The truth of the alt-right


I am not a joiner. As I’ve said before, I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member. The great Groucho said that, and it’s been true for me from a young age. Which is why I like the alt-right. You don’t join, you don’t pay dues or fees, there is no structural hierarchy; hey, there isn’t even a leader.

It just is.

I like that. So what then is the alt-right?

Richard spencer photo
Richard Spencer. Photo by V@s

The guy who came up with the term was Richard Spencer. That is his single claim to fame. Apart from a few speeches he hasn’t done anything at all. If you disagree with me, quote me something by Spencer right now, off the top of your head. Failing that, search around on the internet for something memorable or prescient that he has said or written.

I doubt you’ll find anything. Spencer has tried to position himself as the leader of the alt-right but it has gone as well as you might expect. You came up with the name, buddy. You’ve done your part. Move along, nothing to see here.

Vox Day has come up with a list of what the alt-right entails. He managed to whittle it down to 16 points. That was back in August 2016 and nobody has improved upon them since then. The most important point is number 12:

12. The Alt Right doesn’t care what you think of it.

This is the genesis for every other point on the list. It should probably be number 1.

This is because at a fundamental and philosophical level, the alt-right deals in truth. This is a very scary thing for most people who prefer pretty lies to help them get through their day. Pretty lies are what make the world go around but because we have succumbed to untruths at every level, society is now slipping into a period of chaos.

In order to operate effectively in chaos you need to deal in truth. This is the only available path back to a stable society.

Let’s examine another of the points with this in mind.

8. The Alt Right is scientodific. It presumptively accepts the current conclusions of the scientific method (scientody), while understanding a) these conclusions are liable to future revision, b) that scientistry is susceptible to corruption, and c) that the so-called scientific consensus is not based on scientody, but democracy, and is therefore intrinsically unscientific.

The biggest untruth in human history is the global warming fraud. Does reading that make you uncomfortable? Then you are not yet ready for the alt-right as you haven’t swallowed the red pill.

The red pill stems from The Matrix, a film which is prescient for much of what we see today. You cannot force anyone to take the red pill, but once an individual makes that step they pass from the world of lies to the world of truth. That world is the alt-right.

Once you see the first lie then you begin to see other lies. Each lie that you identify and cast aside is the breaking of a strand that holds you in place from what you previously believed. Some of the lies are global, and some of them are personal. Once you become proficient at recognizing the lies you begin to see them everywhere. It is like that scene in The Matrix where Neo begins to see the world in code.

To break all of the cords you need to accept all of the lies. This is difficult because it is hard to acknowledge that you have been lied to for your entire life about everything. People don’t like feeling deceived and thus stupid on a universal scale.

Everyone in the alt-right are on different stages of this journey which is why there exists conflating and conflicting viewpoints within the alt-right itself. A good example of this is antisemitism. Blaming anything outside of yourself for your woes is abrogating personal responsibility, but it is a step that many people need to pass through. In this example, blaming the Jews is indeed antisemitic. But identifying and criticizing Jewish behavior as The Z man does here is dealing in truth. Anyone or any group in the world is fair game when it comes to truth, and if you don’t believe that then you’re living in the world of pretty lies.

This is one of the reasons that I do not condemn anyone on the alt-right for misappropriating blame as in this example. Because we are all on our individual journeys and they merely have not yet cut the appropriate cord. The way to help someone cut such a cord is to deal in truth as The Z man does here.

The alt-right desires nothing more than truth. It is why we are able to change our opinions in the face of new evidence. We desire new evidence so that we may grow and improve. Restrictions on speech are the opposite of the alt-right. All speech must be allowed so that people do not internalize their lies where they can fester and deform. In order to cut cords, people need to be able to speak and articulate their inner-most feelings, particularly when it comes to dissatisfaction at having been lied to for so long.

This is why progressives seek restrictions on speech. They do not want people to arrive at truth because their world is one of untruths.

The God Emperor. Photo by Gage Skidmore

In this regard the alt-right will never have political power. It is not a political party per se. A political party requires a leader and no one man can deal in all truths. The only man who could ever do this was Jesus Christ. He was the ultimate speaker of truth.

Thus the alt-right’s true purpose is as an influencing force on politics. It pushes those who do seek power to deal in truth. President Trump is a truth dealer. The more truths he tells the more the dealers in untruths writhe and scream. Trump gets his force for dealing truth from the alt-right.

The alt-right has no membership lists. It is an entirely new development in human politics and philosophy, and it has been made possible by worldwide communication via the internet. On a daily basis it twists and melds itself like a convoluted universal amorphous blob as it seeks out and consumes more lies, and as more individuals are gathered into its embrace or quietly jettisoned if they are irredeemable.

Milo yiannopoulos photo
Milo Yiannopoulos. Photo by NEXTConf

Milo is an example of an irredeemable individual who was let go by the alt-right. If you were wondering why the alt-right did not go crazy at Milo’s set-up and professional assassination it was because the alt-right deals in truth. Degeneracy is the opposite of truth. Milo had served his purpose.

Men are the defining force of the alt-right because men need truth and responsibility. The dealers in untruths have been denying men both of these for some time. It is the reason for the hysterical worldwide attack on Roosh and his attempts to get men together just to meet and talk. The potential truth that would eventuate from such a blatant event was too much of a threat.

But the alt-right is anti-fragile. It thrives in chaos as every external attack only makes it stronger. And it is impervious to attack as it is so nebulous. No individual is crucial to the alt-right’s existence, thus any individual on the alt-right that is neutralized makes no difference to the whole. It is why the alt-right cannot have a leader. It is impossible for this to happen. An individual proclaiming himself a leader of the alt-right betrays his dealings in untruth by just such an act.

The alt-right is individual and simultaneously universal. The more strings each individual cuts, the stronger they become, and the stronger the alt-right becomes as a whole. Thus, every man is on an individual journey to make himself. You do this by cutting the strings of your pretty lies. This forces you to accept more individual responsibility. If you deal in truth then you cannot lie to yourself. The more individual responsibility you shoulder, the more meaningful your life becomes.

This is the true power of the alt-right. It is not about someone else. It is about you. Only an individual can take the red pill. Only an individual can seek the truth. But together we can be great.

  • Joe

    Andrew, your claim that “Restrictions on speech are the opposite of the alt-right.” will be the tool that the leftists use to destroy you. We can see that in the approach to free speech that the MSM takes. Only speech that they affirm is freely spoken. All other speech is suppressed via omission or overwhelmed by constant lying – which is protected via free speech.

    Until we re-define free speech to be only that known to be true, then we will always lose this battle.

    Our forebears knew this and had a mechanism to reign in unfettered speech. It was the personal duel. Later on, states formalised the duel into the tort of libel to prevent death. We have watered down libel so that any untruth cannot be successfully challenged. Perhaps it’s time to bring back duelling.

  • Justin Beaver

    Interesting article, Adam.
    I am not a particular fan of Roosh, but at least he is stirring the pot.

    It would be enormously beneficial to get groups of men together on a regular basis to discuss the current state of affairs.
    But it never happens, our current Society is geared away from that very thing, by design or by fate. We are too fractured and isolated.

    Imagine the good stuff men could get done if they met in big,local, critical thinking discussion groups once a week and decided that it was time to stop putting up with all the stupid shit.
    The powers that be wouldn’t like that one bit !

    I think the seed of the alt right is there in most men, but they mostly keep a lid on it because of pressures to conform, or they are frankly, too pussy whipped or just plain unconscious.

    Society is chock full of lies and untruths, it is very hard to untangle them, but taking a few red pills certainly helps.

  • Anthony Parks

    The Altright knows who the real leader is…

    Vladimir Putin

    • Warty2

      Your response raises more questions than it answers.

  • Ray Johnston

    Milo is Risen and still dangerous (and frightens little boys). He was meant to be dangerous because the opposite of dangerous is not nice……It is lies. “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

  • Warty2

    I think the media may have done on the term ‘alt right’ anyway, but the term itself doesn’t do anything for their cause. On reading their 16 principles, there is little I’d disagree with, other than the one you mention: item 12, which is silly. If one doesn’t care what others think then why publish these 16 principles. Apart from that, non of us live in a vacuum and unless one is a sociopath, we do actually care what others think. But I’m nit picking here.
    Back to the original point: backsliding conservatives, or conservatives in name only, have been termed ‘cuck conservatives’ in America, or neo conservatives elsewhere, to differentiate them from traditional conservatives. On the other hand I can’t comment on conservatives in America, whom the alt Right are taking aim at, but it seems there are enough terms to differentiate the true conservative from the one in sheets clothing.
    I also felt a little irritated with their final, sixteenth point, which declares against war, where one group/tribe/culture/nation attempts to dominate another. People that declare against war, or wish for world peace tend to live in cloud cuckoo land. People have fought for one reason or another for countless millennia, and will do so for goodness knows how many in the future. So statements in opposition to war are ridiculous, and wars to end all wars never happen.

    • Adam Piggott

      The Right has been vulnerable and ineffective for four decades because it cared about what the left thought of it. If the left screamed that they were racist they did everything to become less racist in the eyes of the left, for example.

      The alt-right does not care what the left or the right thinks of it. Thus it is impervious to ad hominem attacks of this nature which is the left’s primary attack mechanism. The entire politically correct edifice is based upon it.

      You need to read the 16th point again. It ‘values’ peace but it doesn’t declare that it will seek out peace at the cost of everything else. Likewise it is against war for the stated reasons, but if attacked it will certainly go to war to defend itself.

      • Warty2

        Fair enough, on both counts (i,e, points 12 & 16).

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘I am not a joiner’
    ‘But together we can be great’
    Good luck with that.