Utopian political idealism & the ideological subversion of the West


Melbourne’s smelly anti-white hordes were out in force like the zombie army they are on Australia Day. Attendance was down though. I guess snowflakes don’t like heatwaves.

Invasion Day protesters march through the city

Thousands have marched through the city, demanding not just a date change, but an end to Australia Day.



Posted by 7 News Melbourne on Friday, 25 January 2019

It makes me angry to see such deluded ingrates identifying with a group they have nothing in common with to attack the group they largely belong to and which provided them with a life beyond the wildest dreams of their ancestors. It probably does you, too, if you’re not a puny manlet.

We’re all getting so, so angry.

Even Kerri-Anne Kennerley, a person with whom I never thought I would have something in common, is getting fired up.

The wrath of the awakened Boomer. Onya Kerri-Anne.

The MAGA hat kid controversy was another redpill moment for many previously deluded whites; a moment when brainwashed whites who still believed that politics is a battle of ideas and that demographics don’t matter saw that the left has been waging a race war against us for 50 years while telling us we’re paranoid and racist if we resist. Such moments rouse an existential angst which white people, particularly older ones, didn’t know existed. It makes people realise that we are in a war; for our society, our culture, our very existence. And we’re losing.

And so we’re ready to fight.

It’s coming.

But whom?

Miseducated inner-Melbourne quadroons? The academics who miseducated them? Kooky black fake Christian cults? Professional Marxist race-baiting savages? Blue-tick Twitter leftists? Anti-white journalists?

White men are getting ready to fight. Some want to fight the Muslims, some the African gangs, some the homeless Melbourne Antifa scum.

Pretty much everyone wants to fight Waleed Aly.

But there’s no way we can win a war if we don’t know who the enemy is. Otherwise, we’re just punching randomly like a drunk in a Redfern pub, provoking everyone in the process. So let’s sit down first, and think. Let’s stop reacting, and start acting.

The people we’re getting angry at are infected with the mental virus of cultural Marxism. There are other mental viruses, however, which have prevented conservatives and centrists from recognising what cultural Marxism is and the threat it represents. Where did these viruses come from? This is a good place to begin. Let’s start by looking at the role of ideologies in modern history, how they have been weaponised, to great effect, and by whom. This is the way to understand who our enemy truly is.

Utopian political idealism

In the modern period, we largely replaced religion with ideology. These are the secular religions of modernity. A not-comprehensive list of the main ideological movements which animate people in the West today might include: orthodox Marxism (a few diehard believers), cultural Marxism (public sector professionals and anyone who’s been to uni really), neoliberalism (private sector professionals and the moneyed elite), neoconservatism (the politically-engaged right, or anyone who reads The Australian), Christian Zionism (Protestant Christians) and libertarianism (I’m not even going to define that group because arguing with them makes me want to scoop out my eyeballs with a spoon).

Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments if I did.

Have a look at that list of ideologies. Do you notice anything about which group largely came up with them?

If we look at these ideologies animating large groups of people in the West today, including Salafi Islam, we will see several common elements. They are grounded in what Jewish neo-Marxist intellectual Karl Popper called historicism; a diagnosis of the problems of history and a solution to those problems which can be accomplished using the power of the state. For the orthodox Marxists, ‘capitalism’ as understood by a class-based analysis is the source of our woes. If we overthrow capitalism and hand the state over to a revolutionary vanguard of intellectuals, we’ll have utopia.

Of course, that’s never been tried, so we don’t know if it will work or not…

For the cultural, or Western, Marxist the framework remains the same, however in place of class the Western Marxist sees a world riven by injustice rooted in identity categories. This is ultimately a racial form of Marxism; for while the Western Marxist will profess to be a feminist, gay rights advocate, trans-friend and brown champion, the unifying motivation for all these various factions is the overthrow of white men, and ultimately white cultures entirely. It’s a racial crusade against white people, dressed up in academic language as ‘intersectionality’.

It’s bullshit. They just hate white people. That’s all there is to it, and the solution therefore for the Western Marxist is to capture the power of the state and use it to destroy whites. And they’ve been doing that now for decades, with great success.

Neoliberalism is essentially open-borders globalism supported by a worldview of base materialism and the handing over of society to the financial elite. More trade, more immigration means more money, more happy voters and a solution to the problems of prole management. If the racist plebs complain, remind them how good the food is.

Neoconservatism is more complex, and much less honest. The Jewish intellectuals who founded neoconservatism following the rise of the cultural Marxist New Left in the 60’s were former Trotskyites who liked war and enjoyed power and wanted to use it to remodel the world favourably for themselves. Understanding how a group of supposedly left-wing radical Bolsheviks could become supposedly right-wing, conservative Zionists requires us to understand the true unifying force behind both Marxism and Zionism: Jewish power.

Churchill’s column a century ago was only partly accurate. The relationship between Bolshevism and Zionism was never one of struggle. It was a symbiotic relationship which advanced Jewish interests internationally. When Israel was founded 28 years later, thanks to the machinations of the Rothschild family, it was largely communist Jews from Eastern Europe who populated it. They filled the kibbutzim, and planned their global revolution. Despite what Christian Zionists have been told, there is nothing pro-Western or pro-Christian about Israel. If anything, Israel could be considered the last Soviet state left on Earth. Or Soviet Russia could have been considered the first Jewish one.

As for the Christian Zionists, they should read Galatians 3:16, stop worshiping Jews and start asking themselves what Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 is referring to. Here’s a hint. Salafi Islam, distinct from the other belief systems by being a religion which looks outside this world rather than an ideology rooted in secular materialism, still awaits a political and military leader who will bring about a period of greatness for the faithful and subjugate or destroy the rest of humanity. It shares this eschatological expectation with orthodox Judaism.

All of the secular ideological orientations reject the obvious truth that a nation is ultimately an extended kinship network bound together by bonds of blood, shared heritage, historical customs and a common tongue. The work of Jewish intellectuals such as Franz Boas was crucial in formulating this false belief system contrary to empirical evidence and natural law. As we shall see, this deception has been central to the destruction of the West we are witnessing today.

Ideological subversion

Few today understand just how significant the Russian revolution of 1917 was. Radical socialist ideas had festered throughout Europe and North America since the French Revolution, spreading to public awareness through the 1848 revolutions and the Paris Commune of 1871. Marx’s work synthesised this movement for socio-political inversion into a philosophical system coherent enough to mobilise the peasantry and overthrow the political, social and religious order of Europe which had prevailed since Late Antiquity. It was the deconstruction of Christian Europe and its replacement with an order based not on the Bible, but on occult principles with their origins in the Jewish Kabbalah.

Marx himself came from a long line of Talmudic rabbis, and the leading ideological proponents of radical socialism were either Jewish or had been influenced by Jewish mysticism. The Yiddish newspapers of New York were a hotbed of radical socialist and communist ideas, and when the time came for the revolution in Russia it was Jewish bankers in Wall St who funded the revolution. As with the French Revolution before, Jewish influence was crucial to the revolution being carried out.

Marx’s philosophy is a philosophy of inversion. It is by definition Satanic, in that it seeks to invert the moral order of God and replace it with the doctrines of Luciferianism. It is a vehicle for the will to power of a tiny elite to tyrannise the majority, who are seen as fit only to be exploited. Marx’s rhetoric of justice and idealism expertly obscures this reality, and it is why, whenever Marx’s ideas have been implemented, hell has swiftly followed.

It is often said that Soviet Russia was an atheist state. This is a lie. While the priests were murdered and the nuns raped and murdered, the cathedrals and churches destroyed and Christianity forbidden, the synagogues and mosques in Russia remained open. Judaism continued, as did Islam. The USSR wasn’t atheist. It was Satanic.

Once the Jewish Bolshevik elite had secured Russia as a base of operations, the machinery of the state was dedicated to subverting and overthrowing the established order everywhere across the world. They were successful in China, other parts of Eurasia and the Third World thanks to communist sympathisers within the US State Department. Communist spies within the US, many of them Jewish, also helped the USSR with stolen technology and state secrets. The State Department remains Zionist-controlled to this day, and China remains a state organised along communist ideological lines as well.

Although the official narrative of the Cold War states that the US won, and economically it surely did, it was a Pyrrhic victory. Former KGB spy and Cold War defector Yuri Bezmenov outlined how central the strategy of ideological subversion was to the Soviet authorities.

We now come full circle back to cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School. The purpose of cultural Marxism has been to demoralise and divide Western societies; to destroy the family, disrupt communities and destabilise our societies so that we may be overthrown. The virus has been spread through our education system so thoroughly that even Trotsky, who first coined the term ‘racist’, could not have dreamed of how well Western societies have been subverted.

The US government has been made dysfunctional by a brainwashed neo-Marxist left that will not be satisfied until white America is a memory. Large sections of our society have turned rabid as their utopian cult has generated a still-moderate nationalist and libertarian resistance. We are literally at each others’ throats, while we are constantly propagandised to feel guilty for historical wrongs real and imagined that we had nothing to do with.

The West has been thoroughly ideologically subverted by cultural Marxism from the left and neoconservatism from the fake right. Both are Ashkenazi Jewish in origin. Both are bringing the West to destruction, one from within, the other from without.

As I always have to clarify with these articles, this is not about ‘Jews’. Most of them are victims of this thing as much as the rest of us, although they have been brainwashed to hate, fear and look down on the goy. This enemy that we must name if we are ever to begin fighting for our civilisation effectively is an international, supremacist cabal whose power comes from its control of central banking and the international monetary system. This is the source of its strength. It uses this financial power to operate through corrupt and compromised local elites around the world.

It uses this financial power to control the media.

And the political elites of the world.

All underpinned by the use of ideologies, or secular religions, as a form of mass mind control over the people of the West. Funded by the banking elite of London and New York, this supremacist cabal first gained a base by taking control of Russia in 1917. This control was insecure, however, and there is reason to believe that Stalin opposed this cabal’s control over the Russian people when he took power. The base of operations then shifted to the criminal bunker and rogue regime of Israel, a country with over 200 nukes which has never signed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. A country which regularly carries out espionage and terrorism against other countries with impunity. A country for which our soldiers have died and our politicians have lied.

The group of people who have done this have been able to because we live by appearances while they live by sacred occult principles handed down over the generations. They consider us fools, and largely they’re right. While we have been dissolved and cut off from heritage, faith and kin, they are zealous in their determination to rule the rest of humanity and assert their supremacy over us. While we seek to be rational and reasonable, they are fanatical.

This isn’t just a struggle for the West or for whites. This is a struggle for all of humanity. Will we live free as God made us, or be slaves? Will we choose harsh truth, or comforting lies?

Will we remain under ideological mind control, or are we finally ready to face reality, and live in the light?

  • Jamie Blank

    A great read. Thanks David.

  • Razorback

    Wow…I wish I could write like that…

  • Panadechi Santiago

    And meanwhile, Melbourne is following the path of the current failed London,
    in 50 years it has become a white majority, in a brown and black shitole.

    • Bucky Redux
      • Jai_Normosone

        Someone is full of shit with this meme as it shows pyramids – which archaeologists still cannot work out how they were built and a derivative of the community that identifies as Muslim are too fucking stupid to be able to build anything.
        The pic below shows people seemingly of class and culture engaging in a dinner or something similar. Refer to comments above as those who identify as Muslim might have designs on having class and culture but the reality is that they will never achieve it. Ever. Not even if they became regarded as the gods of earth and everyone else waited on them hand and foot…. It will never be possible.

        • Bucky Redux

          You are correct.
          Muslim sandpeople/nignogs did not, could not build the pyramids, just as spear-chucker nignog Kangz never established the fanciful black nation of Wakanda.
          If not for White man, the sub-human black monkeys would still be swinging from liana vines in the jungle, the low IQ Muslim sandpeople living in rough tents with their 9 year old wives and literally wiping the shit from their arses with their hands, as they still do.
          So it was, so it shall always be.

  • Bucky Redux

    Mr. Hilton, fabulous writing. Thank you.
    Every article you publish is a MIRV, raining down dead centre on target.
    Satanists and Luciferianism and human/child sacrifice are inseparably intertwined with the several elite families that keep humanity enslaved.
    People might find this fanciful, but it’s true.
    For those who are not asleep, it’s devilish smoke and mirrors to hide the ghastly truth from the mindful. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/61c6a79f53e6d43e7fb6111cc21ee3c70ca986b387bc216c5a4496b834b6695e.jpg

  • Mattys Modern Life
    • Bucky Redux

      Archons = Demons, they’ll suck the life force right outta ya, every time. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b89ecf3479a581b4acccf2f03f507fe41583f42b0e1ebb603a6b561806cf8e9.jpg

      • Mattys Modern Life

        They don’t suck the life out of you, they implant a brain virus that urges people to push for a mechanical hive mind society.

        You know, communism.

        Guess who were the first people they infected?

        You know who.

        • Bucky Redux

          Apparently you can “see” the Archons if you are in a mind altered state.
          I’m going to borrow/drop some acid from failed gay librarian, Jamie Blank and see who comes knockin’


          • Jamie Blank

            Large groups of people microdosing is a great way to invoke these demons. Silicon Valley is a case in point.

            Individuals microdosing and intensely dosing can expect “unpredictable” results.

            While I tend to modestly reject the failed gay librarian moniker, I’d advise care with regards to set and setting while having a look at who comes knocking. I know it’s a cliche, yet “to fathom hell or soar angelic” rings true. I’d also prefer to be called “Stiffbastard” if you’re going to dribble that gay librarian shit, certainly nothing slack about me, as my Mrs would attest to. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/681cb6ef7f6d3f0cb60ca7ed5bcfef14f66dc0a0aa6f01cbead15488dec40430.jpg

          • Bucky Redux

            JB: “Stiffbastard” it is, then.
            The 1980 movie with William Hurt, Altered States, is an interesting fictional venture into the human mind using hallucinogens to unlock regions of the unconscious.
            Yes, it warrants extreme care when summoning Spirits, under influence of hallucinogens or not.

          • Jamie Blank

            I saw that over 30 years ago. Flotation tanks and weird shit. Very thought provoking around the psychedelic realm.

    • Jamie Blank

      The virus is a social level meme. It sits above individual evolutionary genetics. Think of group level genetics and evolution. The idiom “feminism is cancer” begins to illustrate the point.

      Where did it come from? An action similar to speciation caused it.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    The white people are under genocidal attack all over the world by the globalist Zionism (Jewish cultural Marxism), but I wanted to investigate what was the perspective of the Asians with respect to this, and I have found out that they are on the defensive observing. They will be the next victim.
    My conclusion is that the most powerful “Social Node” is ethnic nationalism, the most ethnocentric power elite knows it and seeks to sabotage this in order to avoid competition. NODE SOCIAL is the target of attack.
    A solitary ant is weak and helpless, but millions of sisters together can knock down a Leon or Elephant, Zionism seeks to isolate you to make it weak, use diversity.
    Everything is a war of biological control, ultimate goal, POWER, MONEY and CONTROL.
    Asian Perspective (They are race conscious) .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXolSjZWHTc

  • Ryan

    Ripper write-up David mate!

  • Almostoffthegrid

    Nice summary, David. Amusing how just a couple days ago, I saw a number of names on here exalting senator anning- who portrays himself as an Israel supporter, even using Judeo-Christian civilisation as a buzzword to describe european civilisation.

    Today you’re their hero though, and these are the heroes we have to carry on the european bloodline :’)

    • Bucky Redux

      Interesting. He is certainly sending mixed signals…he is either a Jew supporter or a Nazi anti-semite.
      Which is it, I wonder…….? Hedging his bets ?

      • Almostoffthegrid

        My point was directed to the goyim. We know politicians can’t be trusted, at least their agenda can be attributed to gaining power and prestige, however https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e946edf5203bab31ef356295d729269f118953cd342fd978f0f96641018b4918.jpg . Goyim on the other hand gain nothing..

      • fimbulwinter

        It could be as simple as the overton hasn’t shifted enough to name them yet so he’s probably playing it safe. But given how how meticulous they are in every detail, there are red flags and hints of controlled opposition. At the moment he’s the best hope we have got and there’s very little chance of a political solution.

    • Stiffbastard

      Hello Theodore. How do you find contradiction or irony? You seem to have forgotten to post that bit.

      • Almostoffthegrid

        Meh. The irony is that people think that we can pray and vote our way out of the crap, or pray and have a race war. Lol. It isn’t the 1930’s anymore.

        It’s also ironic that people love posting Yuri bezmenov, yet fail to see were at the stage that all we need is destabilisation.

        • Stiffbastard

          Meh. While the dots might connect in your head, your impartation of these dots dot not seem to connect in my mind. Perhaps I’m lacking in this area and you can help connect them for me?

  • Noachideous

    In refusing to publish the evidence, the recent ECAJ report mocked the notion that israel was required to be made undead in 1948 and that WW2 exists in the time domain as symbolic Temple Menorah 26, with 1942 as its chronological centre.

    For Christian Zionists … moar … evidence. Note CZ people, that the walls of the Australian Memorial are decorated with the names of mostly AngloCelticSaxon Men and Women. These people paid for your israel … with their lives. Now organisms like the ADC of the BnaiBrith, the ECAJ and the Excecutive Council of Oorstraelien judases betray these Men with their kosher incitement to white suicide project.

    An interpretive democracy of the Dead is in order, to determine the collective will of YT people who have no voice… as a matter of ancestral honour.

    ISRAEL ……. 9 19 18 1 5 12 … summing to … 64 …. check the math.

    64 36 … by +x … 10 9 then 24 18 …. for 1942 …. The chronological centre of WW2.

    jewry lie directly and by informed, calculated omission. The GOD 26 42 of the jews that provides the template for jewhiss behavioral life as it relates to others must advocate for that behavior.

    CZ people might contemplate the fact that in the context of jewry’s attempt to have YT people suicide by immigration, the presence of any single member of establishment jewry in the Australian War Memorial turns that place into a kosher toilet.

    • Noachideous

      For the fact that ALLAH … 1 12 12 1 8 amounts to 34 and by +x 34 66 ….. 1948 … Islam seems to claim an interest in the behavior of that which was made undead 1948.

      ODIN …. 15 4 9 14 … for 42 . By +x 42 58 ….. 1948.

      Sum all individual numbers for 24 . Sum 24 42 for 66, pointing to 34 . By +x 34 66 … 1948…

      There are only two number pairs pointing to 1948 that originate from the 50/50 split which is then by method of increment/decrement recorded to obtain pairs that commence with 49 51 … 48 52 … etc …

      Those number pairs are 42 58 and 34 66… and are all contained with the WORD … 60 …. ODIN…

      Is ODIN a jew ? ….. and if so …. who did ODIN jew ?

      There should not be a single ODINine YT person alive who is in collaboration with jewry’s …. incite white to suicide project.

      Are there any ?

      ODIN is and always will be a Nordic Deity…. despite jewry’s best media attempts to multiculturally adulterate the racial aesthetic of the ODINine.

      ODIN has likewise declared a vested interest in the behavior of those who occupy made undead in 1948.

  • Bootstrapper

    The banking stysem is the root of their power. Disengage from that and their power is diminished.