Wang Show 0019 – Year of the Dog


Does anybody really give a damn that it is the year of the dog? Maybe you would take a passing interest if you thought it would help you get down the pants of an Asian bird with no tits, or if you are a wanker who want to appear cosmopolitan to help get the right connections to help you get a good job, but be careful; their culture is not your prom dress.

In other news, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping recently introduced legislation to remove term limits on Chinese dictators, meaning that he is now dictator for life. As Vic points out in his latest episode of the Wang Show, the teenagers who write for the Ecommunist magazine, sorry, the Economist, seem to think this makes a difference.

A great line from Vic reveals quite a lot:

“When you start from a place of ignorance, and you exclude primal human motivations, it’s very hard to come up with the right answers to issues.”

He is referring to the fact that the “experts” on China bet the wrong way – they assumed that China would naturally head down a democratic path, which in turn led Western nations to enter deals which led to us being deeply in debt to China, Chinese elites owning much of our land and millions of Chinese people entering our countries. The “experts” bet the wrong way because they don’t believe in race, they don’t believe culture derives from race, and thus they couldn’t believe that Chinese culture tends towards authoritarianism.

They f—ed up.

Wang also makes mention of the traitors and infiltraitors in the NSW Labor Party right who continue to sell us out to the Chinese.

Dogs, all of them.

  • Craig

    Ha I had these similar thoughts today. The Chinese have been studying the Rothchilds fiat empire down to a tee, and have now literally pulled a reverse Chamberlain on the post western nations, the suckers that our plutocratic leaders behind the curtain are.

    Notice China and India are all of a sudden buddy, buddy, the tensions are dropping, so much for playing China and India off each other in the great geopolitical game. The Indians and Chinese will work globally to undermine Western nations. Come to think of it, it was actually an Indian “American” citizen that sold military tech if I remember correctly the exhaust tip of a stealth fighter jet to china a few years ago. lols. Where are our main mass immigration streams coming from?

    China’s bitch North Korea is deescalating, what a surprise. Really the Nobel peace prize should go to China not Trump. It’s geopolotics. Not global peace in our time…

    Japan will swing to the strong man for resources, as in the end they live on resource poor Islands.

    Yellow Nationalism Vs Multicultural homoglobalist post west

    Homogeneous Asian soldiers Vs “detoxified” white males, trannies, gays and feminists

    Who will win.

    My bet is on yellow Nationalism.

    Perhaps our ancestors may have been wise to exclude the yellow man for a reason…

    • W. Hunter

      Craig, I think it’s all theatre, and a lot of things are not going as per script.
      Long term NWO plans are being disrupted.
      What do you think of this photo ?

      • Craig

        Interesting and telling photo. Childless dragons with no children, who need to be slayed…

        “Jokes” aside.

        They’ve the sociopath look even as youngsters. You could use demographic childlessness of our women as a predictor for how much any nation will suffer from traitorous voting and politicians. Looking at the state of Germany and Sweden, it’s a pretty good indicator.

        Makes one wonder, I assume the black and white photo was taken in Soviet block in Germany…

        My crazy comment above, I think yellow nationalism will be more military defensive and reactive, today geopolotics could be looked upon more like a game of tennis, forced or self inflicted errors will cost you the game. Economically though China is going for it now rather then later. Chinese middle class will be ready to consume to replace the 300 million Americans, if the BRICS decide a divorce is warranted.

        So in other words with friends like the USA and Israel, who needs enemies. That’s what I’d be thinking if I was in Chinese leadership shoes.

        • W. Hunter

          There’s a lot to be said in favour of China having continuity of leadership,even if it is a Dictatorship.

          Whereas in Australia, we have a revolving door of PM’s and a distinct lack of leadership.
          Quite possibly, Bull Shitten will be our next PM, with more backflips on policies.

          Aussie politics:One step forward, two steps back, regardless of the political franchise.

          • Craig

            At least China’s plutocracy leads out in the open and are of the people, so China’s people can correctly direct their anger at those responsible. Australia on the other hand, has oligarch stooges who diffuse our anger from the plutocratic targets who deserve it.

  • Craig

    You kind of sound like Eric Banner when he was playing Peter in full frontal comedy show.

  • W. Hunter

    Mr Wang. Thanks for the dating tips.