Thought for the Day: Only totalitarians bill you for the bullet

Victorian Police Minister, Lisa Neville.

I am glad the promoter of the Milo event in Melbourne has shot down the idea of paying the $50,000 police bill, which would effectively amount to a tax on free speech. From ninemsn:

“Promoter and Penthouse publisher Damien Coustas told 9NEWS a “user-pays model” wasn’t discussed with police prior to the event, but organisers had agreed to “cover the cost of bollards etc” to the sum of between $5000-$6000.

“What you’ve got here is a left wing politician doing a bit of grandstanding looking to capitalise on the situation politically,” Coustas said, referring to Victorian police minister Lisa Neville.

“I mean that’s just a lame duck situation to me I don’t understand why she would do that.”

“If sent the bill he’d “probably send it back” he said. “I’ll put some potpourri in the envelope too, make it smell nice.”

Totalitarians are notorious for billing the families of those they execute for the bullet. In Communist Victoria, those who wish to speak openly in public against the Cultural Marxist status quo are similarly extorted.

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Photo by Jayel Aheram

  • clemilf

    Antithesis of Justice. Bill the violent ones.

  • Caitlin1488

    This chopper might be suitable for XYZ.
    One owner…can seat 6 “passengers”…has a good range, to fly well out over the ocean.

    • clemilf

      Way too luxurious I am afraid… A catastrophic fishing trip in a tinny is more within the budget.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Love will make a way to force the laftards to pay. Milo’s supporters paid for their tickets so it’s equality and fairness if the violent protestors pay for security.

    If each one of the protesters forgoes smashed avocado for a day they could chip in to cover the police bill. Phlegmentine Ford should be make a big contribution as well. Or maybe hipster cafes should put a 17% surcharge on avocado and fetta to highlight the pay gap of policemen needed to babysit lefties instead of catching pedos. Afterall if it wasn’t for retarded lefties and their irrational hysteria there would be no need to attend Milo gigs and hence no need to pull in so much police resources.

  • Micaiah

    Technically, all bullets bought by the government are bought with your tax dollars (or you kids tax dollars if they borrow money to pay for it). Technically, all governments bill you for all of their bullets.