Wang Show 0029: In Memoriam – Jack The Tank Chapman (1990 – 2018)


Australian man Jack “The Tank” Chapman died after complications following his injecting silicone into his testicles at the behest of his homosexual bondage “master”.

This is not fake news. It actually happened.

Victor Wang uses this appalling tale to contrast an image of hell with an image of heaven.

Hell is a world in which in which the old structural hierarchies are abolished and sexual pleasure is pursued solely for its own sake, only to be replaced by a bizarre, artificial order in which more and more disturbing depths of depravity are attempted in order to counter the diminished returns which sex, devoid of its reproductive context, provides.

Heaven is the old world which we have largely abandoned, where sex was associated with marriage and the creation of a family, which in turn gave men a genuine attachment to women, and an incentive to moderate their behaviour and invest in a society which gave them respect and worth.

It is a half hour well spent.

  • fimbulwinter

    The detestable overweight faggot got what was deserved.

  • Marriage and family life, with the training up of children, was meant to civilise the woman. Her limited moral agency meant she was only ever expected to learn respect for her husband.

  • DeadSF

    Marriage, faith and self discipline are the great binders and drivers of man.
    All but one have been eroded by modern culture. For someone that’s lacking in self discipline and drive, it’s hard not to fall into the all to prevent traps of mindless destructive self indulgence.
    Though through a positive community and appreciation of the nature of the Christian faith and work ethic, I can begin striving towards self actualization and theosis.

  • Bumpstock

    Love is love, right?