Viewer Poll: Donald Duck, Zombie Reagan, more popular than Clinton



Those of you who are keen followers of The XYZ have probably noticed that The XYZ Viewer Poll has remained unchanged for months. While this may have more than just a little to do with the exhaustion of the editors, it has far more to do with making a point. Keen followers of The XYZ have also probably noticed that XYZ Viewer Polls are very rarely serious, and quite often deliberately skewed, with questions and answers rigged so we can deliver some of the most hilarious headlines on the internet, such as declaring that 100% of Australians prefer no government or that only 3% of the people who booed Adam Goodes were racist.

But these headlines make a point, whether it is that we really would be better off with less government, or that the regressive left in Australia displayed the worst of their own bigotry against regular Australians when regular Australians displayed their displeasure at being lectured that they were living on so-called “stolen” land.

And leaving up the results of a viewer poll, for months, which show that 512 out of 691 respondents would prefer to see Donald Trump win the Presidency, and that 43 more respondents than those who voted for Clinton would prefer to see a pantsless Donald Duck waddle into the White House, and 36 more respondents than voted for Clinton fantasise about a Zombie Reagan rising from the grave to lay waste to the Washington swamp, makes a point.

That point, is that a c—tonne of people like Donald Trump.

Keep in mind that this poll was conducted even before Trump’s poll bounce after his visit to southern states hit by natural disaster, and his masterful visit to Mexico.

It’s not like lefties can’t vote on XYZ Viewer Polls.  Trust me, they know about us.  But if you watch any television, listen to any radio, or engage in conversation with lefties who think they can passive-aggressively make disdainful comments about Donald Trump without you openly disagreeing with them, you would think his support is fringe and that (thank Gaia) Clinton is a shoe-in (at least until recently).

But this election, even more so than Brexit, even more so than Malcolm Turnbull’s great escape, has displayed just how ridiculously opposed to reality our media are.  It has seen an online revolution, where ordinary Westerners who value their liberty, their pay packet, and their identity have been able to communicate with each other and realise that they are not crazy – most people actually think the same way as us, and want political policies and a media which reflect this.

The XYZ is a small player in this revolution, and I think it is not egotistical to say that our satirical, sarcastic viewer polls have more of a finger on the pulse than paid professionals. We picked the result of the Australian election, with hundreds of conservative Australians taking their opportunity to vent their displeasure with Turnbull and picking an option why. I dare say our viewer poll on the US Presidential Election involved a lot of respondents who cannot vote in it, but what it shows is that anybody who thinks that Trump does not have massive Western-world-wide support has rocks in their head.

It’s your XYZ.