Twilight of the normies


It’s getting harder to be a normie in Australia these days. It used to be so easy. You knew exactly what to think and what to say, what to like and what to hate, who to attack and who to obey. Everything was simple.

In the current year, however, the edifice of official realityTM manufactured by the establishment over the decades is fracturing. The old voices which used to reassure the normies that everything was under control have lost their authority. New, scary voices like XYZ have emerged. It’s really freaking the normies out.

Despite what the establishment media tell the eternal normie though, what’s happening only feels like the spread of chaos. It’s not. It’s the restoration of order. It’s the truth breaking through a veil of state-sanctioned lies.

The Australian normie has been expected, like Alice in ‘Through the Looking Glass’, to believe in impossible things. It sent Alice mad, and it’s doing the same to the eternal normie.

Never before in history have citizens been so indoctrinated and propagandised as citizens of the West are today, and as official realityTM and actual reality continue to diverge, the psychological pressure on the normie is going to increase exponentially until he snaps.

Let’s have a look at all the impossible things the eternal normie is expected to believe, see what effect that might be having on him psychologically and speculate on what happens when he blows.

Normie falling down
The Australian normie is falling down.

You must fit in and be agreeable at work. You must be part of a team, and your standing within the workplace will be determined by consensus between your peers. Fake eccentricity, like the receptionist who wears pink glasses, is fun. Real eccentricity, like reading a book at lunch, is a sign of bad character.

Your identity is your lifestyle and the products you ‘consume’. You are just a consumer, after all. You differentiate yourself from others by these lifestyle and consumption choices.

zany hipster chick
Zany girl is zany.

Your identity in no way comes from your heritage or ethnic group unless you’re non-white. The more non-white you are, the more it does. If you’re ‘black’, it’s your entire identity. Now have a promotion.

House prices always go up and millennials are entitled brats who think avocadoes are an everyday food. House prices always go up because of supply and demand and there’s not enough land in Australia. The more you borrow from the banks for a house, the richer you’re going to be one day.

The world is getting hotter because of the carbon dioxide being put out by power plants and farting cows. To fix this, Australia has to build a million wind farms because that’s sustainable. China building a power plant a week for 20 years has no effect on whether this is still true.

Australia’s economic future is secure because China will keep buying our coal forever.

The massive rise in electricity prices over the past few years is because of a glitch in the transition to a million wind farms. Government is fixing the problem so there’s no point getting angry.

Don’t you want to save the Great Barrier Reef?

Your farts are killing Nemo. Photo from flickr

Inflation is 1.9%, the unemployment rate is 5.6% and taxes are fair. If we don’t pay enough taxes to have enough welfare, how else will we become a paradise nation like Sweden?

Our future Sweden
Sweden is the future.

Europe is not being overrun by our historical enemies who rape women and spontaneously combust. People who say otherwise are just racist.

Racist bogans
This is what a racist looks like.

Refugees are welcome because if we don’t let strangers take over our house then we’re just like those phobic RWNJ’s who are scared of smart brown women.

2 + 2 = 5 and there are 63 genders. Remember: 63. Until you are told otherwise by someone who works for the government. Or Fairfax.

White men did all the bad things in history. They did them to children, women and non-whites. Especially blacks. Because of that, white men are not allowed to exist. They’re just dying out anyway.

World War I diggers
They died for multicultural gender dysphoria.

Vlad (‘The Pale Impaler’) Putin hacked the US presidential election of 2016 and now put a CRAZY ORANGE SEXIST in charge of the nuclear warheads. That CRAZY ORANGE SEXIST is now going to use them recklessly against Russia’s allies and start World War III. With Russia.

If the news doesn’t come from one of six corporations or a socialist government, it’s fake. If you’re in doubt, you just need to ask the oracle of to tell you what’s real.

Above all, you must never do your own research and decide for yourself. You start doing that, you’ll end up like this.

9/11 was carried out by 19 jihadis and a guy in a cave in Afghanistan who had no connection to the Bushes, the CIA or Mossad. ISIS emerged spontaneously from the sands of the Middle East because we didn’t invade enough countries in the region or maybe because evil white men invaded too many countries in the region.

Which you believe will be determined by whether you’re a leftie normie or a conservative normie. Remember, it’s all about the next election.

Also, the Las Vegas shooting was carried out by a lone superboomer who smuggled 23 guns and 1000 rounds in 13 suitcases into his room and prepared it for days without room service noticing.

And the federal government needs your driver’s licence photo to protect you from terrorists like the superboomer. It has nothing to do with the global roll-out of quantum computing-powered AI to track your every move.

If you can believe all that, you’re safe and sound as a normie. Unfortunately for the establishment, fewer and fewer normies can.

Up is down and down is up in the world of the eternal normie. No wonder he’s in torment.

Every day when he wakes up he has to repeat these beliefs to himself and surround himself with others who are also still in the normie bubble. He must never associate with thoughtcriminals who think otherwise.

And most of all he must never, under any circumstances, follow the white rabbit.