Viewer Poll: Should Australia hold a Plebiscite on Immigration?

Senator Fraser Anning.

In his maiden speech to Federal Parliament, Senator Fraser Anning has made the following proposal:

“We need a plebiscite to allow the Australian people to decide whether they want wholesale non-English speaking immigrants from the Third World and in particular whether they want any Muslims, or whether they want to return to the predominantly European immigration policy of the pre-Whitlam consensus.”

It is undeniable that immigration is currently altering the demographic make-up of Australia. It is also undeniable, given the reaction of Australia’s political and media establishment to his maiden speech, that this is the intention.

This is something Australians were never consulted on. The decision was made by Australia’s political establishment, and Australians are treated with disdain if ever they point this out and demand a say in the process.

There is a lot in Senator Anning’s proposal, but let us simplify the matter. Discussions on whether Australia’s immigration intake should be decreased, stay the same or increase, and the make-up of that immigration intake, can be figured out once we determine this first, simple question:

Should Australia hold a plebiscite on immigration?

  • Yes (96%, 8,402 Votes)
  • No (4%, 312 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,714

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  • Taipan

    This is a red hot topic – you blokes need to do a live show ASAP.

  • Jamie Blank

    Structural changes to the fabric of our society have demanded and received “plebiscites” or similar in the past. The precedent was well and truely set in stone with the gay marriage debate.

    In a democracy the people decide. The people were quite capable of making the correct decision with regards to gay marriage and the people again will be capable of making the correct decision with regards to immigration.

    The year is 2018 and the Australian people are grown up enough to decide their own fate. They don’t need some over educated unelected bureaucrat telling them what to do or how their country should be run.

    Game on.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      That was not a correct decision regarding fag marriage. It was the decision that was always going to go the way that our elites wanted it to go, via a non AEC, easily tampered with plebiscite. It was still not a majority that decided the final outcome.

      • Jamie Blank

        As your new says, it’s not real marriage, so what’s the problem? Why not use it as a justification for an immigration plebiscites, at worst it’ll simply confuse and red pill half baked lefties, at best there’ll be a vote.

      • thegentlemantroll

        Yeah to hell with a plebiscite. There’s no point playing fair when the other side won’t.

    • thegentlemantroll

      The yes vote in gay marriage was the incorrect one but it’s a great case study on the effectiveness of unrelenting left wing propaganda and censorship of opposing views. The no arguments weren’t allowed sunlight. As a no-voter I saw a lot of bullying from the yes side in the campaign and I’m not letting this issue go.

  • 9x19parabellum

    I know what’s best for me better than some overpaid fat cat. Let Aussies have their say and no vote tampering or manipulating like they did during the fag marriage vote.

  • Hawk

    This is the one point of Anning’s speech that I find highly suspicious.
    The WAP is not something that we can EVER give up on or entrust in a plebicite for the normies to vote on, given they accept poofter marriage.

    • thegentlemantroll

      I was thinking the exact same thing

    • I don’t know anything about Anning, so I’m not sure if I should be suspicious.

      Most asians would have voted “no” for the gay marriage, if they bothered to vote at all.

      Muslims? Who knows what they were thinking? They already freely practice polygamy in this country (you’re a fool or don’t know any if you aren’t aware of this) so there was little benefit to them to support it.

      The degeneracy and poz rests with the white majority. I no longer trust my fellow whites.

      • Jonathan

        Most Muslims, to their credit, voted NO. They just didn’t campaign for it for fear of losing their leftist protection.

        • Minging

          Indeed that is exactly what happened… and Labor kept is hush hush once the pleb results came out in those certain enclaves that form part of their electorate. And course the luvvies kept it quiet as it would destroy their narrative… and they all held hands and danced in the perpetual circle of their enabling….

        • Only non whites are given the space to be traditional.

  • LadyMoonlight

    A plebiscite on immigration IF all the facts are made available; not just the bs claim of “moderate” Islam (as there is no such thing…there are just Muslims who are not following Mohammad’s teachings). Real numbers of child marriages, FGM cases, numbers of Muslims and other foreigners in jail, true numbers of terrorists and terrorist actions (I bet the police keep most of them from public knowledge). There should be a plebiscite on every major issue in Australia (the government can finance them by not donating money to the Indonesian military and other dictators around the world….foreign aid is a euphemism for supporting the Indonesian military). However, the Australian public needs to be educated and not by Lefties either. Not a snowball’s chance in Hell that that will ever happen.
    On a sidenote, I am absolutely furious that the government is giving money to other nations (read military and dictators as the money does not get to where it is really meant for) instead of giving Australian farmers the money they need to survive this drought. The government could be giving millions and millions to farmers by simply stopping foreign “aid”.

    • John Sheppard

      You and I both know the facts will become “alternate facts” to some people, and anyone who raises any sound argument will be called the usual names (racist, Nazi, etc).

      You get a taste of what to expect when you see the focus of Senator Anning’s speech is on the use of the term “final solution”. No attempt to challenge his points with facts as usual, but just making a straw man argument using the Holocaust. How these people sleep at night is beyond me.

  • A plebiscite now is fairly pointless, imo. Unless they restrict it to those of us who had 4 grandparents born in Oz prior to WWII.

    Imagine if those most fucked over by immigration had the say in it? That will never happen.

    • Veroniqua

      Yes as an eight generation Australian whose ancestors were sent here as slaves against their will, and who built and civilised this country and then fought in the wars to protect it, I think you have a very valid point. Because we are the losers in this, not the newcomers to this country who are put into positions of power to still treat us like slaves and walk all over us. It is time our ancestors were acknowledged for what they did in overcoming enormous mistreatment and insufferable punishment for trying to fee their children. The thing that makes me the angriest is the attitude of the politicians against our Anzacs who warned us in no uncertain terms, never to let Islam (DA) into this country, but much less politely. Winston Churchill wrote volumes about Islam likening it to rabies in a dog. and now if you quote churchill in australia you go to prison. How sick is that.

  • Jonathan

    I voted no. Why? Parliament should just get on with it and make it law, what is best for the country. I’m fascist for that opinion? It was the same logic the gay “marriage” used, that there should be no referendum, just push through the legislation.

    We should not concern ourselves with the opinions of sheep.

    BTW, everyone in Brisbane get along to this. XYZ, please promote.

    • Veroniqua

      Well excuse me Jonathon, but I learned about the Australian Constitution when I went School and it specifically says no changes can be made to the constitution without a referendum which makes that ridiculous unaccountable postal vote sham for Same sex marriage invalid along with many other change illegally made to the constitution. It also says that the politicians work for us and are supposed to represent the will of the people. Apart from that illegal postal vote that finished up everywhere, when was the last time you were asked what you wanted? It is also quite clear about duel citizenship and the whole govt should have been sacked for that. But most of all Politicians are not allowed to take instruction from a Foreign Power and our illustrious narcissistic Globalist leader and his generous offsider are working for the United Nations New World Order who are invading us with hostile incompatible aliens who brag about taking over and establishing their caliphate while taking away our human rights to object and destroying our country in a way you can’t even begin to imagine. We have to stop immigration right now and prevent these traitors from ratifying the Paris agreement and signing the UN immigration pact or we lose our sovereignty and our democratic rights.

      • Veroniqua

        P.S. There two petitions on Facebook. One to stop immigration until infrastructure has been put in place and the other to withdrw from the United Nations and their Luciferian New World Order.

      • Jonathan

        Sorry you got the wrong idea, I was not defending SSM or the way it was pushed on us.

        • Veroniqua

          O.K. I was horrified with the thought of giving the Narcissistic, anti constitutional, New world Order elitist. Luciferian traitor of aFaux P.M. permission to destroy us altogether.

  • Warty2

    If we were to have a plebiscite, the government of the day would determine the wording, and therein lies the fly in the ointment. If the question specified the retention of Australian cultural values, values that relate to our Judaic/Christian civilisation, then I suspect it would pass. But we’d have to act quickly before those of an Anglo Saxon heritage become a minority and the majority lose any understanding of things like the Westminster System, the rule of law, freedom of speech (already severely challenged) and freedom of association.
    Had Fraser Anning said ‘the ULITMATE solution to the immigration problem is, of course, a popular vote’, then there would have been no problem at all. So the whole meltdown was his combining ‘final’ with ‘solution’, something he was clearly not aware of at the time.
    I suspect the melt down was actually a contrived distraction to a rather uncomfortable truth: the silent majority would fully agree with most of what Fraser had to say. The truth is the major parties have no desire whatsoever to tackle the immigration issue, any more than the Theresa May government.
    I suspect Fraser Anning’s stocks have increased significantly amongst the Australian deplorables.

    • John Sheppard

      Exactly, by focusing on the “final solution” part of his speech, most plebs would just take it at face value that Senator Anning is a “Nazi”. None of them would actually read his speech, or attempt to understand the context of that statement.

      • Warty2

        The ABC, for instance, refused to contextualise what he said, because, in the context of the rest of what he had to say, the word simply disappears. If you look at the camera footage of him giving his maiden speech, you can see Cory Bernardi behind him, and he doesn’t change expression or even look up; its as though Fraser had said ‘cornflakes’.
        What pissed me off more than anything was snowflake Derryn Hinch’s reaction. Apparently he shook Fraser’s hand, congratulating him for what he said, perhaps someone then tweeted him about ‘the final solution’ bit, and he seems to have collapse in a blubber of outrage.
        He said in an interview later that he had given Fraser’s hand a shake out of traditional chamber respect, realised what he had done, and then, in a sooky snowflake confected meltdown, went and washed Fraser Anning off his hands. Pathetic and nauseous.

        • Veroniqua

          Can someone tell me what that man is doing in parliament. He contributes nothing and behaves very childishly according to the idiots around him. Your own personal beef doesn’t give you the skills to know what you are talking about.

          • Warty2

            I assume you are speaking of ‘weak as dishwater’ Hinch. He is in parliament to make a difference . . . to his own career opportunities.
            He called his party the Justice Party, because of a long media career supporting ‘victims’. He knows a lot about victims, and collectively they’ve been able to play him like termite-damaged fiddle. His hissy-fit about Fraser Anning’s speech was merely a squark of discord.

          • Veroniqua

            He has his own narrow view of injustice, I am not trivialising his cause, but I am saying that Injustice does not stop at his door. Many of us have seen injustices beyond imagination with the absolute socialist madness of of what has happened to our country.

          • Warty2

            I entirely agree, Veroniqua.

          • Wil Gre

            So you believe what the “idiots around him” say!!
            That would make you the bigger idiot! Idiot!

          • Veroniqua

            Will Gre : Just as well you removed your inappropriate comment.

  • Ger

    It is Childish and Absurd connecting the Phrase “the final Solution”, once used over 70 years ago as policy, in the ‘then Nazi Germany’, as the ‘now’ pressing reason and Intent is ONE of a total different nature and issue.
    Sadly though, Greens, Labor and Liberals jumped, in their Short-sight, at the opportunity condemning Fraser Annings phrase/speech, as their agenda isn’t to stop muslims migrating here.
    As Government is employed as CARETAKER on behalf of the Australian people, it is OVERTIME NOW to hold a REFERENDUM in the matter, to decide once and for all
    on a decision by WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Bronson

    Poor choice of words. “Final say” would have been more aligned with the idea of a plebiscite. As to the idea unfortunately the same-sex so-called marriage poll/plebiscite suggests it would most likely backfire against the conservative position, and then be final. However “solution” is too simplisitic anyway, it is always going to be a running issue requiring management rather than a problem to be solved.

  • 9x19parabellum

    You know what? No plebescite. Just give us the final solution already. Let’s end white genocide permanently.

  • Charles James

    If a Plebiscite is agreed on then it must be. (A) Compulsory and (B) it must be Binding and (C) . it must not be a Postal Vote set up like the SSM Plebiscite was.

  • Veroniqua

    Would prefer it was a referendum. The last postal vote was a farce with no evidence of the outcome. It is time the silent majority was listened to. It seem all politicians are with pushing their own agendas or the United Nations agenda of the New World Order. Would be horrendous.
    Anning was foolish to use the “final solution” in his speech but it was an excuse for the Globalist lefties to carry on like Pork chops over two words that Hitler did not have a patent on. In fact Hitler collaborated with the Muslims to get rid of the jews It was the muslims who told him to burn them and they helped to bring the holocaust “final solution” about. So they are the ones responsible for the Final solution, not Anning. The favourite tactic of the Nazis was to blame the other person for what you are doing, and you can see that happening now. Crocodile tears in Parliament were total hypocrcy.

    • You’re either ignorant or expect everyone else to be, trotting that Hollywood crap out.

      • Veroniqua

        Your problem, not mine, plenty of old newsreels on UTube to prove it.

        • Veroniqua

          The far left Antifa play the game of blame the other person for what they are doing. When are they going to get it through their brainwashed minds that Fascism is another variation of far left communism.

  • Veroniqua

    I have petition up to stop immigration until infrastructure is caught up and the situation is assessed.

  • Wil Gre

    Yes Australians must have a say!!