The war on whites is a war on everyone


Apparently the Third Reich invaded St Kilda on Saturday, declared war on Soviet Russia then started making Volkswagens and turning little Jewish children into soap.

At least, that’s what you’d think if you still believe the lying media.

As millions of Australians still do.

The compliant, brainwashed zombie hordes of postmodern proles tweeted out the establishment’s talking point, just like they’re trained to.

The whole ‘diggers fought the Nazis’ meme misses entirely that, until the 1970’s, Australia had an explicitly white nationalist immigration policy. But who cares about facts when you’ve got the entire neo-Marxist education-media-political complex on your side?

Jewish communist commentators turned the kvetching up to 11, of course.

And that crazy-eyed watermelon lady took the opportunity to say Senator Fraser Anning is a Very Naughty Boy who should be sent outside to sit on the bagracks whenever the other senators take a vote.

And, while Senator Anning and the boys who organised the event were taking so much heat, the NPC’s were helped along with this establishment talking point by some of the ubermenschen attending the St Kilda rally.

Master race right there.

Great work, fellas.

Really great work.

Senator Fraser Anning turned up to show support for Neil Erikson’s event, along with Blair and the Lads, and these fat, slovenly grubs throw up the Roman salute for the MSM photographers.

It’s too stupid to be stupid. As far as I’m concerned, after Charlottesville and the cringe-fest of the Heimbach debacle, if you’re still doing the Roman salute at public rallies, you’re either being paid by our enemies or you’re retarded.

I’ll give these fools the benefit of the doubt.

They’re retarded.

This low-IQ stupidity has to stop. Go be a Hollywood neo-Nazi somewhere else, fatboi.

And get some exercise.

You’re disgusting.


The organisers of the event had made it clear: This was about protecting Australians and drawing attention to the inaction of the Victorian government and police in dealing with marauding gangs of African savages on our streets.

Speeches by the event organisers highlighted that the problem of African crime showed that the ideology of multiculturalism is a failure, and that the response of the establishment to that failure reveals that the ideology has always been a lie.

Multiculturalism was never about creating a utopian ‘melting pot‘ of races. It was about destroying the white, Christian civilisation that our forefathers built and brought to this continent through millennia of struggle, toil and hardship.

It has been an act of war against our people carried out by deception and tyranny, and it has worked.

The lying media’s job has been to ensure that normies don’t hear that message, because if they do, they might start to think. And notice.

The problems being highlighted by the event organisers go far beyond black vs white. Although demographic replacement of whites has been the objective of the Western Marxist establishment now for decades, this great betrayal goes far beyond just flooding our homelands with indifferent or hostile foreigners. The goal of this agenda has been our utter destruction, and the ultimate enslavement of all humanity. This has been a religious objective by a Satanic cabal which our forefathers warned us about. It was also prophesied in the Bible (Revelation 2:9, 3:9).

The same group of people who pushed so hard for non-white immigration after the war, and increasing numbers of so-called ‘refugees’ in recent decades, also spread moral relativism, degeneracy, perversion and shallow materialism into our culture. They propagandised the postwar Baby Boomers to embrace hedonism and moral lawlessness, destroying the Western family in the process. These Western Marxist intellectuals convinced the Boomers and Gen X that the traditional family unit was a petri dish for fascism, and so must be destroyed in order to prevent another HolocaustTM. This paved the way for the atomised society we have today of mothers working full time and infants being raised as wards of the socialist state.

They have been mocking and degrading white men in their movies and TV shows for so long now that we see it as perfectly normal to hold white men in contempt, and idealise non-whites in contrast. White men are only fit to be buffoons, bullies or morons. Not only has this destroyed the prestige of white men around the world, it has debilitated young white males in developing positive and healthy understandings of their role in society. This process has been going on for a very long time.

The power of this group comes through their control of the global financial system. Since the 1600’s, this group have been systematically establishing central banks in every country of the world, and using their private control of those seemingly public institutions to farm the workers of the world and use the power of the state whenever their human cattle become unmanageable. They engineer the boom-bust cycle which inflates assets, expands private and public and debt and then forecloses on the world when the bubble has reached its maximum proportions. This liquidation process is in its early stages in Australia, yet again.

They have used this financial power to take control of political parties across the Western world, and beyond. Through control of the media and entertainment industries, they are able to deploy leverage over politicians and senior government officials to steer the ship of state in a direction of their choosing. They have been doing this for a long time. In recent decades, this influence has increasingly been used to ensure Western support for endless wars in the Middle East and lavish welfare for their ethnostate homeland. All who would rise to senior political office in Australia know that you must first kiss the ring to gain the blessing.

Is there a Friends of Bangladesh event? Mexico?


Not content with control of the mainstream media, this group also has control over the alternative media. Jewish journalist Andrew Breitbart established his site with Zionist money, while Jewish homosexual Matt Drudge and Jewish millionaire Ezra Levant use their massive influence over the dissident right to steer the movement toward hatred of Muslims and support for Israel. Alex Jones, whose ex-wife and children are Jewish, pointedly ignores any in the truth community whose research has led them to criticism of Israel.

As I can’t say often enough, my argument is not that the enemies destroying our country are ‘the Jews’. It’s not that simplistic. Jews themselves, particularly lower and middle class Jews who have only known the lies they were indoctrinated with at synagogue and yeshiva, are also victims of this cabal and its mentality of supremacism and hatred. They’re still stuck in a mental shtetl, taught to fear and hate the goy. There are many other brave Jews, however, who stand against the Satanic cabal and its global network of violence, corruption and tyranny.

These people hate other Jews just as much as they hate us. This is the common struggle of all humanity, and as a Christian, I know it is also a spiritual struggle. We can fight back by speaking the truth and restoring the moral law of God in our own hearts, for a start. All peoples of the world have an interest in this, as all of us have been demoralised by the financialisation of life, deracinated by the ideologies of rootless cosmopolitanism and made depraved through cultural perversion. All of us have lost, and what’s happened to whites is in various stages of happening to every nation and tribe in the world.

This isn’t white vs black. This is good vs evil, the people vs a morally bankrupt and vicious elite who want total control over our lives.

This is the struggle of our age; the final struggle of history.

Let’s start fighting it.

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  • Ryan

    Ripper read David mate!

  • Jamie Blank

    Let’s be very clear about those muppets making Roman salutes: they were leftists. They were wearing leftist clothing… They were there to incite violence and hatred.

    Total fucking muppets.

    • Bumpstock

      No, they were merely responding to the left’s moronic “nazi” chanting, baiting them, but not realising how this will be spun by the (((MSM))). There’s no way these guys photographed are in any way organised “nazis”. But think before you act. This undermined the entire rally.

      • Jamie Blank

        They were wearing lefty shirts.

        By the look of the skin colour and body language, I’d say they may even have been ice addicts earning a quick fix, paid for by the lefties.

        They didn’t look patriotic or nationalistic, that’s for sure.

        • thegentlemantroll

          So whether they were Antifa plants, real nazis or just a couple of jokers, what can you do at the end of the day? Spend all day talking about why one or two guys did a nazi salute? They could pay 50 people to walk up to Parliament House Nazi-Saluting. This is not about us, this is about them (the globalist left). Make the left defend their actions. We have nothing to apologise for.

          • Jai_Normosone

            My impression of the image that was being rerun continuously was that it was members of the Great-Unwashed (Leftists) either doing it to bait those they call “Nazis” or to stir up the Police that wouldn’t let them through.
            The clowns beside the moron doing the salute were laughing so it was clearly a fool doing the salute in the first place.

  • Ryan
  • Noachideous

    That number 46 means something for the fact that its complement in 54 is one of the numbers of EL …. 5 12 …. 60 …

    Those interested in the numbers as they relate to a Cube populated with the 3×3 number square summing to 45 will know that there are 6×9 squares for a total of 54.

    The gematria of LOVE ….. 12 15 22 5 …. for …. 54 and HATE …. 8 1 20 5 …..34 … alluding to the number sequence described earlier commencing at 54.

    LOVE ‘n HATE is 88 …. Yo … BuBBles Dvir.?

    Assume each number is 6 based senary for the fact that only numbers less than 6 exist.

    54 34 22 14 10 6 … summing in total in decimal to 140 … which if senary amounts to 60 or EL.
    54 sum 6 points to 60 or EL.

    So the naming of the squadron appears to find its root in matters of religious symbolism.

    Dr Ebola of the OHPI likes to open its Shit Hole from time to time and lecture down to those Whitey people who represent the subject of itz disdain or even religious ….. Hatred ?

    OHPI … 15 8 16 9 … 48 … as much as does the word LIVE and SEX … amount to 48 ….
    If you’re in this fight for long enough you’ll get a few offers of SEX in text from some fairly suss characters.

    It probably happens that way for the fact that +x of 52 48 …. for 7 12 … 10 32 … 1942 … the chronological centre of symmetry for WW2 that happens to exist in the time domain in the shape of a Temple Menorah…..

    Kind of like a Nahtzee swastika on the grave all the sufferink and the sacrifice that went on to pay …. in blood …. for that which required to be made undead in 1948….

    1948 … each individual number for 22 letters in the heebejew alphabet and 19+48 for the 67 words of the Balfour Declaration.

    Foreknowledge then amounts to complicity then as much as does ….. Silence ….. now.

    But none of the press, the RSL, or War Historians of Monash University will address that fact.

    Least of all Ebola of the Online Hankee Phapping Insititute, the ECAJ or the ADC and ADL of the BnaiBrith 22.

    Why ? Are THEY 58 hiding something from the goi polloi ?

    • I’ve found your comments baffling in the past Noachideous, but I spent some time over the break looking into gematria and I’m now convinced our enemies do use it. Whether they use the English ordinal, a reduction or a number-based cipher, I dunno. They talk about all the time though, and Chabad Lubavitch teaches it as part of Kabbalah.

      So I have a question for you. The ECAJ said there 366 anti-Semitic incidents last year. What’s the significance of that number? As plain as you can please. Cheers.

      • Noachideous

        I’ve not seen that number before in THEY re symbolism and this is what it seems to mean.

        366 … 3 + 66 for 69 …. then 54 …
        3×12 for 36 ….. which points to 66 …. By +x 34 66 ….. 1948.

        +x 366 derives 15 …. 108 then 108+15 for …… 123 or ABC .

        By +x 123 … derives 66 again .. then by 34 66 …. 1948 .. again.

        So the answer is …. Yes… THEY make shit up for the purpose of symbolism and ritual …… self abuse…… like FatBoy over at the OHPI.

        • sadsak

          Get a life, what hogwash .

          • Noachideous

            Don’t be too hasty in binning the concepts.

            The ridge angles of the Great Pyramid are reputed to be 42 and 48 degrees at the base and apex to the horizontal and the vertical.

            There was the 888 246 PoPPy sculpture at the Tower of London. It was designed then placed over the memory of WW1 AngloSaxons and Celts by persons or entities unknown and remains some of the best evidence that numbers as symbols are important to those who know more than they’re saying.

            Was it some sort of macabre celebration ? and by whom ……

            888 246 sum 420 for 888 666 …. 24 18 … 42 …By +x 42 58 …. 1948.
            ……………………………..38 36 …. for 74 LUCIFER.

            While some may not personally like the implication that points to complicity, the evidence remains largely formulaic, completely unyielding and unapologetic in its mechanistic outcomes.

            Check out how similar techniques can be used to calculate with millimetric precision, the dimensions of the $ 100 AUD amongst other things , and that the balance of Australia’s 62K PoPPies is 38K, 38 representing the initial gematria of the Esoteric Workers Journal then 62 .. Silly Arsed Numpties On Meth.

            And then consider that +x 38 62 ….. points to 11 8 …. 24 12 … 1936

            and by same pattern method as below ….. how sum of each individual number amounts to 19 … then 19+36 .. to 55 …… for 19 55 summing to 74 … the gematria of LUCIFER..

            Then re-examine what appears to be a form of Bible Codification where the words SATAN and JUDAS both each contain 5 letters…by design ?…. and amount likewise to 55 then 19 by whole then individual numbers …. for 74 summed or LUCIFER … again.

            Surely it points to something …….. Allegiances ?

            Does malice and EVIL 48 in this day and age display for the purpose of profit by deception, a Loving …… Caring and Compassionate face ? … or mask ?

            Who are publicised as Australia’s or even the entire werld’s …… most caring and compassionate … people ?

            And then ask whether or not it is all a ruse and a Con….. so that those malefactors who appear to be behind the White Genocide Project world wide are permitted to remain close enough to the leverage offered by the legislature and broadcast media so as to give effect to their genocidal religious imperatives.

      • Bucky Redux

        Numbers and symbology play a huge part in their plans. None of it is coincidental.

      • fimbulwinter

        I’m certain there is hidden meaning behind many symbols, words and numbers we are exposed to every day though I cannot understand gematria. I’m guessing there are hundreds of different “dialects” of it but probably there are recurring themes. If you have read much into it, and noachideous can help – I think an XYZ write up about Kabbalah and gematria would be an interesting read. It’s so hard to find anything simple yet informative online.

        • The ‘scientific’ materialist cage created for modern man has helped with our enslavement. It’s part of how they see us as beasts. I’m not interested in any of the applications of the sacred sciences, but it’ll be useful to more clearly see what our enemies are up to. They’re obsessed with this stuff, and they teach it to their kids. It’s part of how they rule.

          • fimbulwinter

            They know how much power it wields to pass stuff down generations.

        • Noachideous

          Anything found here is on the net under the name of Noachideous.

          Be sure that it has all been done before by others.

          It is best in some ways to stay away from jew cabala material where they appear as the singular source of it.

          The danger is that for the fact that it all appears to be marketed and peddled as jewhiss in its entirety, the subconscious mind might come to believe that they are actually chozen…. and only for the fact of an apparent monopoly possession.

          Observe it from that point of view….

          Pattern recognition can be done by anyone …

          Here’s what appears to be a part predictive chronological tool based on numbers and using Sum and Product.

          The root numbers are 50 100 150 200.

          The pattern is the same …. For the 1900s, represented by the 50 set for instance, make a list as follows …. 49 51 .. 48 52 … 47 53… etc…..

          When you gets to 42 58 …. by +x you’ll discover 6 13 then 8 40 .. for 1948. There are 42 elements in the cube when counted in six based senary. Same at 34 66 … 42 and 34 represent the number of letters in the English and heebejew alphabets … in 6 based senary.

          42 58 is most kikely the origin of the 6 13 mitzvoth….. suggesting that a good proportion of them know about make undead 1948.

          For the 2000s ….by the 100 set , you’ll get …. 99 101 …. 98 102 …. 97 103 …. etc.

          Take that 98 102 pair for example … By +x … 17 3 …72 2 … for year 2074. Do it for each and every ‘reflected’ ? pair. Look for numbers that relate to the Cube or the Tessaract ? cube withing a cube ?

          For the 2100s …. by the 150 set , you’ll get ….. 149 151 … 148 152 … 147 153 …. etc

          For 149 151 by +x …. 14 7 …36 5 … for year 2141 … and so on for all possible pairs.

          I’ve not done the one’s outside of the 1900’s so have nothing to offer via that method in the way of comment and chronological pressure points.

          The eternal existence of the numbers should be properly understood to have nothing to do with public perceptions of divine jewhiss chosenness….

          More probable is that the chosen tribe got hold of an already known suite of esoteric number patterns then conspired to make it, and the search for evidence of the Divine all about them via their alphabet … as must always be the legally enforceable case.

          Especially the blameless sufferink at the hands of others.

          613 Miztvoth points to the number 1948 as does 22 letters and 67 words in the Balfour Declaration .

          THEY 58 …. Know …. and remain silent on it.

          • Noachideous

            Rethink… any study of jew cabala done on the understanding that it is not and cannot be originally out of them …. It makes no sense and implies that other people and racial nations that have inevitably existed before them were fools, when that is not and cannot have been the case.

      • fimbulwinter
      • Bumpstock

        David, you kind of look like Morrissey there 😉

    • Bucky Redux

      It’s a shame the RSL has lost it’s voice, but was inevitable as the WW2 generation with rock solid values have mostly passed away.
      Average age of a Vietnam vet is probably around 70.

      • gwallan

        The Vietnam vets I know are not well physically or psychologically. It didn’t help that they were treated like shit when they returned.

        • Jai_Normosone

          They weren’t the only ones. A lot of bloke got messed up in ways that civilians will never know – or be able to comprehend.

      • Noachideous

        The RSL has probably been co-opted into the plan described below where the Children and Grandchildren of AngloCelticSaxon veterans are by words …. to be alchemically transmuted into the next ….. Nahtzees….. for the purpose of being warred against with the moral prerogative seized in advance.

        The virtuous immigrant population … the individuated multicultural hordes …. joyfully comply…. coz they’re vetted then selected, at best, by the Australian Immigration Department where the selection criteria amounts to little more than solipsistic materialism and situational indifference to any bigger picture.

        “In the early 1950s, Ashlag wrote: “There is no hope that Nazism will perish with the victory of the allies, for tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons will adopt Nazism.”

        • Bumpstock

          Today’s left would see the RSL as “Nazis”. No amount of raising the ATSI flags on Anzac Day will change that.

  • fimbulwinter

    Here’s $100 and a plastic bike helmet with SS sticker, go and give us a good show for the cameras.

  • thegentlemantroll

    It’s now expected for the MSM to deliberately focus on the things no one cares about and ignore the things they do care about. It’s hard to even get so worked up when it’s so predictable. These seig-heilers look like lone wolves to me, and have about as much relevance on my life as Jamal Khashoggi did. Meanwhile the African gangs have been given the green light by the Cosmic Psychos and co to plunder on.

  • Chris Slaterr

    In Australia we have an utterly hopeless, pathetic left wing majority. The amount of people that are actually woke, how many of us are there? Seriously? It’s a monumental uphill battle. Not only do you have to un-brainwash yourself from a lifetime of leftist conditioning, but you have to learn the entire geopolitical paradigm to actually get some real clarity on this issue. How many dumb as fuck normies are even capable of this? When I think about the stupidity of your average person I actually think this NWO will actually succeed. How long before Australia resembles something like the dystopian hellscape of the (((UK))), where we have non-whites lording over us in the media, academia, and the political class. I can’t see it ending very well.

    • Harry Stottle

      I feel the same way. The old saying about being only three meals from a revolution is absolutely right. In other words, Aussies will need to go hungry for a day before they do something. Cheesels, Cadbury, kfc and maccas will keep hunger at bay for a very long time.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Read the comments section on Fraser Anning’s interview on Today, ScoMo’s comment regarding it and every News Ltd site.

      People are waking up, this is what they are so damn scared of.

      The only people upset are a few far-Left soylosers on Fairfax and their ABC.

  • Razorback

    Excellent article…The jews..Every Single Time.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Who cares about the hand gesture, nobody else does; caring about it buys into the globalist narrative.

    I understand your point regarding the salute but it’s a hand gesture and that’s it, likely a dumb joke and/or a Leftist plant too.

    In fact, someone commented on one of my vids to say one wasn’t even a Roman Salute, just a lucky camera shot, so honestly who gives a shit.

    The vast majority of comments on social media and News Ltd comment sections were in support of the anti-immigration rally and they know the media are lying and spinning this to push a narrative.

    Most of all, the media don’t give two half shits about the FACT that the far-Left morons were marching under a literal communist flag, whilst espousing communist views, so why should we care about a damn hand gesture?

    They openly adhere to the most disgusting ideology in history yet we are supposed to feel silly because someone moved their hand in a certain way.

    Yeah, nah, not going to give a shit because again, nobody else does.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Everyone has long known Ray Martin is a smug boomer-douche, hopefully the hour is almost at hand when we can make him realise it himself.

      • Jai_Normosone

        The best thing involving Ray Martin was when John Safran dropped by outside his house to do what RM used to do when he was pretending to be a journalist.
        The threats of legal action and all the usual crap came pouring out of him. The very same stuff he ignored when he would do it to others.

    • Bumpstock

      It does matter. They were baiting the left, but unaware how the (((MSM))) would twist this. Got to be smarter than this.

    • John Sheppard

      Found it interesting to see the MSM articles, with one stating not even 150 showed up. Watching your video Matty, it was far more than that. I think someone estimated 500 which sounds about right from what I could see in the video.

  • Doc79

    Let’s ask Israel how ‘muh multiculturalism’ is going for them?

    The media narrative has gone schizophrenic. Just a few years ago it was all about poor Palestinians and the BDS of Israel. But as usual any opportunity to pile in on Western culture, that all and sundry seem to want to get to for ‘muh asylum,’ is never missed.

    Nazi’s were resisting Communism within their sphere- bad. The US went to Vietnam to fight Communism- A OK.

    The Greens want to limit human impact on the environment but wish to bring in infinite economic migrants that do the opposite. The Greens also oppose economic development that would provide for those coming here who do not contribute and those that do only put downward pressure on middle and low income wages.

    Keep calling out the double standards but quit with the theatrics of the seig heil, it sullies the importance of the message. And be aware of false flag ‘victims’- those that would use symbols themselves and point at the finger at the opposition.

    • Jamie Blank

      Yeah, nah, yeah, nah, ya know?
      War is peace
      Freedom is slavery
      Yeah, nah, yeah, nah

  • Bumpstock

    Checked out this “Matt Horan” and associates Twitter site. Basically “Herr durr, muh granfatha fort duh nazis. He dopped da bombs on Dresden. Ha ha, herr durr.”

    Actually proud of their war criminal granfathers part in firebombing innocent men, women, children and animals in Dresden and Hamburg and other German cities. Children that had no concept of anything going on around them. Yes, they are proud of their moron relatives participating in these war crimes.

    Yes, the pilots and navigators of the RAF, RAAF, and USAAF who read the manifest on the night and knew they were firebombing explicitly civilian areas are WAR CRIMINALS as much as any alleged SS guard manning the gas chambers that allegedly six gorillian juice. The Nuremburg defence, just following orders didn’t cut it for the Nazis, why should it cut it with rank and file Allied airmen that knew exactly what they were doing, especially as Dresden has absolutely ZERO strategic or even tactical value to be wiping out.

    To these morons, I say FUCK YOU and FUCK your war criminal relatives.