visitation and retrospection of the question as it relates to the destiny of whitey people world wide. They’re here fully vetted for suitability and indifference to the cause, as part of the replacement plan.

    It is a given that their opinion is DILLIGAF and their input will be that whitey needs to go.

    For the fact that Whitey people paid in Blood for Australia and the Eurosphere in two world wars, an interpretive democracy of the Dead is in order. But not only for that fact, for the fact that there never was any consultation… It was imposed from above….. as if by an unseen Tyranny that works by means of guile and deception.

    So who then should interpret the democratic input of those who are no longer here to voice their view retrospectively ?

    Simplz …. really …… Their Whitey racial kin…. Living White people. Because only living Whitey people can accurately relate and properly interpret the last will and testament of Dead … White people.

    That conversation is needed right now.

    What do you reckon BuBBles Dvir and Dr Ebola of the ADC and the OHPI… Or would that be too hateful by far and likely to elicit another theatrical frenzy of feigned irreligious indignation and grandiloquent semitic outrage.

  • Chris

    So when are you and your ilk going home to England then ?

  • discussmuch

    But really, as Earth has begun her entry into another Grand Solar Minimum, and with the ugly possibility of the dangerous cold to last for 70 years or so, the Continent of Australia will become critical to man’s continued existence. Population settlement in your interior, especially to the north I assume, along with food production for a starving, dislocating world, will be two things much sought by a cold temperature devastated human race. It will be Australia’s job to decide who gets in, at least at first, before the world’s militaries make their demands known forcefully. The trick in this case for Australia is How to circumvent those militaries from imposing their wills upon you. Stuffing the outback with Brits is one possible move toward a solution. A good one also seems to be bringing in terrorized white South Africans, both farmers and urbanites. You know if you get those South Africans in there they’ll build the place up. And farm production, once ocean desalination becomes sufficient, will certainly be welcomed by all.