Viewer Poll: Is the ABC massively biased to the left, and in breach of its charter?


All that is required to participate in this poll is the power of observation and a half-decent memory. Just for kicks, let us briefly review two of the more notable examples of recent left-wing bias at the ABC.

Last week, The Unshackled reported on the incredulous conversation between ABC’s Barry Cassidy and Raphael Epstein on ABC Radio in Melbourne:

Based Andrew Bolt punching a Communist.

“Their key concern was that Sky News was promoting too many conservative viewpoints with its primetime presenters Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray and Chris Kenny. They of course didn’t like fact they were influencing Coalition policy and rallying the party base to stand up for conservative values.”

Coming from an organisation which is about 95% hardcore Communist, I am not surprised. The inside word is that the ABC is stacked with Holodomor-deniers.

Also of note was their ABC’s hatchet job on domestic violence in the Australian evangelical church, conveniently timed to coincide with the extradition of George Pell to Australia on a trumped-up charge of “sexual assault by someone who isn’t a Marxist or a Minority“. Pell is believed to have declared his love for Big Brother at court today, and promised to go to tomorrow’s execution gladly.

Bradford Wilcox, on whose research much of the ABC’s propaganda piece was based, has questioned today in The Australian why the ABC “journalists” Julia Baird and Hayley Gleeson didn’t bother to contact him, to ask what he actually said in his conclusion:

“In my study of the nominal evangelical husbands who were most abusive, I found that it was evangelical Protestant men who infrequently or never attended church who were most violent.

“How do you blame Australian churches for a big domestic violence problem if it is men who ­infrequently or never attend church who have the highest likelihood of being violent? How would bad Christian preaching, teaching or counselling be a major factor in spousal abuse if the worst abusers are rarely or never in the pews? It doesn’t follow.

“Indeed, what may be happening in the real world is that churches and religious institutions actually reduce the odds that husbands or wives abuse one ­another.”

In short, a study which showed that attending church makes one less likely to commit domestic violence was misrepresented by the ABC, to argue that attending church makes one more likely to commit domestic violence.

Communists, the lot of them.

It is thus, without further ado, that we present the following question:

Is the ABC massively biased to the left, and in breach of its charter?

  • Yes (50%, 2,640 Votes)
  • No (50%, 2,589 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,229

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  • To say that it was anti-White hit piece would be yet another understatement.

    Yet the churches, cucks that they are, will embrace this and play along, flagellating themselves to the beat of the bongo drums.

    • David Hiscox

      The churches need to hammer this. If they don’t attack the ABC aggressively, the left will controll the narrative, once again.

      • the Churches are too busy with pedo defence lawsuits

      • Karen Dwyer

        Which part of the Church universal, though, David?

        The “Emerging/Emergent” wolves are leading many a sheep. They loathe Evangelical Christians and adore Marxist terminology. They’ll even include it in their publications and policy documents. They actively support “Safe Schools”. They don’t have wives or husbands, they have “partners for life” so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. ABC articles like these are grist for their mill: power, prestige, and wealth.

        You have more theological understanding in your big toe than many church “leaders” at the moment. (I mean no disrespect to your toes, I’m sure they are lovely.)

  • Alan Key

    It is entirely correct to point to section 6 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 (Cth) when arguing about ABC bias. But notice section 6(4) – “Nothing in this section”. It explicitly excludes the courts from enforcing the ABC Charter.
    So while the Charter is contained within a piece of legislation … the Charter is not enforceable in a court of law, there is no enforcement mechanism, and it imposes no duty to act or refrain from acting, and imposes no penalty for failure to comply with the provisions of the Act.
    Also note the s6(1) reference to s31AA – the ABC is, by Law, the Australian government’s official news agency. Again, limited by section 6(4).

    • athousandmonkeys

      Well that’s a bit shit.

      • Alan Key

        Yes indeed! So we turn our attention to the ABC Board – their liability?
        Limited by section 8(3) – again “Nothing …”.
        And the Managing Director? Limited by section 10(2)-(3).
        All actions are “taken to have been done by the Corporation”.

        • Alan Key

          There is no legal incentive imposed to abide by the Charter (thanks to s6(4)), or to be accurate, impartial or objective (thanks to s8(3)).
          Interestingly, the ABC Act had those limiting provisions from the moment it was assented (1 June 1983) and commenced (1 July 1983).
          Perhaps we should ask our politicians why they have done nothing since 1983 to amend these limiting provisions.
          This limitation was confirmed by the High Court in Abebe v Cth [1999] HCA 14 per GLEESON CJ and McHUGH J at [31] (discussing Court jurisdiction): “If there is no legal remedy for a “wrong”, there can be no “matter”. A legally enforceable remedy is as essential to the existence of a “matter” as the right, duty or liability which gives rise to the remedy. Without the right to bring a curial proceeding, there can be no “matter”. If a person breaches a legal duty which is unenforceable in a court of justice, there can be no “matter”.”

  • Ralphy

    Onya David.

    A particular bugbear of mine. What really smarts is the smugness they have in being convinced of their “elite” station in life and the haughty superciliousness with which they treat Conservatives.

    The mockery, scorn, sneer, derision, contempt and “panel” bullying backed by rigged audiences is profoundly embedded and worse, paid for by the object of their denunciations.

    Three things stand out for me that are equally serious.

    1. Despite being a taxpayer funded entity with clear impartiality constraints NO political party to date will take them on because of the power they now hold. They are now a real threat to democracy.

    2. The absence of balanced argument in giving both or more sides of a story is daily being fed into classrooms all over Australia. This effective poisoning of the minds of our next generations by leaving them ignorant of powerful arguments and viewpoints from some of our best and brightest is simple child abuse.

    3. Their attack on our traditions including our foundational Judeo/Christian morality, our duty to protect our people with sovereign legitimate borders, our legitimate immigration concerns, our AGW concerns, our belief in distinct genders, of freedom of speech and assembly, of development of natural resources, our non-racist absorption of cultures we are compatible with, our real compassion for our indigenous peoples and the infirm whilst all the while being committed to the individual taking responsibilty for their own advancement in life and eschewing the notion that somehow” this great country owes us all a living”, must be rebutted.

    We must undertake a demolition of the current structure of the ABC in starting again with the first brick being re-laid.

    • David Hiscox

      Ralphy, we are planning to up the ante with an even more strongly worded viewer poll. Would you mind if we quote this, word for word, in the introduction article?

      • yes please, another poll to stir the pot !!

        • David Hiscox

          You keep the dick jokes coming, I’ll keep the polls coming.

          • Q: What do you call a man with no arms or legs, playing the piano?
            A: Clever Dick.

          • David Hiscox

            One poll (see what I did there) coming up (hmmmm)

      • Ralphy

        My pleasure. Happy to help. I just hope it has an effect.

        Cheers David and keep fighting the good fight.

      • entropy

        Surely, if we’ve learned anything from the left, it’s that you keep doing polls until you get the result you want.

  • NickE

    The ABC is not biased to the left, the right is just adverse to the truth.

    • entropy

      Non sequitur. Troll better or go back to school.

      • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

        Anyone with even the slightest education can see through the insanely out-of-touch reality denial of the question. No one sane thinks for a second that the ABC is biased. To think so is to be disqualified from any serious discussion and to be off with the fairies.

        • entropy

          You sound awfully intolerant.

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            Intolerant of insanely reckless immorality yeah

          • Wide Awake

            In your biased opinion

          • entropy

            So you make an exception to tolerate your own intolerance.

            “Do what I say, not what I do,” is typical of leftist hypocrisy.

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            Nonsense, it’s a paradox. Not do as I say.

          • entropy

            It’s a paradox that mocks leftist ideology. The champions of ‘tolerance’ who are so intolerant of different opinions.

          • Karen Dwyer

            Homogeneous diversity :-)))))))

          • Looking at your posting history, you are clearly a professional Troll.

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            Nope, I just don’t stand for intolerant rubbish such as that of Dawkins.

          • “we had to destroy the village in order to save it” that seems to be his “logic”

          • entropy

            “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

            – C.S. Lewis

          • Ralphy

            Best I’ve heard it said. Brilliant! I hope Karen reads this quote.

          • he’s a lefty academic….typical of the genus

        • Wide Awake

          Funny coming from someone using an oxymoron as an account name!

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            It’s a paradox which is kinda the point

          • Wide Awake

            Based on your posting history your actually very intolerant of differing opinions. Therefore your “paradox” is more likely just you morally posturing and pretending to be smarter than others.

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            I’m not intolerant of differing opinions, but I don’t accept made up crap. You are welcome to your own opinions, not your own facts. I’m not doing any posturing or pretending – I just don’t accept made up crap.

          • entropy

            Interesting, because I’ve yet to see you compose a coherent argument of any kind.

            Pointìng and screaming ‘alternate facts’ and ‘made up crap’ might be the standard of debate at the ABC and the music faculty at UQ, but grown-ups do things a little differently in the real world.

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            Better luck in reading next time.

          • Rob, get a grip !

          • Karen Dwyer

            You think that the author of a study who protests against the ABC incorrectly using the published research is “made up crap”?

            Perhaps you suspect that the author of the published research is a Christian and thus SHOULD be misquoted?

            However, you could note that (self described atheists) have come to the same conclusion as the research author. One source cited in the following article expected to find the opposite of what she actually found. I hope that you respect female academics sufficiently to follow the research:

          • You are awfully opinionated and self indulgent,you must be an academic.
            A lecturer perhaps ? A player of the pink oboe ?

          • get a grip, Rob

        • Deplorable Steve

          I are educated. I can English good. ABC phuqued.

    • NickE….please NickOff back to your photography forums where you can discuss Lexar SD cards….this forum is for grown ups.

  • Reece Adin Hart

    When the rest of the media in the country is right wing anything in the center begins to look left wing. As someone who is a labor voter I remember them giving hell to labor while they were in power and frankly I welcomed it because unbiased reporting is what keeps them honest.

    • entropy

      Sorry… which country are you from?

    • WTF ?”The rest of the media in the country is right wing”…. whhaaaaattttttttt ?
      What are you smoking, dude ?

    • Reece Adin Hart

      What you two are seriously going to sit there and tell me Murdoch doesn’t control most of the news media in this country? Righto then

      • (((Murdoch))), the stupid old fart, will be going to the grave soon.
        Then straight into the express elevator to Hell. Burn, Baby, Burn !

  • Loelle Forrester

    Out of 7700 fans, XYZ, you obviously have at least 1700 trolls monitoring your every word on behalf of the enemy. We would never have known this if you hadn’t run a poll on the bias of the ABC and they were stupid enough to vote in it.

  • Bikinis not Burkas
  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Who let the far left here to vote no?

  • Dale

    Seems to be alot of no voting going on without any comments saying why …….funny that

  • Bunyip

    51%/49% really. Surely someone has hacked the system :/

  • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

    Come off the grass. I hope you’re kidding. Bleatingly ridiculous.

    • are you posting in your employers time ?

      • David Hiscox

        You have done some nice work, Mr. Beaver. Kudos.

      • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

        Yep dude. You don’t really understand how universities work do you?

        • I never thought I would encounter someone as stupid as you, but looks like I was wrong. Back to your pink oboe.

          • David Hiscox

            Lolling at pink oboe.

          • an oldie but a goodie

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            I may be stupid, and yet I’m entrusted with supervising a large number of award-winning PhDs, so it’s rather surprising if I’m stupid. Maybe you should try getting a grip on reality instead of defending the indefensible bigotry of Dawkins in his abject and wilful ignorance of religion.

          • Hmmmm, you seem rather unhealthily obsessed with this” Dawkins “person. Is it a personal fetish, or just mental lillness ? There are Doctors who can help you, I’m sure.

        • Rob, you are the new lolcow of XYZ….congrats.

          • Rob don’t tolerate intolerance

            To be laughed at by those who live in fantasy land is no dishonour.

          • I forget sometimes, you are from Qld.

  • entropy

    Clear voter fraud by all the illegal immigrants the ABC busses in.

  • Karen Dwyer

    David, I enjoyed this article tremendously! It has brought the scuttling Marxists out of their crannies. Hilarious: they have proven your points beyond doubt, and yet are still oblivious that they have own-goaled :-))))))))

    • David Hiscox

      Cheers Karen. This poll has given me a lot of joy.

  • Karen Dwyer

    “The ABC is full of secular lefties, many of whom hate Christianity and hate conservatism. Is it any wonder we find all this bigotry and bias spewing forth from the network on a daily basis?

    And just in case all that does not yet convince you about the secular left’s stranglehold on the ABC, consider this massively revealing bit of information:

    “Why does the Left media protect the left?”
    Because the political commentators of the Left media are either intermingled or married to the left politicians. It’s a family thing and they protect their own.
    Greg Combet (Labor) partnered to Juanita Phillips (ABC).
    Gai Brodtmann (Labor) married to Chris Uhlmann (ABC).
    David Feeney (Labor) married to Liberty Sanger (guest commentator on ABC).
    Barrie Cassidy (ABC) former speech writer for Bob Hawke (Labor) from 1986-1991 married to Heather Ewart (ABC).
    Maxine McKew (ABC) married to Bob Hogg (former ALP national secretary).
    Virginia Trioli (ABC) married to Russell Skelton (The Age).
    Mark Kenny (Fairfax) married to Virginia Haussegger (ABC).
    Christine Wallace (ABC & Fairfax) married to Michael Costello (former Chief of Staff to Labor’s Kim Beazley).
    Annabel Crabb (former Fairfax journalist now with the ABC).
    Tony Jones (ABC) married to Sarah Ferguson (ABC). Coincidentally Jones took over the Lateline role from Maxine McKew (from ABC presenter to Labor politician).
    David Penberthy (journalist) married to Kate Ellis (Labor).
    Paul Kelly (former Fairfax journalist) formerly married to Ros Kelly (Labor).
    Kerry O’Brien (ABC) former press secretary to Gough Whitlam.
    Mark Colvin (ABC) married to Michelle McKenzie (Leichhardt deputy-mayor and Greens Councillor).
    Denis Atkins (ABC Insiders regular) married to Melanie Christensen (ABC Canberra).
    Paul Barry (ABC) married to Lisa McGregor (ABC).
    The lamentable Mike Carlton (formerly Fairfax) and Morag Ramsay (ABC).
    Andrew Fraser (Fairfax) and Catriona Jackson (formerly Fairfax and Labor press secretary).
    And so the list goes on.
    Labor, Fairfax and the ABC are joined at the hip.

    As quoted from:

    • Remarkable list !!!!!

      • Karen Dwyer

        Delicious, isn’t it? :-))))))))

        • Fantastic discovery, I had no idea how incestuous things were….it’s revolting, but I am not surprised really.

  • Wallace Hill

    Worked for the ABC years ago in security and found a strong entitlement attitude in upper management and reporters most of the off camera workers were great people.