Who Should You Vote for in the Australian Election?


Who is the best party to vote for in the upcoming Australian federal and state elections?

There are plenty of options; the three major parties the ALP, the Greens and the Liberal and National Coalition are obvious, but they no longer represent the people who vote for them.

There are a number of minor parties to choose from who will actually stand for values and a better Australia, including the Liberal Democrats (LDP), the Australian Conservatives and the one and only Fraser Anning.

I also briefly discuss the Centre Alliance, Derryn Hinch, Katter’s Australia Party and Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, but for more on them you will have to visit their Websites.

I hope this video is helpful!

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  • Bucky Redux

    Thanks for the great video, Matty, it explained things well.
    I am leaning heavily towards the Liberal Democrats, for the reasons you outlined.

  • fimbulwinter

    1. Fraser Anning is by far the best option, but unfortunately not available for Victorians to vote for.
    2. Melbourne is completely fubar, The only way to fix it is wipe it off the map and start fresh in a rural community.
    3. LDP seems to be the only viable option, though unlikely to make a big enough dent.

  • Bumpstock

    The simple solution is to vote as far-right as will allow on your ballot paper. Even if that means just voting LNP faced with no other choice of candidate, other than to keep Labor and the Greens out. That’s the lower house.

    No matter what state you’re in though, there are always plenty of right wing choices for the senate, but remember to number ALL your OWN preferences.

  • DelCon 3
    • DelCon 3

      …don’t take it personally – watch and listen. Then pass it on.

  • Noachideous

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  • thegentlemantroll

    I like the LDP, they are probably 80-90% what I want. The only shortcoming is on the lgbtq issues, they supported the yes vote on the grounds that there shouldn’t be a marriage law in the first place. Ok fair enough, but should libertarianism include the right to invert biological realities in school and wider society? On the other hand they are the strongest advocates for free speech, self defence and their immigration policy is very likeable.

    Fraser Anning would be great too but of course he’s homeless now. It’s also true that ON has a pretty undercooked economic policy. I can see the philosophy but not how it will be applied practically. Good video Matty.

    • Jai_Normosone

      The beautiful thing about the LDP is that they push for the individual having the right to think for themselves without the government thinking that it’s their place to tell everyone how to live.
      I say that we cannot be selective on preventing the Alphabet Soup from doing what they want to do but, by the same token, the LDP & the minimisation of government interference, will prevent the same people from demanding extra “rights” over and above those of the general public.

  • James

    Listened to some of a podcast of Cory Bernadi the other day. An email pal put me on Corys’ mail list some time ago. Listened for a bit then stopped it and unsubscribed. Heard enough. You can take the boy out of the liberal party but you can’t take the liberal party out of the boy it seems. That self righteous arrogance thing came out.
    A young lady asked him his position on gun ownership siting the addage “an armed society’s a polite society”. His response was pretty rude and dismissive. Needlessly so. Stretched the context of her question beyond what she asked to dismiss it. Knowingly or not he more or less said he believes people can’t be trusted unless they can prove otherwise. That’s pretty huge.
    His party’s not a factor in my state but it was interesting to think there might have been a new conservative party growing that could one day grow and spread.
    In an otherwise nice looking salad that was a noticeable spot of poo. The others serve dollops in their salads and tell you you won’t even notice it insisting it’s essential but I’m through tolerating any even if it’s only a teensy speck.

    Makes it hard living here in Tas where a genuine conservative risks deportation to a Bass strait island.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I’m a member of both the LDP & The Conservatives. Cory Bernadi doesn’t resonate with me quite as well as David Lleyonhjelm but he does ask the right questions and make the right stance about unfettered immigration of trash that seeks to destroy us as a nation.

    • Wacca G

      Thats why we get to vote if want to challenge a law or a policy do it legally, however in Tassy after seeing the sue neill fraser case. ..all i can say is good luck !

      Remember , Those who vote dont matter
      Those who count the votes decide !

  • abra

    When you vote, you accept the terms & conditions of democracy. That means: The majority rules over the minority. The majority can do anything to the minority. That includes bullying the minority, oppressing, stealing, killing etc.

    To me those are horrible terms & conditions, I do not agree with. I therefore never vote.

    Democracy is a mirror of the jungle. The stronger eat the weaker. A group of wolves outnumbers a deer and kills it. THAT IS DEMOCRACY! The laws of the jungle!

    Once you voted, you have absolutely no more right to complain: BECAUSE you accepted the terms & conditions of democracy! No matter what the majority decides! If the majority decides to destroy your life, you must accept it. You accepted the terms & conditions beforehand and you tried to be in the majority yourself, just like sheep want to be in the flock…

    I, on the other hand, have every right to complain! Because I refused to accept the terms & conditions of democracy. When the majority tries to destroy my life, I have a right to defend myself and complain.

    Further: Only bad people need government. Good people don’t. When nobody steals, rapes, fights, kills or overpopulates the land, then nobody can possibly get hurt by others, therefore no government is needed.

    Then every man can have his own slice of land for free, has 2 kids and there is no population growth, therefore no competition for land, no locks, keys, prisons, police, lawyers and judges needed.

    I know there are many bad people in society , but instead of dealing with their shit inside a democracy (and giving them voting power!), it would be much better to send them all into the middle of the desert and let them dehydrate to death. Until only good people are left, and government can be dissolved.

    Nobody needs to lock anything and young men get free land to live for the rest of their lives. Nobody pays rent or mortgage. Everyone owns an equal fair share of fertile land. There is never any shortage of fertile land, because no population growth, because every man gets his wife pregnant twice only. No fighting for land.

  • Wacca G

    Im voting for whoever morrison and shorten tell me to put last
    Every election they promise a high speed railway ..
    Every year they tell me Im islamophobic, if it werent for muslims 911 would not have happened 3000 dead
    UK street stabbings of a soldier in the music corp why .?
    Running over people in cars on footpaths , beheading two girls in Morrocco , Bombings at kids concerts ( Ariane Grande) Shooting a Police accountant in Brisbane and the list goes on. Never did i see an islamic person at a funeral or memorial pledging peace, or consoling anybody like the NZ PM did , but i did hear and see threats in the news of retaliation aimed at NZ and AU ..this is a wakeup call history over thousands of years proves they will not let go and forgive like they should only the vocal minority’s pretend to preach peace.
    Think carefully who you vote for and where their allegiance is focused is it Australia or is it selling Australia Out !