Thought for the Day: We are the Cultural Nationalists


The reason why thinkers such as Stefan Molyneux or Vox Day, or David Hilton or Adam Piggott here at The XYZ are so dangerous to the globalists, is that we are doing to Cultural Marxism what Cultural Marxism originally did to Western Civilisation.

Cultural Marxists deliberately criticised every aspect of our civilisation, of our history and who we are as people, in order to break us down, destroy our civilisation and replace it, and us, with what they believed would be an egalitarian utopia for them to rule over.

We are in turn criticising every aspect of Cultural Marxism and reasserting the primacy and functionality of ethnic nationalism, Christianity, traditional famiily values and biological reality.

We have learned their arguments and their methods and we have turned them back on the Globalists and their Cultural Marxism.

We are the Cultural Nationalists. Victory will be ours.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Victory will be ours, one mullet, one moccasin, one stubby at a time.

  • McMansplainer

    The Empire strikes back with its own culture of critique. Good work, lads.

  • Taipan

    There is, unfortunately, confusion as to what exactly a Cultural Nationalist is.
    Pauline Hanson’s “you don’t have to be white to be an Australian” is an example.
    Let that discussion take place.

  • Jai_Normosone

    I’m not so sure, at times, that victory will be ours…
    There’s this ‘thing’ about taking on an opponent where one side may have the morals and the other doesn’t or one side is willing to play dirty and the other doesn’t – I’ve found that the side that participates without scruples will generally come out on top. It’s nice to think that whomever plays the long game will come good but we see in virtually every segment in society – every confrontation – almost every legal defence – it is the grubs that come out on top.

    I guess that is why a civilised society doesn’t forget that there is a need for the executioners and those who are willing to do what is needed to be done so the majority of the populace doesn’t have to.

    While the left has the media and is able to sway public opinion with words and sound bytes, their attitude of “accept all and some more-so than others” coupled with a basic misunderstanding of the need for segregation sometimes displays their mental incompetence at understanding the evil that sometimes lies in the hearts of men.

    • Ralphy

      Very well said. I just pray the youngsters aren’t swallowing the garbage peddled to them incessantly. I think many aren’t but fear the gals are over represented on the “feel the love” spectrum. Voluntary voting for me as a start so only those interested in our future, get to make the call. If compulsory voting was enforced in the U.S. I’m pretty certain Trump wouldn’t have stood a chance. We are in the great minority enforcing compulsory voting worldwide and I do have real doubts over the very high voter turnout for our SMS. It beat Brexit which was a far greater issue for our differing populaces I suspect. And WTF reason is there for compulsory council voting!

      In line with the article I am a cultural nationalist, however latterly defined to death, in that I couldn’t care less what colour your skin is so long as you love this country, show your primary allegiance to it, and abide/support its laws and values. Our various current tribes that owe allegiance to their identity and religion first, indeed actually hate our culture can just bugger off.

      I also agree that most argument invariably turns into slanging matches and is of little value, unless properly moderated and that sure as hell AIN’T the ABC.

      • Shosshannah

        “If compulsory voting was enforced in the U.S. I’m pretty certain Trump wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

        Are you serious ? Hillary was supposed to “win” the Election.

        She never expected to lose, it was all rigged. Dead people voted for Hillary, amongst other deep irregularities.
        The electronic voting machines are backdoored and can votes can be changed surreptitiously.
        The US voting system is deeply flawed.
        Why do you think the Dems in the US want to flood the place with illegals ?
        Because they will vote Democrat because of the gibsmedat freebies.

        If Hillary had won, the Deep State would have won and vast evil would have been rubberstamped and unleashed.
        In all truth, if Hillary had become President, the Earth would be a smoking ruin after she started WW3 with Russia. You’d be dead.

        Thank your lucky stars that Trump is President.

        • Ralphy

          Dare I say Shosshanna that I was understating the obvious. In Trump we Trust.

    • John Sheppard

      For the Firefly fans out there, this reminds me of the assassin in the Serenity movie. When prompted by Captain Reynolds that he and his ilk have to lie down so the assassin could live in his “perfect world”, his response was that he wasn’t going to live there. He was a monster, and he knew it, but he was necessary for the “perfect world” he imagined to become a reality. It just was never going to be his to enjoy.

      • Jai_Normosone

        I recall that scene. Great movie 🙂

    • David Hiscox

      Yes, which is why I have dispensed with scruples.

  • John Sheppard

    History loves to repeat itself, so while our victory will come, we will then collapse again into Marxism or some other ism after our victory. And then we will win again.

    It is a vicious circle.

    • Shosshannah


  • Panadechi Santiago

    The great Chinese general Sun Tzu, who wrote “The Art of War” 2500 years ago in bamboo papyri, among his quotes said, “Know, study and learn from your enemy and apply their same tactics against them.”

  • Andrew Thompson

    I’d rather values come from japanese anime than christianity

  • Noachideous

    Another ….. speaking in jewplicitous Forked Tongue. Only a fool would wait for the outcome so as to not falsely accuse the complicit in matters of race and nation. The religion and its adherents addressing the matter of YT genocide do not differentiate intra-racially between the “goyim” …. only between themselves and the other.

    That is why there cannot ever be an outcome that might be described as white genocide.

    There is a type of Free Speech known as Grooming… It applies mostly to rock spiders and other perpetraitors who groom unwitting innocents so as to manufacture consent.

    The ECAJ article is a type of grooming designed to influence the mind of legislators so as to legislate into force ……. ECAJ religious imperatives.

    One of these legislated religious imperatives is the destruction by design of all non-jewhiss racial nations.

    White People ……….WTFU …..

  • Noachideous

    Same the the 888 246 sum 420 …. 888 666 …. 24 18 … 42 58 … 1948 Poppies of London’s Tower.

    Here’s how you verify its symbolic origins.

    6 sides, 8 vertices and 12 lines for 26 elements in the Cube … or 42 in six based senary.

    26 sum 42 for 68 …. or if you like …. +x 42.

    +x of 68 for 14 48 …. or 5 12 or EL … or 14+48 …… 62.

    HEX 85 24 …… inverse of 42 58 ..

    You work out whether you ….. or your ancestral racial kin …. like or would like any of this Black Magickal ….SHIT…. used as a symbolic artifact for the remembrance of Dead Anglo Celtic ANZACs.