Thought for the Day: Jordan Peterson followed the Golden Rule

I’m a professional psychologist. From YouTube.

Tonight I saw Jordan Peterson speak at the Melbourne Recital Centre, along with several thousand other good looking and intelligent Melbournians (we do exist). Expect a review of the event on these pages tomorrow morning, but I wanted to leave a little thought here.

I told a friend today that I was going to see Jordan Peterson tonight, and they asked me “who’s he?” I told him that he is a Canadian professor who became famous when he spoke out against enforcing the mandatory use of people’s preferred gender pronouns.”

Then I realised how insane that is.

Never in my wildest dreams in my youth had I imagined I would utter a sentence using those words in that order. It is just a little bit of a red pill.

Peterson has set an example by publicly criticising the insanity that is the Cultural Marxist domination of the Western discourse. The other example he sets is that like Jim Molan, like Donald Trump, he followed the Golden Rule, as pointed out today by Adam Piggott:

Not apologising can make you a success.

Never apologise, always escalate. Jordan Peterson refused to apologise. Then he did countless interviews, produced more of his own videos and went on a worldwide speaking tour.

That is some escalation.

  • Damien Smith

    The SA Genocide question was absolutely spot on. Seemed to me Peterson got cornered into indirectly telling us to prepare for race war.

    • That would have been interesting to see.

      We need to have a new White Australia policy.

      In Africa alone there are several million vulnerable whites, who while of different stock to most of us are still decent civilized Christian beings worthy of a chance that their own homelands will no longer provide them. These people or their children will be murdered if we (or someone else) don’t act. And I don’t see their traditional homelands offering to take them in.

      There is a relevant precedent to Australia blindly accepting people who aren’t otherwise eligible for Australian visas or have little connection to us.

      In 1989 after China murdered its uppity student class in Beijing, Bob Hawke decided he’d offer asylum to all Chinese in Australia regardless of their suitability (and believe me THEY HAVE ALL STAYED) so it is fair enough that we do the same now.

      No white Australian should vote for any politician who will not save the Boer.

  • killer3000ad

    Looking forward to the write up David. I missed out on tickets as they sold out unbelievably fast!

  • Never apologise, always escalate.

    It works because deep down the Left are just beta soyboy cowards.

  • Malcolm Smith

    I personally would never say, “I did nothing wrong.” Once you say that, people assume that you have something that needs justifying. I would always insist I did everything right and, although I would justify my position, I would do it in such a way that the assumption should be that my actions were correct, and that it was my critics who needed to justify their actions.