This THOTnado is Going to Rip the Left Apart


Pass the popcorn.

This THOTnado has legs, and by the time this thing has passed over there won’t be many men left in the entertainment, media or corporate elite in the West I reckon.

Is this the final triumph then of third-wave feminism, or a zombie horde of washed-up females ripping apart the belief system which provides them with their cushy jobs and gender privilege?

Both, I think. It’s also a sign of cultural Marxism going into a final spasm before it dies; a gargantuan paroxysm similar to the Chinese Cultural Revolution just prior to the death of Maoism and the repudiation of Marxist collectivism by the worn-out peasants of the Middle Kingdom.

Now to be fair, not all the women and girls who have been molested, groped, leered at, licked, fondled and raped over the years have been THOTs. One ballet dancer was sixteen when Don Burke leered over her (presumably non-existent) titties. Some of the women who have accused men like Harvey Weinstein obviously prostituted themselves for status and fame; many others though were gullible victims of sleazy celebrities.

The paedophilia revelations haven’t started yet, either. They’ll happen. Of course I’m not suggesting that the men already accused like Burke are paedophiles; but there have been rumours of elite paedophilia, especially in the entertainment industry, for years. It’ll come out in due course.

Burke virtue
But look at all my virtue!

I have no sympathy for walking dickbags like Don Burke. These men have either never stood up to feminism, or have become outspoken male feminists as a front to cover for their use of power to predate on girls. They deserve everything that’s coming.

Elite women, however, are using the THOTnado as a way to drive men out of their industries, grandstanding as defenders of girls everywhere while they move into the corner office and get a pay bump. They are Jezebels and hypocrites of the highest order. They knew this was happening for decades and shut up because they wanted the cash. Now they are acting outraged because they’ll get more cash. They have no credibility.

Oh piss off.

What these women don’t realise too is that they are undermining the intersectionality which keeps the left in power. Western Marxism has been so successful as a movement because it weaponised women, blacks, queers and the disabled against the traditional, largely Christian, culture and the men who preserved it. That alliance has always been fragile, and has been fraying in recent years.

Even Germaine Greer got ‘no-platformed’ (a postmodern form of being thrown in a gulag) in recent years for denying that transgender women are real women. Greer is still stuck in the ’70s, when there were two genders and all you needed to get academic tenure and international fame were a few anti-male slogans and favourable media attention.

The revolution always eats its children. Or aborts them. Tough titties, Germ.

If there is no place for male feminists in the left in the future, these men will quickly realise that adopting leftist beliefs is no economic or sexual advantage anymore. They’ll then turn on the left in even greater numbers.

They’ll have to ditch the soy frappuccinos and start lifting if they want a girlfriend from then on, though.

skinny guy
Gotta start somewhere, bro

When everyday men hear these revelations about celebrities like Burke, Lauer, Bill Clinton and Weinstein, we don’t see it as a gender issue. We know that everyday men don’t behave like this, because it never occurs to us to do so. Having never been tempted with the power of celebrity, we don’t even consider it. Most of us also think what we would do to the bloke who tried to fondle our daughters or wives.

We see the THOTnado not in terms of gender, but in terms of power. These sleazy pricks became the way they did because they could get away with it for decades. The problem isn’t patriarchy. It’s the culture of celebrity, and the postmodern establishment which cultivates and celebrates it.

Although the shrieking THOTs calling for Lauer and Burke to be publicly hanged, drawn and quartered can never admit it, these men were able to get away with their misdeeds because there was no patriarchy around to protect young women from powerful predators. Feminists always frame patriarchy in terms of power. They are wrong. Patriarchy was about protection, and the safeguarding of girls and women as a matter of family honour.

There was a time when that sixteen-year-old ballet dancer would have gone home crying, told her father and brothers what happened, and they would have gone around to Dirty Don’s mansion and beat the shit out of him. And when the coppers found out what happened, they would have looked the other way. Men protected women, and that prevented sleazy gammas like Don Burke from ever becoming as bold as he did.

As always, it was feminism that removed the traditional cultural safeguards for girls in our society. Until we restore them, there will continue to be scumbags like Burke taking advantage of the situation, and creating ever more angry THOTs.