Trump 4D chess on Iran: World leaders learn nothing


Donald Trump recently engineered the unthinkable on the North Korean peninsula, with the leaders of the North and South meeting face to face, officially declaring the Korean War over and the North announcing it intended to end its nuclear program. Trump did this by convincing everybody, friend and foe, that he was prepared to go to war with North Korea. He did this by bombing Syria, and by tweeting.

I have long given up any expectation that our globalist leaders or the Dinosaur Media will learn anything from their mistakes, thus their reactions to Donald Trump’s announcement that he will withdraw from Obama’s treacherous Iran nuclear deal is no surprise:

“Donald Trump has declared the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, describing Tehran as a murderous regime which must never be allowed to develop a nuclear bomb.

In his most sweeping foreign policy decision as president, Mr Trump said the US would now reimpose the toughest possible sanctions against Iran and against any other nation that helped it to build a nuclear weapon capability.

“We cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement,’ he said.

“In just a short period of time the world’s leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapon,” Mr Trump said.

“We will not allow a regime that chants ‘Death to America’ to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth.’

Australia’s infiltrator PM said something unintelligible about how multilateral agreements are the best way to ensure peace, but let’s ignore that and skip to this – Donald Trump understands the power of displaying the will to use force:

“The United States no longer makes empty threats.. When I make promises, I keep them.”

Kim Jong Un understands this. That’s why he’s going to give up his nukes. He’s a smarter man than the leaders of the US’s European allies:

“After Mr Trump’s announcement, France’s President Emmanuel Macron tweeted: “France, Germany and the United Kingdom regret the US decision to get out of the Iranian nuclear deal. The international regime against nuclear proliferation is at stake.”

Firstly, I know it’s not an argument, but:

From Daily Mail.

Secondly, Donald Trump only last week forced the second most intractible conflict on he planet to end and forced a country with nuclear weapons to start the disarmament process, yet Macron thinks that Trump using exactly the same gameplan against Iran is putting the “international regime against nuclear proliferation” at stake.

Thirdly, there is no “international regime against nuclear proliferation”. The “international regime against nuclear proliferation” did not stop India, Israel or Pakistan gaining nuclear weapons. They wanted nuclear weapons, so they got them. It’s called making facts on the ground. It did not stop nuclear expertise being passed on to Iran and North Korea. Some may point to fact that South Africa gave up its nuclear weapons, but this had nothing to do with the NPT and everything to do with the fact that Nelson Mandela was a communist and an idiot, although it did at least save us from the disaster of having nuclear weaponss in the hands of the functionally retarded.

To repeat, there is no international regime against nuclear proliferation. There is only power. To the extent that the US does enter international agreements on nuclear non-proliferation, it is only to back up those agreements with its own power. Handshakes and signatures do not determine nuclear policy. Nuclear weapons and Mutually Assured Destruction determine nuclear policy.

Barack Obama understood power, and as a Muslim and a communist who hates America he did everything he could to reduce the power of the United States and increase the power of the rest of the world by making it easier for other countries to get nuclear weapons, and undermine the US nuclear deterrent. Donald Trump understands power, and he is doing everything he can to reverse the work of that Trojan Horse.

As for the Europeans:

“French president Emmanuel Macron, British prime minister Theresa May and German chancellor Angela Merkel issued a joint response expressing “regret and concern’’ over Mr Trump’s withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA but emphasised their continuing commitment to the deal.

”Together, we emphasise our continuing commitment to the JCPoA,’’ the statement said.”

The JCPoALGBTI is dead and there is nothing the Europeans can do about it. The USA has safeguarded Europe for 73 years and they have no option but to play along. The USA has the ability to kill Iran 100 times over and it has a President who has convinced everybody he is prepared to do it. That is all that matters. The Iranian President may be trying to push the soyboy multilateral line:

“This is not an agreement between Iran and the US. For US to announce it’s pulling out, it’s a multilateral agreement, endorsed by the UN security council resolution 2231, America’s official announcement today showed that their disregard for international commitments.”

But this statement reveals he knows the 4D chess game is up:

“This is a psychological war, we won’t allow Trump to win.”

Iran will announce its intention to base its electricity generation on its vast oil reserves within a year. If I am wrong, and this leads to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, we still win:

From imgur.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

  • Tele Synth

    Trump knows best. It’s nice to see that the media is quietening down. Iran deal would have been grounds for IMPEACHMENT even a few months ago. This is progress.

  • Razorback

    You are so right in the whole article …exceptional

  • W. Hunter

    If that baby blood drinker, Soros and the magic negro, Obama are upset, and spirit cooking Hillary is bleating, that means Trump is on the right track.

    There is so much evidence of treason, fraud and criminality with Obama and the Clintons, only a matter of time till they are arrested and sent to Gitmo.
    Hopefully they will be executed.
    I want front row seats.

  • Craig

    Yeah, nah. Even if Iran capitulated, American neocons, Israel and Saudi Arabia will be looking for some made up context of aggression on Iran’s part to bring the USA into War with Iran, and the proxies Russia and China.

    Come on man Israel with a military of 40000 odd, owning the land, air, and sea, have twice lost to a ragtag militia of 2000 men called Hezbollah. Israel will keep losing, as they have less skin in the game, it’s that simple. I ain’t going to explain why, cause it’s funny watching some people with IQ of 140 plus trying to come up with a solution. The only partial one I’ve seen so far is having senior NCO’s incorporated into the infantry ranks, which only solves about 10% of the problem, on one side of the coin.

    In other words Israel needs us, we don’t need them. It’s why it won’t surprise me as Iran, Syria, China and Russia keep taking the hits, there opponents will lose moral authority. So a false flag blamed on Iran and Russia with most likely a dirty bomb in the USA is on the books. Why else would weapons grade plutonium go missing from a US university all of a sudden. It’s sad cause I’ll probably be proved right.

    USA is 30 years behind missile technology, check mate unipolar world order, hello multipolar world.

    Everyone in their right mind knows if the USA missile offensive last month had of been successful, the bombing campaign would of gone for 3 days straight, before the invasion. Fortunately majority of the bombs went poof. The pattern is broken…

    The perception of the unstoppable USA is no longer cowering the East. It is what it is.

    Yes Trump lovers the Clinton’s, democrats represent the Liberal Jews so they are pursuing there policy, Obama and Kerry ect… Trump is a Chabad guy, hence the new policy direction…

    If only it was true Make America Great Again.

    Instead it will be Make America Go Away.


    • W. Hunter

      False flag nuke, yes. (Sum of all Fears)
      Uranium 1. Refer Hillary and Obama.

      The uranium sent to Russia was part of a long term plan to frame them for a false flag nuclear 9/11 style attack on US soil, thereby triggering nuclear WW 3.
      (Hillary & Obama insane wet dream)
      Some of the uranium sent to Russia was held back, so that a nuke could be made from the same batch.
      Bomb goes off : uranium signature traced : Russia !

      Neat plan.

      During the recent US cruise missile attack on Syria, the Yanks also dropped a MOAB on a bunker supposedly containing the nuclear bomb.
      Attack on the airfields etc. was a diversion.
      MOAB explosion/impact was 2 point something on the Richter scale !

      Swamp draining continues.

      • Craig


        My opinion is Trump is just the other side of the coin of the swamp.

        Time will tell eventually on what results come to fruition.

  • entropy

    So Iran wants the US to be bound by UNSCR 2231 after it has ignored the 10 previous Security Council resolutions demanding it denuclearise.

    Personally, I’m all for any war that’s going to thin out the world’s population of low IQ hypocrites.

  • Craig

    Maybe someone might want to do a post on this, off topic but relevant. Advert for emotional diversity recruitment in the British forces. A female recruit doing bayonet training, she seemed more worried about breaking her teeth with a penis pleasure stud, then running and KILLING THE ENEMY. The reaction of the UK Generals….

    Out with the mean nasty white men, in with the sensitive crying diversity. LOLs This is really going to work out great.

    At least it’ll be a laugh for us “Misogynists”……. A sad, and ironic laugh.

  • Craig

    Compare China’s recruitment vid. Man it even makes me want to welcome our Yellow Nationalist overlords. Serious Hip hop crap music aside… The symbolism alone is astounding on where the West and East is going.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    There is a weapon even more deadly than the nucear used by the Zionist globalists, they are called biological weapons, the massive immigration of Africans and Muslims, they destroy the nations from within, ethnic, social, cultural, political, economic.
    Example, send millions of black Africans, to North Korean, more words deception, racism, xenophobia, Nazi, fascist and coreans people is dilute forever.
    It is happening in the white West.

  • John Sheppard

    And now there are reports of Iran launching 20 missiles into Israel, and Israel responding by attacking targets in Syria. Just let them kill each other already, it will make the world a better place. I have no interest in fighting in the middle east. It is such a shithole.

  • I prefer the alternative mentioned, as the first means Israel will get its Greater Israel within my children’s lifetime, but most of all I’d like Islamabad to just sell a few warheads to Tehran while the mullahs still have control.