Tommy Robinson’s Contempt of Court Hearing is Referred to the Attorney General


Lady Sheila Yowess DCSG

Tommy Robinson cut quite the swell at the Old Bailey before his ‘Re-hearing for Contempt of Court’ set down for October 23, 2018. Prison bag in hand for his fifth court appearance, the Lad from Luton addressed the English sound and fury at the corner of Newgate and Bailey, outside the Old Bailey in London City. He read his witness statement to the crowd, the one he will read (or would have read) into the public record at his ‘Re-hearing’.

And ZOG-UK under the thumb of the EUSSR, didn’t you know this was coming…

[Because of ]“Their attempts to silence and stop people from having knowledge of the Muslim Rape Gangs that are terrorising our nation, the entire world is now watching …. there is no country in the world that does not know the knowledge that our government, our police forces, our social services sacrificed a generation of our daughters at the hands of the multiculturalism altar.”

And for the FAKE-NN and the journalists, he didn’t forget about you:

“The British public do not trust you, they do not believe you. You are the enemy of the people.”

Tommy’s October date with Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC was to be a FULL re-hearing of his May 2018 hearing on a civil matter (you know – like a parking fine). But that hearing and its aftermath turned into an arrest, summary charge, trial, conviction and prison sentence for ten weeks of solitary confinement – within a matter of hours. The Wheels of Justice and Due Process never moved so fast in the history of all England. However, a Court of Appeal threw out the May 2018 conviction and his Full Re-hearing was set down for October 23 2018. That is, it was set down for October 23 2018. Last night Tommy’s lawyers presented Justice Nicholas Hilliard with Tommy’s witness statement. That was when Justice Hilliard decided Tommy’s matter was a matter for legal discretion. And it was announced that Tommy’s matter would be referred to the Attorney General.

According Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, this “throws Tommy’s matter back into the political realm.”

Perhaps Justice Hilliard thinks ZOG UK has enough tricks in the bag to deal with Tommy’s matter ‘in the political realm’. Perhaps he thinks it really is a political matter and raises the question of the public interest. (cough) At any rate, the AG will decide what tricks to play or whether it will go to the High Court (as a civil matter). Or maybe the AG will just drop the contempt of court proceedings and put it on ice in the ZOG esky.

Ezra Levant reports from the Corner of Newgate and Old Bailey for Rebel Media:

Ezra Levant : A WIN for Tommy Robinson – but it’s STILL not over

And, of course, you can’t have a stoush at the Old Bailey without a piss-up and pork pie at the pub afterwards.

Note on the author. Lady Sheila Yowess is a Dame Companion of the Excellent Order of Strewth, Grouse and the Strayan Way. The Knight Cmdr, Sir Bruce Yowie KCSG, is across the Tasman in New Zealand to assist with preparations to re-open the Lion and Tusk Museum of the Rhodesian Services Association at its new home in Mount Maunganui, N.Z. The modern tragedy of Zimbabwe would be an excellent historical example of what happens to a first world Western nation when the White English Nation is removed and a communist government installed – even if 90% of the non-communist blacks are fighting with the White nation. At the time of the Rhodesian war, the big deal with ZOG and the Comintern was : black majority rule. British Africa and Rhodesia were the first to fall to UN Communist dicta of: White nation eradication. It doesn’t matter what the slogan is: ‘black majority rule’ – as in Rhodesia or ‘multiculturalism’ – as in England today. The end game is the same. Now, as then – the English nation in the The Isles and diaspora is going to stand up to this.