Wakanda: The only black civilisation. Ever.


Don’t you hate it when you build the pyramids and you’re just about to launch them to the stars then evil crackers turn up and start making you pick their cotton?

kangz pyramids

They could have had fried chicken on Alpha Centauri. Instead, we got Detroit.

Deadlier than bombs

If you’ve ever wondered what the black utopia would have looked like before we ruined it, now you can see it.

The black Gondor. Wakanda!


It’s got super advanced technology, rare super minerals and super enlightened leadership which its people then share with the rest of the world to help it develop.

It’s not very believable, to be honest. I mean, where are the basketball courts? The bush meat markets? The child sacrifice?

Despite these omissions, the Marxist media has busted a nut shilling for this masterpiece of Negroid civilisational perfectionism.

Black Panther is a movement

Black Panther is an identity

Best of all in Wakanda, there are no evil white people.

That’s right. It’s an ethnostate!

All I want for Christmas is an ethnostate

The Black Panther comic book series was created by Jews Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966. Which is (coincidentally) the same year the terrorist black nationalist group the Black Panthers was founded in California.

Who are the template for the Black Lives Matter movement, funded by Jewish oligarch George Soros, and which has killed police and burned down cities in the US.

But you shouldn’t notice coincidences like that.

Is it another coincidence that, just as the globalist-engineered race war is coming closer and closer, this movie comes out?

The film is a standard hero quest – young man born to greatness but with obstacles in his way overcomes said obstacles and brings about a transformation in himself and in his world. It’s a template as old as the Bronze Age.

Which, incidentally, sub-Saharan Africans never reached. A fact which we have not been allowed to think let alone say for fifty years.

When you look around at our societies today, it seems that George Orwell’s warning to us of the dangers of totalitarian mind control in 1984 were wrong. The society he portrayed was realised in the East, but here in the West we avoided the Marxist bullets to the back of the head, right?

Only partly. We don’t have black vans filled with Antifa AIDS-zombies dragging people from their homes in the middle of the night for making memes.


But what we do have is an engineered system of thought control which has made it impossible for us to point to cultural, racial and gender realities without severe social and economic consequences.

The engineering has been done on university campuses for the past century, but particularly since the late 1960’s when violent radicals such as the Black Panthers took university administrators hostage and conquered the ivory tower of academe by force. This was the greatest and most important victory of Western Marxists.

After all, zhe who controls the past controls the future, and zhe who controls the present controls the past.

This programming has created in Westerners a worldview based on radical cultural, religious, racial and gender universalism; a worldview which incidentally has served the interests of the financial elite just fine.

You can see it everywhere, once you know to look. As this agenda has progressed, straight white men have retreated out of the public sphere and into sport, porn and video games.

Now those last bastions of implicit white identity have fallen. You can’t even play Civilization now without getting nuked by Shaka Zulu.

The first kang
Put some damn clothes on you savage

There are some racial groups in the world who have built civilisations. From every continent except Australia and Antarctica (that we know of), indigenous civilisations have emerged. They have had varying levels of complexity and human wellbeing, and across every metric our Christian one has been the best to live in.

Blacks have never created a civilisation, and despite the fervent efforts of postcolonial revisionists in neo-Marxist university departments to prove otherwise, there is no reason to believe that large numbers of blacks can sustain civilisation either.

The archetype that Wakanda is drawing from is not a black, but a white one. The creators of Black Panther have used some vision of Gondor fused with nativist aesthetics and the Noble Savage myth drawn from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to confect a utopia that will never exist.

This would be harmless enough, were it not for the subsequent weaponisation of black grievance which this revisionism and myth-making has been used to achieve in the real world. The myth of black superiority is a dangerous lie. It is what has animated chubby brown campus millennials to turn feral and violent in recent years. And it’s only going to get worse until we stop pretending 2 + 2 = 5 and start to speak uncomfortable truths regarding real diversity between human identity groups.

The globalists want a race war; a final global revolution against white male hegemony and the Christian civilisation we built by all the groups we’ve oppressed over the centuries. That’s the purpose of the programming.

The presidency of Barry Soetoro played a key role in advancing that agenda, and as you’d expect the slimy former prof is still at it to make sure white America never becomes great again.

His latest ploy was revealed in he and his wife’s gauche and tasteless official portraits.

In the leaves
Welcome to my jungle

More than just another crass debasement of the presidency, the Obamas’ choice of artist was particularly telling about what their role has been in the globalist plan to destroy Western civilisation.

For the paintings, Obama chose artist Kehinde Wiley. Fair enough that he chose another gay brutha for the job. It’s only human to prefer those similar to us.

Wiley also likes to do things differently, like Barry. Such as including sperm in his paintings.

The seditious, and treasonous, aspect of Obama choosing Wiley to do his portrait has to do with Wiley’s previous works. He is well known for painting figures of black women holding the decapitated heads of white women.

Black hate

Which is clearly a reference to not only black-on-white violence in America, which is out of control, but also Kathy Griffin’s stunt holding Donald Trump’s head.

This is a call to race war and presidential assassination. By a former president. This is the point we’ve reached.

Wiley’s entire career has been devoted to the cultural demolition of the Western historical canon. The sole aim of his work is to mock white culture.

To do this, Wiley applies a style which is common among anti-white, postcolonial ‘artists’. They like to take classic images from Western culture and degrade them by replacing historical figures with contemporary kangz.

Like this random gay black dude Wiley grabbed from the street and turned into Alexander the Great. After a bit of Greek love, presumably.

Sperm kang
Yep that’s a big splash of sperm he’s getting

Or Napoleon.

Fat boi
DJ Prussia wotup.

If you go to your own local art gallery, you’ll see the same noxious hate-art. Here though, it will be Aboriginal or Pacific Islander figures being used to mock Australian culture and heritage.

Of course, it’s not just the great leaders of Western history that kang Kehinde likes to mock. He also mocks Christianity, like in this 2006 painting lampooning a 16th century portrait of St Andrew.

St Andrew mockery

Kehinde is not famous because he’s a great artist. He’s an opportunist; a brown hustler who identified the self-hatred of the brainwashed white elite and has used it to get fame, wealth and power.

It’s a hustle we’re all too familiar with down here.


And it’s one that has the full support of corporate globalism.

Milquetoast conservatives and libertarians can keep pretending that colour doesn’t matter, we all bleed red and collectivism is dangerous, but that won’t stop the psychopaths pushing this race war agenda. The first pushback against this propaganda war was the meme rebellion, by young white men who were willing to be labelled Nazis and thought criminals. Cucking now will ensure we lose.

2 + 2 = 4 and there will never be a native black civilisation. Either they go back to a prehistoric lifestyle or they are colonised and ruled. That’s just the way it is.

It’s not a statement of supremacy. It’s a statement of reality. The Marxist-globalist agenda of flooding European nations with blacks and other groups was never going to create a new type of utopian human civilisation. It was not going to create a neo-Gondor of diversity and tolerance.

That wasn’t the purpose. The purpose was to destroy Gondor.

Saruman Soros

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    “The government would never let that happen!”
    ~Random leftard when challenged about diversity, 2017

  • Hyper Future Vision

    I really enjoyed this article.

    The brainwashing of western civilisation has been relentless, it started with the denazification of Europe and has never stopped.

    The tolerance and diversity agenda has made whites impotent and uncompetitive. If it weren’t for the sturdy foundations laid by our ancestors we would be in serious trouble already.

    Whites need to become competitive again, if we can’t do this then we deserve to lose our place in the global power structure.

    What really disgusts me is the time and energy that the leftists traitors embedded within western societies have wasted. The costs must be staggering by now, just think about every initiative since the end of WW2 created to force whites to be more tolerant of minorities.

    I don’t have time to compile anything to prove my point right now but I would start by looking at our own Refugee and Humanitarian Program. How many billions has this program consumed? Think of everything associated with it. Think of the resources ASIO is consuming to keep tabs on them and the people who don’t want them here in the first place. Think about the compounding welfare costs for these people.

    If you extrapolate out just from this one program you start to see the waste of it all.

    The rise of AI over the next 30 years will see the decisions made by TPTB in regards to minority groups look foolish to the point of absurdity.

  • Equinsu

    While I am heartened by Black Panther’s favourable portrayal of ethno-nationalism and border protection, it is nevertheless demeaning to blacks because 1) Black Panther and Wakanda aren’t even products of black culture (they are the creations of a couple of Jews), and 2) it implies that black people can only create advanced societies if they have access to a magical non-existent substance.

  • Micaiah

    The Egyptians had a civilization for quite a while.

    • Grant Summers

      The Egyptian story is an extraordinary one whose entire history may never be fully documented. I think it’s fair to say though, that it’s unreasonable to link all of Africa (if that’s your point) with a relatively advanced ancient civilization which borders the Mediterranean.
      Besides, there’s more technology to be found in a modern supermarket, such as refrigeration and electric lighting, than in all of the ancient world combined.

      • Cate.

        I don’t believe this Grant Summers, re. tech.. Harnessing electricity was done many centuries ago, probably millenia. The problem in modern times was how to harness and CONTROL IT FOR PROFIT.
        History has been thoroughly obfuscated on all levels. The more one learns and can see and prove through cross-referencing via art and buildings/architecture, the more ridiculous our history fed at school becomes.

        There was more technological genius in the buildings from ancient Egypt and even Greece and Rome; here architecture contains Universal Truth literally built in to the angles and forms, shapes and rooms aligning with the human form too, and symbolism that modern Christianity uses yet never acknowledges like fertility symbols for example. It is so much greater than couple of cool rooms which- incidentally- are used to keep us from using the ancient and eternal fermentation process to keep our GUT CULTURES healthy.

        • Grant Summers

          Cate, I would love to be proved wrong on the ancient world. There are many artifacts that defy explanation, such as the true age of the sphinx, which many scientists estimate to be 15-20,000 years old. There are also many examples of ultra precise carving and drilling through 100 ton granite rocks which suggest a highly advanced technology was used instead of the primitive copper chisels we are taught about in school. It certainly does look like truth suppressed for some reason.
          My point though, is that our understanding of nature today must surely surpass that of the ancients. My example of a supermarket is meant to show that we better understand electromagnetism, thermodynamics and its application, thanks to the extraordinary advances made by western scientific and industrial revolutions.

          • Cate.

            Yes I see what you’re saying, I happen not to agree that surely we must surpass the ancients- separating technology from spiritual/religious and philosophical contexts is why we’re stuck in the soulless digital age. The soul, in my opinion, is part of the whole context of the great technologies and the civilisations from which we descend (in diminished form).
            I DO subscribe to the Stone Age being what you refer to re. the massive monoliths and its technology that leaves modern scientists clueless, certainly not the wee stone chisels tied to a stick, hahahaha.. ye gods it’s absurd, agree 100%.

            Electromagnetism was normal back in the day (but I personally suspect the size/magnetism of the planet has changed possibly even several times) – a chap called David Childress for example went to Easter Island and pieced together some info. from those who went before him on the transportation of the massive statues from the quarry to their position using electromagnetism. They had to move in a certain direction around the island. I could go on, but won’t.

    • Cate.

      The Egyptians were white. There were red-headed mummies uncovered there dating to ancient times.

    • Not black.

      • Micaiah

        But they make so much fuss over white actors playing Egyptian characters in movies about Egypt. They call it white washing.

        • They’re wrong. The DNA of the ruling caste of Egypt was closest to modern Europeans. Many cultures celebrate lighter skin (e.g. East Asia), and that predates European expansion. I suspect that it had more to do with class (peasants worked out in the sun) than with anything to do with whiteness per se though.

          The people who fuss are the brainwashed postcolonial revisionists.

  • Nigel Hickman

    When looking for fictional reinforcement of my cultural identify, I prefer Zamunda.

  • Jael

    Interesting article. You mentioned that Christianity has done a lot for civilisation, evidenced by our own. You also say that black people have not and will not achieve civilization. What makes you so sure about the future? Do you think it’s possible if Christianity became widespread there?

    I don’t mean the likelihood of that, but the raw possibility.

    • I do believe that Christianity is eugenic, and the barbarians who conquered the Roman Empire took a lot of civilising before they became us. So yes, absolutely, I think that if Christianity took root anywhere in the world it would produce a gradually more sophisticated, intelligent and eucivilisational (good for civilisation) population.

      I don’t believe, though, that achieving civilisation makes a people more good in and of itself. The Aztecs were highly civilised and practiced ritual sacrifice on an industrial scale. I think that the belief system of a people creates the culture which creates the biology. That’s why I’m against biological determinism. Spirit precedes matter, and the metaphysical sits above the physical. That applies to our own individual lives too, in my view. I definitely got smarter, fitter and better-looking after I got saved 🙂

      • Jael

        Christianity would make them more sophisticated, intelligent and eucivilisational? What about, say, humane and virtuous? I heard something interesting the other day – “civilisation and constitutions are intended for a virtuous people.” Without the prerequisite of virtue, they break down. As you say, civilisation – technology and social structure – does not make people good in and of itself.

        Does being against biological determinism in your view imply pro-missionary? Because if people don’t *have* to be the miserable way they are, if they’re not fated to it, and you have a faith that can help them in nearly every way conceivable, it’s certainly worthwhile to spread it. Probably not PC, though, because it implies that there’s something wrong with their culture as it is, and something better (gasp) about yours.

        • killer3000ad

          “civilisation and constitutions are intended for a virtuous people. Without the prerequisite of virtue, they break down. As you say, civilisation – technology and social structure – does not make people good in and of itself.”

          Spot on there Jael. You have accidentally also made a good argument against the lefty idiots who think that letting in a whole horde of culturally backward people will see them wholly integrated and civilized very shortly.

          • Jael

            Yes – maybe they attribute to civilisation the taming effect of a Christian culture. I’d say that culture is very important, and Christianity/religion is a big part of that.

            But I’d also argue that we of the West are not inherently more civilised and others less – it’s not biology that makes us better, but our culture (which is Christian). Which is how I straddle the fence between “we shouldn’t have mass immigration from third world countries because they’ll have negative effects” (agree) and “we’re inherently better and they’re inherently worse” (disagree – they don’t have to be like that, if they grew up Christian in a Christian culture, they could be different.)

            So you could say I’m not a biological supremacist, but a religious one. Lol. But that’s much more open to newcomers, because while you can’t change your biology, people change religion all the time. As you know. Christianity is open to anybody regardless of class, age, race or anything else.

          • You need to study racial differences in IQ. And civilisation is the building of cities, not holding up your pinkie when you drink tea. It’s got nothing to do with virtue.

            I prefer to deal with facts even if they are uncomfortable than with delusions that help me feel good. It’s not biological supremacy to point out that East Asians have higher average IQ’s than sub-Saharan Africans and that this corresponds to lower crime rates, higher income levels and the ability to sustain complex societies.

            Why are we the only ones who have to be welcoming to newcomers? Your Christian altruism has been hacked, and the application of God’s spiritual universalism to other areas of life by deceived Christians is a large part of why our civilisation is about to collapse.

            We need to build a damn wall so that your great-grandchildren (barring the Second Coming) can enjoy debates like this rather than chant ‘Allah is great’ five times a day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Melbournistan. That’s where the bloody niceness of people like yourself is taking us.

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘We need to build a damn wall so that your great-grandchildren (barring the Second Coming) can enjoy debates like this rather than chant ‘Allah is great’ five times a day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Melbournistan’
            I wonder if you actually believe this David, or if you are simply trying to emphasize a point. However if you do truly believe it, I honestly feel sorry for you that you live with such fear.

          • Repeal fake marriage

            It’s called self preservation I suppose. If you had have told Melbournians from even just 20 years ago about how Melbourne would look like in 2018, a lot more people would’ve got off their apathetic arses to prevent that happening.

          • Dan Flynn

            Hi Steve, as you know I live in Melbourne and, while there are more immigrants that 20 years ago, we are still predominantly white:


            Middle Eastern and African people make up just 3.2% combined.
            I get that people are concerned about immigration for various reasons but I think it’s quite fantastical (and more than a little paranoid) to think Islam will somehow take over Australia.

          • Repeal fake marriage

            Hi Dan, I am talking about society as a whole, not just immigration which I think still needs to be curbed so that infrastructure and resources can catch up. There are however, more than a few Londoners who probably regret doing nothing while Islam moved in.

            In the words of a great bard:
            ‘The water keeps on rushing in and the bow is broken’.

            Best song I have heard in recent years. : )

          • Dan Flynn

            ‘so that infrastructure and resources can catch up’
            I agree about overpopulation, which is why I support a two child policy!
            Haha, sounds like a great song 🙂

          • Cate.

            Overpopulation in Africa, yes. Overpopulation in China, yes.
            Over-stocking the populations of africans, muslims and imported asians so they out-breed their white host, why… yes.

            This is taken from a red ice article on Kalergi, and what it means:

            While the biological destruction of a distinct people is certainly genocide, genocide does not necessarily have to take on that character. It can also constitute the destruction of the “essential foundations” of a people, their distinct biological means and “patterns” for survival at the national level. This “national pattern” is replaced by another alien “national pattern” that is forced upon them by a hostile colonizing force. Clare Ellis writes that “In the Europe of today this can be understood in terms of chain migration (reverse colonization), and Islamization, Africanization, Asianization, cosmopolitanization, and Third Worldization.”[24]


          • Addelad

            I wonder how many Huns lived in Rome circa 300AD?

          • Dan Flynn

            Taking the long view Addelad, dig it.
            Let me know when you’ve found Atilla 🙂

          • Cate.

            Have you been watching what is happening in Europe?
            Have you read the Kalergi Plan?
            Have you ever heard of ‘The Protocols of Zion’?

          • Equinsu

            That’s just it though, isn’t it – Melbourne is still mostly White (noticeably more so than Sydney, especially in Fitzroy etc) and the Sudanese population is not extensive enough to directly impact on the vast majority of Melbournians. Come to think of it, Melbourne is almost exactly what the alt-right vision of Europa would look like in real life, minus all the neo-Marxist poz of course. Melbournians, especially the more prosperous among them, are still well insulated from the realities of their idiotic progressivist idealism.

          • Cate.

            I’d say the point here is; ‘Give it time.’ While you’re pontificating the hordes keep coming.

          • Hey Dan I thought the RWDS got to you. Glad they haven’t. Yet. It’s the trajectory we’re on, and countries like Sweden are just further along. I see suburbs of Australia being taken over by ethnic groups who will never share our ‘values’, and I extrapolate from there.

            When you look around you in the city, Dan, and see whole streets full of non-Aussies, do you notice? I’m really interested. I think it goes deeply to the cognitive differences between left-leaning and right-leaning individuals. Men died to prevent Australia being conquered by the Japanese by force. Now other groups are taking it from us by migration. Do you not see that? Don’t you think to yourself, ‘That’s not sustainable’. You lefties are into sustainability, no?

          • Dan Flynn

            Hey David, I managed to give the RWDS the slip, how’s the LWDS treating you?
            I work in Broadmeadows, probably the highest proportion of Middle Eastern people in Melbourne. There are suburbs like Meadow Heights where, in certain places, it could be Lebanon. It has a mosque, Islamic school and kebab shops as far as the eye can see.
            Does this trouble me? No it doesn’t, not at all.
            Why is that you ask?
            Because I know, from my own personal experience, that the large majority of Middle Eastern people are not here to ‘take over’ our society. They are here to get on with their lives, send their kids to school, grow old and be happy. Just like the rest of us.
            In terms of values they share plenty enough for me – be cool, don’t hurt people, abide by the law. That’s all I really care about. I don’t care if they cling to their religion, customs, whatever, it’s what immigrants do.
            Sure, there are some that treat women like shit, commit domestic violence, break the law and are generally very unpleasant people. I do not like these people and support the full force of the law to deal with them.
            In terms of ‘sustainability’, I’m all in favor of reducing the global population, I reckon there should be a two child policy everywhere.
            Having said all that, I actually do support some limits on immigration, especially with regard to people who have little education, have disabilities and who come from countries where the mistreatment of women is seen as relatively normal. These people often cannot learn English, commit family violence, fail to thrive in our society and generally remain miserable most of the time. They also need public housing, heaps of services to support them and a life time of Centrelink payments.
            So yeah, I’m not into completely open borders. Doesn’t sound very leftist does it?!

          • Cate.

            Actually, you’re espousing the precise argument my well-meaning, kind-hearted, hopelessly leftist sister-in-law made this very weekend.

          • You see, it doesn’t matter that they’re not here to ‘take over’. That’s a red herring. What the left fail to acknowledge (or can’t see?) is that demographics really is destiny over the long term.

            Let’s take Persia for an example. It had a high culture, imperial riches and advanced economy once. Zoroastrianism was its religion. Then the Arabs advanced, and the Persians fought them off for a while before their elite converted and accepted Arab rule. Arabs always expand through a combination of dishonest diplomacy and vicious violence. Once that happened, an Arab elite came in and slowly the culture, heritage and belief systems of Persia were extinguished. Now the Persian people make up only half the population of Iran. The Turks took over from where the Arabs left off and now there is only a remnant of Persian culture left. They’ve been hybridised by the Arabs and Turks.

            Leftists seem to have a fatalistic view that that’s just our destiny. We’re going to yellow and brown over time, probably get conquered by the Chinese or Indonesians one day, and evil whitey will just disappear and it will be a good thing.

            I stand against that. I would die fighting against that. We only believe that because neo-Marxist campus wormtongues have demoralised us.

            I don’t hate those other groups, but our children and grandchildren deserve to have a place in the world where they exist. At the moment, our elite plans to bring in millions more rich yellow and brown people to prop up the debt bubble and keep the Ponzi going. White people will become a minority if we do not radically change course. Why doesn’t that alarm leftists? I honestly can’t understand why it doesn’t, except for apathy and decadence.

          • Dan Flynn

            I guess for many leftists like me, concerns around immigration are small fry compared to the threat of climate change, corporate control of our governments and nuclear war. I guess one can only hold a certain amount of problems in one’s head at any given time. Peace.

          • It’s funny, I agree about climate change, crony corporatism (and central banking) and ZOG getting us into a nuclear war. I think the climate change will be global cooling, but it’s close enough I guess.

            One thing I often wonder about. I’m preparing for global cooling by transitioning to farming over the next two years. I rarely see leftists taking concrete steps to prepare for global warming, and yet they’re determined to use government to tax people and bring in global socialism to address what they see as the problem. If leftists are so worried, why aren’t they preparing (beyond buying an electric car)?

          • Dan Flynn

            Truth is we have many fundamental things in common, David. Chief among them is that we don’t want our children to grow up in a world that is completely fucked. The left and right squabble about many things that are quite unimportant compared to this basic concern.

          • Jael

            Mate, I’m not opposed to walls. One simple comment and you jump on me with all the suppressed rage intended for a thousand leftists. Chill, okay?

          • ‘One simple comment’ is not an argument, and I’m not glib and relaxed about these topics. Being as accurate and truthful as possible about these topics is the only way we’re going to navigate our way away from a catastrophic clash in the West. This is not a time to ‘chill’.

            A race war is being engineered by an elite who have been brainwashed to hate white culture and yet millennials like you prefer to hold comforting delusions just so you can never be called rasisisist.

            And I never suppress my rage.

          • Jael

            Really? A pity about that. Unmoderated rage isn’t an argument. People might think you’re triggered.

            I don’t care about being called a racist … or a millennial. I just think what I think. And that’s not necessarily what you’ve assumed I think. I said I wasn’t opposed to border control, or in favour of mass immigration. What’s your problem?

          • You represent the views of those who disagree with you very superficially and you think it makes you clever. It doesn’t. Your ideas are not innovative or profound, and your overestimation of your cognitive abilities makes you disrespectful. I would never address another XYZ writer with the tone that you have repeatedly in your comments. Strangers are not your friends. It’s just rude.

            I’m not triggered. I’m just thoroughly fed up with condescending alt-liters who don’t realise that their views were our views three years ago, and then we faced reality and grew the fuck up. If you’re going to have your views, get better arguments to defend them. Until then, expect hostility and derision.

          • Necrophage

            “That’s my secret, Captain…I’m always angry.” My favorite line from The Avengers, and a sentiment I identify with.
            I’m surprised by how much I agree with you. In fact, I haven’t found one thing I don’t agree with you on. It’s great to see passionate, highly literate, well informed people telling the truth. Also, the last Christian I can remember hearing the word “dispensation” from was my father, who taught me everything I know (a considerable bit) about the subject. Christians just don’t talk about that stuff anymore.

          • Repeal fake marriage

            I can agree with both yours and Moses’ arguments but the one glaring factor is that black civilisations are a fiction and that once they have control of a civilisation that they could not hope to build, it crumbles. That has to speak volumes for biology.

          • killer3000ad

            Ok maybe culturally backward is not the correct word. I think culturally incompatible is more appropriate here. I would say we are more cultural supremacists as religion is part and parcel of culture and religion can either shape culture or be shaped by it.

        • There is no correlation between civilisation and niceness. The vast bulk of human societies throughout history have been unspeakably cruel, and only naive, postmodern Westerners think otherwise. As I mentioned before, the Aztecs butchered tens of thousands (including children) at religious events prior to the Spanish Catholics stamping out their hideous culture. Chinese practiced footbinding. Indians practiced widow-burning (and still do it in some places).

          What do constitutions have to do with civilisation per se? This classical liberal universalism is very annoying, and is at the root of many of our ills. Constitutions are a white thing. The rest of the world just puts up with them because we’ve got the aircraft carriers.

          Why would the rest of the world want our damn missionaries? The last thing the world needs is more self-anointed white missionaries and pastors spreading hyper-grace teaching and prosperity gospel. We’ve done enough to help the world, and our own societies are crumbling. Your thinking displays confusion with how the Lord relates to human beings during this dispensation. The Church Age is one in which God relates to humans at the level of the individual. He dealt collectively with Israel, but with us Gentiles it’s with each individual human. People will stand alone before the Great White Throne if they rejected Christ, not as a national collective. The commands that God gave us in scripture therefore to preach the gospel to all creation do not apply to us collectively, and the belief that they do has done much harm. We should want Christianity as far from politics as possible, and once you begin to apply what God told us in scripture to people collectively it’s not long before you’ve got priests, pastors and ministers manipulating people by twisting the Word. There are plenty of miserable people down the road, and they’re your actual neighbours. Love them, not the strangers over the horizon.

          • Jael

            If you keep Christians and Christianity as far from politics as possible, who’ll run the show? The Marxists? I’m sure they’re keen for it.

            Regarding the great commission, I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say. I’m just going to say that I don’t like prosperity preachers either. They’re only there for themselves and their bank accounts. But you seem to tar all missionaries with the same brush.

    • UncleVladdi

      Christianity did become widespread there – in fact, most Anglicans BY FAR are blacks who live in Africa. Then along came islam and violently conquered it all.

  • Good one man, well said.

  • Quite a few chuckles.

  • Thrillah

    This film is just a big Jewish middle finger to white people, just like the Broadway show Hamilton. I believe, however, that we can use this film as a springboard to forge an alliance with the black race in order to overthrow the Marxist yoke. We can actually use the concept of Wakanda to promote the superiority of the separatist model–whites in white countries, blacks in black countries, as it was for all of human history until the middle of the Twentieth century with the ascendance of Communism and Communist-engineered integration. I actually think that this film makes that idea more palpable to black people. It is what everyone wants, anyway. Multiracialism goes against the grain of human tribalism, and everyone innately feels it. Malcolm X did ally himself with George Lincoln Rockwell, after all. We must unite to defeat the common enemy of us all.

  • Caesar Vespasian

    Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the few habitable places on this Earth where the indigenous people failed to build ANY kind of civilization. Even to this day, decades after the last colonial powers left – and 100’s of millions in White foreign aid later – has this resource rich continent failed to produce anything of note to contribute to the advancement of human civilization. There are still remote tribes there who still exist as they did 20,000 years ago. They haven’t evolved technologically at all. No invention. No innovation. Just hunt/gather/breed/repeat. Facts are not racist. They are simply facts.

    The worlds biggest slavers were the Negro African themselves. They were brutally killing capturing enslaving and trading slaves with the Muslims, Egyptians, Greeks., Romans, Persians, for many thousands of years long before Britain and America. and let us not forget it was Whites who put an end to it. It is still the Negro African who trades in slavery today. The Ashanti nation of West Africa was the richest nation in Africa due to slavery until the west banned it, after which the Ashanti nation collapsed. “King” Mansa Musa is estimated to be the richest person who ever lived,. But since his “nation” produced nothing, what was he trading? That’s right, every ounce of that wealth came selling his fellow African as slaves to the Muslims.Yes Muslims colonized Africa first, and just like every other place they invaded and came to dominate, they turned Africa into a Third World Hellhole

    Not present in any sub-Saharan country: Any written language>>A calendar >>> A structure of more than one storey>> The wheel>>Any domesticated beast of burden…until the White Man arrived. Figure it out yourself #LOL

  • UncleVladdi

    Liberals are covert racists: they always assume that ONLY White Western people (including, of course, the Jews in Israel,) are INTELLIGENT enough to be guilty of being truly evil, while all their pet “People Of Colour” (including the “swarthy palestinians”) being mentally inferior and all, just can’t help being enslaved by their instincts and emotions into acting as violent animals when frustrated, the poor oppressed little dears, so the liberals will always indulge their crimes, much as one ignores the new puppy as it pees on the rugs.

    So here’s their interminably ongoing “narrative” (story):


    But back here in reality, let’s assume (because it’s true) that each “race” or ethnic breed of human is simply the result of different families growing up in different geographical areas, where different traits were needed to survive.

    In the hot lands where food was plentiful, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous was the key to survival.

    Laziness was a bonus because of over-heating, and patience was needed both for fishing and for hunting (which mostly involved falling asleep near the local watering-hole, and waiting for animals to come down for a drink anyway).

    Impulsiveness was needed for when on occasion a snake or panther would drop out of the trees to eat one – since fighting wasn’t an option, running away and hoping they’d eat the slower members of one’s family (even if one’s own offspring had to be abandoned without further thought) was the only logical survival response.

    And since those problems existed, but so did copious amounts of food, being promiscuous and winning the survival game by creating and abandoning offspring was the way to win with quantity over quality.

    Compare that to the cold lands, where food (and natural animal enemies) were scarce – in such a place, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous wouldn’t work, and would in fact get one killed off pretty quick.

    There, one needed to plan ahead, save up food, and limit the number of mouths one had to feed.

    Therefore only the smarter families have been forced by their own survival circumstances to learn how to manipulate their own environments, rather than have their environments continue to rule them.

    Only they are capable of adapting to new conditions and stresses, of scrupulously learning to understand how to repair old things and invent new things.

    Only they are naturally endowed with the potential foresight to be capable of managing their own estates on this planet.

    CAPISCE, liberals?!