The truth about the Stolen Generations


There was no “Stolen Generation”. There was no official government policy to remove aboriginal children from their families based on their race.

Aboriginal children were indeed removed from their families for their own protection or welfare, but Marxist propaganda has created a myth which is having devastating consequences today: aboriginal children are being left in abusive situations because agents of the state are scared to remove them, for fear of being labelled racist by supposedly continuing policies of the mythical “Stolen Generation”.

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  • W. Hunter

    I’m not sorry that I am not sorry about not saying I am sorry about the “Stolen Generations.”
    If I had any tears left they would be really salty.

  • Ron Mortimer

    What about all the white babies removed from young single women up to the 70’s? Great pressure was applied to them to relinquish their babies.
    I am getting so over this aboriginal whining……

  • LadyMoonlight

    As a high school history teacher, I have to teach the “Stolen Generations” as a component of the only compulsory unit in Year 10…Rights and Freedoms… all about the American civil rights movement and the fight by Australian Aboriginals for their rights and freedoms. I know I am teaching nonsense, but I have no choice. Imagine what would happen if I taught the truth! My colleagues believe the propaganda totally and would be shocked, truly shocked if they learned what I really thought. At 65 I am too old to find another profession, so, I tow the politically correct line. Call me a coward, but I don’t feel I have a choice. My grand daughters, on the other hand, are told the truth about not only the “stolen generations” but also about the truth and reality of the most evil ideology this planet has ever known…Islam.

    • Ron Mortimer

      I wouldn’t call you a coward, far from it. We all do what we can and push the boundaries where we can, and live to fight another day. There are many ways to fight this fight, and some will be out there at the front while others will have quietly red pilled their families for decades. Both are needed.

    • You should just teach the truth, you’re 65 and I can only assume you’ve been teaching for a while now.

      Teach the truth and let your fellow teachers yell and scream.

      Really, what can they do? They can’t fire you, they can ostracise you but honestly do you really care?

      • Jai_Normosone

        Matty, it’s not often I disagree with you but, in this case, the teaching profession is loaded with bullying and harassment and it comes mainly from the department and directed at the teachers. It’s a level of stress that some really can live without as I know more than a few that have bailed on the profession thanks to the utter ineptitude and heavy-handedness of Education Queensland.

  • entropy

    Aborigines won’t integrate into modern society until we stop enabling their victimhood fantasies.

    That will be difficult to achieve with high migration, as minorities seem happy to use any pretext to undermine the legitimacy of white culture.

    • Tele Synth

      Aborigines don’t need to integrate into modern society so much as bloody well bother to make the effort to improve themselves and compete with the other races in Australia. Abo life is short, crime is high, child abuse is rife all because they refuse to take control of their lives. I’m all for giving everyone some respect but statistics does not lie, an Aboriginal brought up by Aborigines is going to be a failure.

    • Ralphy

      This blame/shame/game is the current juggernaut heading up the very lucrative, western gravy train. Victimhood (the noisier the better), the tastiest of little earners.

  • Jai_Normosone

    The whole “Stolen Generation” thing is a product of the media and those in political power that want to use any means to score points against an opposition.
    I personally know of one fellow who says that being taken from his family was the best this that could have happened to him as he would now either be dead/permanently drunk/living in squalor or any other negative aspect of life in an aboriginal camp. He is now a professional in more than one field, has a beautiful home and wife and is respected in his community.