The War Has Already Started, Professor


David Hilton critiques Jordan Peterson’s rejection of identity politics in favour of classical liberalism. The early 19th century world which produced classical liberalism is long dead, and there is no point in trying to revive it. Moreover, it was classical liberal ideas which led to progressive liberal ideas in the first place, thus a new paradigm must be framed.

The Marxists have brought a war upon us whether we like it or not. Central to that war is the issue of race. If we refuse to embrace our identity and work together to fight for it, we will lose.

  • That was great, really enjoyed it but get a better microphone.

    I always said it, the enemy are the Left. They hate everything about the West and they need to be removed by force if necessary.

    I don’t think Classical Liberalism is wrong and I still consider myself one in a broad sense. What you can’t do as a classical liberal is ignore the tribal nature of humans, nor can you ignore the genetic inclination towards an individualist society.

    I’d argue a truly individualist society would sort the race thing out on its own but it’s a fair point to say the Left are attacking Whites.

    If Whites are collectively victimised the only solution is to form a tribe and destroy your victimisers.

  • entropy

    Et tu, other David?

    I already have a YouTube account. What do we need XYZ for?

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      • W. Hunter

        Memes !

      • entropy

        YouTube has notifications but the articles here are often excellent. It’s a shame they’re a dying breed.

        Let’s take you, for example. As one of the worst offenders. You’ve written some good pieces that I’ve generally agreed with and have provoked some interesting discussions. You’ve also, evidently, made some YouTube videos that I haven’t watched because I don’t come to XYZ to be clickbaited onto a third-party video site.

        I’m not trying to tell you how to run your business. I’m just giving feedback on the commercial reality that I’m less likely to click on your articles (and XYZ’s in general) when I know half of them are going to be YouTube videos.

    • W. Hunter

      We need XYZ for when You Tube shuts everyone down,as they are progressively doing.
      Don’t know about you guys but there are heaps of recent videos I had bookmarked, that have been shoahed by YT.

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        I don’t see how XYZ is going to help when all of its videos are hosted on YouTube.

        And what happens when Google comes looking to buy XYZ just like it did YouTube?

        We all know Hiscox would sell.

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          I guess YT is just the most popular platform, but there are many others that could be linked to via XYZ.
          If I was one of the video contributors for this site, I would not use YT out of principle, it being owned by Google, that dark & monstrous entity.

          Come to that I don’t see why the XYZ videos cannot be hosted/embedded as part of the XYZ web platform using java or flash, etc.

          “We all know Hiscox would sell.”
          I almost choked on my coffee at that comment.

          Mr. Hiscox has already thrown under the bus, his “free speech” principles………….

  • W. Hunter

    Maybe Peterson is just better suited to advising and psycho analysing the individual, rather than trying to “fix” society within the borders of his own obsolete world view.

    I do wonder how much he is swayed by his “childhood sweetheart” wife during inevitable pillow talks.
    Mayhap he is constrained somewhat by pussywhip shackles.

    Talk alone wont defeat the Marxists.

  • Noachideous

    My suggestion to the individuated multicultural hordes who don’t like or want to live as a racial minority amongst a racial nation of generically …. YT people …. is this.

    If you don’t like it…… then leave ……and go back to where you came from, to live amongst your own and apply that which you seek to apply here…. Eboler there…. You are here as part of an agenda much bigger than yourselves, for your indifference and your love of simple minded, monetised hedonism. Your indifference to that agenda as it applies to others but most certainly not your own, constitutes the reason for the fact that you are welcomed only by a certain…. nameless and shameless … minority with an agenda founded in matters of race and religion.
    There is nothing that you have to offer the we cannot do for ourselves… as is proven by the historical record.