Viewer Poll: Should Clementine Ford be allowed to be employed by the ABC?


Clementine Ford is hated by pretty much every bloke in Australia who doesn’t actually hate himself. Seriously, a so-called “man” would have to hate himself to not hate her.

She literally uses the “Kill all men” meme as her automatic go to:

Refreshingly, in recent times Pigentine Pig has discovered that she cannot get away with such blatant hatespeech indefinitely. In May 2018 her invitation to speak at a domestic violence event for Lifeline, a suicide prevention group, was unceremoniously revoked after an online petition against her appearance garnered 14,000 signatures.

Last week she rage quit her job at Fairfax, which had been gobbled up by Nine after Clementine and her communist ilk had made it disastrously unprofitable.

Just when we all thought she may eat herself to death, as it is likely Ford would be too lazy to catch a bus to Centrelink, the taxpayer-funded ABC offered her a job. This was not unusual nor unforeseeable, given the far-left broadcaster’s frequent propagation of conspiracy theories such as the wage-gap myth, the stolen generation myth and its anti-white racism.

However, there is this little thing called the ABC Charter. This requires the ABC to avoid political bias. Given Clementine Ford’s militant, extreme leftism, it is the responsibility of the government to intervene to prevent such a divisive figure from receiving funds from the people of Australia, and to ensure that the ABC represents all Australians.

Let’s put it to a vote.

Given Clementine Ford is such a hateful public figure, should she be allowed to be employed by the ABC?

  • No (95%, 1,676 Votes)
  • Yes (5%, 94 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,770

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It’s your XYZ.

  • Bucky Redux

    Poor porker Clemmy, give the fat arsed lassy tub o’ lard a fair go, she’ll fit in well at the ABC.
    She needs a good nourishing feed at the gAyBC Marxist milk-trough, and I am comforted by the fact that the homoglobalista lefty man haters at the ABC will always make room for a fellow traveller.

    Perhaps she can be the new ABC Managing Director.
    Alas ! The Fairfax press just isn’t the same without the Porker in Residence….

    • thegentlemantroll

      Maybe we should be thankful that all the lefties will be in one place, and all that’s needed now is a few renovations to ABC hq: turn the cameras around 180*, forbid exiting the premises, regulate meals, activities and interaction, no speaking out of turn, no questioning or criticising, assign every individual with an iD number in place of their name, only allow possessions based on good behaviour (no weapons or transport), limit contact with the outside world, uniform clothing, menial community work without profit, basic universal healthcare, a limited array of approved books, and a life managed by speaker announcements, guards, surveillance and locked gates. In a nutshell, it’s the socialist paradise they always craved.

      • Doc79

        Do you recall the breast cancer cluster that prompted the ABC to decamp their former premises? Lots of antennas on that building too I’d surmise, but 5G should (fingers crossed) be fine. Now I’m not one to bask in the misery of others, but the irony wasn’t lost on me.

        • Bucky Redux

          I remember. It was in ABC Brisbane, the staff had to scurry off to other studios.The Channel 7 studios in Brisbane also had 2 staff die from brain cancers.

          5g is supposedly “mind control”, but we already know that ABC are NPC bots with no personality/brain to begin with.

          • fimbulwinter

            The current TV broadcast is already very efficient at mind control. 5G is the next step and will just give them all cancers. Melow out and sedate the public then depopulate.

      • fimbulwinter

        At least they will be able to enjoy pork rolls!

  • fimbulwinter

    Perhaps a better question is: now that we have concentrated the worst of the leftards in the ABC. How best to deal with them?
    A. Quarantine the facility (no one gets out)
    B. Convert it to a gulag
    C. Use the helipad on top to offer free helicopter rides
    D. Just wait. All the butt sex commies inevitably do is bound to spread AIDS.

    • Repeal fake marriage


      • Bucky Redux


  • John Sheppard

    Voted yes because it is just more evidence that the ABC is biased and should be privatised. The more the blatantly abuse their charter hopefully the easier it will be (if) when a politician sees the benefit in pushing for its sale.

  • [I’m being honorable and not voting more than once.]

    Poor piggy, she thought she’d be considered a B Bardot or T Collett figure with the gap in her teeth. But they are both very feminine women and let’s be totally honest, don’t munt anywhere near as she does even with much more photographs taken of them.

    No, our taxpayer dollars should not go towards this anti-everything that is Australian thing. But the ABC’s charter is constanty flaunted or deliberately misinterpreted to justify whatever it wants, much like whatever charters or codes of conduct apply to our banks in this country.

    I’m for the simplest solutions involving trees, ABC contributors and rope with some assembly required. In Meinkraft, of course.

  • Ruth Gee

    Although I loathe clementine ford, for the sake of her son, I would not deny her the chance at earning an income. And realistically the abc is so redundant, out of touch, and irrelevant, that’s it’s a perfect fit for her. I mean, who else would employ her? She’s toxic.