VIDEO: Chinese resellers strip baby formula from Melbourne supermarket


Took the fam to see some suburban Christmas lights this evening. Don’t have pics, but they were pretty ace.

It makes my heart swell to see people put money and time to create something beautiful just simply so that those in their community can come and enjoy it. Everyone delighting in our shared customs, shared language, shared faith even. It was beautiful. A white Christmas.

It made my Protestant heart swell even more to see some enterprising primary school kids on the street had set up stalls selling food and drinks. If there’s anything to make the Christmas season even more perfect, it’s to see small children setting up small businesses illegally.

Small business is what built this great country. Honest profits build civilisation.

Dishonest profits, however, destroy it. There is a type of profiteering which is parasitic and predatory. It has no place in a decent country.

It should be deported. Immediately.

What astonishes me most, watching those soulless parasites stealing baby formula meant for children who live in this country, is that the Aussie men around them let it happen. What happened to this country? Have the chemicals in the water really made us such weak-willed cowards that we would stand and let this happen without driving these parasites out of the store, with force if necessary?

The civic nationalist alt-liters out there would have you believe that this is just a random group of people who happen to be taking advantage of an opportunity in the free market. It’s just capitalism. We shouldn’t impose upon their individual rights by preventing these people from making a living…

We might not like it, but we wouldn’t want to become racist, would we?

This is why civic nationalism, and the postmodern liberalism it relies upon, cannot address the smorgasbord of problems destroying our country.

These people need to be driven out of this country, preferably with whips, as an example to others that such behaviour will not be tolerated. We used to do things like that, before we were lulled to sleep by the siren song of the European-style socialists.

That’s why we must return to the mild and reasonable form of ethnic nationalism which prevailed in this country prior to the 60’s. The type of sensible nationalism proposed by men like Senator Fraser Anning.

It’s not based on hate. It’s what we must do for our children.

For if we don’t, one day, they’ll really go hungry.

Thanks to the Stand Up For Australia Facebook page for the video. Used with permission from creator.

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  • Repeal fake marriage

    Swinging toward white nationalism more and more, I am. As you say Moses, that does not mean I hate non whites.

    • I tried very hard to believe that civic nationalism would help fix things, but it just won’t. It’s another artificial creation of the people who got us into this mess in the first place. We have a common interest with people of other nations as well. The cultural Marxist dialectic frames whites as the rulers and oppressors of humanity that every other race must unite against. Another projection by our enemies…

      • Panadechi Santiago
      • entropy

        Being a civic nationalist doesn’t mean you have to deny the correlation between race and culture. Your critiques seem to be behavioral, not genetic.

        IMO, the problem is high immigration and anti-white ‘racism’ narratives that don’t facilitate cultural integration.

      • Bucky Redux

        Give me ethnic nationalism any day.

        • Bumpstock

          Let me fix that for you “Give me White Nationalism anyday”

  • MatrixTransform

    Seen it first hand…

    For a few years we hosted 2x chinese students in our home.
    The Weird One was filthy rich and doing a Masters in Linguistics
    The Pretty One one not so wealthy, was doing a Masters in HR.

    The Weird One indulged her fancy for infantile clothing.
    The Pretty One went to the local supermarkets once a week searching for tins of baby formula that she would sell online and ship back to china

  • Taipan
  • Panadechi Santiago

    Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923). In Pareto’s own words, “Whoever becomes a lamb will find a wolf to eat it.”

  • LeftRightOut67

    I don’t understand why an Australian company hasn’t taken advantage and started exporting formula to China.
    Anyone know why that hasn’t happened?

    • There are over a billion people in China and trust in food safety there is 0. That’s effectively limitless demand. Whether some companies are selling directly there, I dunno. I hope there are. In the meantime though, mums in this country should be able to trust that supermarkets will have formula for their babies when they need to get it, and foreigners should not be able to profiteer at our expense.

      • Bucky Redux

        Food safety in China is a real concern.
        Wherever Chinese businesses like Restaurants can cut corners they do.
        Like stuffing dumplings with shredded cardboard and recycling adulterated/contaminated cooking oils several times.
        Baby formulas made in China were contaminated with melamine. Infant vaccinations were fake, just placebos. The list is endless.
        Money, all the Chinese think of is: money, money, money.

    • Bucky Redux

      Bellamys Organic (Aus) and A2 (NZ) are some companies that are cashing in big time on the greed for Aussie formula.

      • John Sheppard

        Is it greed? In the end there is demand for their product, so why not sell to those who want it? Sounds like good business to me.

  • They have signs at some shops in Queensland restricting the number of tins sold/person/day. Other shops (particularly chemists) have set up shipping desks. It’s a bizarre and particularly Chinese phenomenon.

    While the formula is popular they are after all sorts of health related crap. Walk into the wrong chemist looking for a script filler and you see the locust comparison is real.

    I overheard a Woolies lady telling a colleague he she caught a sneaky old bird who’d put on a different jacket to see if she could get away with a second bite of baby formula. It’s getting comical at that point.

    Some Chinese tourists actually heavily subsidize their Australian holidays with what they make during the trip. Think about that. If we tried the same the other way the grumpy fat brown skinned customs dyke would call us a smuggler and hit us with duty for unfairly trying to compete with the ASX listed companies that import tariff free third world manufactured crap by the containerload.

  • Bucky Redux

    Chinese people are the Jews of Asia.
    Money ranks number one, at all costs.
    It’s all about the shekels / I mean Yuan, baby !
    I make this observation from close personal experience with Chinese individuals and families for over 20 years, in Australia and within China.
    Chinese always put their family at the top of the ladder, other families can fuck off. This is their credo.
    They don’t care a whit if babies from other families are starving: they are gonna make some big money on formula !
    The Chinese have absolute zero sense of Community, they have no sense of the “greater good”.
    They are emotionally illiterate and have no empathy.
    I label them inhuman insect creatures, voracious locusts whose only aim is to make as much money as possible for themselves, and the rest of the community can take a hike.
    I despise them.
    Send them back to the PRC Hive !

    • Adventureman2000

      Couldn’t agree more mate 100% spot on! I call them soulless insects myself.

      Up here (northern outskirts of Brisbane) we’re being flooded with asians at an alarming rate. I’ve noticed when they set up a retail outlet they ALWAYS only employ their own tradesman to outfit their shops. Never once have I seen them use a whitey electrician, plumber, plasterer or tiler and for that manner any other tradie. They exclusively entertain “in group preference” whereas we stupidly employ them and their services and eat in their establishments. I vote with my wallet and steer clear of anything they have to offer.

      P.S Was at the beach the other day and they were all over the rocks with washing baskets stripping the exposed rocks at low tide clean of every last oyster. These vermin are literally a human manifestation of a locust.

      • Bucky Redux

        In group preference, yes, I often see that.
        Chinese will only use Chinese removalists, cleaners, Dentists and Doctors, etc.
        Maybe it’s a competition amongst themselves to see who can rip each other off the most !

    • fimbulwinter

      I’ve had a similar “Jews of Asia” thought. Only they’re unintelligent drones busy taking photos. They only appear to have business accumen due the myriad of tax loopholes and gimmicks and our manufacturing technology that our pathetic cowardly government has given to them.

      • Jamie Blank

        You’ve checked out research into the intelligence of different ethnic groups. Haven’t you?

        • Bucky Redux

          The so called high IQ of Chinese and Jews is just a myth, a larp, if that is what you are alluding to.
          The Chinese in particular have stolen most of their technology information from the West, by PLA hackers.
          Rat cunning/devious, perhaps, is a better description of the “talents” of Jews and Chinese.

          • Jamie Blank

            Ideas (technology) can’t be stolen. For something to be stolen, the owner needs to be deprived of it.

            You’re starting to sound like a brainwashed, dark skinned, left wing agitator from a failed North East African state. Did you come to Australia on a leaky, overloaded boat?Next you’ll be dropping hints that mahammad was the perfect man…

          • Bucky Redux

            Jamie (such a gay name btw), you’re firing blanks….still.
            Just like your Dad did.
            The best part of you dribbled out of your black momma’s quim, when she rolled over to take the next customers meat-wagon.
            Regards to your momma and poppa. ( if you know who they are )
            Keep posting, your incoherent rants are entertaining.

          • Jamie Blank

            Haha. Camel shagger.

    • Jamie Blank

      Chinese have their own “in group” community where trust is held high. When a member of the group breaks trust, they are excluded. Gaining trust into a Chinese group takes time. Chinese don’t tend to use contracts for business as an individuals word is all that is needed. Break your word, get a bad name, be excluded.

    • Bumpstock

      “I label them inhuman insect creatures, voracious locusts whose only aim is to make as much money as possible for themselves, and the rest of the community can take a hike”

      They are the Arachnids of our time….not enough bullets.

    • Yes. There is no civic life in China. Just personal interest at the expense of everything else. Traditionally it was obviously different, but those days are long gone.

      The Chinese recognise it themselves. Tracts such a The Ugly Chinaman are attempts by intellectuals to demand a better society.

      The odd thing (is it odd?) is that the Chinese, like niggers, recognise superior cultural norms that they do not personally practice. They call each other out with expectations that they other should rise above what they themselves won’t because that would mean giving up an advantage. Advantage is always more important than humanity for a Chinaman. If he can feel slightly better than anyone by being a prick, he will do so and it will fill him with a childish glee. It is vastly different from our Anglo Saxon culture.

      You should never believe a Chinaman who pretends to have morality or humanity. If you do then the joke is on you and he will spit on you twice, once for letting him win and twice for being so foolish. Stare them down, always.

      • Bucky Redux

        The Chinese I have known always play a type of ostentatious one upmanship that signals their place in the Chinese pecking order.
        Better car/better house/better school area/better money & job etc.
        Especially : “my kids are smarter than yours”

        The Social Score control mechanism brought in by the Chicoms is fascinating. A ranking from birth to death to control and punish/reward its citizens.

        Or maybe it’s also an attempt to change the me me me psychological outlook of the average Chinese and endow them with some community empathy and responsibility.

        • I expect it’s the former.

          As an idea, it is something that Anglo Saxons are or should be horrified by as it goes completely against our cultural values and expectations of executive restraint.

          The Chinese might be able to make it work for their own people though. Chinese don’t believe in freedom or privacy.

  • Bumpstock

    You are The Ritz, Mr Hilton.

  • Noachideous

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    SATANIC … amounts to 55 +12 … for 67 … words in the Balfour Declaration.

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    • Bumpstock

      Hold on, I need a calculator.

      • Noachideous

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        BuBBles Dvir of the ADC and Dr Hombre Ebola OHPI broadcast to White People in ways that represent incitements to collective suicide…. for that is what judasism demands as an outcome.

        If it wasn’t…. THEY 58 .. wouldn’t be doing it.

        • Bumpstock

          I’ll take your word for it. It’s the Juice.

  • Chris

    I was on holiday in China recently. Our local tour guide, announcing the itinerary, said “you are in China and we will take you to experience our Chinese culture, just like when we visit Australia we go to experience your culture ….. by buying lots of baby formula”.