Vote for Me to Run the ABC


It has been beautiful this week watching the NPC’s at the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed melt down over losing their jobs, then melt down again at being told #LearnToCode.

Then when Australia’s worst human, Clementine Ford, (otherwise known as “fat-fingers“) rage-quit her “job” via Twitter, it has had some of us thinking about how lovely it would be if the communists at their ABC were likewise told to upskill in order to take advantage of the exciting opportunities provided by the green economy they have championed for so long.

Put Deefer in charge of the ABC, and we can guarantee leftist tears:

I would make your day,
When I take the axe to Q&A

It’s your XYZ.

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Deefer is a writer of songs that feature riffy guitar work and witty lyrics. Like most muso's, he relies on a day job to pay his family bills. Being self employed, Deefer describes his job security as "unbeatable". He says his private life is "somewhat irregular" being still married to his first and only wife and the same couple being the parents of all three children in their household. Also, a little differently from most Conservatives , Deefer advocates a doubling of pension and unemployment benefits; that is providing the number of persons drawing them be more than halved. However don't be fooled by his friendly disposition as he does sometimes show a darker side. He is rumored to be furious that his song "I'm a Leftie" was overlooked for a Grammy. And he is known to release his venom in song. Just ask Julia Gillard (Misogyny), Malcolm Turnbull (Blue Arsed Fly) or Sam Dastyari (The Type that Doesn't Pay).
  • Jamie Blank

    Does that say:

    “I ❤️ my wife’s SO”



  • Mattys Modern Life

    I’ll run the ABC, I only need one day.

    – Sack everyone.
    – Use the money to buy a fleet of helicopters.
    – ???
    – Profit.

    • Bucky Redux

      The ABC in its entirety needs to be dismantled with extreme prejudice. Scorched earth.
      “Their ABC”
      A writhing vipers nest of hissing, demented immoral careerist homosexual communists, intent on subverting Australian society and culture.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Oi! You’re stealing the schtick of The Underpants Gnomes! 😀

  • McMansplainer

    this guy is under-rated. gj Deefer

  • Jai_Normosone

    The last pic in the journo cartoon cracked me up 🙂
    On that basis, I will vote for you to run the AB-Friggin’-C.