Steve B

Will they hang their heads shame?
Probably not, they’ll just shift the blame.
After all, it’s not their fault;
They’re just playing the 18C game

And after all, it was their sacred duty to call
For the heads of truth-tellers, one and all,
And spruik for their destruction
Because someone has to take a fall.

Racism, inequality, offence, it’s everywhere.
From these fictitious evils, we must clear the air,
Even if we unscrupulously hound
The innocent truth-tellers and drive them to despair.

We’re safe and cushy in our high-paying jobs,
Why, it’s our burden to hurl lie-tning at defenceless mobs
And bare-face bulls— our way out of scrutiny
All in the service of our god, 18C.

Gillian and Tim, hang your heads in shame…