Thought for the Day: Tear down this “Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart”

From Buzzfeed.

The Berlin wall was erected by the Communists to “fight fascism”; “termed the Anti-Fascist Protective Rampart.”

By current logic, Antifa and 90% of the Leftist academic industrial complex would have been sad to see this torn down, calling all those citizens who did tear it down Nazis, fascists, and bigots. All while simultaneously accusing Team Trump of being Nazis, fascists and bigots for wanting to improve border protection in a way that doesn’t actually include dividing a city, a country and its people.

In essence, dividing a people and a country by building a wall though its capital city is okay, as long as that wall helps create a safe space for Communists.

  • Deplorable!!!

    Yet another Marxist hypocrisy exposed.

    • Karen Dwyer

      It’s like watching a magician pull handkerchiefs out of his sleeve…

      Seemingly never ending.

      And the magician has two sleeves…

      … because Marxist lies are never ending. There is always yet another place to find them.

  • Noachideous

    The AntiFa are aligned with hard core Zionists. Both demand the destruction of YT racial nations.

    Dr Ebola, professional Wanker of the Online Hankee Phapping Institute … OHPI … ’48 …. Opens his ShitHole to push out ….. by peritalisis … his YT hatin’ message.

    “We need to be pushing that message out there saying’no, this is not acceptable’ and as individuals in the community, people need to stand up and say something.”
    It would not surprise at all …. if this organisation is headed … just quietly … by the notoriously frenzied ….. Rabbi YiddzPhappFloggBeanz……such is itz degeneracy.

    • Addelad

      How did you happen to find us? Have you the means on your planet to pick and decipher electromagnetic waves or are you just passing through, as presumably you must have done through Uranus?

  • Noachideous

    What does the ABC represent in esoteric symbolism …. you may have once asked ?
    Well, it might represent this, in light of itz Marxist, genocidal proclivities as its behaviour relates to the matter of fact that Australia was and is a predominantly AngloCeltic racial Nation, but geographical just another location.
    Examine the ABC logo closely…. and consider the story that it represents a lissajous figure. Then examine it once again, while considering that it could in fact be more likely that not a stylised 6 pointed star…. You’d not have to do much to it to make it so …… No ?.
    Then…. letz us consider the letters ABC. In gematria, it amounts to 123…. Then, by +x of 123 we are able to derive the numbers 66… ie 1by2by3 and 1sum2sum3……or 66… The flip side of 66 is 34 ….. If 34 is assumed to represent the number 22 in a six based number system, and that there exist 22 letters in Dr Ebola’s preferred alphabet …. then it is easy to see why Dr Ebola appears to have privileged access the push out his message through the Shit Hole or the ABC…
    Simplz….. really ….. isn’t it ?
    34 66 by +x amounts to 1948……