The True Blue Crew BBQ and the Socialist Alternative spy


On Australia day a few happy souls chose to have a BBQ in the beachside Melbourne suburb of St Kilda. The atmosphere was cheerful, and despite the media’s attempt at a beat up and the presence of scary right wing activists such as Blair Cottrell and the True Blue Crew, the small group of about 50-60 attendees enjoyed their day out in a spirit of community, camaraderie and above all in a peaceful and law-abiding manner.

It’s amazing. It’s almost as if when the extreme left doesn’t show up violence doesn’t occur.

Funny that.

Well I say they didn’t turn up. There was one exception.

For reasons of his own, Socialist Alternative organiser (and editor of Marxist magazine Red Flag) Ben Hillier decided not to join in with his Australia-hating friends listening to the frenzied, bile filled (and above all taxpayer subsidised) speeches over in the CBD and decided to come down and spy on the patriots instead.

Ben Hillier, Socialist Alternative, editor of Red Flag, amateur spy, possible sub. From

Perhaps this isn’t so surprising. I think Ben is carrying a bit of a torch for the larger-than-life Blair Cottrell. Back when Mr Cottrell was on trial under the Victorian state government’s blasphemy laws, Ben abandoned Debbie Brennan (Skeletor) and the rest of his comrades protesting outside to sneak into the courtroom and get up close with all the evil, manly, heavily muscled “fascists”.

Skeletor. From

We all know that left wing extremists have a tendency towards mental illness and instability as well as aberrant sexual fetishes. Perhaps deep down, Ben hopes to one day experience the pleasure of being beaten to a pulp by a group of large, scantily-clothed, square jawed masculine types. We can of course only speculate.

In his article describing the experience, Ben indeed seemed disappointed that nobody at the Australian flag festooned event wanted to attack him, hold him down and pummel him into submission. He described the BBQ and impromptu cricket match as “not particularly intimidating”. After lurking around for a while, presumably doing his best spy impression, Ben was forced to admit that the True blue Crew organised occasion was simply a “Day of good cheer… kids, cricket and Aussie rock”.

It’s almost as if when Marxists don’t show up trying to attack everyone, people can freely go about their business in peace.

Has someone told Victoria Police?

But Ben wasn’t entirely fooled by the peaceful nature of half a hundred people and their families enjoying music and scorched snags. You have to get up earlier in the morning than that to fool Ben. Ben is an intellectual you see. He’s smarter than the average bear. Ben can see the truth behind these evil Nazis and their family BBQ.

You see, in between the flags and the snags and the kids playing cricket, menace lurks.

Emboldened by the “hysteria” whipped up by the evil Murdoch media, some of the attendees at this Australia day event have somehow got it into their mind that there is a problem in Melbourne with African crime. Of course Ben is smarter than that, he knows better.

Ben and others like him know that the “so-called” African gang problem is a fake-news conspiracy created by the evil right wing media working with the evil right wing police and the evil right wing courts, and a cabal of evil right wing fake victims making fake claims alongside Nazi computer experts making fake videos of fake crimes that never happened, just to get the evil fascist Liberal Party leader Matthew Guy into power at the next election.

Ben is smart you see, so much smarter than me and you. He can see what’s really going on.

Ben is convinced and worried that all this fake hysteria being drummed up by the evil right wing establishment could lead to growth for the evil right-wing, flag waving patriot groups:

“If they grew from tens to a couple of hundred seasoned fighters, it could mean hospital visits for black and brown skinned people crossing their path”.

You can almost feel the lust in Ben’s voice as he imagines hundreds of right wing, working class “seasoned fighters” filled with testosterone and out for violence. I bet he had to go and lie down after writing that sentence. Or at the very least take a cold shower.

As we’ve seen yet again from their ridiculous efforts to try and circle the wagons around the chubby, hate-filled tax-grub Tarneen Onus-Williams, the left has no idea how many people disagree with them, what motivates the people who disagree with them, or how silly they sometimes look.

Courtesy of Meme Australia Great Again.

People like Ben seem convinced that if it wasn’t for their selfless efforts, mobs of evil white Australian bogans wearing wife beaters and southern cross tattoos would be swarming out of the outer suburbs, prowling the streets of Brunswick every night looking for poor, defenceless victims with slightly darker than average tans to beat up in a fit of irrational fury, for no other reason than the Herald Sun told them to.

They’re convinced that anyone who dares question immigration must want to open a death camp, that anyone who is concerned about the rise of Islam in the West is just itching to burn down a mosque, that anyone who thinks that we should stop importing a particular group of people who then commit an absurdly disproportionate level of violent crime has been brainwashed by a conspiracy.

In short, they’ve come to believe their own bullshit.

They think patriots of the right are filled with a hatred towards brown skinned people so virulent that even allowing them to speak it out loud is dangerous.

They’re half right. The hate is there, you can feel it every time you go to a right wing meeting or social event. But they’re half wrong as well. The hate isn’t towards brown people.

The hate is towards people like you Ben.

People who sneer at ordinary Australians holding a BBQ, and suggest that they are wrong and stupid to show pride in the country their ancestors made.

People like you Ben, who argue that we as a people aren’t allowed to decide who comes to the country that our forefathers built for us as our birthright.

People like you who cheer on taxpayer funded demagogues who openly declare their hatred for both the system our people have built and the suckers who subsidise their cushy lives.

People like you Ben who declare that “bigots” and “reactionaries” don’t have the right to free speech.

People like you Ben, who in 2005 openly applauded when hundreds of Lebanese youths came down to Cronulla in a convoy the night after that community had stood up to their predatory behaviour and smashed cars, attacked bystanders for being white, burned a church and repeatedly stabbed a young man in the back while he was trying to defend his girlfriend.

You had better hope that you’re wrong about the growth of patriot groups Ben, because it isn’t your fictional, sainted, defenceless “black and brown skinned people” who would need to be worried.

But hey, maybe that’s what you’re into. All kinds of fetishes out there. No judgement here. Takes all sorts you know.

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  • Addelad

    Another great “outing” of yet another Leftist troll in our midst. ThIs ongoing series of articles by Mr Rosas has been one real highlight of XYZ for some months now. If only it could get far wider coverage – in political, judicial and other important spheres.

    • Karen Dwyer

      Have you ever noticed that whenever Lucas’s unique and revelatory articles (re the Socialist parties and hangers-on and their tactics, particularly but not solely in Melbourne) gain momentum, there seems to be an outbreak of inane generic memes that flood this site?

      Ever noticed that there is “crash tackle” chaos that deflects attention away from his exposés?


      • Rosas

        It has been noted.

        No conspiracy I suspect. Just a lot of idiots in the world.

        • Craig

          I doubt the conspiracy too. They’re far right digital meme warriors, attempting to push the overtone window towards the nationalist direction. It is what it is. Truth hurts usually.

          I understand what you’re trying to do, it’s greatly informative and I agree, plus we’ve been in the know about this for a long, long time now. The question is why doesn’t the press take up this issue? So politics can come back to the safe middle of civic nationalism.

          I admit I abhor this civic nationalism as really it’s a disguised dressed up pig of NWO globalism. I would much rather traditional Australian Nationalism. HA at least if Australia went towards traditional Nationalism we wouldn’t have such an espionage problem…

          Unfortunately the people who pay the piper call for the tune. The tune of ignoring the left wing extremists by the right wing press and the normalisation by the left wing press is a deliberate strategy. The payee’s are making a tone on $$$ out of this Nation wrecking ideology’s.

          IMO it will be the usual pattern of to little to late, once it’s broken, Humpty Dumpty won’t be put back together again. I hope I’m wrong, and forced to revise such a black pill.

          Then again who knows maybe America and Europe will crash in the next 5 years. Maybe Australia will slam it’s doors shut in such a scenario. What ever we need something soon, in 20 to 30 years it will be too late for us.

          • Rosas

            There’s no huge conspiracy Craig. The propensity of the press to ignore far left extremism is a product of the culture that surrounds them.

            Hundreds of thousands of manhours of activism by the far left on the universities that train our journalists over the course of the last three decades have been more effective than any conspiracy.

            I tend not to go looking for secretive hidden hands when events can be better explained by the fact that the extreme left is disciplined, motivated and organised. The right on the other hand spends a fair chunk of its time arguing on the internet about which conspiracy theory can explain why the far left keep winning.

          • Craig

            What created that culture? Culture is not only created by truths, also mythos. Like a religion it’s a belief in something larger, it’s what gives zealots endless energy to preach. Just like the leftists.

            This leftist culture certainly didn’t arise from a vacuum of nothingness did it. Conservatives stood by and watched it all happen even though in the past decades they had the power to reverse it if they had the intestinal fortitude. Yet they didn’t, instead preferring to cuck or libertardian out for the praise of leftie fags. Virtue signalling, even though it involved being traitors to what the rightist believes, for civic national unity with ideological enemies. This worked in a majority white country. As we can see in the USA the politics is bifurcating as the racial lines are being drawn up, being when the baby boomers fall off the perch, that’s when the white majority goes bye, bye, and it gets real interesting.

            Mr Bolt a neocon gets paid plenty of $$$, sure he done plenty of good, I did get a giggle when he was still thrown under the bus of the racial discrimination act, even though he’s a Zionist shill. His fellow brother Jews decided to feed him to the wolves, cause it wasn’t good for the Jews. Such a brotherhood eh?

            And you get paid how much?

            You’re just playing the wrong tune, for the fiat $$$. Making an honest living off the little people is very hard indeed, even if you speak truths. Maybe you could sue a movie producer XYZ that made the movie Bushwick, for trade mark or something… it’s still $$$.


            Take for instance the new series I started watching tonight, Knightfall, I’ve read the series of books this historic fiction emerged from. Yet the message it delivers is obvious to me. Lols… I could write a different Knight Templar’s Mythos, one that is asemetic, yet it would never be produced for mass consumption as it’s not philosemetic, and would be damned as problematic then antisemitic…

            It is what it is.

            Conspiracy theory like say, the Ancient and accepted Scottish rite of Freemasonry? Did you know the blue loge its first official meeting and creation had 2 Jews involved? Not that it matters too much, everyone needs financiers, it’s true, and I should know being my great grand father was one of the 5 scepters of Scotland. Well I shouldn’t know yet I do, being that people talk even if they swear conspiratorial promises of secrecy…

            The word conspiracy, the original definition of the word was far better, then the modern one, which gives rise to dismissive thought, rather then the original definition, which generated thought that was more investigative.

            Keep digging dude.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Spot on Addelad. One wonders just how wilfully blind our MSM is.

  • Karen Dwyer

    I have a high regard for your writing: content, logical thought processes, originality (I.e. non-derivative), carefully pieced together and phrased.

    One small matter, scrolling down and confronting Miss Brennan’s visage is still sufficient to make one catch one’s breath – audibly. “Breathtaking” takes on a whole new character.

  • John Sheppard

    Thanks Lucas, that was a great article!!