Triple J rejects multiculturalism, embraces alt-right


In a startling turn of events today, Triple J presenter Tom Tilley has disavowed the multicultural agenda of the ABC and called openly for an end to white genocide.

The declaration was made during today’s The Hack show, after an interview with American white identitarian and Charlottesville rally attendee Eli Mosley. While seeming to be hostile to the alt-right philosophy at the beginning of the interview, Tom’s real position became clear during the first caller to the show.

The Jewish caller, Hershel, was surprisingly candid about the views shared by many of his fellow Israelis when it comes to white nationalism. Arguing that multiculturalism is necessary for the wiping away of whites and is good for the Jews, Hershel provoked Tom into uttering his own version of the 14 words.

Whether Tom also supports the 88 is unclear at this point.

Tom’s response has been met with surprise and delight from his fellow alt-righters across the nation.

The exchange can be heard below.

Triple J was unavailable for comment. Should Tom, like many of the alt-right attendees at Charlottesville, be fired by the ABC for his views, the XYZ has agreed to look at his resume.

Photo from social media.

  • SamSammy

    So Herschel goes on JJJ and brags about (((the plan))) to the entire country, and the leftie idiots who listen to JJJ just swallow it like another blue pill. Will Herschel be punished in any way for his disgusting genocidal racism? Almost certainly not, which is the saddest part of all because a people who refuse to stand up for their own right to exist are thereby making a powerful argument that they don’t deserve to exist.

    PS Dearest Herschel, you can suck my uncircumcised Aryan cock you snivelling piece of shit.

  • Christopher Shortis Jewish supremacism expressed by (((((Hershal))))) exposed, make no mistake that is their mindset. They are the racist!!!!! Hey Hershal how many whites fought against the Nazis. Daniel no culture but Jewish culture right?

  • Soon to be sacked by JJJ of course…

  • Christopher Shortis
  • Razorback

    The whole of the middle east is the problem…Moslems and jews alike

  • Earl Conner

    What’s the chance ‘Herschel’ was punking Hack? If so, that was bloody well played.

    • Wealth for toil

      I thought the same thing. It was a great way to make an argument without being censored as a right wing bigot. Playing them at their own game really.

    • JohninAustralia

      If so, ‘Herschel’ is a very smart man.

  • Jay Hurley

    Gee, Jews sound a lot like Hitler these days. But I guess Herschel at least admits what the end game is – the end of white people. As for what culture white people have, it is the shared culture of Europe. Have a look across Europe and tell me white people don’t have a fucking culture. The notion that white people don’t have culture is absolutely absurd.

    • These days? Hitler was a reaction to these blood thirsty maniacs.

      • Hitler had a Final Solution to these blood thirsty maniacs.

        • michaelm

          Just three quick reminders; he wanted to put them all on the Island of Madgascar but the war started to go against him. There were about 100,000 half and quarter Jews in his armies. World census of Jewry for 1939 and 1947 revealed that their numbers had marginally increased over that time.

  • Captain Haddock
  • .

    • michaelm

      An antisemite is someone a Jew hates.

      • Jews hate all humanity. Particularly those who recognise what they are.

        • michaelm

          Yours gets to the nub more concisely, for these are the ones the Jew fears the most.

  • michaelm

    Something callers Herschel and Daniel may know, but would rather we did not; Solzhenitsyn wrote that between 1917 and 1957 the communists – Jews, murdered 66,000,000 Russian Christians. As there’s no difference between Russians and ourselves, we’re next, if we let them.

  • Gazman

    A Jew spruiking for the genocide of a racial group. The irony.

    However, his prediction that multiculturism will end the white race is fatally flawed. First, what is the “white” race? White people have inhabited Europe and Scandinavia for eons, from west to east and north to south. They have spread throughout the world and now inhabit all continents and influence just about every nation. Defining what “white” is, cannot be possible. Second, it is wrong to conflate the white race with white culture. White culture has influenced almost every other culture in the world by virtue of the the industrial revolution. Jews more than anyone should know this, because white culture rescued them 70 years ago. Our own “indigenous” people carry significant “whiteness” in their veins, there being relatively few “full-bloods” left.

    It is a forlorn pipedream of racists that multiculturism will annihilate white people or their culture, because it will require their own destruction to achieve it.

  • Philip Murphy

    Hitler started locking up the jews because they were forming ‘nightly hunting gangs’..shooting germans in the streets.
    It was a moslem imam who brought in killing the jews, but if Herschels opinion is the popular opinion within the jewish communities(6million has been proven to be a lie many times over, and admitted a lie) then hitler shouldn’t have stopped!
    The majority don’t support ‘multiculturalism’ as it is now as OUR culture is constantly being made illegal while those other cultures are promoted above and beyond our own