Steve B

Will they hang their heads shame?
Probably not, they’ll just shift the blame.
After all, it’s not their fault;
They’re just playing the 18C game

And after all, it was their sacred duty to call
For the heads of truth-tellers, one and all,
And spruik for their destruction
Because someone has to take a fall.

Racism, inequality, offence, it’s everywhere.
From these fictitious evils, we must clear the air,
Even if we unscrupulously hound
The innocent truth-tellers and drive them to despair.

We’re safe and cushy in our high-paying jobs,
Why, it’s our burden to hurl lie-tning at defenceless mobs
And bare-face bulls— our way out of scrutiny
All in the service of our god, 18C.

Gillian and Tim, hang your heads in shame…

  • RobynTodhunter

    Gillian Triggs, Malcolm Turnbull and the cowardly anonymous white-skinned aboriginal living in Germany, who was recruited by the despicable Triggs and Soupy, to lodge the complaint, should ALL HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME.

    • Olaf Koenders

      They should just hang. Their heads I couldn’t care less about.. 🙂

  • Deplorable Steve
  • Triggs will be gone soon…her contract ends.
    Just need to get rid of Timmy Whatketsupsoup.

    • RobynTodhunter

      I seriously do not understand why Triggs has absolutely no accountability for lying to the enquiry. If not it makes an even greater mockery of the HRC and the treachery within the government to let it get so out of hand.

  • Lorraine

    sorry but these type of people don’t do shame

  • aussiegooner

    Both triggs and soupwhateveritsnameis should have resigned in shame when Bill Leak died. triggs should have been sacked some time back, but our spineless so called government never got around to it, even when she helped to hound a man to death.

    Now I ask our government why the AHRC still exists, after it has trashed human rights here in Australia?!! Wind it up!! Now is not soon enough!!

    And bring to justice its officers who have oppressed Australian human rights.

  • entropy

    The thing I love about 18C is how the Australian people, barring a few minority snowflakes and the usual victim merchants, have stood in solidarity to reject it.

    By now, politicians have seen the writing on the wall. The only reason it’s taking so long to repeal is those politicians have to manage the transition of their image from “you’re a racist if you disagree with it” to “it’s a stupid idea and I never supported it in the first place.”