Universities vetting students’ political views for entry into medicine


Addendum: It has come to the attention of The XYZ that the University of Queensland no longer conducts entrance interviews for medical students.

The following story was sent to The XYZ by a reader.  Some grammar and spelling has been edited, and names removed:

This is something that the general public knows nothing about. It is a true story, and why I know that is because it happened to my own son. It is of a long story so I will do my best to keep it as short as possible but there are details you need to know..

My son received 434 in his HSC. He then went to Sydney University. He wanted Vet but missed by 4 marks. So he did Science with the thought of transfer. Then decided against it. He completed science, then went to the University of Queensland where he did his honours degree, coming out with first class honours. Then he started his masters degree in cardiovascular imagery. This put him working with doctors who convinced him he should be doing Medicine – a country boy, and knowing how desperate regional Australia is for doctors as most are now from overseas.

So he sat the GAMSAT exam and was in the top 10%. When you receive an invitation for an interview, it is taken you are accepted. At that time they know every academic mark you have received from school onwards. So along to the interview my son goes. but, in the interview he was asked, “What is your opinion on immigration.”

My son replied “Close the gates on immigration until the country can decide the population in can support”.

The interviewers jumped on him with “Our country needs immigration as our economy depends on it”.

To this my son replied, “I’m not an economist and you asked for my opinion only”.

The interview finished and within 7 days my son received a letter of rejection.

I wrote to the AMA who told me they knew this was going on but had no way of stopping the universities as they are a law unto themselves. I wrote to our local Federal MP at the time, who was furious. A country boy wanting to be a country doctor. He wrote to the university asking why. They wrote back saying “—- —- is only an average student” This was obviously a lie as they had all his grades and still invited him for an interview. But it put an end to my being about to do anything about it.

The doctors —- was working with were also very upset, saying he should have know when it comes to Australian universities, you must answer left-wing. You get two chances, so the doctors “coached” him on left-wing answers.

Yes, he did go back and yes he is a doctor, but what are political questions doing in our universities?

This is not an isolated case, as I put this story in my group a number of months ago and an ANU student wrote back saying it was also done to her. They had a group discussion on women’s rights and she made a statement “in Islam women don’t have rights”. She was pulled aside and told if she ever mentioned anything like that again they would remove her from her course, and they would make sure she was never accepted into any other Australian university. How can the Government allow this to happen? Meanwhile, we bring in overseas doctors and never ask their political views.

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  • Australian Universities are factories.
    Factories to manufacture obedient little Marxists who can infiltrate every strata of Society.
    The examples illustrated in the story are a terrible indictment of how far our leftist,thought policing education system has degenerated.

    It starts indoctrinating the kids in Primary school with every style of cankered leftarded PC nonsense, like collectivism, Safe Schools and greeny environmentalism, that is rammed down their throats in High School, then perhaps you don’t get into Uni unless you can plausibly recite Marx’s Class theory and join the local chapter of Antifa.

    Any independent thought and divergent opinions and discussions are forbidden by the progressive left, eager to stifle any free speech with fetid political correctness and overprotection of any self-proclaimed racist minority students and homosexuals and leftist fellow travelling quislings who literally shout down anybody who disagrees with their diatribe.

    To get ahead these days, you must be expert in Orwell’s doublethink. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/51f376a9762503fb0d1ad89e096739e970cfb5305665dadd38aa580321761b45.jpg

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    God help us all.

  • Simon Thompson

    The College of GPs is terribly left tarded too. I remain silent.

    • Wealth for toil

      And Engineers Australia. I have let my membership lapse – there is no way I’m paying nearly $600 a year for an organisation that actively lobbies the government to put me out of a job (by perpetuating the ‘skills shortage’ myth).

  • Burntbear

    My wife was a guest Lecture to a Well known Queensland University – She was told not to fail any of the foreign students, They handed back sub-standard to bad Projects and were failed, so no more work there, but one must have standards.

    • Asian students are a fountain of gold for the Universities.
      All of that cold hard cash flowing into their coffers from cashed up Asian parents sending their little emperors and empresses down under for their Uni education.

      I think it was Macquarie Uni that was outed for handing out degrees to Chinese students that never even turned up to lectures. ( Engineering degrees ! )
      They cannot fail Asian students as it would clearly be racist.

      Plus there is a busy underground network that Asian students can pay, to write their thesis papers for them and even pay to get someone else to sit in for their Uni exams.

      Of course, the Universities know all this, but you can’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

      • Earl Conner

        I have a brave lecturer at the moment who has described to me on several occasions now how difficult it to teach and ‘pass’ overseas students of the elongated eye variety. I’m under no illusions though; if it weren’t for their business, I’d be paying a shit tonne more to study at University as an Australian.

        I had no idea about those avenues for cheating however – here I’ve been doing my own hard work like a chump!

        • John Alan Read

          “overseas students of the elongated eye variety.” – Wow, racist much?

          • Brendan Cleary


          • Earl Conner

            Side note: my attempt at humor; definitely not the words of my teacher.

          • Wealth for toil

            Sounded descriptive, not racist.

    • Similar thing happened to a former colleague of mine at a regional law school.

  • Paul Rain

    “what are political questions doing in our universities”

    Not the right question I’m afraid.

    The reality is, these people are communist scum. They want to destroy Australia. They want to swamp us, they want to destroy the Australian people.

    There is every reason to ask political questions, but there should be patriotic Australians asking the questions. Noone who can be documented to hold these views in favour of destroying Australia should be allowed in a position of authority.

    The failure of the Communist Party ban referendum laid the seeds for the destruction of the Australian nation.

  • Wide Awake

    I regularly get poor grades in some of my uni assignments because they are not PC and inclusive enough.