Thought for the Day: Dear Mr Leunig


Some of my favourite moments on the political battlefield have come when prominent leftists posit that maybe, just maybe, things have been taken a little far.  It is usually around the same time that they come to understand why the Soviet secret police built that room with the sloped floor…

Regarding this cartoon by Australia’s whiniest cartoonist, I have just one thing to say:

We told you so.

Photo by freddie boy

  • Mr. Leunig would not last until the next dawn, if Felix
    Dzerzhinsky of the Cheka got hold of him.

  • Addelad

    Reading Leunig’s offerings is a form of consensual self abuse.

  • Mr Prickskin

    In that situation I always say “Too late, dickhead”

  • Evelyn Treptow

    Pretty sure Leunig is making fun of the issue.