The Truth about Australian Mainstream Media BIAS


Does the Australian Mainstream Media have a left wing bias or is it balanced and objective? Some would admit bias, others wouldn’t.

Many would claim they are “in the centre.”

In this video I go over the actual evidence and what it means for the media in our country, and whether or not you can trust it.

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  • James

    Conspicuous with the MSM is they’re always making a big deal about trivial nonsense no one’s interested in.

    • A deplorable NNYer

      Funny you said that, I just came over from . It was just trivial crap there. I get more of an idea as to what is going on here, and on

      • Bucky Redux

        The site is pure clickbait: the sub-editors give sensational titles to each article:


        Total garbage, do people actually read the Murdoch trash ?

        • A deplorable NNYer

          The Adelaide Crapratizer (Advertiser) is good for lighting the fire, and in a pinch you can wipe with it. You cannot read it.

      • entropy

        It’s an online women’s magazine. Gynocentric bias pervades and the top articles are all about reality television, celebrity gossip and cheating husbands.

        It’s a real insight into the minds of 51% of voters.

        • A deplorable NNYer

          It is a pretty sad reflection on the mindset of Australians these days.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    More profitable to join them? How so? They are firing staff.

    • Bucky Redux

      Join up…get made redundant…..get payout !

    • They don’t need to make money. Their business is harvesting souls.

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Bucky Redux

    Australian MSM is fake news, lies propagated and carefully nurtured to keep the NPC sheep in their pens.

    • Jai_Normosone

      An old one from a Penthouse magazine from the 80’s….

      Q. What is the difference between Australian TV and a piece of shit?
      A. You can’t change channels on a piece of shit.

      • Bucky Redux

        Good one.

  • Noachideous

    Interradasting to observe.

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    Seems NoseCrap, as an Oorstr-alien publishing monstrosity exists with a religious agenda for the fact that 26 and 42 represent the name of GOD … in decimal and senary.

    That religious agenda seems to include, mostly ….. Get Whitey … people , quietly, Fabian style …… by way of incite to suicide or any other means as necessary.

  • entropy

    Can we trust clickbait XYZ articles that promise ‘the truth’ about something but instead just tease and link to YouTube videos?

    • Yes, I’m not a fan of videos and have gone off podcasts lately. Bit too much of the same thing even on the good ones.

      • entropy

        I might accept a summary of the video but this ‘article’ is pure bait. Ironic, considering the subject matter.

        Enough is enough.

  • “NGOs” are a key institutions? Not churches? Most NGOs are communist fronts. But … oh, nvm.

    I presume that it has always been rubbish, and we are just sick of it. Our grandparents were kike and communist aware and after a decades long hiatus of television and holohoax induced mesmerism, on a national level we are sensing even if out being able to name why, that something is seriously wrong with every broadcasting or publishing house everywhere.

    I’d rather we didn’t have any media than the constant communist drivel that is shoved down our throats everywhere. Dr Napoleon’s excellent book covered the damage that constant propaganda sold as entertainment really has on society: