The Truth about Fortnite Addiction and the 60-Minutes Australia Special


Fortnite has taken over the world and it’s getting kids addicted, or so goes the claim; but is it actually true?

Addiction is a terrible thing. In this video I analyse a recent 60-Minutes Australia piece about gaming addiction in teenage boys.

It misses the mark, as you can expect with the mainstream media, but is still interesting and does succeed in highlighting the truth, albeit by accident.

In this video I explore the real cause of addiction and why it has nothing to do with gaming, or any substance for that matter.

The truth is far more complicated, and deeper, than that.

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  • fimbulwinter

    Interesting video mate. Addiction to anything results in dependence on the state. The hyper-hedonistic lifestyle encouraged by the media is designed to keep us all consuming, blue pilled and ultimately dependent

  • Bucky Redux

    I watched that 60 minutes episode about Fortnite addiction, as my nephew sometimes plays it.

    The episode was just typical clickbait fearporn.

    Faux concern about Logan and his “addiction” from that skanky street hooker, Tara Brown.

    She has sub-zero credibility, and 60 Minutes is just lowbrow tabloid trash: their aim is to provoke outrage and drive traffic for their shit tier program.
    Feel sorry for the kid, Logan, being used by MSM hacks.

    • entropy

      Tara didn’t try to abduct him, did she?

    • thegentlemantroll

      His video-gaming is causing him to skip school, nice one Logan! I’m sure Tara Brown would love him to go back into brainwashing camp so he can have his male organs chopped. In five years she’ll be wailing against his toxic masculinity, here she’s pretending to be his best friend. Don’t believe the lies Logan.

  • thegentlemantroll

    Posting before watching, but I know 60 mins agenda so I feel quite confident saying this:

    The left hate boys being boys. As a consequence most of the outside world has excluded young boys and shut them out from their traditional avenues of fun and exploration. (Ostensibly on “health and safety grounds” but we know the truth) Men turned to the virtual world as a result, as that’s the only way to get their testosterone kicks. But the feminist man-hating crones find even this unacceptable, because they despise the notion that boys/men might want to enjoy their life in a way a male naturally would. No, we must only suffer for the genetics we were born with.

  • entropy

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    You’ve been a lot better lately Matty, but this ‘article’ is just clickbait advertising.

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    • Bucky Redux

      Here’s my vote for better Entropy orgasms, although we all know that the male white patriarchy denies the God-given female right to orgasm, as a tool of oppression and subjugation.
      * follow me on Twatter and Fuckbook and Gibs

  • Jai_Normosone

    You give a semblance of credibility to a show that calls itself “60 minutes” but only lasts 38 in reality.

  • I wonder if they still have Cadets these days?

    I’m not one for orders, uniforms or marching, and to be honest I couldn’t hit the side of a barn (as my schoolday scores attested) but we could presumably do with some structured rifleman opportunities for the youth instead of more screen staring activities.

    One Brownling expressed an interest in learning to shoot. I’m worried if I find a gun club it’ll be run by bikers.